AAR: Picon Resistance Mutiny


8 March 2005

FR: LCOL Marcus Petra
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MJR Zachary Sheperd, MAJ Cyrus Beckett
RE: Picon Firefight Incident - Bancroft Mutiny


On March 7th, 2005, a contingent of six Raptors carrying Marines and support personell arrived at ANVIL, to support LCOL Spree's command from any retaliatory attacks made by CMDR Bancroft's Rover units. LCOL Spree warned us upon our arrival that Bancroft's units had been spotted staging north of her command and she expected action any moment. Our personell began gearing up as we handed the broadcast message over to Spree's comms operators to begin transmitting. Bancroft himself immediately responded, and his units opened fire on her guard units and our personell.

In the ensuing firefight, both of our assigned overwatch Raptors were shot down by Rover anti-air missles, though the crew of both birds have been recovered and survived their emergency landings. Petty Officer Bridget Samuels received lethal injuries and was declared dead on the scene by our medical personell. Several other members of our unit were wounded, some critically, requiring us to medevac them back to the Orion.

LCOL Spree has reported that Bancroft is in her custody, being held pending trial on charges of Attempted Mutiny, Murder, and Attempted Murder. While this particular firefight is over, it will take a few more days to ensure Bancroft's command has successfully been transferred to LCOL Spree. She is currently on Orion being tended to medically, and has been asked to meet with the Admiral before returning to Picon.




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