AWD #236: Plans for the Future
Plans for the Future
Summary: Casual discussion and speculation on the future, post-war.
Date: 30/Aug/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #236

There's not many off duty personnel in the Rec Room at this time of day, but most of those that are a flaked out watching an old vid. It's apparently not to Toby's taste though, as he's off to one side nursing a cup of frankly terribly coffee and flicking through a magazine that looks like it's about ready to fall apart.

It would appear that Brandy also prefers the more laid back approach to recreation, as she walks in and pulls out a book to read on the couches near the crewman. Though in her case she is thumbing the technical manual on Predators with a little pad handy to record the data in the book. "Good morning, Sir.." she offers in a polite fashion.

Toby doesn't immediately look up as Brandy greets him, figuring she must be talking to someone else. When there is no reply from anyone else though he glances up and across to the pilot, looking faintly amused, "didn't we cover that a couple of days ago Ensign?" Setting the magazine down again, now that it appears that there might be the option of conversation he glances down at the remains of his coffee and offers "I don't recommend it today, it's even worse than the one in the the bays."

There is a faint frown at the reaction to the greeting, Brandy lifting her brow at the man a she studies him thoughtfully. Her lips smirk a little and she nods, "Good morning.. Dude. And coffee is coffee. I have some back at my bunk though." She grins, "Are you off duty, is your rank readily visible?"

"Good morning," Toby replies with a faint, acknowledging nod of the head, "and yes, I'm off duty. If I was skiving I'd be lying low somewhere Chief Rutlii could never find me." Draining the rest of his rinkd he winces slightly then sets the now empty cup down by the magazine. "It's Crewman, by the way, lowest of the low" bar Recruits, "and I'm sure we'll bump into each other in the bays at somepoint, then you can see for yourself."

"Ensign is not much better, I assure you, Crewman. In fact, I despise being called 'Sir.' No one thinks you know anything that didn't come from a book. Sir is military etiquette, but it is de-feminizing. People think it is egalitarian, I assume.. But don't you think it was sexist to assume everyone would want to be treated like a man?" She asks in an ammused tone, using a red ribbon to mark her book and close it.

Toby raises an eyebrow slightly at that, "no. It's just a term for someone of a higher rank," he states simply, "any officer, or for you, anyone higher ranking officer, is 'Sir' keeps things simple. Everyone is the same so why create barriers? You'd be having women only ranks next. Crewoman, …" there's a brief pause as he tries to think of any immediately obvious female equivalents for the other ranks and fails and resorts to shrugging his shoulders instead.

"Or, crewperson, crewmember.. And even so, not required, it is just an opnion though. I am still not going to say yes Sir to any of my mothers." Brandy says with a slight lift and fall of her shoulders. But there is a sly grin, "And see there is the advantage of being an Ensign. Possibly one of the very few. I can subject you to my opinion. If I do so with a higher officer, they might take offense."

"I'd say there's the pay," Toby starts, "but then that's not such a big thing these days is it." He eyes the coffee machine briefly but desides against and keeps his arse firmly on the settee. "Never said Sir to mine either," he admits, "but then thats another matter entirely." Moving on he just raises an eyebrow in amusement at her last remark, "and I can just stand up and walk out of here."

"Aye, there is that." Brandy comments on the pay, her shoulders adjusting a little bit as she leans back, "But many enlisted grades make more than Ensign." She nods her head casually as she crosses her legs, "You could at that Crewman. If I am making you uncomfortable.. I apologize. I mean nothing negative." She presses her lips slightly as she studies the man in totality.

"I'm not in it for the money," Toby replies with just the faintest hint of force in his tone to emphasise the point. He's not entirely convinced that he could make more than an Ensign, but it's not something he's going to push. "You'll know if you are Sir, don't worry, I'm not exactly remowned as a subtle man."

"I was in it for the training, now I suppose none of us are in it for the pay." Brandy points out with a faint frown. "On the otherside, the military is likely the highest paid profession around, mostly because we might be the last paid profession, at least legally." she states in a calm manner. "When we get rid of the Toasters, we will be the rebirth the economy."

"I'm in it to kill Toasters," Toby replies with a faint shrug, "when we get rid of them, that's it for me." There's a faint smirk at the 'legal' comment is made and he acknowledges the reference to the Oldest Profession with another faint nod of his head. "I'm sure there are those who're already working out what'll happen once they're gone," he muses, "the brass, some of Spree's lot, and so on."

For the record, Brandy was refering to black marketeers and looters. That other profession hardly even seems viable. "I think we all have to think a little bit about the after. I mean, don't you think the military is in an odd position. Say we push the Toasters out.. We are the biggest population of humans left to rebuild by appearances. Civilians left on the attacked worlds my very well be incapable of a new generation."

"Still a load of civies on Caprica," Toby observes with a faint shrug, "some colonies you might be right, but others are in a better position. Plus there'll be all the ex-militray too once war's over and people are de-mobbing. If it'd just been this place though then yeah, I reckon the Old Man 'd be the next President no question."

"Still a load of civies on Caprica," Toby observes with a faint shrug, "some colonies you might be right, but others are in a better position. Plus there'll be all the ex-militray too once war's over and people are de-mobbing. If it'd just been this place though then yeah, I reckon the Old Man 'd be the next President no question."

"And the civies on Caprica have had how much radiation and trauma?" Brandy asks as she hears the other possibilities. Her shoulders shift, "I just don't know what will happen to things when we win. I don't doubt we will pull through, I have faith. I just am not sure what will follow."

With talk of an upcoming strike operation filtering about the ship, the wing has been abuzz with activity; more training exercises, more sim time, and undoubtedly more work for the deck crew. This afternoon however, Bennett is in search of a little downtime. She wanders into the rec room dressed in off duties, with a mug of tea in one hand. Her first destination is the stack of well-thumbed magazines on one of the tables off to the side, near where Toby and Brandy are chatting.

"Less than those on Minos," Toby snaps back. Quickly though he raises an hand in apology, "Sorry, thats unfair. You make a fair point, guess that's a question for the Doc's though as I sure as frak don't know." Spotting Bennett out of the corner of his eye he gives the Captain a brief nod in acknowledgement before turning back to the conversation. "Oh we'll win, sooner or later, I think we all have faith in that."

Bennett slides a couple of magazines out of the way, and plucks one out of the middle that catches her eye. It's a fashion rag of some kind. Hard to come by on a battlestar full of military personnel. She tucks it under her arm, and flickers a smile for Toby nearby. "Good afternoon, Mr. Shackleton. Ensign." She doesn't presume to interject herself in the conversation, though half listens while she finds a seat and begins flipping through the 'zine.

Brandy nods her head, ubcrossing her legs and lifting herself from the couch, "That is sort of what I am worried about, crewman. We are all fighting for our lives, and we will be for a long tme. But, some one will have to live their lives, and do so for a future that will be worth the costs. We all have to decide, what that future is going to be, if we are to be free, that is one thing we won't be able to delegate to a department. We and those that follow will have to mak choices and build the future." Brandy says as she starts towards the door. "And don't worry.. there will be better coffee again in the future." she says with a grin and then stiffens a little when she notices Bennett, "Good day to you, Sir. Please excuse me."

Toby glances down at his empty mug as Brandy makes to depart and rises himself too. His destination though is the pot. Terrible today or not, he's about ready for another mug. "See you round Ensign," he offers as she departs, before dumping his magazine on the pile Bennett had pulled from as he passes, "you sorted for a drink Captain?" he asks, eyeing her tea but figuring it's the decent thing to offer anyway.

The hatch to the Rec room is opened, Jaine, the black haired ECo Lieutenant steps through dressed up in her off duty clothes as well, her dog tags tucked away into her t-shirt. Her hands run up into her loose her, working it into a ponytail, pulling the hairtie over her wrist into her hair as she meanders towards Bennett, giving Toby and Brandy a warm smile, a tilt of her head as she catches the last part of the conversation. She tightens her ponytail and waves to Brandy a bit as they pass each other, "Good afternoon Brandy, oh taking off already, well have fun." She moves towards the couch, the table Bennett snatched a magazine off, looking over them idly as she throws Bennett one of her salutes, even though she almost always gets a funny look for it, "Captain, how'd the CAG take to the mission idea?" She turns about, leaning the small of her back against the table was she smiles to Toby, "Oh and look its crewman.. uhh.. I totally already forgot your name that's horrible of me." She blushes lightly as she crosses her arms under her chest and tucks her hands in her elbows, "So what's going on?"

Bennett arches a brow slightly at the stiff greeting she gets from her squadmate, but doesn't press, seeing as the woman is on her way out. She sips her tea, crosses her legs at the ankles, and skims her eyes over a leggy model dressed in a coat, boots, sheer skirt and.. little else. "I am, thank you," she tells Toby with a quick smile. "I am sorry if I've interrupted your conversation. Planning for the future?" Jaine's salute does indeed get a funny look, and since her hands are occupied, again, she returns it only with a wink. "Shackleton. Crewman Shackleton. You can thank him for keeping your ejection seat working correctly, amongst other things."

Toby notes the newly arrived Jaine as he turns back with his fresh mug of dark brown sludge. "Lieutenant," he offers with a faint nod, then tilts his head towards Bennett to back up her comment, "and your fire suppresion sustems, your CO2 scrubbers, your parachutes and all the other really fun things." Sitting back in the seat he's been warming for a while he sticks his feet on the low table infront of him and shakes his head to her question, "a ittle maybe, I think the Ensign might be though, or at least considering it anyway."

Mahasti watches the room, slipping in, wiping lipstick from her lips a little secretly. Her expression is cheery and exhuberant. Her hair is down "Hello Shackleton." she nearly chirps, adjusting the cloth over her hair carefully as she flops down somewhere, in her sweats yet.

Jaine blushes a little more nodding, "Yeah thank you." She glances over the triad deck on one of the tables, bites her lip, glances back to Toby, "The future is kind of hard to plan for I think. I mean.. I had plans on just living on Pireaus as much as I could, then the war happened and now I'm looking at a much longer military service." She drums her fingers against the skin of her arm as she ponders the cover of Bennett's magazine for a moment, glancing up as Mahasti enters, still leaned up against the table with the small of her back, "Hey there doc, how's it going today?"

Bennett eyes said sludge while she blows on her tea, quite possibly glad that she's not the one drinking it. "Mm," she muses somewhat distractedly to Toby's last remark. She then seems to realise that Jaine asked her a question, and looks back up from her magazine to meet the Lieutenant's gaze. "It is still being negotiated. We will be meeting with Commander Spree in the next day or two, to.. finalise some details." She looks tired, and possibly something else. It's hard to say. No mention of her plans for the future.

Toby takes a sip of his coffee and winces again, it's apparently just as bad as the last one. Setting it down on the table to cool so he can down it quicker he raises a hand in greeting to Mahasti. "Hey Doc, they not keeping you busy enough in sickbay?" Jaine's comment gets a brief shrug, "that was kinda my point too I must admit. I've got as far as win war, de-mob. Anything beyond that I just can't say as there's too many variables."

Mahasti catches an eye of Bennett and without much thought, she takes an orange scarf to wrap around the captain's shoulders. Without much further fuss, Toby is regarded and offered a smile, she's in a remarkably good mood apparently. Jaine is eyed for a moment before she reaches into the small bag on her hip, opening a small parcel to set scones on the nearby table. "Citrone and lavender scones. Please have some." she considers "Yes, but I was ordered to go have a wonderful morning after my shift last night. So I had tea and scones with Siska while we both quietly did preliminary paperwork." she admits, watching everyone before sitting down. "Toby, come into the sickbay later and I'll give you some real coffee with proper water to grounds ratios." she offers, fondly, settling down to fold her legs, without thinking, her fingers scratch at the middle of her chest, over her scar, likely because he mentioned needing to win.

Jaine nods lightly at Bennett, watching Mahasti place the scarf around her neck makes her grin a little, though her attention turns to Toby, "Aye, that's pretty much it for me now as well. I can't wait to get back on Aquaria, just for a little while. I kinda miss the bitter cold." Her gaze turns to the side, looking at nothing in particular as she travels back to her home colony in her mind, a little sigh playing from her scarred mouth, "Anyways, am I up for flight rotation this evening sir, or still on predator study duty?"

Bennett shoots Toby a grin for his concise summary of post-war plans, and blinks a little as Mahasti swoops in and drops a scarf around her shoulders. "Good afternoon, doctor. You seem to be in a good mood." She fingers the scarf, and glances over the plate of scones before plucking one off it. "I think I have you on flight rotation, but I encourage you to get some time in with the study material too, if you can find it. Better yet, the sims."

At Mahasti's offer, Toby glances down at his mug again then nods. "Sure thing Doc," then he fains a frown and asks, "you don't need a light bulb changing or something do you?" Taking a swig of sludge he winces again, then takes another before seting the mug down and giving Jaine a nod when she mentions going home again. He manages to not make a comment about it being lucky for some by reaching for the mug again. Hearing the run down of options for Jaine he offers her a sympathetic wince then suggests jokingly, "tell you what, I'll swop you. I'll take your go in the sims if you do my shift in the bays. What could possibly go wrong?"

Mahasti reaches to give Bennett a gentle arm squeeze "Good news, we got fresh pain killers and sanitizers in antibiotics and burn salves." she claps her hands "After the war, I'm taking a sabbatical and going back to school, I think. I'd like to get an instructor's licensure maybe. Or maybe just take a little time off to get a proper paramedic's licensure." she offers "Although I was considering taking the practical skill tests like I've been working through for radiology." she admits, giving Shackleton a blessed thank you gesture, bowing her head deep. "No. I don't even call in maitenance to clean up puke, I suck it up and do it my damn self." she admits, calmly. "You are, wether you want to be or not, someone who does a lot more good than he gets credit for around here." she grins. Its true, if maitenance is slow or super busy she just cleans the sickbay up herself to save time and keep everyone focused on what is important.

The black haired ECO grins at Toby, saying first to Bennett, "Was just wondering if it was this evening or in the early morning, I know I'm on rotation, just forgot which slot. I'm wrangling the Ensign, Brandy, into the sims first chance I get. I don't think she's volunteering but learning how to pilot a predator is still an important skill if we're going to be doing more ops like this that are not voluntary." She rubs at her arms a little, as she turns her attention back on Toby, "I think you'd become frustrated very quickly is what. Push the wrong button and it's all over." She giggles lightly as she looks over the offered scones, but she decides against eating for now, "Tough as nails doc. Someone pukes my pukes joins 'em."

Bennett raises her brows when Mahasti mentions painkillers, sanitisers and antibiotics. Clearly it has the little doctor thrilled, but the bus driver seems to be drawing a blank on enthusiasm. "That is.. good." She fumbles for thhe right word, but favours the redhead with a warm smile nonetheless. "Oh, excellent, I'm glad to hear that," she tells Jaine, taking a bite out of the scone Mahasti so generously provided. "Please feel free to modify one of the existing programs, or create something new. I confess I haven't got much of a flair for that sort of thing."

Toby just shrugs back to Mahasti, "I do my job Doc, in the hope that every time one of my systems keeps a flyboy alive they get another chance to go kill another cylon. It's part of that whole 'stage 1: win war' grand plan for hte future." He seems to have abandoned the coffee againg and just grins back to Jaine, "oh I don't know, can't be that hard; I mean, even Raynor can do it." He too declines the offer of a scone although he does then ask of Mahasti, "you reckon there's going to be schools open that soon Doc? Although I suppose places like Caprica they might still be."

Mahasti considers Jaine "Occupational hazard. Viper Pilots get STI and Shrapnel ass, Marines get fungal growth and jock itch, Raptor pilots get bruised asses and crazies in their busses. Doctors get bodily fluids and sometimes bodily solids." she takes a moment to grin "Its why medcrew gets issued eighteen sets of scrubs for a week and three white uniform jackets." she pauses "It means I can continue to do my job and have clean tools. I don't want to get all Picon groundscrew on people. Stitching naked was hard enough." she admits, reaching over to offer Toby a gentle squeeze of the arm, clearly fond of the man as a friend "WE do the same job in a different media, Toby." she points out.

Bennett coughs a little when Toby mentions one of the viper pilots by name. Maybe she got a bit of scone caught in her windpipe. She coughs a couple more times, and washes it down with a sip of tea, trying not to smile. "Unfortunately, we also have our share of bodily fluids to deal with, doctor," she points out. "If I had a cubit for every marine who'd blown chunks on FTL rotation, I would be a wealthy woman." She flips the page in her magazine, eyeing a handbag worn by one of the models.

"And what do the knuckledraggers get Doc?" Toby asks, clearly amused by her list of the fates of other departments. Once he gets his arm back he goes for the coffee again, figuring it'll be cool enough to swig straight past his tastebuds. By his expression he's partially successful at least, that or he's just becoming aclimatised to it. To Bennett he adds, "I've so far managed to avoid that, was a little too close for comfort first time though. Was War Day though, and also my first time off planet, so I reckon I get some points for extenuating circumstances."

Mahasti pauses "Oh quit busting Luc's balls already. He's the only reason I haven't done wrathful things that would please Artemis." she offers, smiling serenely. "Well you get what you need, Toby, because you guys don't waste our time and tend to be efficient minded." she ponders though.

Bennett purses her lips slightly, and then nods to Mahasti, serene. "Yes, I am sorry. It's very unprofessional of me." Never mind that busting each others' balls is what pilots do. Her expression turns somewhat sympathetic as she spots Toby making another attempt at drinking the coffee. "Everyone gets one free pass," she informs him, checking the time briefly and discarding her magazine. "One." She holds up a slim finger for emphasis. "Anyway, I have to get back up to pilot country. I will see you later, doctor. And Shackleton, I am not sure what you did, but my CO2 scrubber hasn't acted up in days. So thank you." A wink as she pushes to her feet.

"Who against Doc?" Toby asks with a faint grin, "cos if you're talking about getting wrathful again the Toasters then I'm good with you putting on your 'praise be to Artemis' hat and starting whenever." He makes no further comment about Luc though, as far as he is concerned that particular pilot needs teaching a few things, preferably with the aid of a pair of deckboots, but since he's also Mahasti's friend he keeps stum. As Bennett anounces her departure he offers an upnod in acknowledgement then shrugs, "I could tell you Captain, but it's one of those trade secrets, so then I'd have to kill you."

Mahasti snorts "I almost put viagara in someone's coffee out of wrath." she offers to Bennett. "Toby is a miracle worker, yes." she pauses " A pilot who I expect I will eventually either forgive or get a delightful Picon Pilot tooth necklace from." she offers, grinning cattishly.

Bennett remembers, belatedly, the scarf Mahasti draped about her shoulders, and rearranges it so it's looped about her neck instead. The pair, and the suddenly-quiet Jaine get a grin in parting before she pivots and heads for the hatch.

Toby raises an eyebrow at Mahasti's reply for a moment, then glances to the dregs in his mug, "well, couldn't make it taste any worse at least." He's not sure who the pilot in question is and so tilts his head slughtly in her direction to see if she'll spill the beans. There's nothing Hanger FM likes more than juicy stories about pilots after all.

Mahasti grins "I would love to see Warren get properly socked, to be honest. Runsaround the ship like he's the frakking CAG, and being despicable. He was not the friend I thought he was and did not even ask me if I was okay after my stabbing." sh shakes her head, taking a photo out of her pocket - a photo of Warren getting his clock cleaned by Holtz at the games. "Perfect shot." she offers with a grin..

Toby leans over a little to glace at the picture, "that from the armilustrium? Damn, if I'd known there were going to be pilots getting beaten up I might have gone." Shifting back to his previous position he the offers a faint shrug, "course it was perfect though, the Major is Tauran."

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