AAR: Picon Prisoner Transport

The AAR for the Picon Prisoner Transfer.



16 Apr 2005 (AWD 100)

FR: LTJG Damon Evans
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner, CMDR Carolyn Spree
CC: LTCL Marcus Petra, MAJ Phoenix Stratton, LT Elijah Morgan
RE: Picon Prisoner Transfer


Three Raptors left the Orion at 1500 hours, April 16, to transfer the Cylon Prisoners of War known as Cooper Knox, Ceres Garrido, and Naomi Tamsin to holding cells at the ANVIL command post on Picon, to await their upcoming Tribunals. All three Raptors cleared FTL and descended to Picon to being approach to ANVIL, but were attacked by a mobile Cylon AA battery before reaching ANVIL's protective screen.

Raptor 505 was hit multiple times, shearing off an engine pod and setting her fuel tanks ablaze. Lieutenant Markov was able to crash land the Raptor, but the AA guns and Centurion ground forces continued to fire at the downed aircraft. Her Tylium fuel tanks ignited, and the resulting explosion killed all of her crew and took out the AA gun that was in immediate proximity. The remaining two Raptors were able to flee the scene as they had been specifically unarmed for security reasons for the transfer, and successfully landed at ANVIL. Prisoner Ceres Garrido, the Marine Corporal that was escorting her, and the flight crew of Raptor 505 are labeled Killed In Action. Due to the size of the explosion and the crash site in hostile territory, bodies have not been recovered.

Prisoners Cooper Knox and Naomi Tamsin were successfully delivered to ANVIL custody, and after flight crews checked both remaining Raptors for damage, returned to the Orion.



  • Raptor 505 - Shot down, destroyed, all hands lost:
    • Ceres Garrido, Prisoner - KIA
    • LT Donna "Wasted" Markov, VAQ-121 "Gentleman Ghosts", Pilot (NPC) - KIA
    • LTJG Charles "Chuckie" Stephens, VAQ-121 "Gentleman Ghosts", ECO (NPC) - KIA
    • CPL Timothy Drake, CMC Rifleman (NPC) - KIA


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