AWD #019: Playing figure out the CAG
Playing figure out the CAG
Summary: Moira finds Zachary in the CAG's office to offer her help and get nosy about his decorations.
Date: 25/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Rozzen Zachary 
CAG's Office
A nine foot by none foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
AWD #19

It's not his office yet, but Zachary needs the extra space, as he has briefings tagged to the wall, and a large map of an area of some world. If Geni is nosy, it reads 'Promethea Air Map'. Areas are marked in red, some in green, and in the harbor is a large marked X with a heading 'Heavy Cruiser Adrastea'.

It may not yet be his office, but it is where Rozzen comes to find Zachary. Her boot heels rap a sure cadence down the hallway as she makes her way to the CAG's door. She comes to a halt with a straight posture and a rap of knuckles. "Major? Do you have a few minutes?"

Glancing up from his maps and notes, Zachary offers a smile to the Intel officer. "Sure thing, Moira, was it?" he asks, and gestures to a seat. "Grab a seat, Captain. Welcome to my not so humble abode." he teases as he takes a seat behind the desk. "What can I do you for?"

"That's right," she confirms her name with the stretch of a reflexively polite sort of smile. "Thank you, sir," Rozzen accepts the chair as well as his welcome, turning a brief look around the small office. Her eyes catch a moment upon the miniature garden on its shelf, and from there shift back to Zachary. The curve of her smile has deepened a fraction before smoothing away. "I wanted to ask you about what your people are doing with the data from their first contact with the Raiders. And," she offers a small gesture of open fingers before lacing both hands together over her knee, "to offer my assistance. If it would be helpful."

"Ah, I see." Zachary says with a nod of his head as he considers the offer. "Well, the people you'll want to see for that are Holtz and Jess. They're the team leads for the update to the sims." the DCAG offers as he considers the young woman. "But I'll let them know that you want to help." he says with a smile. "Anything else?"

Rozzen nods, eyes turning up briefly to relegate the names to memory when he gives them. "Thank you, Major." A hint of her own reserved smile returns to the edges of her lips. "Not in particular. Though it occurred to me last night, perhaps I've been lax in not introducing myself before. Then again, things as they are…" Her eyes stray around the room once more, this time towards that map on the wall. "It seems you're still settling in, yourself."

"I'm the fourth CAG in as many months. The last one barely lasted a month. It's not a good spot I find myself in, Moira." Zachary says as he lets out a little breath and shakes his head. "And worse, I find myself promoted on the first day the universe comes to an end. How's that for irony?" There's a laugh at that, as he considers her. "Don't sweat it, I don't know everyone on this ship yet either."

Rozzen, too, pulls in and exhales a long breath for the spot he's in. That they're all in, perhaps. His laughter brings her eyes back and sends one edge of her mouth curving a little upwards with a touch of rue. "It is a big ship," she supposes with a note of dry humor. "You mentioned Tauron last night," is added after a beat. "But that's Aerilon?" The map, serving as a round-about and undemanding way to ask at his origin.

"That's Aerilon." Zachary agrees. "We're about to start combat operations in the area, and I'm making sure my notes and recons are all up to date before I start passing down orders." he comments. He apparently doesn't catch on to the subtle question. "Sorry I couldn't give you better news on Picon."

"Of course," Rozzen murmurs of his thoroughness. That quirked smile of hers lingers until he mentions Picon. "It is what it is," she goes matter-of-fact. "I'd rather have the truth then a fairy tale," frankly. Her dark eyes are steady. "You are from Tauron, then?" Subtly might not work, but at least she cushions her curiosity by setting the question out delicately.

"Tauron?" Zachary asks and laughs, shaking his head. "Ah, we were playing a game of figure out the CAG, I see." he teases her lightly. "No, I am not Tauron, either. Born and bred on Leonis, Moira." he says with a grin at her.

Something almost like amusement flashes across Moira's eyes as he calls her out with the tease. "Leonis." Perhaps she even sounds satisfied a moment, before memory of that planet's current fate clouds over the sparked brightness in her gaze. Despite this, her voice remains relatively light. "Are you a wine lover then, Major?" And with the same breath, the trend of her thoughts has her flicking her eyes back to his side shelf and musing. "I can't imagine you could fit a vineyard in that."

"Me? I enjoy a glass from time to time." Zachary offers with a smile. "I'm hoping that maybe once Eden has the Ag Center up and running, she'll consider planting a vineyard in a small corner of it all. She's a horticulturist, and would love seeing what types of grapes would do well down there." he comments, gesturing to the picture of him and his wife on their wedding day in front of a large tree on Leonis, with initials carved into the tree.

A ripple of uncertainty fades away to be replaced by a softly curved smile when Moira leans to get a better angle on the picture. "The Ag Center… on Piraeus?" Her lilt is more light surprise than a true question. Dark eyes run in quick consideration over Zachary as she straightens. "Sometimes the smallest of luxuries can seem to make all the difference," she continues on easily. "I think I'll hope she finds a red to take to the soil."

"Yes. That's Eden Sheperd. She was here on the first tour and convinced me to come back on the second tour." Zachary offers a smile at that. "So in a way, she saved my life." he admits with a shrug. "Well, besides the whole 'making sure I didn't have to date again' thing." he chuckles at that.

The laugh that Moira hums out may be flat to suit his joke, but the crinkle about her eyes is more warmly bright. "My mother was a biologist," she shares. "And dad was Navy. They spent most of my life following each other from system to system. And then to Picon." Her expression quiets, but it's more thoughtful rather than mournful as her attention drifts back to the wedding picture. "I suppose if the universe is going to come to an end," she borrows Zachary's earlier words, "facing it together… at least that's something."

"Yes. It is nice to have her with me." Zachary says with a sigh. "Most people probably say that I cannot understand their losses, when I was fortunate enough to have my own love here. I suppose they are right. But it does not mean that I do not know or empathize." he comments, a shake of his head. "You, Moira? Husband? Children?"

"We all have our own sets of fortunes and misfortunes. It's what makes us who we are." Perhaps, even, "it's what makes us human." Moira says it all rather absently, almost flippant. As for herself: "Neither." Only after answering do her eyes come up from the picture to settle back comfortably upon Zachary. "It doesn't mean I can't empathize," is offered with a subtle spark of mirth. "And so far, this seems a fine crew with which to face the end of the universe."

"They're a fine group to work with, Moira. Make sure you get out and introduce yourself around. We're all pretty much family at this point." Zachary offers a warm and friendly smile to the woman across from him. "Was there anything else you needed from me? I want to get these plans finished and get some bunk time before I have to hit CAP before training in the morning."

"I'll make an effort, sir," Moira says smoothly with a wider stretch of her smile. "Not at the moment," she answers with a light shake of her head. Flattening her hands out, she lets her palms press the wrinkles from her trousers as she straightens out of her chair. "I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. Have a good evening, Major."

Rising from his seat, Zachary goes to open the door for Moira. "Have a good evening, Captain." he offers to the woman, a warm smile on his lips as he shows her out.

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