AAR: Picon Invasion - Ground Assault

Raptors and Marines head down to Picon to retake Crandall AFB.



September 29, 2005

FR: CPT Bennett St. Clair
TO: MAJ Atalanta Franklin, RADM Louis Jameson
CC: {$cc}
RE: RE: Invasion of Picon (Ground Assault)


On September 27th, 2005, Orion's raptor crew were tasked two-fold: with both transporting marine units to the surface of Picon, and participating in the ground assault of cylon-occupied CFB Crandall.

Shortly after FTL jump was completed to Picon's airspace, and on approach to the designated coordinates, one of the raptors was destroyed by enemy forces on the ground. The remainder of the raptors successfully landed, and all marine units were successfully deployed to the surface. Enemy fire was encountered immediately upon landing; two gun emplacements were identified at the west end of the runway, as well as several groups of centurions moving in from the northern end of the airfield.

Orion's forces engaged the enemy on the ground and from the air. My orders were to place a priority on the gun emplacements, and to maintain liberal clearance between ourselves and marine units on the ground who were securing the perimeter and targeting stragglers. Both gun emplacements were successfully destroyed through a combination of mark eight-two bombs and javelin missiles, and all forces - including the Saloo FDC, via artillery drops - subsequently converged on the mobile centurion squads.

LTJG Durnst spotted a FORGE unit at this point, and I directed all raptor crew to focus on suppressing it while splitting offensive capabilities between it and the centurions moving in on the marines. The FORGE was successfully destroyed, and SGT Knox directed us to assist in cleaning up the remaining centurion squad approaching from the east before giving the signal - a canister of purple smoke.

At this point, the Assault Landing Ship Collins Peak made planetfall, and disgorged its marine complement of two thousand in order to hold the base and surrounding city. After communicating with MAJ Franklin on the situation with the vipers in Picon's airspace, I was instructed to have medical personnel on standby as well as a SAR crew in case ejection was required.

I then ordered all raptors to land, and take on any injured units in need of medical assistance for the return trip to Orion. This was completed successfully, and all raptor crews returned without incident.




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