Staff Sergeant Julia "Sierra-One-Six" Perry
perry1.png Perry,
Julia R.
SSGT Marines
Station 3rd SALT, 4th ANGLICO
Position JTAC
Age Sex
25 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue/Green


Anyone from Boskirk has probably heard the name 'Perry', and anyone who pays attention to Virgon politics probably has as well. The family has been at the edge of Virgan politics for four generations and has been exerting and purchasing its influence for nearly the entire century. There's even conspiracy theories that the family has secretly funded nefarious activities over the last 100 years. …Right. 'It was an inside job.' While Julia is one of those Perry's, there are a lot of Perry's out there in the verse and still quite a few on Virgon. She doesn't run from who she is related to, it mostly seems like she doesn't care. Though isn't that the way with rich kids? Why worry about much when you've got everything already? OOC: Think of the family as the Bloombergs with the money of the Vanderbilts.

Some people wonder why she joined. Or why she renewed her contract. The woman honestly seems to just love her job. At almost seven years into her enlistment, Sergeant Perry seems to greet her job and other people with the same pleased enthusiasm, but away from work she could almost be taken for lazy. The truth is that most of the time she's up early and getting everything done as soon as possible so she can take the rest of the day off. Then again, she's always the first to wave her hand in the air and volunteer for some ridiculous deployment.

She was on TDY (Temporary Duty) on Picon to do Fast-FAC orientation, she completed her training but her graduation date was on Warday. The woman was sleeping off a night at the bar when the klaxons sounded. The next ten months were spent in a fast-paced war that for the first few months she was convinced they would lose. Then the Baker Bay. Then the Orion Battlegroup. She watched it all happen from observation posts and listened to the aircrews on the radios while calling for airstrikes. She laughed, she cried, and she cheered when Picon was declared a safe zone. Onward, she went to Aerilon next and only worked there for a few months before running into someone she knew, but had never met before. He told her to report to the Orion. Rank didn't matter in this case. So she went and was soon told she had been transferred.

Three squares, a cot, and showers? She hasn't lived this well since the war began.

"Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
-Dylan Thomas


Service Record

Date Rank Location Position
JUN 2003 - NOV 2004 LCPL Livadia/Karistos Uprising Team CAS Coord.
NOV 2004 - JAN 2007 SGT Various Wing Training Team CAS Supervisor
JAN 2007 SGT Fast-FAC Training, CFAB Crandall Training
NOV 2007 SSGT Transfer to Orion Undecided

Music to Drop Iron With

Music to be found on Perry's mp3 player. Like the heading says, this is music suited towards combat. More Five Finger Death Punch, Guns n Roses, and Johnny Cash. Sans Taylor Swift and Demi Lavato.

Work in Progress. I'll be adding a playlist. Working on it.


A photo of Julia at the 145th King's Correspondent's Dinner. It and she were featured in a Caprican Times article about her military service and (lack-of) political aspirations. The article discussed her willingness to diplomat for her family but declination to use the political capital she had begun to amass in order to run for public office.

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Wounds Sustained

  • Canderon Uprising — Shrapnel Wounds. Called in 'Danger Close' airstrike to save Marine recon group. Shrap across face and shoulder.
  • Canceron Uprising — IED detonation. Shrapnel pepper on left side. Ground impact on landing dislocated left shoulder.
  • Warday — Single GSW. Round penetrated cover and armor. Lodged in sternum. Released next morning.

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