AWD #044: Past Times
Past Times
Summary: A small gathering of the Wing and a lone DCO talk about the past, things to come and dancing.
Date: 19/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Officer's Lounge - Piraeus
AWD #44

Ceres is leaning into the corner and arm of one of the couches, staring at a small tumbler of some amber liquid precariously held between her middle finger and thumb. She turns it in the light, studying it like some foreign substance that could do her some harm. Likely nothing more than scotch or bourbon, she has yet to taste it most likely with the level of the glass being what it should be for a traditional small consumption. The Captain sets it on the arm of the couch, stares at it, then moves it again, picking it up. It is a long, well rounded investigation. The woman in question is dressed in some plain civvie clothes. A set of nice nylon hiking pants in a blue grey with that of a white v-neck shirt.

Phin slips into the officer's lounge. He's dressed in civvies as well, jeans and a blue long-sleeve shirt, dogtags around his neck still marking him as Navy property. He spots Ceres, heading in her direction, though after observing her a beat he pauses. As if reluctant to interrupt…whatever it is she's doing. Though he finally manages to offer a, "Hey, Redux" that signals his presence.

That left hand rests on her leg, the ring that should be there about her neck along with her tags and that heavy coin of Zeus. Aios. She is turning the glass on the edge of the armchair, watching it until she is spoken to. Eyes lift to Phin and it takes her a moment to speak. "Dolly." A nod of her head and she looks back to the glass briefly but leaves it there. Her elbow resting on the arm, she holds her forearm up, fingers poised to continue her toying. Whoever heard of playing with your drinks? "Join me, won't you?"

"If you don't mind, sure," Phin says, slouching over to sit at the corner table she occupies. "Thanks. Wasn't sure if you were looking for some, like, solo time or not." His eyes flit to the coin around her neck, and the ring next to it, but he doesn't ask. "What're you drinking?"

"I have a lot of solo time, but I enjoy your company Dolly. You remind me a lot of myself." Ceres says and smiles over at him, one corner of her mouth quirking up. "Its a matter of what am I not drinking. I am wondering how long I can look at it before the urge to drink comes on. My father was known for his excessive taste and I am wondering if its hereditary or if I have just made a decision without an amazing will against genetics." She grins and then offers it to him, holding it out. "Bourbon." She explains.

"Really?" Phin smiles slight, taking it as a compliment. "Thanks. I mean, you're cool to hang with, too." His smile fades at her explanation about the drink, into a more thoughtful expression. For a beat he doesn't say anything back, looking down at the glass, then back up at her. "Yeah. I mean…that's part of it. So I'm told. Sucks, doesn't it? Having to think about that every time you want to have a good time with your friends." He shrugs. "I mean, my mom was more into pharmaceuticals so…not sure if the booze was a problem by itself but…yeah. I get what you mean."

"Really really," Ceres mimes a bit in good natured humor, her smile growing into fondness before she looks at the alcohol again. "Cool to hang with…" That earns him a flash of teeth and a grin. "Thanks to you too." She says in quiet reply. That dance glasses on the tips of her fingers for a moment, turned about to let that amber liquid shine. "Habits. Addictions. They rule too much of our lives. But yet they make up so much of the experience. I used to hate him for it, no sense in that now." SHe says and then shifts, sitting forward and hovering over the table as she leans in, setting the glass down and with two fingers, she pushes it towards him. "Messed up his career with this, washed it all down and what was left he gambled away. Makes you wander if that was the way it was suppose to be." She stops the reflective though and looks over at him. "But you know, despite the bad, you turned out a good man. Its easy to break free of that…humanity. Beautiful and multi-faceted. As long as you seize the ability to choose. Tell me, how have you been lately?"

"I don't know about that…" Phin mutters, to the good man bit. "Thanks, though. Yeah. It's weird, isn't it? I was pissed off at her for years and like…it was almost easier. Wore it around like armor, y'know? Like…motivation not to frak up, get shipped back to Scorpia with a one-way ticket to nowhere. Something not to be. And now they're probably gone and…what do you do with that, y'know?"

"Its the pressure of their problems that drive us. SO maybe we should say thanks for showing us how bad it could be." Ceres intones and leaves the glass within his reach and sits back. She doesn't want it, that much is clear and her hand lifts, turning that coin about between her fingers now instead of the glass. "We got to see what could be and decided against it, though I can say it may have effected me for the negative as well. Get so caught up in not wanting to hurt others the same way you just push em all away…you stay distant, reserved, cool and composed. But you miss out on so much that way too…" She holds that coin still with that statement. "So maybe you can learn from me. You see someone, you go for em. You try. It hurts worse to not try then to give it a go."

Phin frowns at that. Thoughtfully, but it might also hit too close to home for his liking. "I mean…I don't know if that's true. Maybe it is for you but…I mean, some people just aren't built for that, y'know? Why try if you're just going to frak it up and hurt somebody?" He eyes the drink, but doesn't take it. "I don't not drink." Like this is something he wants to clarify. "I didn't, for awhile, but I remember being out with the guys I hung with at the Academy when I was on Leonis - who I figure thought I was a total tight-ass - and being like…why am I letting her bullshit control me? I mean, I can have a beer and that's it." Which is generally what he does. He can nurse a single beer for hours when faking social drinking. He waves over a waitress, finally. "Can I get a Sandy Snackcake, please?" Charlie's answer to the shirley temple.

"That is what I thought, Dolly." Ceres starts and then listens, nodding and letting him order before she leans forward, reaching around her neck finally to drag that coin free and hold it in her hand. "But if they want to be near you? If they need you and you push them away for fear of hurting them? You are hurting them." She points out and then turns that coin over, letting it hang from her fingers and lowering it. It turns and swings. "This is all I have left of a man I love…loved I should say but love doesn't go with the loss of life. It remains and it hurts like hades." She draws her lips to a thin line. "I pushed Aios away because I didn't want responsibility for his happiness in the end." Pause. "I regret it everyday. I got to see how much it hurt him when I did that and I got no chance to set things right. But I get another chance for my own happiness and another's. I am not looking away from it this time. Risks are worth the risks…you just have to realize that when you decide to push someone away, you aren't the only one affected and it can be worse." She sets the coin on the table, letting it clatter into place.

Phin listens to all that, but what he makes of it isn't entirely clear. Instead he asks, "Why aren't your wearing your ring tonight, Redux?"

Ceres monologuing obviously does nothing to inspire conversation and she blinks. Caught off-guard, the Captain looks at her wring. "Oh…my hand." She explains and lifts her left one, webbed with the burn scars and puckered ones from the shrapnel. "It's cramping and swelling, go in for a follow up appointment soon," she explains and turns her hand about, giving it a look. "Ring doesn't fit so well sometimes. Had to stop using the sims." Subject changed she reaches for the bourbon and pulls it back, lifting it to her nose to small before shaking her head.

Phin nods to that, sipping at his girlie, non-alcoholic drink when it's delivered. He's at a corner table with Ceres, deep in conversation from the looks of them. "I'm sorry about Talkshow," he says finally, simply. "But…I don't know. You don't know if it would've been worse if you'd…I mean, no way of knowing what would've happened. He seemed like he was going to be happy once he got back to Caprica, to his kid and stuff. Sucks that he never got there but…" He shrugs. At the explanation about her ring, he nods. "How's the hand doing? Any idea when you'll be able to get back into it?"

Raucous laughter is heard from the main bar as the door opens, and in comes a giggling Yggy with a pink, carbonated drink. She's looking over her shoulder. "And then he said, "But I thought that was a frog in your pocket!" The laughter echoes more loudly and enthusiastically as she offers a salute and slips in, beaming at the pair already present. "Hi Phinny, Ceres!"

"He wanted me to go with him…we had such horrible fights the days after I told him I wouldn't. It was over before it could go anywhere important." Ceres says and then grasps up that coin, lifting it back to her neck. It settles next to the ring and she smiles a little bit at the last. "Zeus only knows, really I don't put anything to a positive." She admits and then she rubs that hand to her neck. "Might need surgery they say."

The laughter draws her gaze and Redux hesitates, recognizing that blonde hair and its confirmed when they receive a salute. She smiles and nods to the Ensign. "Hello Shake."

"Yeah…" Phin mutters with a little nod, when Ceres talks about her fight with Aios. "It's weird how it's easier sometimes, huh? To be kind of an asshole with people than to…" Shrug. He sips his Sandy Snackcake, eyeing her bourbon like he's sorry he rejected it earlier. "Sucks. About your hand. We really miss you out there. You're a hell of a stick. Doctors'll get you done soon, though." The sound of laughter makes his blue eyes tick up and around, and he cracks a slight grin when he catches sight of Ygraine. "Hey, Yggs." It's a warm hello. "How's tricks?"

"Yeah, Ceres. We need you back in a viper, or a pred." Ygraine flashes the pair a grins and comes to join them. "Not bad, not bad. Kurt has CAP, so it seemed like a good night to come down." She kicks back. "What are we talking about, aside from Ceres' awesomeness?"

"Yeah, it is easier to just push them away…but there is always regret after." Ceres smiles wanly and then shakes her right hand, "It will be fixed. I am sure and I will be back when I can. Seems my left hand has ill luck lately." As Ygraine draws closer, she catches Phin's last. "I am decent, but thank you." It seems to have struck a chord, that and Shake's statement brings a clipped laugh and an amused wry grin as the Captain leans back into her seat. "We are just chatting about the hand. If I was awesome, I wouldn't be out of commission right now."

"Just stuff," Phin replies glibly to Ygraine's question about what they were discussing. "Redux's awesomeness, mostly. I mean, she is. More awesome out of commissions than most pilots are with full working digits." He offers the other Viper pilot a slight half smile that suggests he does believe in her awesomeness. He shifts his foot to kick out a chair for her, before she sits down. Not that the invitation was necessary, but it's implicit anyway.

"See, listen to Phinny. When he's right, he's very very right." Ygraine says cheerily, addig, "Who is it easier to push away? Clearly I am missing out on something juicy. Somebody tell me." Ygraine takes a careful seat but only so she doesn't spill her pink drink. "Oh hey Ceres, did you and Augie pick a date yet? I've heard after the temple's up and running, but then?"

Glancing over at Phin, a brow raises at his continued compliments and Ceres nods her head slightly. Admitting defeat on this topic, she just chuckles and sighs, rubbing her fingers to her neck and chin. "Oh, just people in general. I am a bit of a recluse at times…" She brushes her fingers to the coin in question that had used before. It hangs about her neck and that last question makes her smile. "Yes. Well I think Augustus would prefer right at this very moment, but he will have to wait until the Temple is at least official. I am making him. He also wants me to find a dress and I would prefer to wear my uniform. I don't have anything otherwise and I am not going to wear my fatigues."

"See? She'll back me up." Phin gestures a thumb toward Ygraine, for Ceres' benefit. "I'm right about things." He does not specify the things he's convinced of his rightness about, leaning his elbows comfortably on the table. "Dress grays are formal, they'd work," he boys with a shrug as to Ceres' wedding garments. "I mean, not like it matters. I bet Lieutenant Garrido thinks you look awesome in anything."

"Ignore him." Ygraine says. "If ya want a dress, we'll find ya a dress. Ya deserve t'look pretty on your wedding day."

"I noticed that she will back you," Ceres seems amused and is obviously forming some opinions as dark eyes flicker back and forth between the two. "I was thinking gray formals." She admits and then coughs at the last thing Phin says, murmuring something they both can not likely hear before she nods at Ygraine. "I will gladly wear a dress, question is who has one and can I borrow it? I am pretty sure there is not some big white dress somewhere so Augustus will have to deal with what I find..if I find it."

"What, now I'm not right about things?" Phin takes another gulp of his soda. He largely stays out of the dress conversation. Not his area. Except to say, "I don't know. People expected to be out here for eighteen months, and you can wear civvies down here so…one of the girls onboard might have something. Or the civilians with CIDSR."

"That's girl stuff sweetie, and all things considered, ya kinda suck at it." Ygraine tells Phin, sipping her pink drink. "Wearin' a dress on th'day ain't so much for him as for her. Feels good, y'know? I'm on a quest too, but less important. I want a proper dress for Colonial Day."

Laughing softly at them both, the Captain seems to be highly amused by their exchange, hand resting on the arm of the couch she sits on and presses her fingers to her lips. "Perhaps but I am not even sure how to begin going about asking. Its fine though, dress greys will work for me..I mean it could be worse." She glances at poor Phin.

"Umm, good?" Phin replies wry, as to his sucking at girl stuff. As for Colonial Day, "I'm wearing dress grays. To Colonial Day. And your wedding too, probably, Redux." A pause and he says, "Ceres…in case I haven't said it before, congratulations. If you've found something you're good with…that's awesome. I hope you guys make each other happy. Like I said before. You're seriously cool."

Ygraine waves a hand. "I got your back, Ceres. You may need t'try on stuff, but we'll find ya a dress." She sticks her tongue out at Phin, and swigs more of her drink, which is apparently not alcoholic. Shocker.

Entering the officer's lounge, Augustus is taking it slow and easy as he makes his way towards the bar. It takes a moment, but as he notices Ceres and the others, he gets an easy smile. Making a shh motion at Ygraine and Phin, the large DCO comes up behind Ceres and leans down to kiss her cheek. "If I buy yer drink, do I get a dance?" he asks her and smiles. "Evenin Shakes, Dolly. Heard ya had a little ker-ruffle. If any of my kids were involved, trust me, I'll crack their nuts so hard the cream filling will come out their ass. Ya dig?"

The only alcoholic drink in the group is her tumbler of bourbon that now rests before her, still untouched and it was before, a subject of study. Ceres grins and glances over at Phin a moment. "Would love to see you in dress grey's, Dolly. I had completely forgotten about Colonial day." She finally admits and then sighs faintly. "That word again, Dolly. Cool. I feel like I should be wearing some thick shades and listening to retro rock. But thanks, the sentiment is appreciated." The kiss however causes her start upwards a second and then smile, turning her head enough to glance up at Augie. Her hand lifts and briefly touches his cheek. "I have a drink, but its been staring back at me." Oh yes, eloquent Augustus. Ceres just listens and lifts a brow, glancing back at the two before she adds. "However, you can have a dance if you like."

"Ohmygods, Dolly is so hot in his dress uniform, I cannot even." Ygraine says earnestly (and genuinely) to Ceres before sighing ruefully to Augie. "I never get to get into fights with anyone. I miss all the fun. It really sucks."

Phin sticks his tongue out right back at Ygraine, blowing a raspberry at the blonde ECO. "Yeah, well…" He might blush a little as to how he pulls off dress grays, but he grins, too. "They expect those things sometimes. Might as well dust them off." He looks up at Augie, offering the DCO a nod. The bruise over his left eye he'd been sporting is entirely faded now. "Had a kind of off week, sir, but I'm probably not the only one. Don't sweat about it. It's done now."

"Naw, don't wanna take ya from yer conversation - but maybe we can show these kids how to cut a rug later." Augustus offers a smile as he takes a seat next to his pilot and gives Ygraine a chuckle. "Ya spoilin fer a fight? I'd offer to throw ya around, but Ceres made me swear off breakin folks in the Air Wing fer a month." he comments, and considers. "Know what this place needs? A mechanical bull. The Bunny Brothel back on Scorpia had one of those - used to have gals ride that damn thing topless on Tuesday nights for a chance to win a few hundred cubits. No clue why I just thought of that, but damns, that was a fun thing to do, ride that damn bull." He shakes his head and considers. "Colonial Day? Frak. I forgot too, hon." he admits. "I still think I can get away with coveralls, we can go completely casual. Hell, I think I read somewhere once that Aphrodite even has a nude wedding ceremony." The smile that's there speaks volumes.

"I am sure he does, most men look dashing in their dress greys, I won't lie on that." Ceres seems fond of that idea and Augustus moving to join her causes her legs to drop and make room for him, crossing her left over her right to let her foot bob a bit. But when he starts talking about topless women she gives him a light pinch in the side and lifts a brow. "I should have you swear off a lot of things." She murmurs, but there is a fond smile beneath it all before she glances over to Phin and gets a look at that bruise that has her brows furrowing over something. Ceres is so deeply mulling over whatever is bothering her with her eyes on Doll that she speaks up without really hearing Augie, "Whatever you want, dear."

"You poundin' me like meat in a grinder ain't really th'kinda scrap I mean." Ygraine says, and pauses, "That came out wrong." Then suddenly, a broad grin splits her face. "Think ya can show a thing t'me and Phin about cuttin' a rug? I beg t'differ. Me an' him could probably show y'all a thing or two." There's a sudden gleam in her eye, and her grin Phin-ward is suddenly rather conspiritorial.

"I would not have gotten up on that bull without wrapping it," Phin quips. To Ygraine, he just winks.

Much like Ceres, Augie is in his civilian clothes - a pair of bluejeans, faded cowboy boots, a t-shirt underneath a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and an off-white stetson perched on his head. The pinch to his side causes him to wince a little, and he gives a grunt. "If yer lookin' for more than an inch, ya need to look elsewhere." he comments to her, and smirks widely before he addresses Ygraine, leaning over to Ceres. "So, at the end of that ceremony, we both drink from a wine skin, sacrifice a goat to Aphrodite and then Geni whips both of our naked bodies with a leather strap to promote a fruitful marriage." he says so matter-of-factly to her. Is he making that up? Who the hell — well, Geni would know. Anyway. He gives Ygraine a snort. "…what type of dance we talkin' about?"

Ceres at least draws out of her thoughts and stops staring at Phin long enough to finally catch what the DCO is really saying. Her brows furrow and she knocks her right fist into his shoulder lightly. "Whatever, Augustus, that is not happening and you know it. You are at least wearing your coveralls." ANd then there is the talk of dancing and she seems to have missed a lot in her musings. "Dancing?"

Ygraine mms, casually checking out her own nails. "Phinny and me, we may or may not have been kinda been known for bein' hot on th'dance floor when it came t'swing n' lindy hoppin.

"It's way more butch than it sounds when she says it," Phin says quickly. "That stuff's good for your reflexes and coordination and stuff. Totally helped my scores when I applied for flight school."

Augie nods towards Phin. "Helped when I first learned boxing. Ceres likes to dance.. one of our first dates, we didn't say a word, just danced. It was pretty.. romantic, actually." he shrugs his shoulders. "If ya like that kinda weird shit." A wink is cast towards Ceres. "Ya find a dress, I'll wear my greys." he offers in a compromise and then considers. "…how many folks would brought dresses on anyway?" he asks generally. "The civvies? There's the gal doctors. I could ask Ekho if she has a dress ya can use, Ceres."

"You two danced in school…that sounds lovely." Ceres seems rather happy about that and starts to rise. In a rare moment of being outspoken, Redux nods to them. "Lets get some music going and have a good night of it." They can't drink, she doesn't want to drink and Augie won't because she isn't. Dancing is needed. She is already shuffling over to the music player to find something to play.

"It's not weird. My brother, the Marine, totally does stuff…umm, like it. We won a contest once." Phin does not specify what kind of contest. He does finish the rest of his soda in a gulp and stands, offering his arm to Ygraine with a certain amount of flourish.

Like hades Augie won't. It's a crime on 10 of 12 colonies to abandon a good drink. Alcohol Abuse and all that. Augie totally finishes the bourbon that Ceres isn't drinking and goes to join her over at the music player. "…hmm." he murmurs. "Ya pick. Yer leadin this ride, darlin'."

"Video, or it dind't happen." Ygraine drains her drink, hopping to her feet and letting Phin escort her out. It's like riding a bicycle, she settles into letting him lead like it's old hat.

Since they are swingers, the two young ones, she puts on something upbeat with a lot of brass. As the downbeat kicks in and the trumpets blare, she smiles up at Augie. "We are not going to win this one, love. I can't teach you these quick steps fast enough, but we will begin. After this, I have something for us lined up." She takes his hands and holds them between them. "Mirror my movements for the base, two, back-step. One two, back-step." She steps with her right to the side slightly, left to the side slightly and then on a beat and a half she rocks back on her right feet and springs forward into the right side step, left side step.

"I'm almost totally sure all copies were destroyed by the toasters." Phin does not sound sorry. He actually is fairly decent on his feet. It's the kind of thing his lighter brand of athleticism is well-suited for. He leads her quick in an opening spin-and-dip.

Augustus immediately winces at the start of the music. "What the frak?" he asks, as Ceres grabs his hands and follows her, at least he tries valiantly to follow her. His movements are still based in brawling, boxing and what little either Ceres has shown him or he's taught to himself as follows her. "This is totally frakkin' weird shit." he says as he tries to keep up, but really, he's totally the post for Ceres to dance around at the moment.

So there's this bit where Phin sort of hefts her up into the air and she kicks her feet before landing on the ground again. And another bit where sort of swings her legs straight out on either side of him. Ygraine seems pretty convinced that Phin's going to catch her or make sure she doesn't fall whenver the pair do some sort of athletic swing trick, outside and around their basic box steps and turns.

"We are just going to work these three steps, over and over and then I will show you a turn." Ceres glances over at the two and after a moment, she tugs Augustus back and slides her arm around him. "Watch.." She whispers and there is a warm excitement in her eyes as she leans into him. She drinks in each step, watching their movements as if memorizing them.

Yes, they are outclassed by the young swingers, but something about the way Ceres smiles causes Augustus to just not care abut the idea as he wraps his arms around her and they forget the steps to just sway along at their own pace.

Phin totally does not drop Ygraine on the officer's lounge floor. He's reliable like that. He might be showing off some, trying to heft her as high as he can and then catch her with flair, once he's gotten back into the swing of their moves. Even if they don't exactly have an audience.

Ygraine lets out a "Whoo!" and breathlessly laughs as she lets Phin swing her about to the music like she's a rag doll.

While Ygraine and Phin dance, Augie looks towards Ceres. "Let's go for a walk." he suggests. "I know where there's this great little place we can lay out my shirt and look at the stars. And.. well.. you can look at the stars, I'll be looking at you." There's a crooked smile at that.

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