AAR: Picon Invasion - Dueling Sea - CSAR



FR: CPT Warren Smythe
TO: MAJ Atalanta Franklin, RADM Louis Jameson
CC: MAJ Kurt Holtz
RE: CSAR operations in the Dueling Sea


On September 30th, 2005 two vipers piloted by LT Eric "Hipshot" Haldor and ENS Tavin "Throwback" Whitcombe disappeared over the Dueling Sea. A flight of raptors, with viper escorts was dispatched to their last known co-ordinates and perform CSAR operations. The initial pass over the scene reported weak readings of Viper debris on the ocean surface. I ordered the flight to circle down to lower altitude and make another pass over the location to perform another sweep and confirm the readings. Readings confirmed debris from two destroyed vipers.

It was during this pass that four cylon raiders engaged the flight. Orders were given for the vipers to protect the Raptors, and the Raptors to locate the bodies of the downed pilots. It was determined the pilots were resting well below sea level and we were not effectively equipped to retrieve their bodies at that time. The co-ordinates of the bodies were recorded and saved for retrieval when conditions allowed.

The mission was then aborted. Vipers were to continue to engage the raiders while Raptors prepared to evacuate the area. It was at this time two surface contacts were detected moving at speed to the engagement area. The order was given to drag the engagement to higher altitude just incase the surface contacts were hostile, and contact was to be attempted with the surface vessels, as well as scans to determine if the vessels were armed with SAMs.

The viper section continued to battle the raiders, keeping them clear of the Raptors. During this continued engagement it was determined that while the surface vessels were of colonial civilian make they were armed with SAMs and were hostile towards colonial forces. It was our belief that these vessels were likely the cause for the deaths of LT Haldor and ENS Whitcombe and the destruction of their vipers.

The order was given to prioritize the destruction of the remaining raiders and for the Raptors to jump away as soon as able. LTJG Vashti and LT Degan were able to obtain missile lock on the surface vessels. Permission was given for both to use their discretion in firing upon the surface vessels. Both scored direct hits to the vessels sinking both contacts.

With all contacts removed from the area RTB was ordered at all due haste to relay the information to command for review and dissemination to avoid future incidents.

In light of the information recovered I believe the cylon forces lured in the vipers with the civilian vessels and fired upon them. Without the scanning equipment of the Raptors at our disposal we would not have been able to discern the disposition of the civilian vessels without a visual inspection or until they had already achieved weapons lock.

During the battle we also recorded the bearing from which the raiders approached us to facilitate command in determining where the raiders came from.



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