AWD #060: Picon Medical Aftermath
Picon Medical Aftermath
Summary: Orion's expeditionary force returns to Orion to lick their wounds. Or have Samtara lick their wounds.
Date: 07/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Battlestar Orion - Deck 3 - Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.

So Samtara might have actually been enjoying a quiet moment in Sickbay. Poor Doctor. Then the alert comes out that there are multiple inbound Raptors full of wounded Orion personell. Deck three turns in to controlled chaos as Medical staff scramble out to the hangar bay, shuttling people back to sickbay. At least THAT much is over now, leaving those that are still conscious to the groaning and recovering.

Having been ready as soon as words came Stone has been helping with bringing them over to the sickbay if not with the actual healinh. Looking after those of the marines for now. And anyone else as well and just being around if anyone needs anything.

Still bleeding some from her own light wounds, Afton is busy trying to coordinate bringing in the wounded with Kalum. Glancing over at the other PJ, she rubs at her head and then slips in with Emilia first. The stretcher is handled with care by a group of marines as are the rest that come in after. "We need immediate attention here." Her voice lifts up to be heard even if the sickbay is immediately in movement with the arrival of stretchers.

Emilia was /just/ here. Now she's back. She's bleeding a lot. And she's dropped into that drowsy haze that comes with pain and lots of blood loss.

Having divided the medical staff into groups to best triage the incoming wounded, every available member of the medical staff is standing ready - gloved, gowned, medical equipment and meds lined up and ready to go. It pays to be a trifle OCD about details and organization, but it suits Nadir just fine at the moment. With Afton and Kalum sorting the wounded Dr. Nadir directs traffic at the hatch, "All non-critical personnel are to be sorted," she explains in a low voice to the nurse at her side, "anyone who is walking and not liable to bleed to death in the next few minutes is going to need to take a seat." She sends the first team over to handle Emilia, running through the vitals with the medical staff that are sorting and delivering the wounded.

After his words to Morgan back on Picon, Fischer more or less passed out. And he's still mostly out of it as they're carted into sickbay now. Wrapped up in some bandages and such, his head is moving a bit from side to side every now and then, some words muttered, although they're too quiet for people to really hear them. Seems like there's something going on underneath that solid skull of his even when he's knocked out by the pain.

Kalum comes in with the TACCO, who is covered in blood soaked gauze. "The Lieutenant Colonel is hit bad, we need a Doctor here as well…" The PJ says loudly, helping transfer Petra onto table. At this point the PJ starts to look over the man's wounds again — attempting to discern if there was anything he missed. Some of the wounds are not as serious, and wont require surgery. Kalum starts tending to those first, and as such pieces of shrapnel are pulled from Petra's right arm by the PJ. No waiting here.

Chase took two bullets, one in her right arm and one in her leg. Then she took shrapnel alllll over from a missile or was it a grenade? She can't be sure, can't remember, doesn't really care right now. Her face and head are bandaged, making her not so easily recognizable to anyone else, but maybe her tags'll help. At least she has had some temporary work done to save her while still Picon side. When she wakes she can't see anything and it freaks her the frak out she cries out and starts clawing at the bandages, certain her eyesight is.. gone or something.

Fischer is tagged immediately next upon arrival, both he and Emilia rolled into adjacent bays so that they can be worked on in tandem. The arrival of Petra followed by Chase earns the same flight path, directly to a pair of waiting medics and the on watch physicians. "How many more?" Nadir asks of Afton, doing a head count of the wounded already in the room.

"Those four are the worst, sir…" Afton motions to those on the stretchers. "I can see to the non-critical if you wish. But they all need immediate surgery. I can clean up and scrub down if you need extra hands." The PJ meets Nadir's gaze and lets the stretchers move past her, waiting for orders.

Petra is in no mood at all to object. He's not unconscious, thanks to the PJs saving his ass earlier, but he doesnt look pretty. Both legs, two gut shots, head, arm, hand, most of it wrapped up like a mummy. He does at least manage a small smirk at Kalum when the man looks him over again, "We got everyone back, right, Petty Ofc'r?"

Morgan is one of the few members of the team actually walking into the sickbay. He looks at Fischer, who is just now coming into the sickbay. He approaches a nurse and offers, "I can't heal anyone, but I'm well enough to help with moving people, or running errands, if you need extra hands."

"Were you hit as well?" Nadir asks of Afton, standing for a moment as she observes the chaos for what it is - a work in progress, the medical staff calling out vitals, checking and cross checking before and as they move forward. One nurse catches hold of Chase's hands to keep her from clawing at the bandages, speaking in a quiet voice to the wounded woman while the rest of her team works. Kalum is immediately joined by other medical personnel who surround Kalum and Petra to stabilize the Lt. colonel and see to his immediate wounds. Emilia is, by now, checked/cross-checked for blood type before she is linked up to IV's to boost her remaining blood volume and try to slow the loss of blood pressure. "Antibiotics on board now for the lt. Colonel, ," Nadir calls out to the team around Petra. "He and.." she does another careful nose count, knowing that the 'first in line' race is going to vary in the next few moments. "Captain Hallick is on deck as well, get the OR prepped," which - to be fair - was, but it's still a matter of making the last details count. "Corporal's Baca and Fischer?" she asks of the teams working there, gathering details.

"All the living and the dead came back, Sir." Kalum says quietly, as he tugs another piece of sharpnel from Petra's arm. With that said the PJ leans in close to take a look at the wound, and then grabs the items required to start cleaning it. Antibacterial gel, alcohol wipes, and more are applied. With the others working around him, Kalum bandages up the wound. With that said, he moves to start running an IV into the LCOL — that way he can get both blood and antibiotics.

"Yes, sir. I was wounded. But I can move." Afton stands there, waiting still as her eyes meet Nadir's when she is looked at. "Sir."

Petra winces a little at the comment from Kalum, sighing and closing his eyes before he asks, "Who did we lose?" For the time being, he lays there and remains still - one does not move around when medical personell hover over you with needles, for one of them probably has morpha. Sweet, sweet morpha.

Opening his eyes a bit slowly as he hears Chase's cry out, Fischer starts turning his head looking around to see where the other Corporal is. Blinking a bit at where they all are now, he lets out a bit of a breath now. Otherwise keeping quiet as he still looks around.

Did someone mention losing someone? "Fischer." The single word is an undistinguishable croak, her hands calmed, her body still. It hurt less to remain still. Chase wants to know if she can see yet…

"Petty Officer Bridget Samuels, Sir. A medic." Kalum says quietly, and finishes running the IV into Petra. With that done he moves to start preparing the other wounds to be seen to. "We're going to have to push blood into him…" The PJ says to a nearby nurse. "Get several more packets ready over here. We got some damage to repair." With that said, he continues to clean wounds, and change bandages on Petra to slow the bleeding further until he goes into surgery.

Stone does check on the two confused marines that he can hear. "He's recovering." He tells Chase as he hears the name. Looking towards Fischer as well, with a nod. Keeping out of the way for the doctors and medics though.

Morgan looks around when he hears the name, and then moves slowly and carefully toward the gurney where Chase lies. Standing behind the nurses and doctors, he says in a calming tone, "Fisher is here, Corporal. He returned on the same raptor that brought you. Now, lie still and you'll heal more quickly." Then, as quickly as he shouldered his way toward her bed, he retreats to an unobtrusive spot along the wall of the sickbay to watch and be ready if he still can be of some help.

"Alright, but you're next in the line up after we get this sorted," Nadir replies with another of those long looks as though she has diagnostic vision enabled and can tell how badly Afton is or is not wounded by mere narrowed-eyes alone. "Corporal Fischer then and I'll take Corporal Baca," she tugs on a pair of gloves as she walks toward Chase's table and gathers the summary from the head medic working on this case. She introduces herself to Chase with a calm, "Corporal Baca, I'm Dr. Nadir and I'll be your physician. Can you tell me where you are?" she asks, leading off with the usual questions while reviewing Chase's vitals and peeling up the bandages to get a look at the shrapnel damage that the corporal is likely not enjoying.

Moving over towards Fischer after being given the all clear, Afton is grabbing at some gloves and dragging them on as quickly as she can. "Corppral, I need you to just stay still, yes?" She glances up at Morgan a moment, her green eyes finding the officer's before she nods to him and places a hand to Fischer's arm. "We need you to just keep calm." She smiles down at him and then begins to go through vitals as well with a few medics moving over to assist her. "I want IV now, we need to prep for surgery to remove this shrapnel and I want to see him out of that uniform immediately."

Petra swears under his breath as Kalum mentions the name to him, "Gods damnit." Another sigh escapes him and a faint shake of his head, "We got him, though. Spree said she had him. Now we just…hope the rest of his units surrendered. Thank you, Petty Officer." The LCOL seems rather agreeable to let the rest of Medical do whatever they need to at that point…severe head trauma will do that.

Fischer seems to relax a bit as he sees Chase, keeping his eyes on her for a few moments longer. "I'm here…" he offers quietly in her direction, trying to reassure her, before he goes silent as he turns his attention to Afton, offering her a bit of a nod and otherwise just remaining where he is for now.

Stone seems to be quite annoyed that he could not help his marines. Jaws clenched as he looks between them all. Running a hand through his short hair. Nodding to Morgan as well.

Chase could really use some human contact right about now, but she doesn't really realize that her hands are hurt, basically each extremity. Hearing the words from Stone and Morgan, she smiles beneath the bandages, "Thank you, thank you." Hearing the new voice, she nods, then realizes moving her head is bad. "Chelsea Baca, Chase is just my nickname." Prattling on. "Picon?" She doesn't remember the flight back. "Picon is where I'm from, just got hit from.. something? Can I see? Do I have my eyes?" Not even knowing what was beneath the bandage, except darkness. She manages to contain the panic now.

"Sir?" Afton calls over to Morgan. "If you could grab a pair of gloves, we are a bit short handed." A pair of surgical scissors are brought up and then handed across Fischer to him. "If you could get Fischer out of his clothes…use these if you can not get him out easily enough the old fashioned way." She offers a faint smile before she is looking over the head wounds. To the medic next to her who is setting up the saline. "I need his head cleaned up and shaved so I can get at everything. I am going to start at his chest." That said, she looks to Morgan for that.

"Well, the good news, Corporal, is that you're in my sickbay now and I strongly object to people getting shot at in here, so I'm going to ask you to try to relax and let me do the work," Nadir replies as she checks the vitals once more. "You're from Picon too, hmm?" small talk, something she is not particularly good at, but with the Morpha on board along with the antibiotics to offset all the nasty little potential infections, she's talking to fill in the blanks while waiting for enough of the morpha to take hold before she starts fishing the shrapnel out and peeling off bandages. None of which will be fun. Nadir lightly dampens the bandages with a saline mix and peels the bandages away from Baca's eyes and looks round the room to Stone. "Gunny, we could use a hand here."

Hearing the call for the gunny it makes Stone look over and nod as he starts to head over to offer his help with Chase. "Whatcha need me to do?" He asks as he makes use of himself to help out as much as possible.

Morgan nods to Afton and takes a pair of gloves offered by an orderly. He yanks them onto his hands, wriggling his fingerers until they are snug, and then takes the scissors. "I'm glad to help," he repeats and starts to cut quickly along seams to divide each article of clothing into upper and lower halves before peeling the upper halves away. "We came out relatively well," he comments while he works.

"You and I, gunny, are going to pull shrapnel," Nadir replies in a calm voice as she hands a pair of gloves to Stone. "Which is to say, I'm going to retrieve the shrapnel, and you're going to hold this basin," she hands that to Stone next, "and talk to Corporal Baca here while we work." She waves Stone to the head of the table, take up a position beside him and leaves the rest of the room around the table free for the rest of her team to work on the shrapnel from - well - the boots up.

Hearing all the different names tossed about, Chase closes the eyes beneath the bandages that are scaring the hell out of her. She forces herself to breathe and to relax, one muscle at a time. Everything, everywhere hurts. "Picon.." her word slurs this time. "My daughter is there.. Our daughter. Amanda. Fischer." Makes not too much sense, possibly and she feels the blissful darkness taking over, closing in on her.

Fischer just listens rather quietly for now, eyes starting to close, a bit slowly. "Tired…" he mutters, shaking his head at the moment.

Nodding Stone keeps an eye on Chase. Taking the offered basin and looking at Chase. "Did you ever get more of the major's pie?" He asks Chase with a bit of interest showing, perhaps more interested in the effect it has though. Hearing the talk of her daugther he just nods, "Don't worry. I will be there. I will find her. You focus on resting for now. Recover."

Nadir cuts a brief sidelong look at Stone for his words of promise, the look conveying the sentiment that promises - in war - are bloody difficult to keep. But, back to Chase, "I'm going to peel up the bandages over your eyes, I want you to keep your eyes closed until I clear away any blood or debris around your eyes."

Even as Morgan begins to cut Fischer's clothes free, Afton listens to the Corporal. "Corporal, stick with me. Please. Talk to me and don't fall off the deep end just yet." She offers a smile and then lifts her head, hearing Chase's words before she frowns. She focuses on the wound as Fischer's head is shaved. The morpha helps to dull the pain as she begins to wipe and clean the wound at his chest. Using a small forceps, she begins to pluck the shards out carefully. "Sir, grab a tray so I can drop these in." This is said to Morgan.

Morgan glances to Afton while he makes the final cut that will expose the patient for closer examination. "There," he concludes when he can drop the last piece into the pile. He does glance over to Nadir before he adds to Afton, "The next part is yours, but I'm here if there are other that I can do," he offers.

Morgan glances to Afton while he makes the final cut that will expose the patient for closer examination. "There," he concludes when he can drop the last piece into the pile. He does glance over to Nadir. Then he reaches for the tray. "Of course," he agrees. "I don't know if he'll want any of these for souvenirs. Some people do."

Chase is all for promises being given, long as they're kept and involve finding her daughter and mother. "Pie?" The question is almost blank but then her chest rumbles with laughter that turns into a cough, her wounded hand covering over her mouth. "She's on Picon with my ma, she's six. Not my ma, my Amanda is." She's making coherent sense, but the words are still dragging together maybe from the medicine. At the direction from the medic, Chelsea agrees, "Sure doc, thank you." The moment of truth.

"But… I need to sleep…" Fischer mutters now, shaking his head as he listens to Morgan. "Just melt it down… make it into something useful…" It's said a bit quietly, before he looks back to Afton again. "Cold…"

"If your mother were six, Corporal, that would make you a medical miracle," Nadir offers, her voice light, carefully so. "Now, if those were six in dog years or cat years, or maybe elephant years - though I'm not convinced elephants mark the passage of time - it would work as a reasonable return ratio." She moistens the final layer before peeling up the bandages at last and carefully flushes the area around Chase's eyes with that saline solution, blots more debris and detrius away with the edge of a towel before carefully extracting the shrapnel from the shallow wounds that surround her eyes and dot haphazardly along her face as well. She then shields Chase's eyes with one hand, blocking the direct glare of the light: "Open your eyes please, let me check your pupils."

Even before she opens her eyes, Chase can tell there is light behind her closed lids, movement of shadows. With relief already flowing through her veins, she opens her eyes and after several tentative blinks, she manages to keep them open. What she sees, the doctor, she smiles at and she sighs in even deeper relief. "Thanks doc.. I can see everything fine." That had been so frightening for the Marine.

Nadir aims a penlight at Chase's eyes, slightly to the side angle, to check pupil reaction times before she clicks the light off and offers a brief smile. "Glad to be of service, Corporal. But we have more work to do. The Gunny here is going to be lending a hand and we'll get all the shrapnel out, more fluids on board, enough pain meds to keep the edge within reason and then.. well, we'll get you something to wear that isn't full of holes like some sort of crazy swiss cheese fashion statement."

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