ALT #397: Planned Out, And Ready Ta Go
Planned Out, And Ready Ta Go
Summary: Leightner has plans for the weekend.
Date: 07/Feb/2014
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Leightner Toby 
Mess Hall- Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #397

Leightner is sitting at a table in the Mess hall, with a tray, in the middle of eating, and looking at a clipboard as he chews.

Things are finally settling down a bit in the bays so Toby has time to domore than just shovel his food in andhead back. Luckily for him thie means he can choose where he wants to sit in the hope of actual conversation, unluckily for Leightner he chooses the seat across from him. "Afternoon," he offer as he sets the tray down, then glances to the clipboard, "anything exciting?"

Leightner looks up from the clipboard, and sets it aside, "Feh, Nah, a lot o medical supply storage an sortin." He pauses his eating to straighten and stretch his back, three muted pops from his torso says something happened, and he seems more comfortable. "got ta get through rest o tha week. Almost thar." He sighs, "Gonna be off ta holtz's fifty?"

Toby gives a silent nod as the paperword is explained then starts to tuck into his lunch. "Reckon we're not going to be getting any particualr break for the weekend," he replies as he eats, "we're getting on top of things again, but might be another few days yest. That and the investigation up in the sims is taking man power away. Shouldn't be too bad though, nothing like Picon." A pause in his eating as he grabs a drink instead, then looks faintly amsued at the idea of a deckie going to an airwing do. A shrug is given though, along with the honest answer of "dunno. I'm not making any particular plans to, but if I'm free and bored I won't rule it out."

Leightner nods, leaning forward, "I'm bringin tha wine I tol ye about, gonna totally upstage tha whole thing." He grins, glances about, then back, "Gonna propose ta Jena."

Toby is initially not entirely sure how the wine is going to upstage the air wing's festivities, although he does follow Leightner's lead and do a double check of their surroundings at the same time. Then, as the whole thing becomes clearer he breaks into a wide grin and reaches over to slap the corpsman a few times on the shoulder. "Thats fantastic mate," he replies, "let me revise my previous reply would you? Thats worth puttin gup with drunken pilot antics for a bit."

Leightner nods, grinning, "Aye, got a case o '84, got a Dionysian Marriage chalice, even ta ask 'er wit." He chuckles, "Might turn tha whole thing inta a complete blowout. Which wouldn't be bad, but I don't know if we have any spare livers."

Toby keeps shovelling as Leightner talks, nodding in a couple of places before asking once he's finished his mouthful, "Dionysian Marrage chalice? What makes that different from any other chalice then? Got it blessed at the temple?" There's a brief grin at the mention of livers before he shrugs again, "eh, it's a wing do, like they'll fraking notice the difference. Just book a row in the recovery ward for the day after so they can sleep it off and complain about their heads."

Leightner chuckles, swallowing some food, "Ya, jus a custom fer proposin, ask her while handing her tha chalice, she accepts by drinkin from it an uses it fer tha res of tha night, or, she sets tha chalice down er throws it in me face an hits me wit it." He doesn't look too worried though, "Think it's fer tha woman ta be dramatic.

Toby seems to be amused by a mental image produced by that explaination and offers, "just pick the right time okay? Don't want to spend the night on my hands and knees trying to find your teeth." Leaning back in his chair a little he slows his food intake somewhatand asks between mouthfuls, "that a Virgon thing, or just Dionysian in general then?"

Leightner shakes his head, "Dionysian. born inta service, yanno, Leightner were a vineyard on Virgon, born inta service to Dionysius kinda a given. Wine makin family." He nods, "I'll make sure ta ask early an let folks get wasted."

Toby nods at the explaination, it seems to make relative sense after all. "Got it," he confirms with a nod, reaching for his drink, "you checked that she knows the custom too right? Cos if someone passed me a cup full of booze I might not stop to listen to what they were saying properly."

Leightner grins, "Oh, thas all tha upstagin. Got ta explain it an get tha whole room." He grins, sitting back, and starts eating again, a tray and clipboard next to him.

"AH, you got this all thought out then I see," Toby grins back, moving to finish what is left of his main course so he can legitimately attack his desert. "I'll do my best to be there though, don't think I'm rostered but you know how things go."

Leightner nods, eating, then swallows, "Planned out, and ready ta go." He says, "It's cool, come on in if ye can, Jus wanted ta make sure it's not jus pilots."

"Good luck then," Toby replies as he starts on his slice of what appears to be toffee cake. He's not sure what it actually is, but is happy enough to keep teling himself it's toffee. "Don't worry, I'm sure a few others can be drummed up if needs be."

With a juice in hand, Jena comes to the mess hall and looks around. She doesn't head for the food line, but when she catches sight of Leightner and Toby, she heads in their direction.

Leightner nods as he eats, swallowing, "See whot happens, willing ta have whoever thar, but, not gonna wait on it. Not wit tha war." He straightens, "Oi, Shackleton, look out, 'ere comes trouble." He says, straightening from his food, looking to Jena as she approaches.

Toby glances up as the warning is issued, then spots Jena and just shakes his head slowly. "Hey Cruz, hows it going? They not working you too hard I hope? Heard they got a reasonable amount of the building done on P before the frosts stopped work. Good to hear."

Trouble with a capital J. Walking over, she smiles as she pulls out a chair beside Leightner, never once questioning her welcome. "Hey you two. Up to no good?" Her smile widens just before she plants a kiss on Leightner then sits. "I'm great, Toby. How could I not be?" A shoulder lifts as she opens her juice. "Not too hard, but heard the Wing ran into danger over Picon recently."

Leightner nods, swallowing, "Heard about tha, got any news about it?" He asks, hand reaching to rub Jenas back briefly, "how ye been babe?"

Toby nods to confirm what Jena has heard then expands on it. "Don't think they managed to do much damage to themselves, they'd had us busy this past week though. Bunch of raiders I heard, certainly looked like it from the damage." Beyond that he knows nothing, so just gives a brief shrug as he finishes his lunch.

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