Major John Penta
Image Penta,John
MAJ Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines
Age Sex
49 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Hazel


The boy next door, only after being dragged through Hades and back.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Service Record
Date Rank Station Assignment Notes
June 1998 Officer Cadet University of Themis, Libra 4th (Golden Knights) Officer Training BN Joined ROTC
June 2001 Recruit CMF Eos, Picon Platoon 4010, 4th Officer Training BN Recruit Training
June 2002 Ensign CMF Shugart, Caprica Platoon 3090, 3rd Officer Training BN Officer Candidate School
August 2002 Ensign CMF Shugart, Caprica Platoon 2030, 2nd Officer Training BN
September 2002 Ensign CMF Winters, Scorpia Student BN, Airborne School Student, Airborne School
October 2002 Ensign CMF Shugart, Caprica 1st BN, Second Marine Regiment Rifle Platoon Leader, Company B
June 2004 Ensign CMF Winters, Scorpia Student BN, Mountain Leader School Student, Mountain Leader Course
September 2004 Ensign On Leave Holding Group (Annual Leave) On Leave on Libra
October 2004 Ensign Colonial Fleet HQ, Picon Office of Legislative Liasion Staff Officer
February 2005 Ensign Resistance Cell 9B HQ, Picon Resistance Cell 9B, Picon S2, Resistance Cell 9B
February 2006 Ensign Piraeus None Debriefing, Psych Evaluations
June 2006 Ensign Piraeus None On Leave by Medical Orders
August 2006 Ensign BS-114 Orion 3rd BN, 8th Marines S2 (Intelligence and Security Officer)

Recent Logs


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