AAR: Phased Flow Capacitor

Marine requisition of a phased flow capacitor for the Iron Pilgrim.



23/12/2006 (AWD #351)

FR: SGT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: CMDR Spree, LOL Petra
CC: MJR Alastor Fairfax, CPT John Amos Ommanney
RE: Phased Flow Capacitor


The jump into Picon space and radio rendezvous with Spree's forces went as planned. Due to bomb damage on the runway, we landed on the end of it and proceeded towards the complex for hangar 3 with SGT Anton Dreyer on point. As the team advanced, just past the fire station, a group of armed civilians revealed their positions in buildings ahead. I began a dialogue with their guard leader to stall while the team took cover and set sites on the civilian forces. Hostiles tallied as one sniper, five riflemen, and their guard leader (shotgun).

Citing religious reasons and concern that we were cylon collaborators, the hostiles wanted us to leave, meet with their leader to prove we weren't cylons or collaborators, or ignore them and die. I was able to negotiate that they allow me to enter and meet their leader while the team remained behind. Terms were that I had to surrender my weapons. I left my rifle, my sidearm, and my pack with the team in the lot and entered the compound with their sniper while leaving local comms open. SGT Dreyer made his disagreement with the decision known as well as alerted Flight of our encounter. I handed command over to SGT Dreyer.

As the sniper and I were approaching a lift shaft on the interior of the compound, the civilian guard opened fire on the team for remaining on 'holy ground.' I was able to get some intel out of her on their leader and their group. The oracle showed up right after 'they attacked', helped them hold and drive back Cylon advances, as well as taught them how to survive. According to the sniper, the oracle-leader foretold our coming. The sniper handed me off to two civilians who arrived via the service lift (Mark and Sally) who were meant to prepare me and returned to the fight. I signalled her departure to the team over comms.

While the team dealt with the remainder of the guard at the lot, I stalled for time. As the encounter outside started to turn in the team's favor, Mark and Sally pulled their sidearms on me. Mark instructed me to get to my knees and told the female civilian to go get the others as Marcus went down (I assume this was their guard's leader).

I followed orders and dropped to my knees. As Mark fired, I was able to roll to the side and pull my boot knife. I immediately attacked and was able to stick his hand as he backed into the lift. Under cover, I kept the lift in place with the call button. At this time SGT Dreyer and CPL Kapali were advancing down the corridor to the lift. Mark charged SGT Dreyer from the lift and I was able to mount another knife attack from Mark's flank. I was able to land a deep stab wound to his chest, but also suffered a chest GSW. While I kept Mark engaged, Dreyer subdued him.

At this point, all previously encountered hostiles had been subdued or perished in the battle. Given our wounded and the mission, I decided we should proceed to hangar 3. We arrived at hangar 3, located the phased flow capacitor, transported it back to the Raptor, and rendezvoused with Spree's forces to drop off the prisoner and report on the discovery of the cultists before returning back to the Orion.




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