AWD #092: Pink or Red
Pink or Red
Summary: More on the Rhonwen/Maia Saga until Rhonwen has to leave, then all the pilots just have small talk.
Date: 08/April/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: A Judge and a Pilot walk into a bar ending with Rescuing Holtz
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Raptor Berthings
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Gentlemen Ghosts has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #92

Maia had invited Rhonwen to come to the Raptor Berthings, which means mostly women reside here. There are already several feminine looking clothes on the bed, spread out and waiting for the arrival of her friend. Maia is trying on a tank top and white shorts, buttoning them just now.

Shorts and a T-shirt is what Rhonwen is wearing when she arrives. She knocks on the bulkhead and waits for a response. Her hair has been braided and her appearance is very neat. Leaning on the bulkhead while she waits she hums a little tune to herself.

Hearing the knock, Maia looks up and smiles, "Hiya, come on in, I was just sorting through things." Her bunk is near the entry so there's not far to walk. Motioning towards her bottom bunk she has a grin then. "And here is where you can choose anything you would like to wear for your date. Maybe the skirt would work best, since it would show your legs well, or the dress but it might be a bit short. I think there would be no objections though, either way."

"I want to look nice but I do not want to look like I am trying to recapture my fading youth." Rhonwen says with an impish easy smile as she enters. She moves towards the bed and she starts to look over the outfits and the skirts. "You have good taste." She says with a grin. "I need to see if I can get some fabric and find someone who can sew for me. "I need some clothing."

"You know.." Sifting through the dresses, she finds a lovely black dress she had loaned Kelsey for the party before and holds it out. "This one would be perfect. Just let out the hem and it'll be long enough for you and you can just keep it. I want you to have a dress for dating. When are you going?" Maia asks quietly.

"I have no idea, and I have no idea what to exspect." She tells her as she takes the dress. "Are you okay?" Rhonwen asks her as she moves to sit cross legged on the floor next to the bed. Her She is looking at the dress with an eye of one who appreciates nice clothing and good fashion. She looks to Maia. "I have no idea when I am going on this date, but when I do and if you have the free time would you like to do my make-up and hair?" She asks her as she studies her.

Maia has a seat on the floor beside her, still wearing her shorts and tank top, extending her legs in front of her, this time though her toenails are painted a vibrant, cheerful pink color. She wiggles her toes playfully before looking back at Rhonwen and smiling almost too brightly. "Yes, I am fine and there is nothing I would rather do than help you with your make up and hair. You're already very beautiful on your own. We'll get you going and charm his socks off."

"Oh we will see." Rhonwen says cheerfully. "It may never happen, but honestly it is the thought that counts." She tells her with a grin. She looks down at her toes. "Nice nail polish." She grins. "Very, very nice, now the goal is just to look nice and even if it is not for him it is for me. I need a chance to just get cleaned up and dressed up. It has been a while." She adds.

Gently, Maia places the dress over onto Rhonwen's lap then sits up straight again, her eyes moving to her own toes at the compliment. "I have red and pink so we can do yours in whichever you like best. I wish I had heels you could wear." Biting her lip she contemplates. "You know, there's a place for trades, I went there with Milkshake. Maybe we could go and find you some nice things whether you're dressing for yourself or someone else. When I dress up, usually it's to feel confident, like a woman again and not just another number. These," She leans in and pulls the shoulder of her tanktop aside, showing off a lacy pink strap, "Are strictly for me. The bottoms match. I just like feeling feminine under my uniform. I'm probably weird, I know, but it's just something I do."

"I just would like to get my hands on a suit again and a pair of tennis shoes. Small comforts, but I will settle for what I have. I also need to see if my commission is given to me again. She tells her as she rubs a hand over her face and she just looks tired and her age for a moment. "What is the Milkshake?" She asks. She eyes the lacy pink strap. "Honestly I say do it, I used to never wear regulation underwear and bras. Mine were always silk or cotton, that way they could not complain about them melting to my skin in case there was an accident. Then again I am not one to get into fighting normally."

"Then we should find you a suit and tennis shoes. Don't they have them here? Shoes, I mean? They have them for the recruits we wear them sparring and working out. I'll see what I can do." Seeing the tiredness, Maia looks concerned. "Are you sure you're okay, Rhonwen? I'm sure your commission will be reinstated. Especially after hearing what Sergeant Knox had to say." There's a nod, about the cotton and silk but she just slips her tank top strap back into place.

"I am fine, just feeling my age at the moment. I do not think that many full grasp the situation. They need to think long term and not just short term." Rhonwen chuckles. "We have lost a lot, we do not have much more we can lose but we also should not lose sight of our ideals. I know that I am preaching and you have heard it all before from me." She smiles. "Honestly, we will just have to see how it goes."

"Your age is still young enough, my friend." Peering over at her, Maia gives her a warm smile. "There is a lot to consider, I know, but maybe just for right now, this time, we don't let the worry bother us and we just decide what color of a suit you want and if you want pink or red nail polish. You know, easy choices."

"I am not military so I am not going to be raiding the quarter masters supplies." Rhonwen explains in a fashion after a moment. "I have shoes, but eventually I will get something a little better." She says cheerfully as she perks up. "I will take pink nail polish and you still have not told me who brought you those flowers. As for the suit, I will take what I can get and what looks decent on me. If I get the commission I will get more clothing. No I am not asking for it for that reason, trust me I like not having my life complicated." She laughs. "Now tell what did you think about what Knox spoke of last night?"

"There's a place to trade things though, Milkshake told me, she's an ECO, she flies with me." For a moment, Maia falls silent before she looks a little melancholy herself. "You know, with all of those refugees and people reuniting with their families, I realized something. I have no one. My parents are probably alive but we were never really close. It's just.. me. Kind of like you, isn't it?" Though she replies to Rhonwen as soon as she says that. "Knox is honest about things and I like that. I don't have to guess with him. But Ceres, when I asked her before, she denied being different." Shrugging.. "Then she told on me to the MP for pulling the gun so I had to give a statement."

"In a lot of ways she is not, she is who she is just as you are. She is right in that regards." Rhonwen explains. She frowns a little bit and then she smiles and nods. "We are alike in that regards. Quiet in the realm of relationships. I was telling that to Marcus last night when he asked me why I did not have an tearful and joyful union. I reminded him that many that I knew and considered friends were dead. They were at ground zero. Af for family I have none. But I would like to consider a friend; I know that you had asked me the same thing a while ago. I agreed but I wanted to reiterate."

Sitting on the floor by a bunk with feminine clothing spread out on it, Maia has her legs extended and she's wearing white shorts and a tank top. Her toenails are painted vibrant pink. Beside her on the floor is Rhonwen, wearing shorts and a shirt also with a black dress on her lap. Tilting her head to the side, she regards her friend. "Thank you, I would be honored to be." Reaching out she gently squeezes the judge's hand before sitting back. "Maybe we are more alike than we thought before, but I could think of no better person to look up to."

Arriving in the Raptor berths, Tavin's shock of red hair is probably the first thing noticable as he bobs along the bunks, looking for one in particular. As he notices the blonde and the person she's talking to, Throwback lifts his hand with a friendly, "Howdo." he says with a grin that dimples his cheeks. Then he notices the bed, and smirks. "You're never gonna collect on the wager if you keep making the bed before I get a chance to come over to do it, Maia." he says playfully, and offers that same smile to Rhowen. "Hi. Tavin. Nice to meet ya."

Ygraine is back from an Alert 5. As ever, she has made a stop in the head to shower after sitting in her flight suit for hours and hours, so her freckled skin is flush from the heated water. She eyes Rhonwen curiously as she arrives, calling out a general, "Hey, y'all." to those present before ducking into her berth and pulling out a hair brush.

Stepping in from the outside, Jason looks around a bit thoughtfully, before he starts making his way over towards his bunk. Moving to drop off a few things there, it would seem, he turns to look around at the various people for a few moments. "Hello," he offers, a bit quietly.

When Tavin arrives, Maia looks up and follows his gaze to the bed, grinning a little ruefully. "It was only for a week, so it's my own fault if I keep on making it. Habit, you know? Thanks for watching my clothes in the laundry yesterday." Realizing the two had never met, Maia makes the introductions. But then Ygrain arrives and she expands on it. "Tavin, Ygrain, this is Rhonwen, she's a former judge. Rhonwen, this is Tavin.. and Ygraine is Milkshake I was just telling you about. Shakes?' Looking over there, "Think we could get her the hook up on some clothes? She was rescued awhile back with nothing." When Jason arrives, she adds him. "Jason, Rhonwen. Jason is a former child movie star."

"I had heard rumors that there was a ship of clothing that you folks recovered. I should pull some civvies for myself at some point." Tavin says as he rubs his chin, shooting Maia a smile as he glances oover his shoulder. "Hey, Shakes, Stand-Up. Nice to meet ya." He hasn't met Jason yet either, apparently.

"To my defense, I was young and stupid back then," Jason remarks a bit lightly to the part about his acting career. With a bit of a grin to Tavin as he hears the greeting, he smiles again. "Hello. Nice to meet you as well," he remarks, with a bit of a smile.

"I live for the opportunity to wear my civilian clothing." Maia teases, reaching up a hand for the nearest available one, which happens to be Tavin's. "Mind helping me up? I've been sitting here too long." But somehow manages to spring up from being knocked on her ass on the sparring mat.

"Yeah, we managed to locate a couple of merchant ships. Aww, Stand-Up, you're young and stupid now." Ygraine beams at him and then makes as if to dodge in case he throws something at her.

As she holds out her hand, Tavin slips his into Maia's own and leans back to help her up as he chuckles. "I ain't worn civvies since the last flight of 'Betty Jane'." he admits as he gives a shake of his head. "Shoulda seen the folks eyeballing me when I arrived in a forty year old Raptor wearing coveralls and a flannel shirt asking if they needed another pilot."

Jason looks over to Ygraine at her words. "Almost, but not quite. These days I'm no longer young, but still stupid." It's offered a bit lightly, before he adds, "Thanks, though. How are you guys?" Shrugging a little bit as he hears Tavin's words. "Some things aren't old, but vintage," he offers, a bit lightly.

Another one joining into the midst of pilots and ECOs is a viper pilot. Glancing around a bit as his feet carries him into the berthings. Hair still damp as Luc wanders along and looks around a bit. Uncertain perhaps about who he might be seeking. Seeing the people talking has him wandering towards them. Grinning as he catches Jason's words. "But you're my stupid pal." He offers with a smikr to him. If he can reach then he will offer a pat to his back. "So. Whatcha all up to in here?" Glancing over towards Yggy and that general area of those two bunks there before looking to the others.

When Tavin takes her hand and tugs her up, Maia stands easily, offering him a smile that turns into a soft laugh, "Thank you, TB." Standing now, she pulls down the hem of her shorts and her tank top. His story of Betty Jane brings another laugh, "I think they were probably too desperate to care about the coveralls." Looking from Jason to Ygraine at the banter, the amusement lingers, "None of us are young anymore, I think War ages people a week to a day. Feels like anyway." Soon as Luc arrives, she offers a nod to him. "Hey Gabe, welcome to Raptorville. May your stay be pleasant and brief." Winking to show that she's just teasing.

Ygraine casts an arched eyebrow over in Maia and shakes her head in mock disapointment, before noting Luc's arrival. There's a sudden wicked grin. "Squire ain't here, Crater. You outta luck."

"Dunno, still look pretty young and fresh to me, Maia." Tavin chuckles. "And I feel alive and good, so this war ain't aged me yet. You want to feel alive? Take the SAM corridor into ANVIL sometime - that'll make you spry as a new chicken." he offers as he lifts his head in greetings to Luc as well. "Sup." he offers, as he uses his freed hand to take out some gum to chew on and offers the pouch to the blonde pilot. And by default her usual ECO.

Jason shakes his head a little at Luc as he hears that, and at the pat to the back. "Hey, I thought that was the other way around…" he remarks, a bit lightly. Nodding a bit at Ygraine's words. "Well, he couldn't have the luck all the time," he offers, after a few brief moments of thought. Glancing between the others again for a few moments now.

A grin dresses the lips of Luc as he hears Maia's words, "Hey Cara. And you know me. I do as you please. As do I assure you of satisfaction." He teases in return with a wink of his own. Starting to chuckle as he hears Ygraine's words. "I see. Well I suppose I will just spend it with you lovely ladies." Grinning to Tavin and Jason as well, as he, at first, seem to add them to that. "Well, you ladies along with TB and Stand-up." A nod as Luc agrees with what Tavin says about Maia. "OF course she does. Especially when she starts to dance." Fanning himself at that, with his hand. Taking up his own gum as he spots Taivn's. Eating and offering to Jason, since the ladies were already offered by Tavin. There is a light chuckle to the uttered words from Jason as well. "Both ways perhaps." Grinning about luck. "I have it all. Skill and luck." Offered playfully though.

"And an ego the size of a viper." Yggy rags on Luc, reaching over to snag some of Tavin's gum. "Thanks, TeeBee." she pops it in her mouth, promptly chews, and blows a bubble, snapping it with an audible POP.

"Well thank you, Tavin," Using his first name for him for the first time, other than introductions. "I do too, I mean I have my days but they are few and far between." Shaking her head, Maia declines the invitation even as she accepts the gum and tugs out a small amount to chew on. "No thanks on the SAM corridor, I'll take a zero on that one." Catching the mock disappointment from Ygraine, she grins, especially when she mentions Squire not being around to Luc. His words get a smirk, but the amusement in her eyes is still alive and obvious. "You, Gabriel, are definitely confident." Walking over, she gives him a hip bump, "What are you saying about my dancing? Crater? Don't listen to him Tavin."

"Any bigger, and it'd be his ECO, Shakes." Tavin says with a shrug of his shoulders and watches as Maia wanders off. He steps back as she goes over to Luc and grabs a fingerful of shreds to chew on and glances back over to Ygraine. "How's little Miss Holtz doin?" he asks finally, remembering the little kid now camping in the Viper berths.
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"The size of a Viper?" Jason remarks to Ygraine, before he shakes his head a little bit. "We could have emptied the entire hangar deck, and we still couldn't fit that ego in there…" Shaking his head a little at the offer of gum, before he grins at Maia. "Don't worry, she dances far better than… some of us…"

"I'd say fine, but fine bein' as relative as it is, she's doin' as best she can under the circumstances. I gotta talk t'the CAG about when we're takin' a SAR raptor t'Picon t'get Spree on it." Ygraine says matter-of-factly. "No way do I wanna wait weeks and weeks like we did with Janitor. He came back a few cards short of a deck where he was missin' some already. That ain't happenin' t'Storm."

Luc grins and nods, "Well. A big ego can be good for you." OR not. Either way he is sticking to his words, along with grinning proudly. Bumping Maia's hip in return. "Your dancing is awesome." He tells her again. Grinning at Tavin as well. "My ego is like my flying. Awesome." Falling silent after that and looking between the others. "Cara, I still want a rematch in the spars later." He tells her with a wink.

After the hip bump, Maia walks back over to Tavin and Ygraine, where her bunk is near Milkshake's. "Speaking of ECO's.." Dropping the joking for the moment, she looks at Ygraine, "You did awesome out there. If it were up to me, I'd say you got a kill. Thanks for doing what you do and keeping all our asses in flight." Glancing back at Jason, she smirks, "You only say that cause you owe me after falling on me at the Colonial Day dance." Quickly she looks at Tavin, "He did you know. Fell right on me, with me in a formal gown and everything. Was messy." When the challenge is issued from Luc, she glances back. "You got it. I'll be there."

The ginger rubs the back of his head thoughtfully, Tavin considers the others as he chews on the wad of gum in the side of his mouth. "Frak, we all did some good works out there - and I'm sure Spree already has folks on the ground lookin fer the Major." he sounds optimistic about that. "When Whiplash and I went down over the Boneyard, I wasn't alone for long - the tin cans got to her before we could link up though." he frowns for a moment. "I should check to see if she was on the prisoner manifest. I don't know if she was taken alive or not.."

The hatch opens and in steps Kelsey, sideways. She had a flight this morning but has apparently already showered and changed out to her green duds. She turns to smirk at everyone inside and steps farther in. There's a girl of about four years of age on her right hip and she's holding her there. "Hi!" she says. The girl is in jeans and a t-shirt for a kid a bit older, but the little one looks just like Kels except for the dark eyes. The girl stares around at everyone owlishly. "Hey guys, this is Melissa," she introduces before looking back to the girl. "Melissa, can you say hi?" She just -stares-.

"Thanks." Ygraine appreciates a properly trained pilot in that regard, flashing a grin at Maia before eyeing Tavin and saying again frankly, "I'm gonna ask the CAG about a SAR Raptor." Regardless of what Spree may or may not already be doing. And then in walks Kelsey and her daughter. "Aw, now that's a site." Beaming, Yggy beckons Kelsey over and holds out her hands to see if Melissa will let herself be held.

Tavin holds up his hands in a mock surrender gesture. "Never said she wouldn't appreciate the extra help." he finally says as he shrugs. "Anyway, need to go change for CAP. I'll see y'all later." Offered up, he gives Kelsey and her daughter… or maybe younger sister? Niece? A smile, and then glances over at Maia for a moment, like he's about to ask something, but it dies on his lips and he carries on.

"Not my fault that," Jason offers a bit lightly to Maia. "I blame the drinks." A brief pause, before he looks over at Luc, shaking his head a little bit. "Keep it that way. It would get stuck in the door if we'd try to rescue you." Looking over to Kelsey and the little girl, smiling to them both. "Hello Melissa," he offers to the girl. "How are you today?"

Luc grins at Maia. He does not say much though Spotting Kelsey only as she calls out. Smiling at them and glancing to Yggy as well. Grinning over with a glance to Jason at his words. "I don't need rescuing." He says with his confident attitude. "See you around, TB." He offers to him before looking to Kelsey and Melissa again. "Hiya Kels and. Mels?" He suggests with a bright smile.

"Hell yeah, TB, everyone did awesome." Watching as he goes before giving Ygraine a grin, Maia nods, "You're just that good." Jason gets a quick smirk. "Uh huh, but you drank them." Then Kelsey walks in.. Ohh a little girl! Looked about to be.. three or four. Feeling almost sucker punched her smile fades and she wraps her arms around her middle and sinks down to the bed. "Hi Kels.." But it's the little girl she's looking at. "Your daughter?" She croaks out in a strangled voice. Oh boy. Clearing her throat as the wide eyed little girl remains silent, she takes a deep breath. What was it the Chaplain had said? Right off hand she couldn't remember. Instead, she reaches into a bag under the edge of her bed and pulls out.. Legos. "Can she play with these?" Unsure if they eat them at that age or not. If she had her own baby, she'd know.

"You want to see Miss Yggy?" Kelsey asks. Melissa redoubles her cling to her mom, though. "Looks like she's still attached, Shakes. Sorry," she laughs. "She's had a rough couple months." Kels -mwah-'s Lissa's forehead and looks back. "Mel, this is Yggy, Luc, Jase, Maia and the one getting quiet? That's Tav. They all have funny names like mommy does now." Melissa looks at all of them and whispers, loudly, "Mommy, they're green. Aren't your friends pumpkins?" Deck. Orange. Pumpkin. "Pumpkins are still around. Mommy has more friends now. These are lots and lots of new aunts and uncles." Melissa's eyes go wide like its Saturnalia times fifty. Grinning over to Luc, she laughs. "My Mom used to call her that for just that reason. She'll respond to it." But those dark eyes latch onto the legos with laser-like precision. Kelsey watches Maia with a rather surprised expression… then it dawns on her. "Oh, yeah, she can. She's started sucking her thumb again, but she knows better than to eat things like legos."

Ygraine wriggles her freckled nose and makes a face at Melissa, assuring, "S'okay, Kelz. I expect when Holtz is back, ya won't be able to disconnect him an' Ally from each other's hips." She does point for Melissa's benefit, "This is where your mama sleeps, Melz, and this is where I sleep. Ain't it neat?"

"I can't seem to be able to deny or confirm that," Jason offers to Maia, a bit lightly. He then smiles a little as he listens now, but keeps quiet for the moment. Looking between the others again now.

Luc is reminded by Maia's behaviour. Perhaps having put the positive over the negative in comparison. Though he can of course relate to it. Offering her a small smile as he moves over to Maia. Smiling to Kels and Melissa then. Followed by smiling and nodding to the other two as well. Then it is back to Maia. Worrying for her a bit. The talk between mother and daughter does gain a small smile though. Grinning as the laughter comes. Though eyes do ever so often go back to Maia. Offering a gentle squeeze to her shoulder if she allows. Giving Jason a brief glance as he falls quiet though.

Reaching into the bag again, Maia pulls out a baggy of them that has an insert and directions makes barn and silo when it's built according to the design and holds it out to either Kelsey or Luc along with a reassuring look for the latter. She'll be fine. "Will you give her those please?" Looking back at Kelsey, she offers a wobbly smile. "She can have them. When I find the horse, chicken and cow that attach, I'll make sure she gets them. I have an entire bag of these things. Ygraine? Would you like to take some for the little girl in the Viper Berthing?" Looking around inside, she finds a small baggy with a Viper looking plane on the instructions inside. Not even minding dwindling down her collection she offers it to the ECO. "Can't be stuck on this star without toys, you know. And video games in the rec room don't really inspire… creativity." Looking back at Jason, she smiles, grateful for his distraction. "I can confirm it, Superstar."

"Sure, Maia but uh - don't let Ally hear ya call her little girl, kay? She might take one of her daddy's knives and slit your throat while ya sleep." From Ygraine's tone, she clearly approves of Daddy's Little Girl.

Aunts and Uncles. Melissa wriggles in Kelsey's arms and wants down. "Okay, you can get down, but you have to hold someone's hand the whole time, okay? No running in here." Mels noddles a few times and she's set down on the ground and walks over towards Ygraine and Maia with both hands out. Kelsey just watches like a proud Momma. "She's normally pretty social. She would -cry- when she got sick and couldn't go to preschool. Always wants to be miss popular, just like me through high school. …Not looking forward to that from the parent angle." Uhg. Kels looks to everyone and shrugs. "She's headin down to P after this. Wanted her to come meet anyone here before she does. Command says kids aren't allowed to stay on the ship or even visit without a good reason soooo yeah." Little hands grab for Maia's and Ygraine's.

Remaining silent for now, Jason just looks between the others for a long while. Shrugging a little to himself as there seems to be some kind of conversation going on internally. Finally, he offers a smile in Kelsey's direction. "I'm glad to see you got your daughter back," he offers, a bit quietly.

"I didn't know how old she was, I just heard Holtz had a daughter. I won't call her little girl, but I have to say I like a girl who can stand up for what she believes in." Maia smiles at Ygraine, until she sees the little girl's hand. Reaching for hers. Oh Gods. Looking down into that innocent face, she just melts. Reaching her hand out, she gently takes the offered one, putting on a brave smile, blinking back the moisture in her eyes as she scoots off the edge of the bunk to squat down beside her. "Hi Melissa, I'm your Aunt Maia and I'm so very happy to meet you." Gently she shakes the hand she is holding, like it's an all grown up handshake. "I'm glad your here."

"She's nine, ten maybe." Ygraine says. "When we met, I told her a story about her dad, but only after promising her that there were no unicorns or princesses." There's a pause. "Well. I agreed unicorns are stupid but princesses are cool as long as they have pretty dresses and swords. She seemed amenable to that particular point." There's a faint grin. "She got a mouth like her dad, too. I want t'try t'keep her aboard for as long as we can 'til Storm gets back." She'll wait for Melissa to want to amble in her direction, it's Maia's turn right now.

Luc smiles and nods to Maia before he's starting to laugh at the words from Ygraine, "Sounds like a funny gal." Smiling over at Mels as she moves over to the others and he himself is just scooting a little with his bright smile. Taking the design thing from Maia and offering it to Mels if she wants it. "Would you want this one? Look it has all these funny things on it." He offers with a grin. Perhaps not the most parent like person but he is still smiling as he tries to help the kid. "I am sure it will all be fine." This offered to Kelsey. Jason for now get to be JAson and a bit off on his own. Listening about Holtz's kid as well.

Melissa grins up at Maia with a bright smile. "Hi Aunt Maia!" she says happily. Yes! Moar family! "I'm happy for meeting you too." She looks a bit oddly atthe grownup handshake like it might be some kind of secret she isn't in on just yet. But she will be. "What's your funny name? My mommy's is Squirrel." Kelsey coughs, "Squire." Ahem. Mel's free hand makes grabby for Ygraine's. She wants to hold hands with both women, apparently. Meanwhile Kelsey moves to sit atthe table and flops down in a chair. "No kidding? We'll they're pushing to get everyone off the ship. But the problem is that they've got very few places to put people. So they want all the youngest off the boat, first. There are some infants and kids a little older than Melissa, but I don't know where Holtz's girl might stand." Melissa looks up to Luc and stares and nods slowly. More toys. Getting her to leave is going to be a job for a prybar and tissues.

"She sounds like a bright young lady, Ygraine. I bet he is proud of her." Grinning about the princesses and unicorns. "I hope he comes home soon." Looking back down at the little girl she sees that bright smile, directed at her. Aww! Maia is a sucker for a pretty face after all. The mention of the funny name gets a wide eyed look. "Umm, lots of people call me.." Gaze clashes with the others in a 'help me' look. "Center," she finally relents and when Luc takes the toys, she looks relieved.

Phoenix steps into the berthing, with intent of heading to his bunk in particular- but finds himself slowing at the crowd of pilots and ECOs with a touch of curiosity. Quiet, he steps up and investigates.

Meh. Melissa's going to make Yggy get up! Which she does, abandoning her hairbrush at first and then suggesting as she plucks it back up, "Hey Melissa, you wanna brush my hair for me?" Because that'll be fun. "My funny name is Milkshake." she adds helpfully. Spotting the inbound CAG, she calls out, "Hey, sir. I've been meanin' t'stick my head in your office."

Jason smiles, listening to what's being said now, shrugging a little bit as he steps back to his bunk to pick up something now. Looking to the CAG for a few moments, his smile fading very briefly, before it's back in place.

Luc smiles back at Melissa. "If you want any help just ask me. I'd be happy to help. And I am. Awesome!" He offers, rather playfully in his tone though. Grinning as Maia offers her funny name. Seeing her managing on her own. This time. Turning to spot Phoenix, thanks to the help from Ygraine. "Hey there bird boy. I mean sir."

"I like Aunt Maia better. Center is a weird name." The little girl nods several times to Maia and looks up into the woman's bunk, eyes big. STUFF! She probably views each bunk as a new place to explore. But with the offer of brushing hair, well, hey sorry Maia. Melissa has bigger fish to fry. "YES!" she pipes and holds both grabby hands up for the brush, iggling at the name. "I like you're name. Strawberry is the best." There are no options, only Strawberry. Luc gets a wide-eyed look. "You're awesome? Mom says that boys who say they are awesome are usually pilots. Are you a pilot?" Kelsey looks on in abject horror, staring at her daughter while she makes that proclamation. OH! Its Phoenix! She turns to glance back to him. "Hey, sir!"

Maia remains quietly observing Ygraine with Melissa, then Luc, a flick of her eyes over Jason and his silence, but when the CAG walks in, she offers a nod. She's definitely not in uniform, wearing shorts and a tank top, but she'd had a good excuse. Kinda. Hearing the boringness of her callsign gets a relieved laugh. "Yes, it is, Mels, so very weird. Maybe I should get a new one that you like best hmm?" The little girl makes it easy to like her. Watching as the girl's interest takes her elsewhere, she takes a deep breath and grins at Kelsey. "They usually are," she winks.

Phoenix smiles quietly with the fuss being made over the child. "I'll see you all eventually. No need to explain for the moment, however." he replied simply as he smiled towards Kelsey, "The littlest Wescott, I assume." he says- that smile exceedingly gentle at the moment. "She's beautiful. You must be very proud." he offers to Kelsey as he watches the wing generally fawn over the child. Clearly, the CAG Approves.

If Melissa lets her, Ygraine will heft her into a chair so she can sit, while Ygraine sits on the floor in front of her and thus have access to her hair. Gods help her. "Strawberry is best. Be gentle." she advises the little girl, and begins to undo her braids, fluffing out her blonde locks. Her gaze flicks upward. "Sir," she says, "Storm's daughter is here. I don't know if you knew."

Jason keeps quiet still, that is, until he hears Melissa's question to Luc. That's when he's unable to hold back the roaring laughter that comes to him. Laughing for a few moments, rather loudly, he shakes his head a little bit. "Words of wisdom there," he offers, with a grin.

Melissa shrugs at Maia, exactly the same way that Kelsey does. She even moves a strand of hair from her face the same way. She laughs as she's hefted onto the chair though and takes the brush. "Kay! Gentle. Like mommy's hair." Kelsey looks on with a big grin. Mels starts brushing slowly, using both hands. Squire then looks over to Phoenix and dips her head. "Yessir. Happiest Ensign evar. Thanks, though. But I promise, she won't invade. She's just here to meet people before I take her down to P for good this evening. Unless, you know, there's a mission or something. She'll get there. I don't want to disturb anyone. She's got more energy than a reactor." Speaking of Storm, "Yeah, when is the SAR, sir?"

Luc laughs to Melissa and nods. "Your mom would be right. Though I am awesome because they call me Crater as well. And I can do this." Opening his mouth wide and just looking silly before closing it and grinning. Looking over at KEls with a wry grin as well. Nodding to the CAG. "Have you been well, sir?" He asks in an amused tone still heard in his voice. Shotting a look to Jason as well. "True words though."

Now that Mels has moved on, Maia quietly closes her bag of legos that she didn't get out for Mels and Ally. She replaces the bag where it belongs and sits on the edge of the bunk while folding the civilian clothes she had over her bunk from earlier, a summer looking dress, the dress she had worn to the party at the Pyramid Courts and a few other things, skirt, blouse. Once they are all folded she puts them away and sits on the edge of bed, sitting cross legged since her feet were still bare. At the question about Storm, she also looks at Phoenix. "Sure like to get him home."

"Its good for her to see what her Mother is up to." Phoenix replies, first, to Kels. The news of Holtz's daughter being around has the CAG a bit more quiet, nodding to himself as he mulls it all over. "I'll want volunteers. It'll be a dangerous mission with that Saber on the ground." he says, "Chances are we'll need to send a couple of Raptors down in the most likely places, and do a jump from the ground as we did with the previous Mission. I want him back as much as the rest of you do." he continues. "If a couple of you want to volunteer now, we can begin mission planning immediately, and get it out the chute in a day or two."

Ygraine pipes up immediately. "Sir, I'll volunteer. But I don't think that Saber has tracking on Spree's resistance stronghold. We should land a raptor there and then progress outward, so we minimize chance of contact with that thing. Have any of the resident skinjobs been queried about intelligence concerning that thing? Can it be jammed?" she adds, "Can Storm's daughter stay here until her father's retrieved, if it's just another day or two? She'll stay outta th'way."

Kelsey chuckles at Luc and shakes her head. "One day…" she threatens playfully. Turning back, "She thinks that me being a pilot is just 'okay'. One day, when she's older, we'll have a chat about progress, growth, and how important coffee is," Kelsey tells Phoenix. But as he continues, Kelsey looks around and slowly raises her hand. "If I have a good ECO, sir, I'll volunteer." Squire knows her flying skills are not tip top of the pack. Melissa just keeps brushing hair. "Miss Milgshake? You have pretty hair."

"I'll go," Jason offers to Phoenix, as he listens to the words now. Glancing between the others for a few moments, he offers a bit of a smile. Otherwise keeping silent now, listening to the others.

"I'll be a pilot. I'm going in." Nodding to Jason, not surprised. "The airwing always sticks together, sir. Especially when it's one of our own." Maia inputs quietly now.

Phoenix points at Ygraine. "Set it up, Milkshake. First to pipe up, first to give me a mission plan. Figure out who you want to go with you, and have it on my desk by tomorrow. I'm thinking Wednesday would be the perfect day to fly in. I want all of you to start thinking of Missions, and start proposing them. We got a lot of bright people in the Wing, and there's got to be something old-heads like me haven't thought of. One of the things we need to figure out is how to overcome those Sabers- those are a force multiplier I'd like subtracted from the Cylons ASAP."
Long distance to Agrippa: Maia only started a scene with Rhonwen and it blew up. You should come volunteer for the mission to get Holtz.

Agrippa has arrived.

"I am always up for some fun and danger." Luc offers to the CAG with a confident smile. Listening to what Ygraine has to say though. Raising a brow to Kels though. "What?" He asks innocently. Grinning still though. Then falling silent and watching the others.

"Done, sir." To say Milkshake has a vested interest in this mission would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT. "Thanks, Melz." she says to the little girl, trying not to wince when she tugs a little too hard.

Kelsey listens to everyone going around about the missions, eyes trailing over each in turn. She's excited, like a ball of energy. She just doesn't know which way to go. "Can I help?! …Or at least watch??"

Having just grabbed a quick meal at the Mess Hall, Agrippa was on his way back to Viper Country when he decided to take a minor detour to visit someone in particular in the Raptor Berthings. However, when he steps inside, he was not prepared to see so many people here and it causes him to slow to a stop at the hatchway, eyes looking over to all those that are present. "Er…"

Jason listens quietly now, frowning a little at the mention of other missions and plans. He doesn't say anything about it, but nods a bit quietly in return to Maia as he sees her nod.

Maia uncrosses her legs and lets her bare feet dangle off the side of the bed. "Looks like there's plenty of volunteers. Sounds like a mission." Nodding to Phoenix, but she catches the movement behind him. "Hey Grippa come on in." Patting her bunk beside her, inviting him in. "The new CAG is talking about a mission on extracting Storm," she grins.

"Any and all ideas are best submitted to me in writing." Phoenix says, "But, the first and most important mission we have is that SAR. Everything else is secondary, until we get Storm back." He takes a quiet moment, "Where is his daughter?" He is the CAG, and she's the next of kin. His face is set, and he looks about quietly.

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