AWD #268: Patching Up?
Patching Up?
Summary: Toby tries to avoid a potential issue while he's stuck in medical and ends up making it worse.
Date: 01/Oct/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #268

Toby had been hoping, given it was only his hand that was hit, that he'd have been released back ot his own bunk once it was seen to. No such look, someone had classified the wound as 'serious', although thankfully not 'critical' and so instead of being booted out he was ushered through to the recovery ward and found a bed. Since then he's mostly either been sleeping, or climbing the walls for want of release. Right now he's sat on the edge of his bed, watching the door to the main sickbay like a hawk for apparently, according to one of the nurses, it's rounds time soon.

With a arm full of charts balanced in place against her side, a pen held in her free hand, Nadir steps into the recovery ward with the rest of her on-duty staff following behind. Charts are divided between the attending staff and the room, and patients are thus divided neatly. Heading toward the crewman with the Get Me Out Of Here expression on his face. "Crewman," she offers aloud in greeting as she reviews his vitals, sounding a trifle over formal (as usual), "did you have something to eat?"

Aaaaaand there's the cavalry. Good. As he spots Samtara heading his way slips off the bed and stands to greet her with a swift nod, "Doc." He's having a bit of trouble just standing still as she checks the charts, anxious to be out and doing something. Anything. "Dinner, breakfast and lunch," he answers, without hesitation, "and about twenty or so pills." It seemed like that anyway, but he wasn't actually counting. Knowing it's going to come sooner or later he lifts his hand from where he's been been holding it close to him.

"Excellent," Nadir replies, even jotting his reply in the chart, "normal appetite, no issues with digestion or the passing of food?" is wondered next, nothing to private for the doctor to ask after. "Any muscle spasms in your hand in forearm?"

Toby nods to the appetite query, then shakes his head to the digestion one. "All good," he replies, still having to concentrate on not seeming quite as keen to be gone form here as he actually is. The muscle spasms question results in a pained look though, as the more sensible part of his brain forces him to confess to that one with a shallow nod. "During the night," he offers, sounding deflated, "and occasionally since."

"Good," Nadir remarks, jotting in notes, "that is to be expected. Muscle damage to the tendons in your hand is no small matter, Mr. Shakleton, and to see your hand healing properly will see long effort. Effort that will be more than moderately painful and time consuming," she glances up from the chart, adjusts the half glasses (reading lenses) on her nose before continuing. "I do not have the best interpersonal relationship skills, but I will never sugar coat the salient details."

"Excuse me…" The voice comes from just inside the recovery room, it belonging to Lance Corporal O'Connell. "Is Shackleton up for giving a quick report? Won't take but a few minute. Just need to hear his account of what happened yesterday." Even after that's said she stays there, waiting for the doctor's permission before doing so.

Toby nods silently at the Doctor's words from where he is stood by the side of the bed he'd been ordered to occupy. "I'll do what's needed Doc," he replies, "I mean, I need it don't I. Work, rec, just about everything really." That has worried him, especially during the times the pain has been bad, what does he do if it doesn't heal. Right now though he's not focusing on that and instead glances over towards he hatch as he hears Brina's voice.

"Lance Corporal O'Connell," Nadir greets aloud with a measured nod before the same solemn nod is levied upon Toby, "accurate assessment. It will take time and I'll want to assign you to physical therapy. Dr. Nasreen is ideal for that work," one eyebrow arched subtly at Toby as she says this. "And," she divides her attention between Toby and Brina now, "I have no medical objections to Mr. Shakleton being debriefed."

Brina nods before approaching. "Just need to hear your recount of what happened," she explains to Toby. A pen and notepad are pulled out and the former is held poised against the latter. Samtara is given a quick glance and a nod of thanks. Nice when doctors allow others to do their jobs once the emergencies are over.

Toby does not look the most overjoyed at the idea of physio, but he'd been expecting it so he just nods as sentance is pronounced. He's even less overjoyed at the mention of Mahasti, and takes a moment to collect his thoughts on that one before he replies carefully, "no disrespect to her medical abilities, but is there anyone other than Dr Nasreen?" Any explaination he might give is put on hold though as the MP approaches. "What happened?" he repeasts rhetorically, glancing briefly across to where Kelsey sleeps. "Ensign Wescott needed a doorgunner for a med-evac and decided I was it," he states simply, "there were some marines needing air support on the way so we gave 'em a hand, shot at some toasters, they shot back and we headed for Crandall for the landing. I reckon you know the rest already."

"Unfortunately, we can't pick and choose medical staff, Mr. Shakleton, we have limited staff and finite resources. I'd need a valid reason of medical necessity to alter the course if medical care," Nadir replies as she jots again in Toby's chart. "Ms. O'Connell, would you care to sit? I was just about to have food brought in."

Brina shakes her head at the lady doctor. "Thanks, but I'm fine. I won't be here much longer so a seat isn't necessary." To be honest, she's feeling rather anxious after all of what happened earlier and she has a lot of nervous energy to be rid of. Turning to the patient again, she asks one more question, "And as far as you know nothing was out of the ordinary with these Centurion?"

Mahasti is quiet, slipping in with charts. Abnormally, in proper full uniform. She hands a chart to Sam, release papers more than likely. "Captain. Crewman Shackleton. Brea." she offers, abnormally stiff and starched. She's been working quite a bit, shuffled around to stay out of the way. She leans whispering to Samara briefly. "I could trade…" she squints through her charts, taking a breath. "one of Christopher's patients for Toby maybe." she offers with a frown to Sam. "Christopher is more agreeable overall, than me." her expression is a little well, she's not happy.

"Does our mutual sanity count?" Toby asks Samtara, "give you an example since I have a witness right here." He tilts his head briefly towards Brina before he explains, "last time I saw Dr Nasreen, the Cylon I'd just punched was arguing for the MPs not to arrest me cos it figured she'd wound me up to the point where I hit out." He actually glances to Brina this time, to see if she'll back him on that before shaking his head at her question to him. "Not that I saw, ask the ECO though, he'd have a better idea. Gun camera footage too likely." He doesn't spot Mahasti's arrival, and so turns quickly in her direction as she speaks, wondering just how much of the conversation she's heard.

Nadir as much listens to Brina's questions and Toby's answers as Toby's remarks. "Hmm," is as far as Nadir gets, a pensive sound, before she turns slightly as Mahasti joins her and conversation- quiet - is had. "Hmm. Alright, medical necessity and efficiency is trumped by a valid argument. Make it so," she hands Mahasti the chart to initial her acceptance of the transfer/swap of patient assignments.

Honestly? Where Brina'd normally be more than happy to have someone's back when it comes to confirming facts today has not been a good day for her at all and her already wound-tight nerves are about to come apart at the seams. "Hi, Doc Mahasti." Ahem. Back to the report, Toby is watched before she nods. "Right. I'll get the name of the ECO from the pilot. I've taken up enough of you time, I do think, Crewman Shackleton. I'll let you get your rest." He's given a quick smile and then both of the doctors are given a nod. "Sirs. I'll let you get back to work."

Toby looks faintly relieved as Samtara relents. He's still stuck here, and his hand is still fraked, but there's one less minor worry of his mind and he'll take that as a victory for now. "Thanks Doc," he replies, to both of them rather than just Sam, then Brina states she leaving and he tilts his head to give her a short nod of acknowledgement. He's conversed with an MP and not ended up in cuffs, there's another victory right there.

"Am feeling better to go with looking better." Not counting the flesh wound she got to the hand while in the sewer but that has already been tended to. All that'll help that now is a bit of time and fresh bandages which she can handle herself. Brina lifts a hand and waves. "Take care, all."

Mahasti takes the chart back "I don't necessarily feel it is necessary, but, its better than slowing the process down." she offers to Samtara, taking the chart "Christopher is a wonderful doctor, I assure." she offers not looking at Toby. "I can try to get a nurse to do the physical therapy to aid in patient comfort." she offers Brina a smile "You look much better, Brina." she watches Sam though. "This would be why I requested what I did sir." and there goes the color from Mahasti's face. "I'll be going sir I need to check on a few more patients." she's got a sort of suddenly hoarse tone to her voice. "Toby, you punched Knox after I left." she takes a breath "I'd rather be friendly with a cylon than be treated with the dignity usually reserved for used tampons in the head." she offers to Toby, even toned. "Thank you for implying I am professionally incapable of rendering the finest care to you infront of my superior officer and professional colleague." her voice still even "I hope you recover swiftly." she washes a breath out, "May I be excused, captain?" her voice is a bit creaking a little and well she's got that face of hers that often comes before she has to excuse herself.

"Aye, Christopher is, but you are the physician i recommended and the one I'd prefer. And if Mr. Shackleton had the dense that the gods invest in a walnut he'd want the best," Nadir remarks, aims a look between parties, "and thats you. That being said, its his hand. Not like he's using it for anything vital, not like there's a war in or something." She acceots the chart back, initials her own notes and gives a brisk nod to all. "You may be excused, Dr. Nasreen, and I have other patients to attend to. However, make note if this, Mr. Shakleton, some if the fleets best staff volunteered for this original mission. And as medical personnel are rescued and re-allocated throughout the fleet, I reserve the right to select the best to work on thus ship. On this crew. The best. The brightest. The most versatile. Dr. Nasreen is all that and a damned sight more, a better person all around. I will not compromise your health care again. You get one," emphasis on the last word, "such request.' With that she returns his chart to the bed and moves in to the next, and not as argumentative, patient.

Toby sighs and lifts his good hand to scratch the back of his neck a moment. "Doc," he states to Mahasti, working to keep annoyance out of his tone, "I at no point said I doubted your abilities. Please, go back over what I said and you'll see for that for yourself. And yeah, I'm not saying you wound me up but that's the impression we gave others in the room, which is perhaps just as damning." He's careful to use the collective 'we' there, not 'you', and he's working to keep his tone neutral and level, but there's definite hints of exaspiration seeping in around the edges. He stays silent for the lecture from the Captain, although the exasperatin is now readilly apparent on his face and he starts to reply as she turns away. "Doc, I said it was disrespect to her medical abilities, not five minutes ago, right here. I've never doubt her skills, it just that every conversation we have of late ends like this." He's lost, he really is, he was just trying to avoid potential future conflict with one Doc and suddenly he's the bad guy who's and both of them are accusing him of the one thing he's been doing his damdest to avoid. He really just doesn't understand it at all. As the chart gets replaced without leave to go though he just slumps back down onto the bed. Frak it, frak it all.

Mahasti frowns at Toby "By asking for another doctor, it is exactly what you implied, wether you meant to or not." her tone is soft. "I get it. You hate me. I thought you were my friend and I was mistaken. Well I haven't bothered you since that night." she isn't crying but she's on the edge. "You don't trust me, and I think, I think thats what hurts me and knowing you don't even care." she offers, "I'm not a bad doctor. Its just about the only thing I am good at Mister Shackleton." she admits, voice soft. She moves to set something beside Toby's bed - a pasteurized pint of milk "Please recover quickly. Dr. Walker is a good doctor, but, less prone to specialized attention." she offers, patting Toby's bed gently and starting off.

Toby glances back towards Mahasti as she gives her parting shot. Samtara's comments had dismayed him somewhat and this latest round doesn't help that situation. He's uncertain as to how to reply for a moment, knowing he's risking making things worse by saying anything but equally recognising that is he doesn't then this is just going to fester. Still looking out of his depth he replies to her back as she leaves, "I don't hate you Doc, never have, but friends are honest with each other. You asked what you'd said to upset me, I told you, and ever since every conversation we've had has ended like this. How the frak do you think we'd managed prolonged PT like this?" He certainly can't imagine it ending well, but re-itterates once more, for good measure rather than any conviction that it'll actually work. "I have no doubts in your profession abilities, I swear to God on that, and if thats not enough then I'm really not sure what else I can do." That said he leans back and rolls slightly so he's on his back staring at the ceiling. Frak.

Mahasti closes her eyes "When you yell at someone, and make them feel like garbage that is hard to believe. Yes. I do believe I would have managed it, Toby." She offers, voice soft. She shakes her head "Sam wanted me to handle your therapy because I'm better at it than Dr. Walker and have a good heal time." she sort of sighs "because you are important." she offers, pausing "You really don't even get how you hurt me, do you?" she asks.

Toby rests his injured hand across his check, lifting his left and resting it behind his head so he can look at Mahasti without straining his neck. "I told you the truth Doc, yeah, sometimes that hurts," he starts, working to keep his voice calming. "Maybe I could have said it better, maybe it needed saying as is. We can't go back and change it so who knows." He doesn't shrug, it's a rather impractical manouver given his current position, but if he'd still been stood he would have. "Best bet as I see it? Lets call a truce. See if we can manage a few civilised conversations over the next few days, and if that works, we can see about other things." Professional things and the like.

Mahasti eyes Toby She shakes her head. "You have no right to embarass me in public again. Do you understand?" she asks, and that was why she was mad. He made a scene. He embarassed her and now he's implied she's a bad doctor "There will be no apology from me this time. We'll see how I feel in a few days time. You've hurt me. Repeatedly and I let it go, but I offend you once, and I get a terrible reputation for it. You should at least know how I felt." she moves towards the hatch, ready to leave, "I have other patients in more serious condition. If we talk later, thats fine, but right now they need me." her voice is cold, there's a hint she's excusing herself to have a coffee break.

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