PWD #34: Personal Faith
Personal Faith
Summary: Petra prays for the first time and Afton offers some help.
Date: 2/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Afton Petra 
The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
December 2, 2004 (PWD #34)

Afton is at the fore of the pews, while most are getting ready for the arrival, the PJ is kneeled before the effigy of Athena. Like last night in the sickbay, her hands are folded, but this time there are green beads with three medallions strung amongst them. She has one in hand, pressed close to her lips as she whispers a lament to the figure before her. Her eyes lift to the wise Goddess and she then turns the beads, rolling them in her hand. Dressed in her tanks and sweats, her skin still has a nice flush from the decon, though its long since faded from the near neon pink she had taken to. SHe shifts then, as if easing out of something deep and spiritual to just relax and remain where she is in silent thought.

Petra felt a little awkward after the Chaplains visit the night before, and now finally back in his more comfortable blues (with 100 percent less butt gap!), he pauses just inside the Chapel, something small clasped in both hands while he glances around a little uncomfortably. Spying a familiar face offering her devotions to Athena, he averts his gaze and starts towards one of the other effigies, perhaps Zeus. From the expression on his face, this isn't really a 'normal' thing for him.

This seems a far more practiced thing for the woman and she starts to rise, reaching out to place something near the feet of Athena. A small feather, clean and tied with a gold cord. A spotted owl feather to be exact. Drawing a breath, she straightens up and gives a glance to the others who are now praying and spies the awkward arrival of the JTACCO and how he seems to have some reservation. She hesitates and then starts for him, making her way carefully to join him. "Major." She greets faintly, offering a light smile as the beads stay clasped in her right hand, as if just another extension of herself.

Petra slows down his walk when Afton turns around and starts his direction, chewing on his lower lip for a second. Instead, he waits for her to get closer and address him before returning the greeting with a softer, "Hello again…I'm happy to see you out and about as well. After the Chaplain's visit last night, I thought it would be disrespectful to not stop and offer some kind of thanks that whatever it was did not end all of our lives there and just make us part of the record. I understand that burning a candle is often acceptable?" And reveals that he does indeed have one of those small, dedicated votive candles in his hands.

A smile warms her lips and Afton nods in regards to the candles, looking to the small effigies. "Yes, it is. A light, a warm thanks to those who watch." She pauses, green eyes settling back on him as she lifts the beads in her hand and strings them about her neck. "Would you care for some help?" The three medallions turn a moment, glinting, but it is obvious the aventurine beads are old. The prayer beads are quite old in everyway save for those medallions. A hand lifts, offering it palm up, "It is good to see you here, sometimes…it is just a good place to think even if you do not call upon the lords and ladies."

Petra nods slowly at the ask about help, though his gaze is momentarly distracted by the beads and medallions as she replaces them, "I'm not even sure what it is I should say that would be appropriate. Its been a very long time since I've set foot in here. Maybe even back to my first day on board." When she offers her hand, he hesitates again, then reaches out to place the candle in her palm, waiting to follow her lead.

"It need not be anything more than your thoughts at the moment. Prayer is about lifting a burden, seeking peace and guidance. If you are giving thanks, perhaps let go of your worries and know that those that came before you are waiting to aid." She turns the candle over, gazing down at it once she is given it. Afton smile and then nods, turning to look at the effigies. "Different Lords and Ladies for different needs…who is you wish to thank with this light?" SHe asks him, finally her attention drawn back to him with the shift of the candle to her left hand so she can offer him her right. It is very obvious she is content here, comfortable and willing to extend that same feeling to the JTACCO.

Petra places his now-empty hand within hers when it is offered again, considering for a moment before he answers, "I thought I should address it to Zeus. Until Im a little closer to this sort of thing. Unless I misunderstand. You were praying to..Athena, right?" he glances back over to where she was, furrowing his brow slightly then letting the concern clear from his face, returning to a mix od impassivity and hesitation, "I'll…go with that, for tonight."

"Yes, my patron lords are Athena, Asclepius and Ares…for various reasons. Athena is not only a lady of war, but of wisdom and…I need wisdom. I need guidance with my thoughts. I prayed to her to help me drive away my uneasiness." She does consider what he wants and then ndos, "Zeus, leader of the lords and ladies. You could not go wrong with offer him thanks." Afton considers the JTACCO and then draws him closer to the effigy and lowers to her knees, setting the candle at the feet of the statue as she waits for him to kneel.

Petra listens quietly as she explains her own choices, following her lead to Zeus' representation then settling down on his knees, following suit, "Perhaps in the future I should consider offering my words to Athena as well. Tactical depends on being able to make smart decisions about where everyone is going, and since we're heading off for so long…" He trails off at that to watch what she does with the candle, taking in a slow, deep, reverent breath and letting it go slowly.

Keeping his hand for a moment or two longer, she squeezes it and then releases. Afton hesitates and then looks to him, "Prayer is not about being right. The lords know who you truly are, you have only to think and they shall understand. Prayer is about you, releasing what needs to be let go." The PJ then asks lightly, a crooked smile catching her lips, "I do hope you brought something to light it with…yes?" She waits for him then, it is his offering and she is merely aiding, her eyes looking from him to the candle and then back again.

Petra colors a little at the question, and for a moment, looks like he might have actually forgotten about that. However, after a quick slap of his pants pocket, a tiny box of matches is revealed, along with a relieved sigh, "I thought I forgot them for a moment." He takes one out, and pauses, tilting his head to her, "I…say my prayer before I light it, or after wards?" Clearly the Major has been living a life of precise procedure for far too many years if he keeps hesitating on something like this. If there was every a sign that a man was unmarried…

Afton lets out a soft easy laugh, keeping as quiet as she can so as not to interrupt others. "Do as you wish. Light it after, light it as you begin, or light it now and then start. All of it is up to you. Do what feels right." Afton, a free worshipper if you will, but devout as can be with those beads swinging around her neck. She leans in closer to him, "Sir, you are a bit tense about this…think of it as just a candle."

Petra's face breaks with a soft chuckle, "It just a candle until something very very odd happens and you wonder if you really did piss off a Lord, right?" The humor seems to alleviate some of the hesitation on his face, leaving mostly age lines. He takes a low, deep breath and lets it go, closing his eyes to focus on his thoughts, then strikes the match, leaning forward to light the candle quietly.

Smirking some, "Sir, I do not think I have ever seen a lord or lady pissed. I would call you quite talented if you manage to." Afton falls into silence then, tending it in her own thoughts as well as she watches him light the candle. Eyes follow the path of the match and then look to him. Her face softens, some of that wry humor remaining. She takes hold of her beads, turning them over as she frees them from her neck and then after a moment's thought, extends them to him as they sway and click together, "If you wish…I use the beads to help me focus. Each one a point in my thoughts or prayers I wish to be made and I move them til I feel I am done."

Petra smiles a little more at the talented comment, remaining quiet for a moment longer as he breathes and lets it go. When the beads are offered, he considers for a moment, then slightly shakes his head, "However, I might…how do you find or make one of those for yourself? Probably not something I can get on the ship until we put in again, I would suspect?"

"Not likely, no. But from what I hear, we could likely find some materials and take the time to carve them.." Afton offers and then tilts her head, "If you do not mine me asking, where are you from?" She's interrupting him again, even as the beads lower and rest against her thigh. She smooths her other hand to the opposite one and glances back to the candle, face still turned towards him so its just a motion of her gaze.

Petra considers that option for a moment and nods slowly, "Let me think about that. Perhaps I can catch you here another time if I need some help with that? I dont want to give your friend from Sickbay any ideas." He winks once and smiles a little more, before offering, "I'm from Virgon…a very very long time ago. I haven't gone home in several years. The Fleet has been my home for some time now."

"My friend from sickbay," Afton echoes back, half in question but mostly to herself. Her eyes blink and then a light goes on. "Oh…oh Knox." Green eyes regard the JTACCO and she clears her throat, a smile corming on her lips. "Virgon.." She latches on to that tidbit quickly and nods her head, "Don't take it personally, but Virgonese don't tend to be religious. And well, a life in the Fleet as well would keep you from praying often, just not enough time." Pause, "I think its time you make some." It's said confidently and she nods, stowing her prayer beads back around her neck for the time. "You can ask me for help when and where you like, it would be my pleasure."

Petra nods slowly at her assessment about Virgon, "My family was not…is not nobility, so there was never much time reserved for such. And up until now, I love the Fleet, but I've never run into something I just couldn't explain like that. And activity across the Armistice Line after silence for over forty years? Yeah. Maybe its time I made a little time to give thanks for what I still have." He pauses, then nods slowly again, "Thank you, for now and the offer in the future."

"There is always time to be made for the thing we need, remember that…sir." Slowly Afton rises from her kneeling position beside him, pressing her fingers to her lips and then to the feet of Zeus. She looks up at the effigy, "Of course, sir. If I was not here, I would be helping many like you back home." Its said vaguely without turning and to Zeus? "Go easy on him, is new to this." That is when her green eyes turn downward at him. "I will leave you to your prayer, sir. Remember…you don't have to say anything if you do not want to."

Petra remains kneeling where he is when she rises to her feet. He keeps his voice down, "Thank you again, Petty Officer. If there is some way I can return the help, I hope you will let me know." With that said, he turns his attention back to the effigy of Zeus and takes a deep breath, putting his hands on his knees and studying it and the candle for a long, quiet moment.

"I will, sir." Afton replies in a soft whisper and she turns after offering a light touch to his shoulder. The PJ takes herself quietly from the Chapel, slipping out the hatch with a familiar ease to leave the Major in prayer. Zeus watches, silent and stoic as ever.

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