AWD #594: Pilots in Medical
Pilots in Medical
Summary: Cranky bleeding pilots arrive in the Orion's sickbay. Captain Salazar turns out to be rather distrusting of the Arpay.
Date: 05/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Deck3, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
Wed Aug 23 20:17:04 2006

It takes a little while for the pilots to return from their SAR mission. And then there are some tricky landings due to some of their craft being in really bad shape. Captain Alejandro Salazar stays in the Hangar bay until all of his people are in safely and unloaded from their craft. Medical personnel and Deck are all over it. Only once his people (and Bennett's) are being taken care of will he finally come up on to medical himself. Chiron has removed his helmet and sees the lower edge at the collar rim is busted, sloppy sealant having restored his suit's integrity long enough to give him oxygen for the flight back to the Orion. There is blood at his neck smeared on his flight suit as he comes in, "Heron's hit." As if /he/ might tell medical who they should tend to first.

Ensign Heron was whisked away by medics when she landed, the pilot and ECO she picked up sent directly to surgery. "They know," says the young pilot, looking somehow even younger than she did before Salazar got laid up. She's been given painkillers and someone is giving her stitches on her neck. "Your blood shouldn't be on the outside. Sit down, sir?" she says from her perch on a hospital bed.

Waiting with the rest of the team in sickbay for the crew to be brought in from the away wing members, and having received a wounded count from the deck crew as the wing was landing, two teams are already standing by to receive Heron and Salazar. "You're both leaking that vital fluid, so we're going to do this the easy way," Sam's voice is enough to move both teams into action, the pilots being guided toward a pair of waiting exam beds.

Alejandro hands his damaged helmet off to whoever will take it, or he can just set it down. The Captain goes where he is directed and pulls off his gloves, one of them bloody where he had touched his neck while in flight. Then he's unzipping his flight suit. There's more blood down his neck and chest, staining his tanks, but it doesn't look serious. "I heard … Major St. Clair's opting for the Arpay surgeries?" Salazar frowns, "We can't afford to have her out of comission long. How do we know we can trust these people not to tamper with ours?" It's a general question, pitched kind of towards the CMO. Ale doesn't see Jimenez yet.

The division of labor pairs a nurse with an attending physician and a med-tech to manage the various monitors and equipment that can be put into play as needed. For the moment, Sam is supervising, though she has the first of the surgical rooms prepped just in case. As the wounds that both pilots bear are relatively similar (all anatomy is relative, after all, no two standard human bodies are exactly the same), the neck wounds are treated in a similar fashion. Control the bleeding, clean the wound, apply a mild topical agent to numb the area around the wound and apply a fine layer of stitches to the worst point of the laceration then even smaller stitches on the edges to keep the wound from tearing. All this while Sam is moving from team to team, answering questions, lending a hand by guidance where - if - needed, and she answers Salazar's remark: "I believe that, collectively, we're asking them to fight alongside us, Captain. And we're asking them to trust us when we say that the lines are real people, not just evolved AI's in flesh suits. Trust has to work both ways, does it not?"

"They really seem to want to help. I was… I mean… I was downright hostile to them at first. But I get it now." Ellie squeezes her eyes shut. Neck stitches hurt. "They're gonna fix as much as they can of what the Ones did to me. That's solid."

Jimenez walks casually down the line of beds, leaving the surgical cap on her head. It covers her ears but not her eyes. Did she hear any of what Alejandro said? She's simply stripping off her gloves and she tosses them into a bio bin as she passes. Moving down to Sam, she nods to each Elena and Ale. "Hello." Even the one word is heavily accented. "Yes, I am Doctor Jimenez." At least her Colonial is starting to work better. Looking to Sam, she switches to Arpay and natters in the glutteral for a few moments. All business.

Alejandro's is shrapnel and it hurts a lot, to dig out the piece of metal. It's not deep but he grimaces where they made him lie back so they can numb him and start getting him cleaned up. "Been a long time since I got hurt. Ruin my pretty streak." His dark eyes track on Samtara when Doctor Nadir comes back to answer his question. The Captain doesn't look happy about it. "I don't trust skinjobs either. But … they are helping us fill the ranks. We don't have nearly enough pilots. Should go put some of those Marines under your knife, not Major St. Clair." Chiron turns his head but no, they are trying to put stitches into him. "What -did- those bastards do to you, Heron?" Salazar wants to sit up and look at her but no way they are letting him up until they are ready. Oh shit. The wounded Viper pilot stares at Jimenez.

Sharing a nod with Dr. Jimenez, Sam responds in kind before she switches to Colonial, "Thank you," and turns slightly to translate for Salazar. "The ECO is already in recovery. He has a third degree burn from the ejection motor, he didn't move his leg in time. He's been given pain management meds as well to ease the time in recovery. Captain, this is Dr. Jimenez," she adds with a subtle wave of one hand between Salazar and Jimenez. "Dr. Jimenez, this is Captain Salazar, I don't believe you've met as yet?" she makes this a question while the wound treatment continues. "There are several volunteers from the marine element, Captain. Major St. Clair isn't the only one who's volunteered." She shifts focus from Alejandro to Heron and offers a smile, "I know. Which is another thing to consider. There's a phrase that I've heard used in times like this. All hat, no herd? They're not just the hat, Captain. Perhaps if you spoke their language, you'd be able to frame your own opinion."

The younger pilot waves a silent greeting to the Arpay doctor before agreeing with the doctor. "I was suspicious too, like I said, but they seriously understand why we might be suspicious. So take your time, you know?" She inhales sharply with the next stitch. "And sir, it's not that I won't answer your question, but there is not enough booze or p-weed for me to discuss it. We'll talk, but with the right supplies."

Jimenez looks to Alejandro as he continues, but doesn't say anything. She just looks back at him while the words are translated. The introduction has her tap her heart twice in greeting but she says nothing until Elena is done. "The Ensign is right, if I did hear in the aff-ir-may-tive?" She is doing her best. The last week she's been trying to use Colonial whenever she can. "Do not hear what I say. Hear your- mates of the ship? Ship-mates. Yes. They will say what is true of fact." Its implied that it would be said when she is not around.

Even only being able to see Jimenez's eyes, Alejandro openly studies her. He's still in his flight suit though it's now peeled down to his waist. Reluctantly he looks to Nadir, still frowning. "Good about the ECO. We can't afford to loose any more of them, either." Salazar is tired, he smells of sweat and blood, and probably viper exhaust among other things. "I still do not like it. St. Clair is a Squadron Leader." P-weed gets Ale's attention. He tries to turn his head and look at Heron but it's not easy so he gives up on that.

Jimenez's movement draws the Captain back to her. Ale watches the fist placed over the heart thing but doesn't return it. Eyes narrow. Are they done with his neck yet? Bandaging it so he can maybe sit back up?

Sam glances toward the young pilot and frowns, "So you have full access to your memories of what happened while you were in captivity?" she wonders, her tone of voice and expression conveying surprise at this revelation. "Having that information shared would greatly assist us in discerning what was done, medical treatment wise. I didn't realize you were able to brief us, Ensign," the surprise is edging into concern. She glances toward Jimenez after she says this, then shares another nod, "Exactly. All the opinions in the fleet are all well and good, but they're other opinions," back to Salazar, "not your own. And Dr. Jimenez will be taking over as CMO for a few weeks, as well." While the conversation has been shifting from person to person the last of the stitches are being placed, wounds wiped down, healing ointment applied, bandages being taped in place. The standard: keep it clean, rest, return in 8 hours to have the wound cleaned and re-dressed. Same wound care talk, different day.

Ellie knows better than to be offended by Dr. Tact. "You never asked, sir," she points out to the doctor. "I'll talk to you. Or Dr. Jimenez can brief you. Or you can tag team me. Or we can play paintball." She's babbling. Those painkillers are starting to kick in.

Jimenez hears that about Ellie and looks to Sam. "I did not tell you be-cause of the.." she tumbles her hands. "-way. Way it is perform. Yes? Very person. I have many codes. Cannot talk about her." There's a bit of a plea on Beck's face while she tries to explain to Sam. Its explained that she will be taking over as CMO, doing her best to follow the quick Colonial. Not all of it goes through. Ellie's words have her shrug back to Sam. She can't talk to Sam about it.

It's only a local spray. Alejandro wasn't doped. Too bad. When they are ready for him to do so, he sits up. His neck is helf a little stiffly and a hand is lifted to lightly touch the bandage, "Thanks." There are no other signs of scars on him anywhere that's visible. Medical knows he has burns and fractures in his record from crashes back on Picon before he came to the Orion. Salazar thins his mouth at Elena, "You don't withold that crap, Ensign. Medical and Intel both need to know." Who's cranky? -Jimenez- will be taking over for Nadir?! The look on the Captain's face is clearly, WTF? Ale looks at Samtara, "You can't be serious."

The concern on Sam's face stops, mid motion, and before she can say something, Salazar deals with it from his angle. "Quite correct," is said quietly. "withholding information that is vital to your medical care is one way to guarantee that anyone who has to treat you in the future is doing so at a disadvantage. Further, you put others at risk with your deliberate choice to withhold information that Intel needs. Feel free to aim what ever attitude you'd like at someone else, Ensign, as your personal issues aren't actually mine to resolve. I'm sure that we can have someone from Psych pencil you in and keep you from being cleared for flight duty until you get your attitude under control." She turns toward Jimenez, translating in rapid Arpay all of what Alejandro has said then Ellie in turn, following it with: "Medical code of ethics, I understand. She, however, knows better." Back around to Alejandro, "I am, actually, quite serious. The Admiral and all of command are well aware of the situation and the corresponding parameters."

"I haven't withheld anything, sir. I have answered every question that had been asked. I spoke to the CAG and the TACCO when they asked. I have been entirely cooperative." Ellie juts out her lower jaw, slightly, getting defensive.

Everything translated, Jimenez's expression darkens a little. She isn't hostile, but there's some concern there and she looks to Elena with it. Something, for her, isn't quite connecting properly. Differences in culture, perhaps. But she says nothing. Better to not tapdance on this minefield with her poor Colonial abilities.

Randy arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Alejandro gets off of the table and secures his flight suit a bit more snugly so it won't slip down and fall around his knees when he goes up to Deck 2. His dark eyes slip from Samtara, to Jimenez, then back to Elena and Samtara. He rubs the undamaged side of his neck, tension in his body making him ache. "Whatever. I have to check on my people and I have a debriefing and reports to file. Am I free to go, Major?" Still not talking to Jimenez. Wary of her.

"Withholding information and not volunteering information is the same thing in this instance," Sam counters in that same quiet voice. "Cutting the line thing enough to ignore it isn't acceptable, either. It forces me to question what else you're withholding, information wise. It forces me to question what other data you have access to that you're declining to share, for what ever reason or reasons." She angles a short nod at Salazar. 'Yes, you're free to go. And yes, you are as well, for the moment, Ensign. I'll be having words with your commanding officer, Ensign. You're dismissed."

Randy slips in through the hatch to Sick Bay wearing a pair of regulation tanks and fatigues. She runs her fingers through her hair to make sure any stray bits are in place. It's habitual. She moves to reception but shifts her weight to one foot to lean and look at who is there.

Alejandro collects his busted helmet and eyes everyone, gives Randy a nod, and then the Captain with the bloody tanks heads out. He needs a shower.

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