AWD #379: Passing the Buck
Passing the Buck
Summary: Halena taps Gloria for some work on the coffin.
Date: 05 July 2016
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Gloria Halena 
Pireaus Landing Zone
Just outside the fences and gate to Sheridan, the first official town on the new planet, is a large area about one hundred yards by one hundred yards covered in perforated, steel planking. The dirt below seems to have been tamped down solid and the planks sit several inches below a 'step up' to the rest of the terrain. There are several green lights surrounding the plating at the edge to mark it as visible from the air. Along the edge are a few Vipers and Raptors parked under semi-permanent structures with basic ground crew kits nearby. A cinderblock shed sits at the edge, the entire top half covered in plexiglass that acts as a control tower, several long, whip antennas on steel supports sit on either side.
AWD #379

While Halena is absolutely, posatively not going to be dismantling the coffin any further, it doesn't mean that she doesn't check-in every other day or so. But it's a schlep, to say the least. To Pireaus, pick up a new flight to the Pilgrim on an opposite orbit, then back again. She's just returning now from such an exertion, moving across the landing zone in her Engineer's jumpsuit with a sidearm strapped to her body. Her red hair is in a ponytail, and she's pale as always. If one couldn't recognize her by those facts alone, that limp is there, too.

Gloria is really, really, not a fan of the raptor flights down to P, even such a short distance leaves her feeling as sick as a dog. With the shuttle having landed only a few minutes ago she's disembarked, resisted teh urge to throw up, resisted the urge to hug the ground, and is now making her way over to the far side of the landing area where the two recovered rhinos are stowed. Work on upgrading them ahs been slow, largely due to lack of specalists, but it is progressing.

Gloria is seen. And recognized. Perhaps by someone she herself wouldn't recognize. "Oates?" She calls out. Normally Halena is very soft-spoken, but in that moment she proves how she's able to shout at minions scurrying about the noisy engine rooms. Woman has a set of pipes on her when she chooses to use them. Her limp disappates as Halena moves to a jog, heading in Gloria's direction.

Being one of the enlisted up in CIC, Gloria is entirely used to officers callingher name, so she stops and turns to see just who it might be this time. The jumpsuit gives her pause, but she's run down the mental list of ship's crew by the time Halena makes it over and offers a smart salute and a "Captain Tremaine. What can I do for you?"

Halena slows to a limp by the time she reaches Gloria, nodding her head appreciatively for the woman stopping and turning to address her. "I'm sorry to catch you like this, but I saw you and … well, I saw you," she says with a bit of a grin. "You were recommended to me to take lead on my coffin problem, up on the Iron Pilgrim. Are you familiar with the project at all?"

Gloria relaxes down to 'at ease' as she listens to the captain's words. "The artifact recovered from Ragnar?" Gloria asks. "I'm aware that it was brought back and quarentened on Iron Pilgrim, but little beyond that I'm afraid Sir." She looks faintly intreagued though, but tilts her head towards the rhinos. "I have a lot on my hands at the moment with those two brutes, but I'll spare you what time i can. What is it that needs doing?"

"I need someone capable of taking it apart the rest of the way and removing the contents undamaged. I've opened the thing and seem to have triggered most of the booby traps." Most, not all. Halena rolls right through her needs, aware of Gloria's finite amount of time. "Inside is a communication device. It's quarentined on the Pilgrim, though still suspended without life support, so you'd have to take it out in an EVA suit. After that it can be moved in a special container to another secured room in the Pilgrim, where you can dissect the thing more fully and tell us what it might actually be." She tilts her head curiously. "Is this something that you think you might be able to handle?"

There's a faint look of concern on Gloria's features as boobytraps are mentioned, well, not particularly faint, but she gets control of it. "What sort of communications device?" she asks, "our's, their's, or unknown?" Then an importnat one, "is there gravity onboard? I might run into.. difficulties.. if there is not. If it's one of ours though then yes, I should be able to give you something at least."

Halena comfortably folds her arms, nodding at Gloria's questions. "We've activated the gravitational systems, yes. If it's ours or theirs well … that's a fabulous question." Halena smiles just a touch wryly. "The box, that is to say the coffin itself, had a Colonial Navy Intelligence Service number imprinted on it, but it was being defended by Raiders. What's more, Intel explained to me that a similar coffin was found at the edge of Cylon space just before War Day, but any details of the contents or experience there was redacted and they don't know any more." She sighs softly, reaching up to rub her forehead. "So it's rather been my little mystery. It looks like some sort of SCAMP terminal, but honestly by knowledge beyond that is … nonexistant." She opens her eyes again, looking at the woman apologetically.

Gloria listens, nodding in a couple of plaes as the explaination is given. "Could you send me anyinformation you've gathered on it so far sir? Any imagies and such? I'm going to be busy here all day, but I can take a look at things when I get back onboard tonight. I'm used to dealing with bigger systems than SCAMPs, but I'm sure there's a lot of parrallels." Her eyebrow does rasies slightly at the mention of a second box though,a nd it's location. "Any information you can get me on the second one would also be useful sir, if my clearance is high enough."

"Of course," Halena agrees immeidately. "And moreover, you might speak with Corporal Rakes and Lietentant Ashwood. According to Intel, their backgrounds should set them up to be helpful to you, on this. Once you've figured out what you can, if you can report back to me, I'd much appreciate it." Then she shifts her weight to her good leg, biting gently on her lower lip. "Unfortunately that's all the information even Intel has on it. They only have the paper file, with the redactions. Whoever held the unredacted file … well after War Day it's likely destroyed or very, very lost. Probably won't find the thing for twenty years."

"Rakes and Ashwood," Gloria repeats, "do you mind if I ask why them in particular?" She's not familiar with them but has made a mental note of their names so as to rope them in later. With no further quetions yet regarding the coffin she changes topic and asks, "do you happen to have any engineers with electonic experience by the way? I could do with an extra pair of hands at the moment with the rhinos as I'm approaching the edge of my knowledge. I wouldn't need them for long I don't think, just a few days."

Halena shakes her head. "When I asked Intel who they might recommend to get their hands dirty on this, those are the names I recieved," the redhead says, speaking easily and candidly. "One's a marine, the other an ECO, so I believe the thought is to have all teams on deck for this, to see what insight each department might have." To the rest, however, the woman nods. "Of course. I'll send some people down right away."

Gloria nods her understanding and makes a mental note to check in with intel as well to see just why the recommendations have come across. "All right then sir. I'll take a look when I get back later, speak with Rakes and Ashwood, and let you know if it looks like we need anything else." A small smile appears as help is promised and she braces up once more. "Thank you sir, I'll get them back to you as soon as I can."

Halena nods. "As long as you're keeping them busy, take your time. I'm happy to be able to assist across departments, whenever available." She nods once more. "I'd best catch my ride, but I look forward to hearing from you soon."

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