AAR: Piraeus Unlocked


03 June 2006

FR: PO2 Swick, Jaxon
TO: MAJ Gray, Elias - TACCO
CC: LTC Io, Robin - CAG
MAJ Nadir, Samtara - CMO
CPT Omanney, Amos - Marines
RE: Piraeus Computer Unlocked

By Order of Command, the Following Report is Locked to Command Staff and Department Heads Only, Unless Otherwise Noted


On the evening of 03 June 2006, I did an accidental underpowered boot of the Piraeus solid state device. Apparently this power up was enough to force the device to go into a reboot function, during which time it scanned myself and the area and updated itself with Colonial Standard as it's interface. Once updated, it displayed the following options for information.

  • Directory - Piraeus Raw Data Files.
  • The Lines - History.
  • Force Disposition - Machine Locations and Controlled Space.
  • Stellar Cartography - The stars according to Piraeus and where they have been.
  • Enemy Intelligence - Info on the Machines.
  • Rally Point - Locked to Officers.

I immediately secured the room and sent for Lt. Kaxiras and Maj. Gray. The Lieutenant arrived first, and when she did, the computer scanned and recognized her, allowing her access to the locked files. As it seemed to lock itself down when I was nearby, I departed the room so that the Lieutenant may continue her work. Hopefully she will append her information to this report.

PO2 Swick
Fleet Intelligence



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