AWD #058: Patterns in Pulsars
Patterns in Pulsars
Summary: Myles and Moira meet up to go over the basics of the pulsar-linked signal recorded in Helios Delta
Date: 05/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Myles Rozzen 
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
05 March 2005

Myles sits on a table close to the rear part of the the room. The young man has a pile of books and papers in front of him, most concerning electronics systems. A quick glance is often cast towards the entrance, a sign he is expecting someone to meet him.

It's not long before Moira appears in that entrance, the Captain looking down to read off something from one of her folders held open in a bridge of fingers. She snaps it closed as she passes an exiting Marine, offering a vague smile as they alter around each other to avoid a collision. From there she lifts her eyes to scan the library. It takes her a moment to notice the ECO, but when she does she shuffles the folder to the bottom of the slim pile of similar paperwork she's carrying and heads straight for him. "Ensign Howell," is more presumption than question as she approaches his table.

Myles eyes rise to notice Moira approaching, all those faces must still seem new to him, as he takes a moment to realize who is standing in front of him, "Captain Rozzen, please take a seat with me. I have been studying some key points on similar devices of EM signals, perhaps that will help us." He suggests, "Also, it's been a bit more than a year since I graduated, so it's always good to read a few topics, don't you think?"

"Thank you," Moira murmurs. She skims into the seat with a smooth motion that includes setting her notes to the table beside her. Her head tilts to take in his stack of books with interest before dark eyes settle back upon the young man's face. Somewhere along the way, her smile has curves a little deeper. "I am certainly a proponent of continual learning," she says in warm accord with his latter statements. "A bit more than a year." Her chin gives a little nod and something flickers subtly at the line of her brows. "What sort of focus did your studies have?" is wondered with engaged curiosity.

"I studied Electrical Engineering at Virgon campus, it was a very interesting part of my life." Myles says with a slight smile forming on his face, "But physics was a recurrent topic at my house, with my father being an Engineer and my mother a teacher." He adds, eyes moving to the papers on her hands, "Is this some kind of new information, sir?" The ensign questions.

"That's a good department, Virgon's." Such a positive note and yet, given the times, inescapable melancholy drags a little at her smile. Moira recovers the mood a little in the finding of additional common ground. "My father was also an Engineer. I think I may have an inkling of what you mean, about those current topics." As she speaks she tucks her chair in a little closer, opening the top folder with a nod of her head and turning it in offer to Myles. "I think it might be." New information. "You'll want to access the recordings themselves," she assumes with a touch to the relevant reference notations at the top of the sheet. "I've gotten down some preliminary notes, but it's going to take some time to separate out anything from the Pulsar's signal. My hunch is that this is a pulse-coded message taking advantage of the Pulsar's precise timing. Whether it's Cylon or one of ours," she can only lift her shoulders.

Myles nods and scans the folder with his eyes, "So our primary objective is to identify its origin so we can decode it easier?" He questions, turning his head towards the captain, "Also, do we have some similar pulse-coded messages? We could try comparing and see if there is some kind of pattern."

Rozzen tips her head a little to the side in noncommittal. "We may need to return to Helios Delta in order to triangulate the astral coordinates of its origin. As for their tech or ours, that's a good idea," she nods. "Obviously we'll have more on file regarding colonial signals, but between you and the other ECOs you may find it useful to see what you've picked up from our encounters. There may also be data stored from the first war… but if it's theirs, decryption will be a challenge." Which the tone of her voice suggests is something of an understatement. She rocks her weight back a little, eyes lifting from the notes back to Myles. "I'd say it's probably better to start with the assumption that it's colonial. Who knows, maybe this is someone on Aquaria's way of trying to get a message out." By her wan smile, she probably thinks that's a long shot.

"If that comes to be true we may even have the opportunity of planning a rescue based on the info." Myles suggests with a grin, "I will try to check with the other ECOs for the files, specially those from Helios Delta." He says, "What else do we know about it?"

While Moira may not go so far as to give voice to the possibility Myles points out, a lift of her eyebrows grants acknowledgement. "Perfect," she says for his plan on the data. As for what else they know, she rolls her palm upward on the table with a light splay of fingers. Not much, their emptiness probably conveys. "The amplitude modified tacked-on signal seems to be local, quite local, to Helios Delta. It certainly isn't coming from the Pulsar itself which is about eight hundred million light years away. Since someone bothered to link it to the Pulsar, I really think that the star's frequency is going to be the key required to break out the code. Pulse-code modulation was used for some of the earliest digital audio encryption, so if you dig into colonial signal records…" The shrug she lifts is one of hopeful anticipation rather than resignation.

Myles seems to take another memory note and nods, "I will do so, sir." He says, studying the file for a while as he writes some remarkable info on a paper note, "If you don't mind, I would like to start my research now, Captain. I will keep you informed whether I come across something new." The ensign says, as if waiting for a dismissal.

"I don't mind in the slightest," Moira says with a slight stretch of her smile. "I see it's in good hands. Thank you, Ensign. We'll talk soon." That seems to be what passes for her dismissal as, leaving the one folder to Myles, she scoops up the rest of her things and rises to her feet. "Have a good evening," marks her final farewell before she turns to stride out and on to the next task.

Myles salutes Rozzen, picking some of the books placed on the table and checking with the clerk before moving towards the exit of the library.

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