ALT #437: Persons of Interest
Persons of Interest
Summary: Amos and Dray focus the bombings investigation onto two groups.
Date: 19/Mar/2014
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Dray Amos 
CO CMC Office - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Typical of most of the spaces on the ship this one is pure function and less on aesthetics. Though the Commanding Officer of the Marine detachment on board the Orion has attempted to make it a little bit homier. Dotting one wall are pictures and more pictures of various Marines, most in full battle dress, at various locations through out the Colonies. Some show young men, and through the progression familiar faces can be seen getting older and older. One may wonder how the CO was to come by the ornate carved wooden desk much less get it aboard the Orion, but there it is. On it rests phones and a com's terminal and data screens. Behind it is a rather large insignia of the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines and over that is the motto: Fortuna Favet Fortibus. Two chairs sit before the desk with a small table between. Off to the side is a larger flat digital map display table and beside that is a coffee maker and mugs with the CMC insignia. All in all the room is extremely neat and tidy. Everything has it's place and everything is in it's place.
AWD #437

Having been summoned to the XO's office, the large Ensign walks in into the office that Amos takes over every so often. He was shown in by the one out side and closes the door behind him. As he enters, he approaches the desk where Amos sits and offers a nod, remember the man said no saluting. He shifts into parade rest, hands tucked behind his back, "You wanted to see me sir?"

Amos does indeed, this time, appear to have stole the CO's office rather than use his own desk out in the main HQ. Where Major Rand is a this point is anyone's guess, but knowing him either the Mess or in conference with the Fleet brass. Glancing o the door to ensure it really is shut he then returns Dray's nod and tilts his head towards the chair on that side of the desk. "Have a seat Ensign, although I'll try not to keep you too long. Something has been bugging me about that interview you did with Petty Officer Leightner and I wanted to run a few thoughts past you to see what you think."

There was a nod from him as he takes a seat infront of the desk and waits to find out what he thinks, "My apologies for not being prompt on the other intereviews. It would seem my duty hours and the others keep us a part. As soon as I get a chance, you shall have the other interviews as well sir." He says to him as he makes himself comfort as he can in the chair which he seems to take up more of it then an average sized person.

Amos shakes his head slightly, in a 'don't worry too much about it' kind of way, "They are buy men Ensign, I anticipated that it might not be the easiest of tasks." Leaning back into the chair he doens't get too comfortable, it's not his after all, then starts, "I am afraid I can not recall exactly which comment got me thinkin along these lines, as it was something of a delayed reaction realisation. However, I digress. In short, given what we know about the placings of these two devices it is clear they were set to create the most damage possible, and in the choice of locations our bomber has kindly pointed out that he, or she, knows the procedures for the sims and is familiar with the events during a training mission. This I believe, arrows our suspect pool somewhat."

Dray nods his head softly at that, "I was thinking along the same line but I could not say at the time and only wanted to express this in person incase my intereview was reviewed by someone else. I do agree. I was thinking of getting with the tech's next to see who inspected those station leading up to that day to see if there were any differences in the logs. If we can further narrow it down to who had access during those times, we will find our person. Who ever did it had to have done it during late night rotations as the sim is used very often from what I can tell. Eager men and women wanting to be the best."

Amos has some of that information infront of him and he digs briefly through a folder to pull the relevent sheet out and pass it across the desk. "The sims have monthly maintance at the tart of each month and nothing unusual was noted in the last round. Speak with the Chief who signed off on that if you want, but I suspect there'll be nothing there. Given what else is known though, we'll need to check every one of the sim techs above the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class, as well as the various squadrons themselves." Hegives a faintly grim sigh at that, aware of just how well going over the pilot's records, and even interviewing them as people of interest is likely ot go down.

Dray nods softly to the information about that, "It might be a long shot but I'm a hard worker sir. I don't beleive in giving up." He declares and then watches as Amos pours over the information, "I'll pull the list of the tech and squadrons then can get to work on it. It may be a long shot but there might be scattered information there that we can peice together as a whole and find out."

Amos nods once, "Do it." He pulls the piece of paper back to replace it in the file then adds, "I'll make sure you get copies of everything here as well." Shuffling the folders back into order he then adds, looking back to Dray as he does so, "tread gently though. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that walking into the squadrons and loudly talking about how we're looking at them all is unlikely to go down well. Particularly with the Strikes."

Dray nods his head a little bit at that, "All we need it to find one person we can trust to spread words of encourgement and it shouldn't be a hard task. But finding that right person is the key here." He begins thinking of how to handle things. His eyes seem to wander off a moment before looking back over to Amos, "We will get to the bottom of this sir. I feel strongly on the matter."

"So do I Ensign," Amos confirms quickly, "and so do a lot of others. Not just onboard but throught the Fleet too. I spent a couple of years on the Mallfut." Puhing himself to his feet he pick the folders up and slips them under an arm before offering, "if there is nothing else Ensign?"

Dray comes to a stand and shakes his head, "No sir! I'll move on to get started." He says and then comes back to parade rest waiting for the dismissal incase.

"Very good then," Amos replies quickly, "dismissed," and with that he starts to move out from behind the desk himself, guesturing for the younger man to get the door.

Dray turns and pivots, heading out of the office now.

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