ALT #301: Plans and Goggles
Plans and Goggles
Summary: Things get started with the Medics on Minos
Date: Thu Nov 03 19:57:15 2005 AWD #301 — Sun Nov 03 19:57:15 2013
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Holtz Jena Leightner 
Guest Cave
A cave under Minos, connected to mines where the Orion staff is quartered
AWD #301

Leightner is sitting next to the lantern, Jena sitting nearby. He has a small black book in one hand, pen in another, elastic band hanging from the book.

Jena is seated against the cave wall, head tipped back, eyes closed, speaking with Leightner who is nearby. "I guess so. But if you wanna spar or something to pass the time, I'm still game."

Footsteps sound against the rock as Holtz enters the small cave set aside for the Minoans' Colonial visitors. His silent shadow is visible at the entrance, but doesn't follow the major in; instead, once he's sure Holtz isn't going anywhere, he turns and disappears, giving the Colonials at least the illusion of privacy. He nods to the two non coms as he crosses through the cave.

Leightner smirks, "I want ta, but soon as we get our orders clear. Gettin tha crap beat outta me has ta wait till after our work is done." He looks over as Holtz enters and he rises, waiting till the escort 'leaves' "Sir. Ready to give situational report, an request action approval." He says, simply.

"Like I would hurt you," Jena laughs. Hearing the steps, she tips her head forward and opens her eyes to look at Holtz as he enters. "Sir," she greets, though that's all she says, waiting to see what Leightner has to say.

Holtz just snorts at Leightner's report. "PO, do us both a favor and stow the parade ground shit. We're in a cave, not in dress greys outside Fleet Headquarters. I won't tell if you don't, yeah?" His brows twitch conspiratorially as he moves over to join the other two, and he gestures in Leightner's direction. "Now. Go ahead."

Leightner shrugs, apparently taking that as perminant speaking freely in the caves. He flips open to a page in the book where he's written a hell of a lot of notes, "Here's me guess. A lightning exodus. The Jolie Point and the Collins Peak, two Marine assault landing craft Class three collapseable emergency surgical suite aboard, The Jolie is parked on P, Collins in orbit. A close in FTL jump, landing and loading of civilians directly ta tha ships. Meanwhile the same jump brings forces from the fleet, to launch a Viper screen for air cover. Our job in Medical will be to assess and prepare these people for transport. get as many ambulatory as possible, and all the rest orginized to move the frak outta these mines as fast as possible. The main problem falls into two groups, the weakened from Rad sickness, and the pregnant. I think we should have Jena with the pregnant and I'll take the weakened. I think that choice is made for us by the circumstances. These people have to be ready to move. More options exist with tha Phoenix Embers, or Juniper Halo, those are cargo craft, used for offloading military cargo, so.. tanks. So they can land."

Jena remains silent at the moment as Leightner relays what they had spoken about earlier, except he offers a little more information along with it. She crosses her arms and leans her head back against the cave wall, closing her eyes, possibly considering going to sleep.

Holtz nods. "Well, I know Actual's sure as frak not gonna wanna use Raptors. Not after how long it took us to evac Pallas." He purses his lips as Leightner lays out his theory. "Fleet'll definitely break out some of the big boys for this one, I think, but I doubt we'll know much of anything until they're about to make landfall." There's a nod of agreement when he mentions the problem groups. "When you're assessing the people, I want you to assign each of 'em to a group. There'll be five groups, one for each of us to handle. Anyone with any kind of medical issue that might slow 'em down or need monitoring, you put in a group with you or Cruz, like you said. Everyone else will go with myself, Almaeda, or Wescott, yeah?"

Leightner looks down, turning a page and starts writing quickly as Holtz speaks, nodding, "Aye sir. We were left our sidearms an we been walking walking Carrying because.. well everyones armed here, Squire approved the Carry order upon confirmation with you, first chance." He's wearing his gunbelt and picon five-seven, at the moment in fact, though he's ditched his undershirts and is in his open collar Combat black button down shirt with the ungodsly pockets and Medkit.

Holtz chuckles, and points to his belt, where his own sidearm — as well as his definitely non-regulation knife — are prominently displayed. "Petty Officer, I'd tear you a new one if you didn't go armed out there. Any of this lot happens to see one of us walkin' about alone with no weapons, that's just askin' for trouble."

Leightner nods, waving his pen in the air, "Aye, sir. I been been bouncin between gueeses based on tha Tauran Marines I've known an makin sure ta clear it with ye, sir, since ye are tha most sure o our situation. Ain't gonna blow this. These folks r gona be wearin Direwolf coats in a few weeks time." He smirks, apparently imagining them on the settlement. and likes the idea.

Holtz utters a short, snorting chuckle. "Don't get ahead of yourself, PO. We aren't home free just yet." He does, however, look out to the cave opening, and the corridor leading to the rest of the underground complex. "It'll be good to see these people finally have some safe haven, though, sure enough."

Leightner smirks a bit, looking to the opening. "Aye, sir. Thas just me intended outcome. Tha leader, sir, tha priestess, I couldn't place her specific patronage, Important? An much else ye can tell me ta help deal with em?" He asks, pointers, basicly.

"She's a priestess of Nyx. She ain't just the night goddess to the Minoans, though, she's a goddess of… retribution. Revenge." Holtz exhales, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Mind your manners, but be assertive," he offers after a short pause when Leightner asks for other tips. "They're gonna be abrasive, try not to take it personally. And…" his expression hardens. "Don't ever let any of them hear you say the word dirt-eater."

Leightner nods, "Nyx.." He breathes, nodding, latching onto that. The rest, he makes a face at, "I'm a Corpsman sir. I known enough Marines and Tauran ones at tha. Sergeant Idima, we were mates." He gestures to the Majors hands, "I know tha marks well enough ta not trust meself ta read em." He then prattles off a string of poorly pronounced, improperly conjegated, but quite foul Tauran curses. He's not speaking Tauran, mind, but mimicing the sounds of curse words. and it sounds like it. He stops, "Tha things ya talk about in Foxholes."

When the corpsman points at his hands, Holtz looks down contemplatively, tracing a few of the symbols on one hand with the fingers of the other. He smirks at Leightner's attempt at curses. "You say that to someone out there, you're liable to get belted," he says with a chuckle to the other man. "And I wouldn't half blame 'em, neither." He does nod in understanding though, and points at Leightner's green rank pins. "Yeah, I know how it is. I was on a gun crew when my pins were that color. Might not have been down in the shit like the grunts, but those boys could sure as frak curse like any Marine I ever met."

Leightner nods, brows popping, "Ground combat ain't changed much. Jus tha canners makin it interestin." He looks at the enterance, an nods, "Findin survivors." He lets out a breath, "This many. A small -town- o people." He shakes his head, "Givin em a new home." He nods, it seeming important, but then he is from Virgon, the idea might resonate.

Holtz nods along with Leightner's last words as he rises to his feet. "Almost makes you feel like we just might be makin' a difference, yeah?" he says lightly as he takes a few steps towards the front of the cave. He gestures towards the opening. "I'm gonna go and see if I can't have a word with Magda," he says. "Tomorrow we'll need to start assessing the people, seein' what's what with these folks. I don't think these people have had proper medical care in months… you and Cruz are gonna have your work cut out for you."

Leightner scribbles in his book and tears oput a page, handing it to Holtz, "Ask if that works, sir?

Civilian category groups. Groups will be divided by as many factors as possible. Families remain together, groups to remain together as much as possible.
Red- Maj Holtz- Upper level leadership, command/civilian leaders
Orange- JG Skyler Almaeda -General populace
Yellow- Ens Kelsey Wescott- General populace
Green- PO2 Jena Cruz- CONCEREN POPULACE: Pregnant women and small children, filled out with general populace to assist non ambulatory people
Blue- PO3 Leightner- CONCERN POPULACE: Infirm, weakened individuals, non ambulatory injured, filled out with general populace supporting non ambulatory individuals.

Holtz pauses, and accepts the sheet of paper; his eyes scan over the writing, and finally he nods. "This'll do just fine, PO." He calls out briefly in Tauran in the direction of the opening, and within a few seconds, his silent shadow reappears, weapon in hand. A last look at Leightner. "Anything else?"

Leightner shakes his head and gives a casual, but respectful salute. Possibly for the guards benefit.

Holtz nods, and responds with a similarly casual salute, before turning back to his Minoan shadow, uttering a guttural Tauran word or two; and with that, the two leave the cave.

Holtz leaves, heading toward the Tinyplot Room Nexus [Out].
Holtz has left.

Right after Leightners talk with Holtz, He and Jena prepare to get to work.

Leightner and Jena in a corner of their cave, closely hunched over some papers, "Alright Five groups, six hundred each, Leadership with Holtz, the other pilots, have general populace, we get those needing care You the pregnant, me the wounded and infirm." He shakes his head, "I'll need ye help on somma these cases, Jena. This is big." He rubs his face. "Alright, we examine everybody, assess an use that time ta assign groups, based on /Rougla/ OR whotever tha word is." He looks at her, "An as we do tha, Ya know how ta check summon fer this Datachip jacking? Think it's a good time ta teach me. We can check, an keep noted on everybody.

Jena is still wearing her shorts and a different tank top by now, the other one is soiled and discarded for now. She leans in to look at the papers with him. Six hundred. "That sounds reasonable." She lifts her eyes to look at him briefly. "You know anything you need from me, I'll be there." There's a solemn look as he mentions the datachip and she gives a terse nod. "It's not difficult to tell who has the dataport. It'll be right here," she rubs midway up her forearm. "That should be good enough, but if you have a chance, look at the back of the head at the base of the skull to make doubly sure."

Leightner nods, "Like a dataport fer a cable in the arm an back o tha neck?" He nods, "Not tha hard ta spot then. Alright, where ye pick this up anyway?" He asks, still making the occasional notes. "Anyway we keep notes on checking tha people an prepare ta make a seperate report, ta Intelligence. Thas Captain Grey." He considers. "Until we can get cleared ta tell em whar they goin…" He trails off then nods, "We don't know. We don't make decisions, just guessin tha a ship landin and fast exit are needed, so we have a system in place fer jus tha."

"Not a cable." At least Jena didn't think so anyway. "Learned it on Picon, Spree's camp there, we all learned it, had a short instruction on it. Definitely not hard to spot." She wraps her arms around herself as she leans in. "How are we going to look over three thousand people? I know it's broken down, but still the odds of someone getting skipped over? Especially in leadership.."

Leightner nods, "We keep notes on everyone we check. Name, age, injuries. Even jus a curcury look over, ta check fer Vitamin D deficiency an make a note on it. Either way everyone needs a group. We are tryin ta get everyone, an we need ta. Assigning everyone ta groups, most will be fast, a name, a look over an an assignment. Ye assign ta orange, Jig Almeadas group, I'll assign inta Wescott. Non walking injured are Blue, mine an pregnancy an small, non ambulatory children go inta Green, yours. We work seperate, an coordinate when we can in here. Now, jacking sounda obvious so anyone coverin those areas gonna stand out ta us." He sighs, "We gonna be workin our asses off, an try ta get through em, either way, a little checkmark after we make sure no jacks, aye?"

"Alright," Jena immediately agrees, drawing her knees up to her chest. "It's a lot of people, sure, but we've done it before. All we can do is one at a time, passing them through as we can. We have very limited time for this and there's not enough medicine that we brought. We're going to have to send the worst cases to Doctor Nadir and Doctor Walker. If they all agree to get off this moon and come back with is."

Leightner looks around, "They'll all move as one. Stick together." He's certain of that, like a law of the universe. "All they have is each other now. An they can't all stay here. We're playin fer time here. Time ta get em proper help. Stopgap measure, save lives, get em ta whar they can be saved." He sighs deeply and starts gathering the papers, "Get tha kids makin snowblind goggles as arts an crafts fer thar families an others, everybody gets some cause they'll need em no matter whar they go, tha light'll hurt em." He holds his small LED flashlight, "This is like a frakkin Flashbang down here. Convincing everyone, leadership an not. Hell, our eyes have adjusted, damn near blinded meself once already."

Jena nods thoughtfully, resting her chin on her knees from her position. There's an almost far away look in her eyes while he gathers the papers. "We'll get them sorted." She looks back at him, giving him her full attention again. "That'll work. We've got to get three-thousand pairs by the end of the week. The bonus is they're easy to make." Looking at his flashlight, she almost winces in anticipation, but the lantern is on already so there is no need. "You be careful, Leightner." Another hesitaiton.. "We have to get them out. They'll run out of supplies."

Leightner nods, "They're strong, an they need to know, they.. did it. They hid here in the hopes salvation would come." He waves, "Hullo, thas us. We're here ta help em. Let em try ta piss ye off about if this is a trap, but it ain't. We're here ta help." He finishes gathering the things and looks to her, "Any problems with this plan? It's just me guess on whot fleet'll do, but Storm were right. We won't -know- till we get orders. But havin a system ta move everyone can't hurt, an a report on jack checks." He smirks, shaking his head, "Another unsolicited report ta Grey. Half expectin him ta tell me ta shut up."

"I don't feel like salvation, but I do want to help get them checked out. I guess the convincing isn't up to me, but the medical care is so we'll have to do that whether they accept the transport out or not." Jena clasps her hands together, looking back at him. "No problems with the plan at all. It's very well thought out." She smiles at the last though, shaking her head as she untangles herself to stand and stretch. "I don't think there's ever over reporting when it comes to something like this. Grey will appreciate the reports, I'll bet."

Leightner shrugs, "Hope so." He finishes gathering the things and sighs, "Alright, I'll get started. See about gettin tha kida makin tha goggles. Comin from tha kids is better. Sergeant Idima tol me once, "No matter how tough a Tauran is, how much he done, how hardcore he is. When a toddler walks up ta him an hands him a toy phone, he answers tha shite." He grins, "I'm countin on it."

"I'll go with you, we can get the kids started and checking them over from here on. Ready?" She hurriedly pulls her pants on over her shorts, her weapons belt, her over shirt, suited and booted now. She chuckles, looking him over a moment. "I think you'd be a pretty cool dad." And then she realizes what she had said.. and she looks away. "Let's get to work."

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