PWD #13: Personnel Matters
Personnel Matters
Summary: Duke continues to meet with the pilots of his wing, this time the (seemingly) innocent, fresh-faced Ensign Phin McBride.
Date: 22/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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To prepare for the tasks ahead, Duke made booked one on one meetings with each member of the Wing. And now? Now it's Phin's turn. The man is sitting in the front row, back leaning against the frame of his seat as he quietly reads something. He flips the pages just to keep reading what's there but from time to time, he looks up at the gun camera footage that is being displayed in one of the Ready Room screens. He takes a quick look at this watch and then turns his head to look at the hatch, already waiting for Phin to arrive. Still, nothing to worry, Phin still has more than enough time to arrive.

Phin is punctual. Maybe even a few minutes early. He's dressed in his officer blues, and the jacket gets a quick tug to try and smooth out a wrinkle as he enters. "Sir." He salutes and stands sharp at attention. He'll do that until he's released. Which will hopefully be soon. Attention isn't comfortable.

Duke stands up and returns the salute, nodding his head and then says "As you were" He now looks at all the available chairs and adds "Take a seat, Ensign McBride" No callsigns used so far. The man is also wearing his officer blues, no visible wrinkles. He takes a step back and seats down once again, licking his lips before saying something else. "Thank you for coming in such short notice." There is a faint smile that he offers and then adds "And don't worry, this is just a meeting to talk"

Phin relaxes, and takes a seat when invited. "Of course, sir." He folds his hands in his lap, so he'll be less tempted to fidget. "Talk, sure. About anything in particular? My latest sim scores should be logged. I should probably go over the flight footage from that Condition One drill they had a couple weeks back. Anyway, I think that's in the system, too."

Duke shakes his head at first and explains "As you know, I'm currently covering the CAG and Major Wisdom while they are away…so I figure the best way to start is to have a one on one with each pilot" He clears his throat and then takes the remote for the screens, playing what was looping in the background. It definitely is Phin's gun footage. However, he doesn't make comments on this, not just yet "So tell me, Dolly…how are you adapting to Orion?"

It takes Phin a moment to recognize…himself on camera. He half averts his eyes to watch it, but then makes himself look back at Duke. "I like the post so far. Crew seems decent. Everybody who's been here for the first leg of the tour says it's quiet, really good area to kind of learn the ropes and drill and stuff. Redux - that is, Captain Delacroix - has been helping me practice on a few runs in the sims and the like."

Duke listens to what Phin is saying, giving the younger man his full attention. "Good, good." Now, he looks down at Phin's file and takes a deep breath before saying "Well, I've seen you fly Vipers before, I know what you can do so I don't believe we are going to focus on that." And now he mentions Ceres; Duke nods and offers Captain Delacroix is one of the best pilots the Wing has, extremely talented." He nods his head again and now, to the main topic "I am going to be running some exercises in different situations, this of course to be able to measure performance."

"I'm up for it, sir," Phin says quickly. Whatever 'it' is. The ensign can't have too much of an idea. He still occasionally shoots look at his flight footage out of the corner of his eye. He can't help himself.

Duke nods his head "Good, good. The scenarios will be a little more complex than normal, but should be rather interesting." He does notice that he is looking at the screens quite a lot so he finally asks "So tell me, how do you think you did there? Anything you can spot as something to correct or remove?" No idea who worked on that but, they were smoking.

"I hit the target drone," Phin says with a grin. "Didn't scrape the deck too hard doing a combat landing. It was pretty sweet to actually get to do something that practical. The sims are useful, but you don't get as much of a feel for it." As for his performance. "Redux said I was kind of stiff, which is fair. It was the first time I'd done something like that since I got through with flight training. I didn't want to frak up."

Duke nods his head "None of us want to frak up, Dolly. Don't worry, we are on the same boat on that." When he mentions Redux's words about him being stiff, he nods his head "A lot of our excercises are going to be using the actual aircraft and not the simulators." He clears his throat and then turns off the screen, perhaps focusing more in the game at hand "So, let me ask you something. Since you got here and until you now….would you chance anything.

Phin considers that for a beat, wracking his brain a little, but ultimately he just shrugs. "Nothing I can think of off-hand, sir, but it's my first posting. Like I said, everyone's been really decent, and willing to give me tips, which is all I can ask for. I'm just trying to pull my weight. Even if things are quiet I still want to get as much out of it as I can, you know?"

Duke does understand what Phin is talking about, and he nods his head in acceptance "Good, good. I expect good things from you, McBridge…you did not disappoint during your years at the Academy and you won't disappoint while here." He looks down at the papers in front of him, they are Phin's personal file of course but Duke simply shakes his head "I knew this talk was going to be short…" he looks at him and half smiles "These meetings are held so I can get to know the Wing just a little more, clear out doubts, etc. In your case, I think we can stop here. Unless of course you have any questions?"

Phin's eyes tick down to his personnel file. Brows arching just a notch, posture straightening. He seems a touch relieved when the Major seemingly doesn't ask any questions related to it, and quickly shakes his head. "No, sir. I'm good."

<OOC> Phin says, "Phin was a punk in his youth, btw"
<OOC> Phin says, "No felonies or anything, but he clocked some juvie time for boosting cars and petty theft and other misdemeanor shit. All would've had to be on file when he joined up"

Duke notices the look on Phin's eyes and his own eyes flick down to her folder "You know…" offers the man, looking at Phin now "It seems to me that you still let this control you, does it not?" With that, he opens her folder and pulls old records that show Phin's past…dealings with the law. "You are still, in a way…nervous" With that said, he hands the file to Phin, letting him ready everything it says, showing the details of his 'darker' past. He clears his throat now, taking a deep breath and waiting for Phin to read it all.

Phin folds his hands on the table, some of the tension he'd released returning to his shoulders. He's not escaping without mention of this after all, it seems. He doesn't look at his file, or take it when it's handed to him. "I know what's in there, sir. It's not like I need to read it. And I don't know what you mean." Or, if he does, he's certainly not going to offer up his thoughts on it so easily. "Look, just ask whatever you want to ask. You're my superior officer. Like I told the admissions officer when I applied for my background waiver to get into the Academy, not like I can hide anything."

Duke smiles at his reaction and just shakes his head, putting the file back in the folder "I know you got a waiver for this, Dolly." He just shakes his head and adds "Don't go to defensive mode right away, I'm not here to poke on this." He tosses the folder to an empty chair and looks back at Phin. "What I wanted to say is that, I don't give a flying frak what's on that file. You've been my student since day one, you've proven your worth more than enough times and I know you will continue doing so." He half smiles "You may find officers that kinda keep stuff like that in mind….you know what…frak that. /You/ earned these…" and he pokes at the Pilot pin. "What I tried to say and I guess it came out wrong is that, /in case you do/ you /shouldn't/ let past stuff get to you" And with that, he nods his head again.

"I was a punk, sir. That's not a place I live anymore. That's all there is to it," Phin says. Even if there is anything more to it than that, it's plainly not a topic of conversation he's going to easily elaborate on. It's definitely a subject that he's defensive about, and Duke is probably more right than the ensign will admit in that it still makes him 'nervous.' He sits up a notch straighter when Duke pokes at his wings. What the man says gets a nod, though. "Thank you, sir. I…thanks."

Duke waves his hand "The topic is done, I just wanted to let you know that I don't give a flying frak." With that said, he nods firmly and that's the last thing he says about it. Now, he adds "Also, I have something for you." And with that, he turns again to take a small paper bag, handing it to him. When he opens the bag, he'll find small Viper Mark II carved in wood. The details are not perfect but one can easily tell what it is. There is also a note there that reads 'You've shown potential for great things since the Academy, I'm proud of you, son'

Phin might, just might, look a bit leery about whatever Duke has for him. After all that. That it's a gift comes as a some surprise. He takes the little Viper, turning it carefully over between his fingertips. "Sir…thanks. This totally wasn't necessary. But…thanks. Beata Saturnalia."

Duke just shakes his head and says "Nonesense, I believe this was in place and…well…Beata Saturnalia" offers the man, having a faint smile to show. He now nods in silence and adds "Anyway, did you had any questions for me? I can't remember what you said…I might be getting old early on, and that's not funny at all" Nope, not funny /at all/

Phin manages a slight grin, shaking his head. "No, sir. No questions. Like I said. I'm good." And eager to flee, much as he tries to hide it.

Duke at this point stands up and shakes his head, offering a faint smile to the junior pilot. "Come on, get out of here then" says the man, not being able to chuckle a little bit. Heck, at this point, he kinda feels awkward too, it's all Phin's fault for reacting like that when Duke wasn't attacking him, dammit. -.-

Poor senior officer. Phin palms the little Viper and note in his non-saluting hand. Then he rises, and offers Duke a parting salute with the other. It's the sort of letter-sharp salute the ensign's probably practiced in the mirror thousands of times to perfect. "Thank you, sir." Dismissed, he strides out of the Ready Room.

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