Commander Marcus Petra
PetraBlues.jpg Petra, Marcus
Commander CIC/Tactical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position TACCO
Age Sex
65 M
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue


Player's note: Petra isn't an NPC, at least not yet, but I handle him a little differently. His job OOC is to make sure everyone else has stuff to do and are able to find the RP they came here to have, within reason. He does not have much in the way of social RP due to his position, and that's sort of intentional - I have a little alt corpsman that has all of THAT fun. Petra tends to unintentionally dominate scenes he walks in to, and I don't like being That Guy that brings all other RP to a halt, unless he really needs to be there for something and do precisely that.

So with that said, if you are having trouble finding RP, especially if it pertains to what your character is and does, PLEASE let me know. Petra is uniquely in a position to probably change that for you or at least help out. If you just generally want more to do, check out the 'Orion's Dance Card' tab further down on this page for projects that PCs are currently running, and reach out to the people listed as running those projects to see if there's a way to get your character involved.


His father a retired viper pilot that lost his leg in the First Cylon War, and his mother a nurse, Petra grew up in the shadow of the Air Base at Hadrian, constantly entertained with his father's viper pilot war stories. So its probably no surprise that 40 years later, he's made a career out of the Colonial Navy, and now that his parents have both passed, he seems to be making it his family as well.

Initially starting his career out as Intelligence, listening to signals in a deep space comm array, Petra completed a transfer to Tactical before being assigned to BS-41 Valkyrie for an extended tour. After being involved in an incident on board where he was shot in the shoulder trying to disarm a distraught crewman, the Valkyrie put in for a refit and Petra asked to be assigned to the Orion rather than end up at a desk at Anchorage while the Valkyrie was out of commission.

Petra was with the Orion for a small handful of years, from just before the start of the NOMAD mission to most of the way through the actual second war. He stepped aside to take command of the Trident, a guided missile cruiser, which took catastrophic damage at the climactic final Cylon push at the end of the Second War. Retiring and taking up a position as a Professor of Fleet Tactics and Engagement at the Picon War College, he taught classes or almost 22 years before being summoned back to active duty.

He hasn't quite made up his mind on how he feels about being used as a lightning rod for the enemy. Some might call it 'being bait'. But then, its a position he's familiar with being in…

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Stephen Petra Father Viper Pilot - Retired Deceased - Died in death of Virgon
Louisa Petra Mother Naval Medic Deceased - Died in death of Virgon

Recent Events

Date Rank Station Notes
Aug 1979 Cadet CFA: Virgon Middle Third of Class
June 1983 Ensign Fifth Fleet Anchorage Intelligence A School
Dec 1983 Ensign Comms Array 567-F1 Listening post
Aug 1986 LtJG Seventh Fleet Anchorage Transferred to Tactical
Oct 1989 Lt BS-41 Valkryie Junior Tactical Officer
May 1995 Captain BS-41 Valkyrie Shot by crewman in incident
Feb 1999 Captain Seventh Fleet Anchorage Valkyrie put in for overhaul
Mar 2000 Major BS-114 Orion Junior Tactical Officer
Jan 2005 LtCol BS-114 Orion Tactical Officer
Aug 2005 Col CGC-41-N Trident Commanding Officer
Nov 2005 Col BS-114 Orion Tactical Officer
Apr 2006 Col CGC-41-N Trident Commanding Officer
Aug 2006 Col Retired Teaching Fleet Tactics
Sep 2028 Cmdr BS-114 Orion Tactical Officer
Apr 2029 Cmdr BS-114 Orion Acting XO

Recent Logs

Disclaimer: Petra is in ENTIRELY too many scenes for me to log, clean up, and post each one of them. However, I use a client which will let me 'retroactively' log a scene if I need to (10k line buffer), so if you decide a particular scene he's in you'd like logged and posted, let me know before I log off and I can capture it and go through the effort to clean and post.


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