MD #257: Picon Copper Basin Marines



FR: GSGT Lleufer Ynyr
TO: CMDR Marcus Petra
CC: RADM Robin Io
RE: Picon, Copper Basin - Marines


On 08/07/2049 the primary exctract to grids DJ23 and DJ24 had to be shifted to DI22 and DJ22 due to the number of people and livestock massed in those areas. Amphibious landers, Raptors, and Rhinos touched down and began organizing and loading people, livestock, supplies and eventually personal iteams as quickly as possible. Marines were at once dispatched to head south-east towards Korwyn to secure the town and prepare for the assault of 300 mounted knights and militia coming up the road.

A humvee and 155mm howitzer were set up on the north edge of town while Ensign Randy Flynn was sent to set up explosive charges under both bridges that crossed the river tributary. Our local knightly authority, Recruit Atticus Ommannery, suggested cutting sharp poles and inserting the stakes into the river and near bank to slow horseman. Corpsman Clara Piers and myself set to setting up baracades across streets and setting buildings on fire to further obstruct the mounted charge. Sergeant Maxwell James Knight was assigned the machine gun on a high vantage, and Sergeant Renee Palermo was in charge of the humvee and howitzer crew. Her orders were to fire upon the oncoming horsemen until they reached the bridges, which we then blew.

As they came for the river tributary, Sereant Palermo was to pull out and fall back with the howitzer to keep it from falling into enemy hands. She set the gun back up by the ships to form a second line of defense and was ordered to shell any of the knights or militia that got past Korwyn. The rest of us stood our ground and held them at the town in a bloody fight as long as we could. As soon as Sergeant Palermo began to shell the town of Korwyn, we pulled out and fell back with our wounded back to the ships.

All refugees from Piper Crossing and Korwyn were successfully evacuated along with their livestock and most needful supplies. The mission was a success despite the loss of several Marines. Nearly all of the 300 knights and militia of King David were destroyed. Very few escaped.



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