picon.png Picon
Ancient Name: Pisces
Population: 1.4 billion (Pre)
Patron God: Poseidon
Capitol: Queenstown
Major Cities:
Perkinston, Queenstown, Pailyn
Colonial Fleet HQ, Penrose Harbor
Pyramid Teams:
Picon Panthers

Current Status

The Colonial government had long discouraged people from attempting to resettle the cities on Picon. They had instead encouraged the populace to stay in place close to a spaceport or resettle nearer to one. For a very spread out and country colony like Picon, this worked well. Many of the small towns were largely self-sufficient independent of the spaceports and still remain-so to this day. Only in the last four years have the construction crews arrived and started to clear out some of the larger cities — though some are considered graveyards. Perkinston is a radiological nightmare and Santos Ridge is considered a restricted military reservation due to the massive amount of unexploded ordnance in the twenty miles around the former city. The airspace overhead is also restricted lest some poor sap experience engine trouble and have to land within the zone. The last known civilians to have left the city were the evacuees during the Battle of Santos Ridge. EOD occasionally does live-fire training on the outskirts.

Most of the small cities are wired up into the networks and have regular trade through the spaceport. Tourism is starting to pick back up with people looking to get away from the bustle of Caprica and don't want the agriculture of Aerilon. Picon is largely now regarded, thanks to the war, as a colony were the rough and tumble reside. The people who don't have a need or want for the rest of society. A lot of survivalists have set up reservations there. There are also though to be a lot of APF on the planet, selling themselves as government separatists or secular religious cults. Thus, the reputation of Picon being a dangerous place is not just an image sold, but one paid for in blood post-war. Locals who have trouble finding work can always take a Private Military Contractor job protecting construction crews and their convoys from ambushes and raiding parties.

Most of society doesn't pay much attention to Picon due to the low population. The only large site of note is CFAB Crandall, which has become a massive Colonial Fleet post. Marlin City, which Crandall sits at the edge of, has been largely cleared by the military and is being used for base housing for the huge number of people that come to the base for training. Marlin City has two different Fleet Academies, one of which (Polk Campus) is dedicated to Air Wing and Marine recruits.

Pre-Leap Status

The Colonial Fleet Headquarters, located at Perkinston, was hit with a nuclear weapon as the opening shot of the war. The other major cities were tactically nuked. The Cylons were not expecting such heavy resistance and had been slogging through a violent guerrilla war, similar to that on Aerilon, with various organized and disorganized units of the Colonial Marines, Navy, and civilians. On AWD #264 the Colonial Fleet returned to Picon en force and landed two battalions of Marines at CFAB Crandall and liberated it. This opened up the base's massive reserve fleet of Vipers, Raptors, and Predators and a huge influx of air support followed. Currently the tables have turned heavily against the Cylons left stranded on Picon. The Cylon fleet seems to have ceded the loss to humanity while the Centurions and skinjobs trapped there refuse to quit without a fight. Picon is considered to be the only liberated colony, if only tenuously held.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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