MD #206: Paperwork
Summary: Lukes makes a request of the Master-at-Arms and is reminded that the military runs on paperwork.
Date: 31/13/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lukes Lleufer 
Master-at-Arms Office, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion

A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk with chairs on either side and filing cabinets. There is a coffee maker on low cabinet with a tray of cups and condiments.

A large flat screen for meetings to project maps and charts from the Master at Arm's data terminal covers one grey bulkhead. Wall file slots for blank forms are mounted by the hatch beside the current MP roster.

A black and white aerial recon shot shows destruction of a city where Marines made intense battle. The caption reads: 'Santos Ridge, Picon, Liberated 0935 13 OCT 2005. 2500-3000 Centurions destroyed.'

Fri May 18 18:39:00 2049

A security patrol at 0500 found a LTJG Lukes face-down in gravity and orbital harts in the Offices on Deck One. She was still in her flight gear and it was basically a welfare check, but she was more embarrassed about the drool on the charts. Luckily laminate is there for spills. Ahem. Lleu probably understood when he read the memo. However, it may be more of a surprise when she shows up at his office door in her flightsuit with a secure satchel with her. Knock-knock on the doorframe. "Gunnery Sergeant. Hi, I'm JG Lukes. I think I, uhm, included you on the memo?" Its easy to tell she isn't the most professional or assembled officer. But, as long as she's effective right?

Lleufer is standing over by one of his filing cabinets, putting files back in and sorting papers. The Master-at-Arms looks up when someone pulls his hatch open to his office. "Hey Suds. Come on in, Lieutenant. There's coffee if you want some." The rest of his papers are set on top of the drawn out door to be filed later. Lleu closes it up and locks the cabinet. "Yes, you did. Puts a lot of questions into my mind." Ynyr gestures to the two chairs, "Please, make yourself comfortable. What can I do for you, Jig?" The Gunny comes around to the front of his desk and leans his butt against it.

"Ah, right, yes I know you. Sorry, late night and my brain is just like.." Lukes lifts a hand and makes a small splodey sound and gestures to her brains coming out of her ear. "Anywho, I should probably stand since what I need isn't exactly in here. At least I don't think." Eyes glance around, then look back to him. "I need to talk to the XO and I have ducks that need to be in a row. Do you all have any microwave satcom gear? I mean for broadcasting from a planet."

The Master-at-arms arches a brow at Lukes mentioning something she needs that isn't in his office. What, a bunk to crash on? Lleu doesn't ask, he lets her get to her point. "Yeah, we do. We also have a variety of radio equiptment." He reaches over to his desk to pick up a half empty water bottle and takes a drink from it before he asks, "What do you have in mind?"

Lukes puts down the secure pouch and opens it. She digs out a tablet and closes the door while she boots it. Biometrics passed, she pulls up an audio file. "Because this is what my Raptor's microwave and decrypt gear captured." She starts the audio. There's a lot of in and out with it, data packets lost. But he can tell she was adjusting because it gets more clear in the last twenty seconds. The voice is speaking a language Lleu has never heard before but it does not sound like some jerk making demands for surrender. This sounds professional and it sounds military. The words, when they can be made out, are clipped and attempting to be clear. She plays it twice, a 48 second recording. "Gunny, they aren't speaking Arpay. But the microwave system we use was installed and the decryption algorithms are really, really, REALLY good so we never bothered to change them. We could have picked this up and probably force-busted the decryption on anything low tech, but this came -right- through. I'd like to see the frequency data sheets on your satcom packs, if I could?"

He listens and nods, "No, that's definitely not Arpay." Lleu would know since he can speak it himself. He frowns, gaze unfocused as he listens very carefully through again, the second time. Ynyr's eyes refocus on her, "You deciphered the decription on the first go? Then it's either piss poor encription, or what? Using an encription system we already know?" The latter idea seems to bother him. "I'll have to get permission to let you have that data, Lieutenant. Intra-departmental request, but likely I can do that." The military is huge on paperwork and permissions. "You think they were using a frequency we also use?" Lleufer shifts where he leans against his desk and lifts a hand to rub his stubbly chin. "I read your memo. Do I understand that you have identified not one, but two separate groups and they are fighting each other? That might explain their aggressive behavior towards our attempts to make contact."

"No. I didn't decrypt on the first go. The decryption was automatic. I didn't even have to do anything. Its like I was listening to something intended for us." Shelby leaves that there for Lleu to consider for a moment. The idea of having to wait gets a mutter, though. "Alright, I was hoping to have that info when I talk to the XO. It would make my job easier than having to come back in a few days." She turns off the tablet and stuffs it back into the secure pouch. "No, they were definitely using a frequency we use. Microwave only works in transmittable data packets across.. nevermind. Basic version: There's a width of frequencies we can use, but, like, we organized with the Arpay to only use a certain section for military so OTHER microwave stuff didn't interfere. And yeah, these two groups don't seem like they are fans of each other."

She's got his attention. Lleufer taps the side of his jaw with a finger as he thinks about what she's told him about the encription. No comment. Ynyr's going to want to mull that over. Then he nods, "You get that OK from your CAG over the com, he can ping me and I can have the codes pulled for you within a few minutes and you can have it in hand before you meet with the Commander. It's your end you have to go through your CoC in your department. I can OK it on my side." Consider it done. The Gunny gives a slow nod, "And I presume Intel is running this language against our files on all of our other languages on file to see if they can come up with any related roots?"

Lukes points to the phone on the wall. "You mind?" She steps over to it and takes it off the ringer and punches a few numbers. The first few are dialing CIC for sure. She puts it on speaker. "CIC, Air Boss," picks up.

Shelby: "Air Boss, this is JG Lukes. Can you connect me with the CAG?"

Boss: "Is this important?"

Shelby: "Yep, its important."

Boss: "Copy, standby."

Shelby: "Thanks."

She looks over to Lleu, "CAG's on CAP. And I have no idea what intel is doing with it." She then goes back to the wall mount when Niko crackles, "Rocker-Two One, go."

Shelby: "Sir, this is Suds. I'm in the Master at Arms' office. He's requesting clearance for me to see the microwave satcom frequency charts for their radios, over."

Niko: "Granted, over."

Shelby: "Thank you, sir. Suds, out."

She shuts off the call.

Lleufer listens and once he's been told her boss is aware of her request and OK's it, "All right then, but I /have/ to have that backed up with the proper paperwork, Suds. You get it and send it over. Don't make me come looking for you later." Ynyr steps on out of his office and snags a Marine to speak with. A few words are exchanged and that Corporal nods, going off to pull the data and have it sent over to Lleu's comp. A moment later the MaA comes back in, "I'll have that for you in a moment." The paper trail can be filed and catch up later. Lleu sits down at his desk and fires up his comp, "So, you have any hunches to share with me?"

Shelby can actually be patient, believe it or not. This time she actually does plunk down in a chair. She keeps the pouch in her lap, though. Lukes has the look of someone who has never been responsible for this kind of info before and she's a little worried about screwing it up. Its a miracle she thought to come here first. Or maybe she is better than she displays. Tough to tell. "To be honest, I'm kind of afraid to theorize. I don't know how this could possibly happen." Lukes probably doesn't know about the history of coincidences and things working out that have followed the ship. "All I know is what we found. I mean I almost told my pilot to just jump into high orbit over the planet but…" She frowns and looks uncomfortable. "You ever get one of those weird feelings? Like something telling you to not do that? Do something else that's just not normally in your normal playlist?" Half her face scrunches up. "I told my pilot to jump behind a moon and peek our nose around the horizon. If we'd jumped in there.. we probably woulda been killed."

A moment later and the printer kicks on. Lleu gets up and retrieves the hex shaped pages and when it's done, he brings them over to hand to Lukes. Ynyr stands there and makes eye contact with the young ECO, "Yeah. I've had those feelings, and others. Always wise to … listen." Lleu stands there and shifts his jaw as he thinks about it, "In the last war, we got a lot of strange feelings. Or heard the whispers of dead friends warning us of things right before they happened, or to keep us from doing stupid things. But sometimes it was something a lot stronger, like you just felt like something bigger was directing us. Strange things happened that the odds were really against, yet they happened. Even the Cylons cued into it. It wierded them out enough to decide it was better to settle for a truce with us. So, I know exactly what you mean and I'm glad you headed it."

Lukes waits for the printer and eagerly takes the page. She's about to read it when Lleu gets her attention. When he finishes, she lets off a breath. "Good advice. I'm not sure if I feel better or more weirded out. Thanks." This is something she may come back to him for, but she rises and looks at the sheet. "Okay. Uhm.. Wow. Awesome. I'm taking possession. You see it and stuff. I'll burn this after I'm done. Thanks, Gunnery Sergeant. Seriously. I owe ya."

Lleufer does a Knox style trigger finger at Lukes, "I'll hold you to that promise to burn that. I find it posted in the Head later, I'll be hunting you down, LT." Then he makes a 'shooing' gesture, "Go meet with the XO. Need anything else from me, you know where to find me." Ynyr moves to resume his seat at his desk to catch up on other work.

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