AAR: Pallas Evacuation - Marines


August 4th, 2005

FR: Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
RE: Pallas Evac: Marine unit insertion with sweep of scientific post for further survivors.


At roughly 17:30 hours a Marine unit lead by Staff Sergeant Winston Titus disembarked the insertion Raptors. First priority was to locate and load the Pallas facility survivors. As soon as the Raptors lifted off with the evacuees, the Marine unit was to do a sweep to investigate heat sources deeper within the facility.

Off of the main chamber was a hallway with many doors. We heard the sound of bare feet running away and shortly after the intercom crackled with the sound of breathing. A sweep of the rooms off of the hallway proved to be dormitory chambers, some of which had been barricaded against intrusion. No survivors found within.

Past the hallway was the Recreation Room. The stench was thick of death and rotting flesh. Blood everywhere. Signs of hand to hand fighting and what looked to have been butchering and feasting upon bodies. Slaughterhouse. Signs designated LABS and ADMIN down a stairwell and the team chose to investigate ADMIN first. By this time the breathing over the intercom had become a woman's voice humming a lullaby, drawing us deeper.

Blood and grime was at once replaced with spotless clean. Past an empty room with a single chair, a door opened and a man stepped out with his eyes closed. He said, "Embrace the darkness. You are fools to not look within for strength." he smiled, then stepped through and locked another door. At that moment voices began to shout "WELCOME!" in happy, cheerful tones. The Admin Offices had been converted into what looked like a throne room with a great seat erected from steel scrap and other found objects. A man's body sat perched upon it, dead for some time, with an arrow through his chest. A sign was hung on him that read: 'Virgon Knows Kings No Longer. The King Is Dead.' Upon the floor lay a woman dressed only in a lab coat, hands tied behind her back and humming into the intercom microphone we'd been hearing. She otherwise seemed oblivious to our arrival.

The sound of metal scraping against metal brought us back out. Staff Sergeant Titus grabbed the bound woman and tossed her over his shoulder with orders for us to withdraw. Back in the lower hall, an arrow was fired at Sergeant Arthur Vashti but missed. A mob of them were forming up around a turn in the corridor ahead in the darkness, 50 or so feet from our location. Almost at once more arrows began to be fired upon our position and Staff Sgt Titus ordered us to withdraw to the floor above. The mob suddenly charged and we began a hasty retreat back up the stairwell, returning fire.

Above, our Raptors were coming in for our extraction. Outnumbered by the hungry, seemingly insane mob, we fell back through the Recreation Room in which more archers had been posted, and through the hall to the main insertion chamber. The door we barred, then made a run for it. All of the Marine unit boarded safely and we were extracted with the incoherent woman in the lab coat. The remaining hostile Pallas survivors were abandoned.

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  • None except unsalvageable hostile Pallas survivors.


Please see AWD #210: Pallas Evac - Marines attached.

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