AWD #526: Permission To Leave
Permission To Leave
Summary: Gloria approaches Elias about a transfer
Date: 29/11/2016
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Elias Gloria 
Combat Information Center - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the ship. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the original Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays relating to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by armed Marines at all hours of the day and night.
AWD #526

It's Elias' turn on watch, standing in as Officer of the Deck. Between the operational planning for an invasion of Leonis and the ongoing repairs and medical reports, it's a lot of signing for reports and messages and updating the log. Like most of the Tactical personnel, the TACCO is looking a bit worn, having put rest and uniform changes on hold the fleet winds up for stage three of the offensive. At least he's had the chance to wash up a bit, and he's nursing a cup of coffee while flipping through his paperwork.

Gloria has technically finished her shift, did so an hour or so ago, but there's work to be done so she's one of many putting in a few extra hours to help cover for colleagues injured or killed. She's about done though, the stack of work on her clipboard down to two items, and luckily, Elias will do for both. They're both mundane enough, one readiness report and one comms log, but even as she approaches to pass them over she's just a fraction off kilter. "Sir," she starts simply, offering across the forms, "these need signing before I can file them."

Elias is leaning over the central console to read his own reports, and straightens up when he sees Gloria approaching. There's a momentarily quizzical look from the Major before he reaches to accept the forms. "Mmm." He starts to give the comm log a cursory check, making sure there isn't anything significant and new there. "Anything of note in here, Oates?" he asks the Petty Officer. She's already read them over, after all.

Gloria shakes her head slowly, "no Sir, not in those." Simple question, simple answer, and she waits patiently to have them returned. Well, almost patiently, she's still just a little off her usual calm. It's not until she has them back and thus the work part is over before she summons up the courage to ask, "do you have a moment though Sir? There's a couple of things I wanted to run past you."

Her appraisal gives Elias license to skim, and he's able to quickly double check the messages and reports. Picking up his pen, the TACCO scrawls his signature before handing the papers back to Gloria. On the verge of turning away, he pauses at her question, then quirks a brow. He probably doesn't have a moment, but the Petty Officer has done good work, and never wasted his time before, so he gives a curt nod. "Go ahead."

Well aware of his pile of work Gloria keeps it quick and simple. "I've been trying to figure out the motive of the Ones Sir, and I can't work out if I think they're operating side projects like Libran for their own agenda while aiding in the enactment of the Cylon's plans. Or, possibly more worryingly, if they're the agents of this whole things. I appreciate that you've likely seem a lot more reports on the matter, but it's been troubling me enough that I thought I'd mention it in case its something worth looking into."

This is not a question he was expecting from Gloria, and it gives Elias a moment's pause. His mouth presses into a thin line as he considers, then exhales slowly. "I suspect One has his own agenda. There's some evidence that One knows the lines are turning, and he's kept the Cylons in the dark. Did he orchestrate this war? Unknown. Our ghost Captain on Piraeus would only say 'One has strayed.'"

Gloria nods slowly, she'd've slept better if Elias had been able to give a straight up answer yes or no, but at least thought does appear to have gone into it so it's on the radar as it were. "Seen an opportunity and orchestrated it, or seen an opportunity while doing the work of others," she surmises, "but I'm not sure how we'd know which without perhaps speaking with the Lines they're keeping close. Like the Five on Libran." She drops it there though, with nothing more than conjecture to add she moves onto point number two. If the faint nervousness that creeps into her tone is anything to go by, this is that one that's got her uncentred. "I was thinking about the loses in the wing Sir, and, well, with your permission, I'd like to volunteer for ECO training. If the CAG will have me." And she can get past her age old nemesis of space sickness.

"One actively aided the Cylons," Elias says, "at the very least. And he's proven unwilling to communicate with us. Which doesn't leave many options. We have a war to fight, and he's chosen his side." Then he greets her second matter with a slow, understanding nod. "Yes … they do have a need. I'll sign the transfer if you put in for it."

"I just wish I knew why we had a war to fight," Gloria replies almost philosophically, "but I suppose right now it doesn't make that much of a difference." With the weight off her shoulders of asking about the wing she smiles back to him. "Thank you, I'll need to speak with the CAG, and see if I can pass the medical, but I'll keep you informed." There's a tiny part of her brain that wishes he'd said she was too vital in CIC, but mostly she's pleased that the TACCO didn't laugh at the idea of her being an officer. That's a win right there. "That was all," she adds, tucking the forms under her arm again and starting to retreat back the way she came.

"No," Elias agrees with clear weariness. "Right now, it doesn't." But Gloria's smile is unexpected, and the TACCO gives her another quizzical look. He did just approve her potential transfer to raptors, where the casualty rate was something like ninety percent. "Very well," he says after a moment, giving a nod to dismiss before he returns his attention to the rest of his own paperwork.

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