AAR: Piraean Bunker

Marines and Air Wing discovers a bunker full of dead Piraeans and a mysteriously powered hatch at coordinates provided by Captain al Yamoha.



31/03/2006 (AWD #449)

FR: SGT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, LOL Marcus Petra
CC: MJR Alastor Fairfax, CPT John Amos Ommanney
RE: Piraean Bunker


We were able to touch down at the coordinates without incident. The location in a valley between two mountains. A river runs through the valley. The mountain ranges were about 14K feet above sea level. The bunker was discovered underneath an overhang, set inside a cavern, which gives it visual cover from any aircraft flying directly above it. We touched down just outside the overhang. While prepping in the raptor, multiple of our party witnessed a spectral projection of soldiers at in the cavern just before we lit it up with lights from the craft [footage timestamp included here]: myself, ENS Heron, CPL Kapali, and CPL Casemant. I am in the process of getting access to the cam footage to see if we were able to capture this on film. Just outside of the bunker, there was broken up asphalt deposits on the ground. LTJG Wescott ordered ENS Jackson to remain with the raptor and to radio Orion with a sitrep if we were not back in an hour. She then turned command over to me. After casing out the exterior, we went inside.

The door to the bunker is about 15 feet wide and 4 feet deep. It had rusted off its hinges and looks to have fallen when a portion of the overhanging rock buckled, so this allowed us easy entry. The bolt locks showed that they had been melted clean through, suggesting an attack. I then began a analysis of penetration techniques. Closer inspection revealed evidence of both cooling and melting. I can confirm that oxy-acetylene was not used. The first chamber looked to be a reception area. Thousands of shell casings were found there. The air inside was dry. A grate found upon review of the headcam footage suggests that the bunker has an operational sewage system.

Once inside, CPL Kapali was assigned to assess structural integrity for the duration. We entered the second chamber after pulling the door away from its hinges. It was hermetically sealed. ENS Jackson was utilized to create a makeshift barrier to try and protect the contents after we entered with the survival tarps and sealant kit from the raptor. Analysis of the second door revealed some kind of plastic sealant used while the door itself was made from what looked like and weighed like titanium which explains CPL Kapali's reports of the structure seeming sound upon cursory inspection.

The actual chamber itself looked to be the full greeting area. Off of this room there were two corridors to the left and right of a central bank of elevator shafts. The greeting area itself showed signs of massive conflict. We found more shell casings, blast damage, evidence of grenades, bullet holes, etc. The scent of cordite was still in the air. The air was noticeably colder inside of the bunker whereas outside of the bunker instruments were showing about 50F.

We headed down the left corridor and came upon the body of a soldier. The organic tissue was still intact, including the metal of the soldier's dog tag, and plastic portions of the rifle. I can personally confirm that the rifle was the same model that Captain al Yamoha's troops carry as standard issue. Cause of death appeared to be a bullet round in the head. This wound did not appear to be self-inflicted. We continued along the corridor to find what looked like a security checkpoint. The lift shaft was blown out and there were five more bodies here. Attached to the checkpoint was an emergency stairwell running downwards but not up and had no doors. It was full of bodies. About twenty minutes into our descent there was a temperature shift and it got warmer. It took about forty more minutes to reach the bottom where the temperature had risen to about mid 70s Fahrenheit on our instruments. However, it felt cold, but as if being cooled from within. As we entered the cavern, numerous of our party experienced a number of strange sensations suggesting a massive presence. The cavern housed what looked like a command center with an overlooking ante-office and some adjoining offices. I have attached a still shot of a painting we found in one of the offices. It's of a fighter I've never seen before. The star in the painting matches the one that Pireaus orbits. Many of the offices had intact files and binders and were left undisturbed due to their age.

The command center was sunken into the architecture, and upon the precipice I found the remains of what looked like a brass detail and the brass, completely unarmored with a head GSW. Further inspection of the command center yielded the location of a breaker box. All but one were tripped to OFF position. At this time, CPL Kapali reported she had found a hatch in a floor with a powered panel attached to it. As we were running out of time and ill equipped to deal with the hatch, I ordered the team to retreat back to the raptor and return back to Orion.


Officer's Notes: I passed initial command to SGT Flynn upon discovery of a bunker and a short recon was to be conducted. The order to perform the reconnaissance was issued by me prior to disembarking the Raptor. Additionally, the referenced helmet camera footage has been locked in the TS/SCI Cabinets of the Air Wing under zero access guidelines until further reviewed by Command and Tactical.

LTJG Kelsey Wescott





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