PWD #32: Piraen Red
Piraen Red
Summary: Checkpoint Charlie's welcomes the cast and crew of the BS Orion to her home away from home. Featuring: tea & snazzy hat.
Date: 04/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's, Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
Dec 4, 2004

Its cold, as expected. Knox pushes through the door in boots, utility pants, and a large jacket complete with stocking cap. The last item is ripped off his head as he steps inside the warm bar and feels the difference in temperature. He nods approvingly as he looks around and makes for the bar. Meanwhile the rest of the place seems to have quite a few people who ventured the cold to come in for their beers and dinner — a low-brow alternative to the food served at Sheridan Hall.

Suri is perched on a stool at one end of the old oak bar, talking in an animated manner with the bartender. They seem to be discussing the relative merits of mint "flavoring" versus fresh crushed mint in sweet alcoholic beverages. She has a ceramic mug in front of her, some beat up old porcelain number, undoubtedly stolen from somewhere on the ship. It's probably filled with tea. It's steamy, anyway. "I'd have to be exceptionally drunk to be fooled by a lab formulated flavor substitute." She leans in and listens for a moment. "What do you mean you don't have a muddler?"

Iphigenia comes in not long after Knox, tugging down her scarf to reveal a nose and cheeks turned pink from the cold. "Marvelous!" she declares just in general, eyes bright. Regarding what however, is not exactly clear.

Coming in with Knox, Afton shakes back the hood of her jacket and frees that perpetually messy braid. She sighs and shivers, "Knox, lets wait til spring next time. I am going to be cold permanently." She murmurs and then eyes the bar and the others, head swiveling as she looks around. Glancing back to Iphi, there is a faint grin from the PJ. "Marvelous." She repeats the word to herself as she then starts to undo her jacket, but decides to leave it on to catch up on her warmth.

Theo enters after Knox, wearing a rather ridiculous looking knit hat with a T on it. It's a little big for him, and probably originally made for someone else with a T name. Ahem. The pilot fo the ship has been left to park the bus. "So. You said drinks, Sergeant?" Theo asks with a grin.

Petra must have caught a trip down on his own, or maybe he had to check something else out first. But as cold as it is outside? It was a matter of time before he showed up somewhere he could get something hot to drink. He pauses just inside the doors, pushing them closed behind him while he looks over the assembled motley group, smiling a little at the familiar faces.

"Sure did!" Knox says and slaps the bar once with his palm as he belly-ups to it. "You, too, Af. I have bribes to make." He strips off his heavy coat and drops it onto the back of the stool beside him. He's quick to order a beer and a plate of fries, though the last seems to come more as a question. There's a small fistpump of celebration with the confirmation that they have things like fries. "Yesss. Anyhow, order up."

Suri turns to look over as several folks trundle into the bar. She wraps both hands around the mug of tea and raises it in a general greeting. She wears a black wool coat open over a long dress, but shows no signs of being overly cold. Must be something thermal under that. "Grease and beer. Civilization." The botanist smiles at fry enthusiasm.

Theo places his order in an amused sort of tone. Hard liquor. "And fries." He adds, with a chuckle of amusement. Petra is given an quick attention out of respect, but otherwise the ECO is relaxed and confident as always in his stolen T cap.

There is nothing ridiculous about the noble Libran chullo. Look at those garish patterns, the elegant lopsided turn of the earflaps, the way the tassel on top bobbles like a chihuahua with a nerve condition. The proper owner of said noble hat, one Thaddeus Kostopolous, aka Dude What Parked The Bus, trudges in. He is tragically hatless, and immediately heads toward Theo.

Petra unfastens the jacket he has on, tucking it in under one arm, gravitating towards the Terrible Two, "Hey you two. Should I not be surprised you found this place before I got here?" There's an empty stool somewhere close by thats getting a jacket thrown on it before Petra plants his butt there, ordering some fries and a…hot tea?

Iphigenia shrugs out of her coat so she can squeeze in at the bar; she orders a beer, and the news that they have food just thrills her. Of course, she's finding everything positively thrilling; Theo's fries order is seconded for her.

"Yes, yes, I know." She murmurs and drags her coat off, not yet seeing everyone as she is busy leaning into the bar next to Knox. "Wait wait, what bribes?" SHe asks of him quickly, suspicion coating her voice as she sets her jacket over a stool and takes her seat. Looking down the bar, she notes Petra and a few of the others, a grin plastering her face. "Get me some whiskey or something." She murmurs to Knox as she lifts a hand to wave towards the newcomers. "Strange that an uncivilized planet would be sure to have a bar. Fancy that."

"You don't want to drink that." This is to Petra, who's just ordered a hot tea. Suri reaches into her pocket, and pulls out a crinkly white paper baggie about four two and a half inches square, folded at the top. That's slid across the bar toward her fellow tea drinker. "Use that. You won't regret it." Probably. Maybe.

"Shit, they had the foundation for this place down soon as they knew where the power would be coming from." This from Thaddeus to Afton as he steps up behind Theo — and, of course, tries to pull his heinously stolen hat off the Ensign's head. Petra gets a quick flash of teeth and a, "Easiest place to navigate from when you're learning the grounds. Frakked if everyone can remember where the gates are, but the bar?" Smirk. "Always."

"Hell lady, I think it fits right in," Knox says with a grin to Af, winking at her. "You got it. Drinks downbound." He orders up a vodka cranberry for the lady and he looks to Thaddo and Theo. "Gentlemen sirs. Damned good point." He then notices the Major and clears his throat, standing a little more off his lean even if he's off duty. "Sir." Ahem. Looking back to Theo and Thaddeus afterwards, Knox seems about to pitch something. Mostly to Theo.

"Hey!" Theo protests as Thad takes the hat back. "Major! Captain Thaddeus stole my hat!" He turns with an injured expression to the JTACCO, before the other J, the JTAC, gets his attention. "So why are you buying me alcohol, Knox? I doubt it's because I giggle and bounce in all the right ways for you."

Petra tilts his head in curiosity, the mug and hot water arriving just after Suri's Mystery Packet of Doom. He reaches out to pick it up, opening the baggie to peer into it and take a sniff. He eyes Suri again and lifts one brow, "You come equipped. Is it appropriate to say you might be my new favorite person?" The little baggie is refolded and placed into the mug, the pot of boiling water poured into it carefully.

"Dub!" Iphigenia waves to him cheerily, saluting him with her beer mug. She seems content to not be in the thick of things for the moment, but that may yet change.

"Why did I even suspect otherwise," Afton returns to Dub and shakes her head. "Wherever there is ground there is a bar, or would that be anywhere one can breathe?" Drink is ordered for her by Knox and she keeps to the perch of her stool as she rolls her shoulders back to watch the hat be stolen. She grins and lifts her hand, ruffling Theo's mussed hair. "Your cute like that though." She winks to the Ensign.

Coop shakes his head before putting his arm around Afton. "Sorry. Found my type and she apparently is quite the orange fiend." He glances over to Af and gives her a wink before taking up his beer, the other drinks delivered as well. "Sir, I need to get on out to the bombing range and I don't think I'll be able to secure a flight through normal channels for like a week. Maybe longer. And I'll need a couple days out there. So, like, a drop-off and a pick-up. Got a price? Or am I asking the impossible?" At least he's not blaring it at the top of his lungs. This is more the quiet request.

"Stole his hat /back/, you mean," mutters Thaddeus as he pulls the hat on. It… well, it's an earflaphat in Gemenese colours with a tassel and a T (for Thaddeus thankyouverymuch). It looks ridiculous…ly noble. "Sister," he greets Iphigenia, flashing another quick grin and up-nod to her. His tassel bobbles around. "Hope you missed the snow."

"I certainly wouldn't mind," Suri replies to Petra, sipping form her own mug. Her tea's dark and spicy. It smells, to the educated nose, like a particularly strong chai. There's no tea bag left in evidence, but some of the spices are hard to miss. The tea the Major's steeping is different. "It should have a delicate mouthfeel, unless something's gone horribly awry. Do let me know what you think of the flavor." It's not like botanists wander around feeding random officers experimental concoctions in dry leaf form. Right?

"What a charming hat." Gen grins, but adds, "We're off duty, and I'm quite off duty, so Gen, if you please? Or Arden, if you must."

Petra shoots Suri a curious look when she talks about the mouthfeel of the tea she just gave him, "So if I start seeing purple flying monsters, I should keep it to myself?" He lets the tea steep for a few moments, lifting the mug up to take a big nose-ful of the scent before setting it back down. He smirks at Thad and Theo bickering about the hat, then shifts his attention towards the Chaplain, offering her a bow of his head, "Good to see you off deck."

Leaning in to Knox when he puts his arm around her, Afton grins. "An outlandish orange fiend. Really the oranges were to poke fun at a certain Doctor who seems to truly hate every single thing about our food up on ship." She smirks a bit and when her drink comes, she is reaching for it and wetting her lips. Taking a sip, she mmms and looks down to watch the others a moment before listening in to the marine's request. Curiousity catches her and she watches them, looking back and forth between.

"Lies." Theo tells Thaddeus in an injured tone. He glances over at Knox, shooting a quick look at Petra to see if he's paying attention. "I'm not against the idea." Theo says slowly, "How long would you be out there? Would it work better if I remained on site?" He grins towards Thad. "I was promised a camping trip. With fishing. Thad likes going on fishing trips." It's said slyly.

"No, no. But it might be best if you share it with me before making public the effects. It's a delicate process, refining flavors." Suri's tone is absolutely businesslike, as if she takes this purple monster business seriously. Only a slight quirk of the corner of her mouth hints otherwise. "Did someone say Major? Is that you?" She glances around briefly. "Must be some badass hat."

"With love from Marie," says Thaddeus to Iphigenia. Mention of his kid sister earns a genuine smile from the usually grumpy Captain. "And I'm sorry- Gen it is. Old habits, you know? Expect my old man's hand ringing my skull in a second here." He glances around, giving Theo a hair-rumpling that's considerably rougher than the one Afton gave him. "Laugh it up, rook," he mutters. "I nearly ended up deep-spaced for /real/ after that."

Petra hmms and nods at Suri's comment, "I'll do that then. And yeah…that'd be me." He picks the mug up again, this time taking a tentative sip, probably checking the scalding factor as much as the taste. For a few moments, he looks thoughtful and stares off over the barkeep's head, then slowly turns his attention back to Suri, "Hey…I like it…"

"Forty-eight to seventy-two hours. I'll know more after I talk to my partner. I don't know if you can get away with remaining on site. That's up to you. But we need to get targets marked. We also need to scout part of the terrain so we'd probably be off and away from an LZ if you wanted to touch down and stay, sir." Knox shrugs, sipping at his beer when he finishes. "There are rivers in the area and its down near the coast, about 500 miles southwest of here. Up to you if you want to overnight, but we'll need a pick-up eventually."

"So you're not going alone. I feel a little more confident about dropping you off and leaving if I know you're not alone." The ECO sounds a touch rueful. "Which I should have figured. You know this shit better than I do. It's your job to pound the ground." He nods, "Get the details worked out and I'll see what I can do to make it work." He then reaches back and hits Thaddeus upside the head, attempting to reclaim the hat.

Finding a comfortable leaning position against the bar, Afton enjoys her drink while Knox talks business with the ECO. But its that play of the hat eback and forth that draws a smirk across the PJ's lips. Now is the time she gets a better look down the bar and sees the JTACCO and Suri. She lifts her drink to them, gloves still on so that she can work the warmth back into her extremities.

Iphigenia offers Petra an amenable wave from her quiet spot at the bar, beer in hand.

"Excellent!" Suri smiles, lifting her mug to finish off her own tea. "It's one of the more subtle teas, but I guarantee you, it's a better experience than the commercial blends. The flavor is absolutely worth the expense." She finally spots the hat in question. It's definitely… unique. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Major." She catches Afton's drink-salute, just looking up at the right moment, and so she raises her own mug in reply, though it's empty. "Evening."

Petra chuckles softy at Suri, "Likewise, though maybe I need to come visit your section of the ship more often if you have more like this." He takes another drink, closing his eyes for a second as the heat thaws out his hands. When he sets the mug down again, he catches the guestures from Afton and Iphigenia and calls over, "I would say its nough to regret having to head back up to the Orion, but damn did it get cold down here while we were gone."

Coop shakes his head. "No, sir. Not going alone. I'm not opposed to others coming along either, but we'll be on a heavy pace with a lot of gear. Probably try to cover close to thirty miles a day. Anyone who can't keep up will get left behind." Knox grins. "Unless you think you're up to it, Ensign." He chuckles with the faux-challenge. "But seriously, it would be a huge boost and this is to help you guys out. I want to get you guys shootin and scootin as soon as possible." This last part is said a bit more seriously. He finally sips the beer again and winks at Afton randomly.

"I'm an avid runner." Theo snorts to Knox as Thad excuses himself to take a bathroom break. Or get his hat out of Theo's reach. Whichever. "Just because I sit on my fine ass in a raptor all day doesn't mean I can't keep up." Buuut.. "Although if you're taking Hook, I have no problem with setting up a base camp just so I'm close if you need extraction. Dub says there's some pretty serious wildlife. I know you're combat trained, but all it takes is a rampaging manbearpig that you don't expect."

Nodding to Suri, Afton is distracted when she hears the outting being planned and turns, regarding them both as she presses her back to the bar on her stool. "You are likely going to need a medic. Knowing the team you got going you men are going to mess something up." She sips her cranberry and vodkha with an unabashed certainty before a grin spreads to her lips and she catches that wink from Knox. "YOu know it too."

Suri turns her mug on the bar, fiddling with the chipped porcelain handle. "I'll be spending most of my time planet-side, but you're welcome to taste test any of the blends. CIDSR's facilities are well plotted, but I'll tell you, if you happen to know of any free space aboard Orion where a small grow house might fit, there could be a weekly supply in it for you. I'd love to test a few theories regarding vertical gardening and shipboard cultivation." She smiles again as she spots Gen over the way, and gives a wave to the Sister. "Of herbs." Cultivation of herbs. All of that's said offhand.

Iphigenia returns Suri's wave, but it's pretty obvious that Gen doesn't mind getting lost in the shuffle. She's got a beer she's working on, and is content soaking up the cheerful vibes.

Petra snorts in amusement at Afton's comment, possibly betraying how much he might have been listening in on the planning, himself. He at least doesn't say anything about it. Instead, he shoots a small smile at Suri and nods, "You never know. Now that the Orion's back and not going anywhere for a while, it's important that she support the success of the project. Cultivating hardy things like tea and herbs could rank up there high enough." When Suri waves at Gen, he calls over, "Come sit with the Doctor and I? I promise we don't…well, /I/ don't bite."

Knox smirks, brow lofting a little at Theo's snort. "Running long distance isn't the same as moving fast with forty pounds plus a rifle and ammo. Up to you, though, sir." Its one of the few times the Marine isn't out and out modest. Maybe its the fact that he's getting close to getting back into the field. "But yeah, I'll be dragging Hook along on this one. He doesn't know it yet. I might hit up one of our new Captains, too. Kreskas. He used to be a crazyleg like the rest of us when he was enlisted." Coop takes a long sip of his bear, leaning his back against the bar as he looks back to Afton. "Uh huh. Us guys needin a medic. Well if you're up for it. Won't be fine dining and two thousand calorie meals, though." Not a date. With his back turned, Knox totally misses the look from Petra. Or the fact that the Major might actually be listening.

Amusment still curls her lips, "And since when did it stop me?" She asks him and that snort was heard, green eyes looking up and over the others towards the other group. "You won't be all big and tough when you have to turn to Hook to dress a wound. Besides, he may be pretty but he's not stunningly handsome like me." SHe waggles her brows at Knox.

"'Course it isn't!" Theo agrees easily, knocking back his drink, "It's much more hardcore. But you don't push yourself by playing it safe. It's why I regularly do sims as a pilot, both Raptor and Predator. Hell." and Theo laughs, "I've even done Viper sims before. Usually while drunk. I'm a really horrible pilot." He snorts at the byplay between Afton and Knox. "I'll see what Thad wants to do. I fly, he's co-pilot."

Suri doesn't so much as glance at Petra as smile a bit wider to Iphi. "Please, do join us," she calls. There's a momentary pause before she waves down the bartender for another round of hot water. "… It so happens that my collection includes more than a few medicinally viable blends. Pain management is a field I have some interest in, and it can be hard for injured soldiers to wean off of pills." She finally glances over to Petra again. "A world without tea is a world uncivilized." She taps a finger against the rim of her mug. "Was that bit about priority a sarcastic sort of remark?" She drops her chin against her upturned palm, elbow propped against the bar top.

Iphigenia lets out a laugh, and nods her agreement, inching her way through the crowd to come sit with Suri and Marcus. "Cheers." she says amiably, taking a seat. "Quite a crowd, isn't it? Regardless as to the quality of the drink." She salutes with her beer and takes a healthy chug.

"If I'm properly big and tough I won't need Hookto dress any wounds because there won't be any," he laughs. Coop shrugs, sipping at his beer. "You think you can truck, be my guest. But we've got work to do. We'll see how the Navy represents." He grins and looks back to Theo. "Makes sense. Its the theory of all gaming, actually. Skillsets, etc. You don't learn as much by playing against people inferior to you. You have to challenge yourself to make progress. But yeah, whatever you want to do. Just let me know what you need from me. If you can't land, we can jump. I'd /really/ rather /not/ but we can."

Petra waves his hand at Suri, shaking his head, "No! No, not at all. Its a reasonable request. Give it a few after everyone redistributes now that we're here. Once all the civilians and the ground folks are down here, that leaves a lot of empty space. Never know what Mom and the Old Man will give a nod to." He offers the Doctor a grin, taking another drink of his tea as Iphi joins them, "Hello again, Sister. Ready for a snowball fight?" Amusement is thick in the Major's voice.

"Ask Dub about the Sim I programmed for us sometime." Theo's grin broadens, to something almost mischievious. "You'd be surprised at how long a Raptor can last against a Basestar with nukes." He laughs, a wicked sound, and gets to his feet. "Do you have survey pics of the site I can go over? So I can see what we're working with?"

Iphigenia's brows go up. "Please, we're in a bar, the least you can do is call me Gen, or Arden, if that's too uncomfortable." She then adds, "Lydia used to absolutely pelt me with snowballs every season."

Bennett pauses in the doorway to stamp her feet; left, right, left, right, left. Habit, perhaps, since despite the frigid cold, there isn't any actual snow cover outside. Evidently lacking a serviceable jacket, she's instead layered two sweaters over her navy tshirts, and her sweatpants are tucked into a pair of hastily laced combat boots. Shoulders hitched up to her ears, she's still shivering slightly as she casts her gaze about the place.

Knox nods slowly. "And you never know how out-dated the stats are that you are using for your enemy ships. Triple the difficulty and let me know how it works out. I probably couldn't do any better, but a lot can happen in forty years. Push yourself farther, sir." Coop watches Af for a moment as she ventures off and then he looks back to the Raptor wrangler. "Negative, sir. Nothing like that. I've got a rough map of the area done with dradis imaging, but it reads trees like terrain features. Looks like crap. That's why we need to get out there."

"I had a feeling about your character." She pauses, "Mom and the Old Man? That's very sweet." This to Petra, of course. Military. Could they be any more adorable? And to Iphi: "It's well proven that even when the beer is mediocre, the soldiers will come. A few more and a healthy brawl could even break out." Suri huffs out a soft sigh, and crosses her legs, pulling her wool coat tighter around her. She doesn't go so far as to button it closed, though. "Wouldn't that be lively?"

Petra grins brightly at Iphigenia, "Gen. Forgive me. I didn't want to assume too much." He glances back at the doors when a cold breeze heralds a newcomer, and lifts his mug in Bennett's direction in greeting. With that extended, he glances back to Suri and chuckles, "I am not responsible for the glare the Commander gives you if you call her Adorable. In fact, I might not want to be in the same room."

"I made'm up on the fly." Theo admits to Knox, "Honestly, the difficulty was set to 'Rocks fall, everyone dies'." He shrugs one shoulder. "Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. Something you're going to be completely outclassed, and the only thing you can do is learn how to react when things look hopeless." And then he grins his bright, cheerful smile. "Thad curses and squeaks." He laughs, and nods, picking up his fries to go. "I'll talk to Dub and we'll figure out how best to get you taken care of."

Iphigenia lets out a laugh. "Friends are welcome to call me Gen, if I'm not helping them in a professional capacity." So there. "It very well might. But you see, when my siblings were out skiiing, I was always hiding somewhere with cocoa and a book."

Bennett's attention lingers for a few moments on the conversation between Theo and Knox, but she meanders instead toward the bar. Her hands remain shoved firmly in the pockets of her sweatpants, even as she eases onto a stool in front of the well-worn oak counter. "Brrr," she announces to nobody in particular, then bestows a warm smile Petra's way when he offers his mug in greeting. "Oh, good evening, Ms. Charu." This, to Suri of course, once she spots her two seats away.

"St. Clair! Lovely to see you again so soon." Suri's greeting is warm enough that it's clear the women are on friendly terms. "I'd give you a proper greeting, but it's really too cold to move." She glances over to Petra. "Oh, I'd never say such things to serviceman's face. I'm quite sure of the response. Talk about lively." She laughs at the idea, "Maybe a marine, never an officer. Officers are positively sensitive." She reaches for the small pot of warm water as it's delivered to the bar, finally. "I can get behind a good mug of cocoa and a musty book any day of the week." She hmms and puts down the little pot of water, and fishes around in her pockets for a moment.

Theo gets a nod. "Appreciated. I'm going to step off for a few and see about somethings. Find me if you want to do some more detailed planning, sir." He taps his fingers to his temple and slips away to find Afton, probably.

Theo also leaves to find his partner. And steal his nifty, tacky hat.

Petra smiles a little at the exchange between the doctor and the new arrival, but rather than commenting, just drains a good portion of what's left in his mug and sighs happiy as he sets it back down. He takes in a slow, deep breath and glances over at the three that rapidly head out, "Well, beer must run through them pretty fast…"

Bennett laughs. "Not a problem, I don't blame you." She drags her hands out of her pockets finally, and rubs them together briskly. Two quick breaths in a vain attempt to defrost them, then she starts rummaging for something. "Sorry, what was that about officers?" Amusement just barely tickles the corners of her mouth.

"The party's always moving." Suri's amused comment follows Petra's re: beer and its relative speed through the marine system. Not that she knows for sure which of the group is which (enlisted or otherwise), but the daughter of a bootie can just about smell the oorah on some soldiers. Maybe that's gunpowder. "Hm?" She glances over to Bennet at the question, eyebrows slightly raised as if she's not quite heard. But, of course, she has. "Oh, that. Officers," Suri repeats, for the benefit of the raptor driver, "Are delicate creatures. One must treat them with care." She reaches into her coat's inner pocket, and finally comes out with a little rolled up paper bag. It bulges slightly. She unfolds it with the soft crinkle of lightly waxed paper, and surveys an assortment of tiny baggies. They're labeled only with handwritten pairs of numbers inked on the fold that holds them closed.

"It was always a bit of a trade-off. But I can hardly hold myself back from the fun, can I?" Iphigenia grins. "I am looking forward to exploring this world, though. Snowball fights may yet be the price I pay." Whether or not she's sensitive, Gen does have a stiff upper lip!

Petra rumbles softly at Gen, "I would insist on one sometime. Or at least a conspiratorial lobbing of snowballs at the Marines after screaming 'fire in the hole'?" He waggles his brows at the Chaplain, chuckling under his breath as he finishes off his own tea. Shooting a look at Suri after her comment, the Major brings a hand to his chest and takes on a tone of mock offense, even a proper upper class Virgon accent, "I never. You WOUND me."

"You seem to speak from experience," opines the raptor pilot, voice slightly muffled by the clove she tucks between her lips. She still sounds amused, and most certainly at Suri's expense, though her blue eyes do flicker briefly over the other two occupants at the bar when they speak. Once her cig's lit, she enquires of Petra, "Which city are you from? Beauvais? Mauriac, maybe? I.. well, I assume you're from Virgon." Her own accent is difficult to pin down, though there's a faint inflection that one from the isolated and insular south might recognise.

Iphigenia's fries have arrived, and she responds to Petra's imitation of a posh accent earns him a fry thrown in his direction - after all, that's her accent.

"It's all well and good provided there aren't any ice balls packed into the snow," Suri mutters, ostensibly in reply to what the priestess has said about snowball fights. A smirk answers Petra's 'fire in the hole.' She digs a hand into another pocket, and retrieves a little metal cage of wire mesh. It's secured in a little plastic baggie, and still full of dark leaves and dry pods, damp from a previous steeping. Instead of emptying it, she sprinkles a helping of fresh tea inside, clicks it closed, and tosses that into the bottom of her chipped cup. "Case in point." She thumbs toward the Major.

"Let's just say, St. Clair," Suri says to Bennett, after pouring enough water to fill her cup about two cm from the lip, "that I spent a few years scraping soldiers off of the floor of the taverns on Tauron. Usually the young ones. Usually with alcohol poisoning. What is it about pins that sends you lot into drinking frenzy?" She gives her mug a swish. "I will say that officers have the courtesy to apologize for redecorating a woman's boots."

Petra mmms softly at Bennett, tilting his head and studying the pilot for a few additional seconds…intending on being thoughtful, but interrupted with an ack as he gets pelted by a fry from the Chaplain…before offering Bennett a more knowing smile, "My father was a retired Viper pilot. I think most of my childhood was within sight of the base at Hadrian. Might be why I ended up in this career." He grins and flags the bartender down for another pot of hot water, eyeing th bottom of his mug for a moment, then caaasually reaching over to attempt to steal one more fry from Iphigenia, "Since you're giving them away…"

"Not the officers I knew when I entered the service," Bennett points out to the botanist, with a small smirk. She leans to the side when the fry is pelted Petra's way, so as to avoid becoming collateral damage. Pilot reflexes, GO. The food-flinging is taken in stride, really; it doesn't stop her from asking the Major, without so much as a pause, "Hadrian? You know.. I've been through there, but never really stopped to look around. Have I been missing out?" Another pull from her cinnamon-sweet clove, as her eyes stray between Petra and the tea Suri's preparing.

Iphigenia smacks at Marcus' hand, but she may or may not actually succeed. "My family had a house outside Boskirk." she explains. Cough. Houses outside Boskirk? Are estates. "If you steal anymore of my fries, you're purchasing my next drink."

Suri rests the fingers of one hand on the lip of the mug, letting the steam warm her fingers as it steeps. She doesn't bother with a lid to hold in the heat. "I think I've been through Hadrian as well. I don't… really remember it, but I'm quite sure that has nothing to do with the quality of the city." There's definitely another reason her recall's a bit impaired. The ghost of a smile that touches her lips might indicate as much. As the sweetly scented smoke wafts in her direction, the botanist takes a particularly slow, deep breath. "I've definitely been outside Boskirk." She dips a fingertip into the tea to test the temperature. "I remember a weekend full of wine. Many bottles. Your family doesn't happen to own a vinyard?" This to Iphi.

Petra finds his hand successfully deflected by the Chaplain's fast reflexes, though it seems to amuse him more than anything else. A soft chuckle escapes him while he, instead, reaches for the pot, refilling his mug to let it steep with the tea already in it, "I have no problems with that…" He half turns to lean against the bar, shaking his head at Bennett, "No. You didn't miss a thing, cept slowly getting used to sleeping through pilots buzzing the base at ungodly hours. I think my father lived for it. Lost a leg in the Cylon War and had to sit the last three years of it from crutches. Course, I was born in the middle of that, so I guess he got around just fine. Boskirk…now that was wonderful, after Hadrian. Wandered around all day the first time I finally made it there."

"No, but I a few families do, and wine walks were a bit of a regular thing." Gen confesses. "I wonder how the soil would be for it here.'

Bennett arches her eyebrows slightly when the priestess mentions Boskirk. Or more specifically, Boskirk's suburbs. "I've heard it's lovely— well, lovely doesn't quite do it justice.." She chuckles softly. "I hope to see it one day. I've never actually been." Her eyes tick up to Petra as the man speaks, smoke exhaled briefly through flared nostrils. "He must have some good stories to tell. Your father." To Iphigenia, after a few moments' consideration, "You want either alluvial, clay or chalk, if I remember correctly. Ms. Charu, what do you think? It's far too cold here, I'd wager."

"Hm." The sounds is soft, as Suri considers Iphigenia's words. "Unfortunately, good wine production is a thing better suited to generations of work crafting blends, but there's always a way around climate and soil, with the right supplies and a good deal of work. All you really need is good drainage soil, sunlight or lamps, and properly balanced soil. My studies have lately revolved around a greater yield, rather than the tiny grapes desirable for winemaking." She's quiet for a beat, perhaps wondering if there's a oenologist on the roster, either civvie or military side.

Petra takes a tentative sip of his mug, curling his lip for a second when it seems he didnt wait QUITE long enough this time. Puffing a breath, he sets the mug back down and considers Iphi, then Bennett thoughtfully, "Im sure if what we're building ever gets used, our guests would be ecstatic at having local wine to greet them with.

"Alas, I'm afraid the time isn't mine to spend on something I'm so lacking in expertise with." says Gen glumly. "As much as I might love to do so if I had the opportunit."

"Piraen red," Bennett proposes, toying idly with her cigarette between thumb and forefinger. "I don't know, I think it has a nice ring to it. Don't you, sir?" Blue eyes alight on Petra, then shift to Iphigenia. "Oh, I think this is all purely hypothetical, sister." She laughs warmly and drags from her clove again; the cherry briefly illuminates her face, and the fine creases at the corners of her mouth and eyes. "Though Ms. Charu makes a tempting proposition. I almost wish I drank."

Petra considers that suggestion and nods slowly, "That does sound like a particularly good name. Unfortunately I cant even keep weeds growing, myself, so it might be better if I have absolutely nothing to do with it, so I dont doom the project before anyone gets it started." He smiles a little more at that, and takes a slower sip of his tea.

"Piraen red." Iphigenia echoes, and then smiles. "Yes. I think that would make Dionysus very pleased."

Suri's gaze shifts to Bennett. She regards the blue-eyed woman for a long moment, then says, "Worlds were built on hypotheticals. It's all a matter of finding the right time and place." She finally picks up her mug of tea and takes a tentative sip. She swallows, and nods ever so slightly. Approval. "Mm. I agree, though." With Bennett, with Iphigenia, with Petra. She lifts her dinged up little mug and sys, "Piraen Red."

Bennett has no drink, so simply lifts her smoke in symbolic gesture to the toast. "Piraen Red," she repeats, laughing, her face lit up by the clear, warm sound. "I think if anyone can do it, Suri, it's you." She taps Petra lightly with her elbow, and explains to he and Iphigenia, "She's a botanist, did she mention?"

Petra lifts his mug in Bennett's direction and nods sagely, "In a manner of speaking, she did. She seems to make quite the amazing tea. I am in danger of having to find something to bribe the doctor with so I might have a regular supply." He nods rather sagely at that, and takes another slow drink. Clearly, the Major is not a drinker.

Iphigenia drains her beer and shoves her basket toward Marcus. "Have at." she tells him. "Who knows, ladies. Perhaps we'll find the perfect soil. But now, I should best find bed. Good evening, everyone." With that, she slips out.

Suri slides her still-hot mug toward Bennett, nudging it through the section of bar claimed as Petra's own. "Pardon me, Major." She doesn't comment on the contents of said mug. Another of those little pre-made pyramid teabags just happens to find its way dropped in the vicinity of Petra's own mug on the forward advance. Always leave a host gift when you travel through ally holdings — as in diplomatic exchange, so in bar etiquette. Suri seems to have a selection of loose leaf tea, and some bagged in very thin mesh pyramids, the better for sharing, my dear.

The unexpected delivery of a mug of tea forces Bennett to switch her cig to her right hand, and hook the mug's handle with the fingers of her left. "Thank you." Soft, but sincere; the other woman's favoured with a smile before she dips her head to sniff the contents. Hey, you never know what those Sagittarians might put in their tea. "Anise?" she asks, then takes a sip.

Petra leans back a little as Suri slides the mug over, shaking his head, "By all means. Dont mind at all if you get one of our pilots hooked on this stuff too." He grins and winks at Bennett, "Maybe we can get a group discount rate." Back to Suri, he's a little more serious, "Really, you weren't kidding, this is very good."

There's a nod from the botanist. "Anise," Suri agrees. "A little warm milk served with it is very good for sleep." She once again rests her elbow on the bar, and tips her cheek against her palm, lazily leaning against it. "I'm pleased you're enjoying it. You know, it's one of the more mellow rides around. Coffee just makes for jitters, in my experience. I'm not the piloting type, but I imagine a steady hand is good on the driver." She glances toward the entryway. "I do hope the climate brightens up before long. I'm not sure I brought enough warm socks to carry through."

The Marine returns, alone, to the bar and heads back to grab his jacket and refill his beer. The glass is set on the bar as he leans forward and glances over to look at the officers and civilian. The mugs are noted and he kinda looks back between them for a moment and then to the bartender once more. "Refill." Fingertips slide the glass towards the tap.

Bennett laughs, and taps Petra lightly with her elbow again. Not one for stiff formalities, the captain. Some servicemen and women are harder after a decade in the service, and others become more relaxed, and learn to shift seamlessly into protocol when the situation warrants. "A group discount- why, is this costing us?" She sips, grins, and glances over Petra's shoulder to the marine she recalls seeing duck out earlier, newly returned. "Evening," she offers amiably.

Petra glances over at the door when Knox reenters, offering the man a small smile and a lift of his mug. Its when Suri mentions not having enough socks for the winter that he eyes the entrance again and makes a non-committal sound, "I think most of my time is going to still be up there…which is good when its cold out, when sucks a little when it turns beautiful down here. Not enough shore leave…and yes, yes, this is going to cost us, and I dont mind a bit." He smirks faintly before concealing it with another sip from his mug.

Suri watches Knox's progress back to the bar. "Marine," is her greeting. It's either a statement of fact or an address. Heck, maybe it's both. She makes note of the man's beer, and then looks back to the two military seated a bit closer to her. "Everything has a price, but the prices are more fair among friends — more of an exchange of goods and services." The botanist might just be a mercenary. Who knew?

The Marine looks back to the Raptor crew and gives the woman an even nod. "Evenin." He glances over the sweats with a smirk. "Warmin up yet?" Knox just has his jacket hanging over his arm and his tanktops on. Suri gets a nod as well. He then nods to the JTACCO. "Major," he says quietly. His beer is delivered and he takes it up and immediately takes a couple large gulps as he stands off his lean. She wipes his bottom lip with a swipe of his thumb and he turns back to look towards the thinning crowd but falls even more quiet. He was pretty animated earlier.

Bennett finally gets around to addressing something Suri said a moment ago; her mouth twists in a wry smile, and she taps some ash from her clove into the empty mug Iphigenia left behind. "I suppose it depends on your vehicle of choice. I'm pretty sure some of the viper sticks have their coffee mainlined into their veins each morning." She lifts a shoulder delicately. "They seem to like it." Smoke, smoke, sip. "Goods and services?" She even manages to keep a straight face. To Knox, "I wish."

Petra chuckles softly at Suri's comment and gives Bennett an amused look, "Aha, and now the dealer reveals her master plan." He winks once at Suri and downs the rest of his mug, "Goods and services. I'm sure there's something we can trade! I might not have an idea what that could be right now, but as soon as my brain thaws out…"

"Mostly services," comes Suri's irreverent reply. It's a reply to suit several avenues of thought. Her tone gives little away on that front. She reaches for a cooling fry in Iphigenia's abandoned basket of fried goods. Though it seems to have landed roughly in Petra's vicinity of ownership, he has yet to lay verbal claim. Pillaged. "Suri Charu, botanist," she announces. Following that, she looks right at Knox and asks, "What are your feelings on barely aged red wines, marine?" To the newly returned, that might seem a bit of a non sequitur. Then again, it's a bar.

The Marine stays there, staring blankly out across the crowd as if lost in his own mind for a long time. The conversation seems to just pass him by. He eventually takes a few more hard pulls off the pint glass and looks down to it, then over at the Major, then back out and ahead. Suri's question seems to catch him off guard and he blinks a few times as he looks at her. "I. Uh." He swallows, looking between the others. "I have. Uhm. I guess- I will leave it to the experts?"

Suri's obtuse manner of addressing the marine draws a chuckle from Bennett, though no comment one way or another. She tucks a few errant strands of dark hair behind her ear that have come loose from her hastily-put-together ponytail, and returns to nursing her tea. "Good answer," she stage-whispers to Knox, winking.

Petra glances at Knox, meeting his gaze for a second as he stumbles through his answer, then smiles a little bit more, "What are you drinking, son? Next one's on me. Welcome to Piraeus." He stretches for a moment, then leans over to even the score up with the bartender, including the promised refill for Knox, "And with that, I need to head back upstairs before I miss the raptor. I will see all of you wonderful people soon?"

Suri smiles at Knox's reply, her eyes crinkling a little with amusement borne of hundreds of conversation with marines. "Purity of spirit. That's what I love about the CMC." She glances over as Petra stands to take his leave. "I'm sure we'll meet again, what with your new habit and all." She rolls up the assortment of teas and stows the paper bag in her jacket pocket. "Fly safely and sleep well, Major." A glance is shot to Bennett now that the line of sight has opened up. "What was that you were smoking, Bennett?"

"Clear skies, sir," Bennett offers to the departing JTACCO, lips quirking in a lopsided smile for the older man. "It was good to meet you in person. I like to put a face to the voice over the wireless." Suri's question prompts her to extend what little's left of the clove toward the woman. "Try it, if you like. They're.. well, they're imported from Scorpia. Parellos."

Knox looks over to Petra and shrugs, not really paying attention to exactly what he's drinking. Its cold and alcoholic and mostly gone. Again. "Thanks, sir, but.. I. Alright." And its already paid-for. As the Major rises Coop doesn't really answer so much as just watch him. In silence. He glances back over towards Suri but falls quiet once more as she addresses Bennett. Knox looks back to whats left in his pint and then back again to watch the departing Major.

Petra takes a moment to pull his jacket back on, slipping his hands back into his pockets. With a faint smile, he calls over his shoulder, "Dont freeze your butts off tonight. Thats an order or something." With that said, he shoulders his way back outside, and picks up a little speed jogging back to the landing pad.

"Scorpian?" A dark brow arches up and Suri reaches over to accept the dregs of the smoke from Bennet's hand. She holds it pinched between thumb and forefinger, and then scoots down a seat to take up Petra's warmed, now empty seat. She takes a deep drag, like a former smoker pretending they don't really smoke, no, really, just having a little taste. Yes, she inhales. Her eyes narrow faintly as she holds the smoke, and when she exhales, it's a slow stream toward the ceiling, head tipped back, the long line of her throat exposed. Yum. Ok, she might be a smoker. Her eyes slip closed and her head levels out. She takes a long moment to appreciate the flavor. Silently.

Knox downs the rest of his beer in one quick go and then turns around. He sets the glass down on the bar and turns his head to watch the Major go, muttering something to himself. Fingers rap across the wooden top a couple times as the bartender reaches for the glass. His hand lifts to cover the glass, though, and he looks back towards Bennett. "You know that guy well?" Then to Suri as if to indicate teh question is going to her also.

"Yes, but don't tell the border officials," Bennett murmurs glibly, resting her elbow on the bar and her cheek aganst her knuckles while she watches Suri try out the clove. Knox's question drags her out of her momentary introspection, blue eyes flickering down, then up the marine briefly. "Just met him tonight. He seems nice enough, and I have a great deal of respect for anyone that can handle the pace of things up in CIC." Beat. "Why do you ask?"

Suri doesn't answer right away, leaving Bennett to handle that question. She glances toward the entrance, though Petra's already disappeared, and then her gaze returns to Knox. She simply regards him for a long moment, perhaps waiting for his answer to Bennett's question. The cigarette finds its way once again to her lips. The cherry flares as she inhales. She reaches over to return it to Bennett, her arm brushing the other woman's sleeve to make her aware of the presence.

Coop looks at Bennett, watching her reaction. "He's a Major in Tactical?" The question and confirmation linger in silence. "Outstanding," he finally whispers and looks away back towards the exit. "Thanks." He taps the bottom of his fist twice on the bar, pushes off, and pulls on his coat as he starts for the door looking like a man on a mission.

Bennett doesn't even notice Suri handing back her clove, so off-guard has Knox's response caught her. She starts to say something, stops, and then simply watches him go with a broodsome downturn of her lips.

Suri glances between Knox and Bennett, but doesn't comment on the Major's occupation. She does note the marine's interest, but she doesn't inquire. One doesn't get between a marine and his tactical planning. Unless he's petting his sidearm while he whispers to himself. "Have a good one." Could be that was meant for the departing marine. She leans in a little, and murmurs to Bennett. "Could swear I just heard a missile lock tone under that thank you."

Bennett breathes out slowly once Knox is gone, and flashes a disarming smile Suri's way. Whatever concern had momentarily wiggled its way into her generally sunny disposition appears to have faded. For the time being. "Mm," she agrees. "Strange fellow, isn't he?" She finally accepts what's left of the clove, pulls from it twice, and puts it out of its misery. "I.. should probably be heading back up, too. Five a.m. patrol.." She grimaces and begins to rise.

"A bit strange, yeah," Suri agrees, gaze canted toward the marine's avenue of retreat. She shakes her head slightly, and turns her full attention back to the raptor Captain. "I don't envy you that." She pauses. "I do envy you your warm bunk. If the housing is as chilly as I think it's going to be, I might have to stow away in the cargo hold."

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