AWD #005: Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake
Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake
Summary: As Zachary works on some cakes for a celebration, he's approached by Holtz and Jess for a possible project. And Zander learns why you don't blow off the new DCAG.
Date: 10/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
10 January 2005

It's breakfast time in the chow line.. then why is the smell of chocolate wafting in the air this morning, mixing with the usual smell of green eggs, bacon limper than a straight man at a Top Guns Male Revue show, and brick biscuits. Having taken over part of the kitchen, the DCAG is baking of all things that pilot do. He has several mixing bowls out and is combining ingredients as he has one of the ovens to himself. Protecting his uniform is a large apron that reads: Another Broken Egg Cafe - CFA Leonis. Humming to himself, he carefully measures and starts to add chocolate chips to the mixer.

Brewakfast time. That's still an important part of the day. Making his way into the chow line, Jason looks around a bit thoughtfully at the moment, pausing at the smell of the chocolate. "Do you smell that?" he asks to the person nearest him in the line, looking a little curious. He hasn't seen the man that's invaded the kitchen yet, it would seem.

The girl next to Jason, an ensign pilot smells the air. "I do! Gods, chocolate, I haven't had that since Virgoron." she says in a dream voice. "Cook, are we having cake tonight?" she calls out to one of the mess line workers.

"No, one of the officers is baking a cake for his unit." he shrugs. "He brought his own supplies for the most part and the mess manager seemed to know him, so we just made room for him." With that, he jerks a thumb back to a corner near the edge of the chow line where Zachary is working on mixing and greasing up cake pans.

Jason nods a little as he hears the girl's words, then pauses for a few moments at the answer from the mess line worker. Looking over to where Zachary is, he blinks for a few times, before he nods a little bit now. "Ah…" A bit unsure of what more to say for now, it seems.

Glancing up from his work, Zachary turns around from his station to search for a small bottle, and pauses for a moment as he notices two of his pilots in the line. "Morning." he offers with a smile, wiping the flour off on his apron. "Prepping a couple of cakes for the celebration of the two new promotions." A shrug at that. "It's a habit I've had for years, since I was back at Leonis with the Embrace."

Jason nods a bit, "Good morning, sir." Offered after a few moments, before he offers a bit of a smile. "It sounds like a fine habit, that I'm sure people really appreciates," he says, looking around at the food line for a few moments, then back to the DCAG. "And the smell of it brightens the morning for all of us here," he adds, with another smile.

Where as Jason might be all smiles and as-well you get the idea, the fellow coming up behind him and his talkative ensign is not entirely. He does show some small signs of bruising, but otherwise the CIC officer is polished in his dark duty blues. Already a steaming mug of coffee is balanced on his tray, while he comes through. Likely getting some of the usual slop in order to get a warm belly-and some energy to continue on with work during the day. So-Jason might indeed be smiling. But Lieutenant Thomas Wake? Naw. He's got more or less a netural to slightly disgruntled visage appearance.

Zachary chuckles, finding the bottle he was looking for. "My dad was a mess line slinger when he wasn't infantry during the last Cylon War. Opened his own place at Leonis when the war was over." he comments, as he opens the bottle and wrinkles his nose at the smell that comes from it. "Good pick, Eden." he finally says and adds a few drops to the batter. It takes a few seconds, but the scent of truffle adds in with the chocolate.

"Well, these are for tomorrow night's promotion celebration. I'm thinking Chocolate Truffle for Major St. Clair and a Lemon Yellow cake for Captain Cole." With that, he turns to continue to mix and prepare. The poor ensign, probably nervous that the DCAG is addressing her hurries off. "Oh. I'm Major Sheperd, by the way. Go by the callsign Pie. Didn't catch your name, if I recall right. As Wake approaches, the spook gets a nod of his head. "Morning, Wake."

Kurt Holtz looks neither happy nor aggravated, just tired. Which is to be expected, considering he just rolled out of his rack, if his rumpled fatigues and mussed-up hair are any indication. He stifles a yawn as he trudges into the mess hall and takes a spot in line. Spotting his Pyramid teammate from the other day, he offers Wake a silent wave of the hand. And then, he smells… is that cake? At this hour? Holtz cranes his neck to try and get a better look at the kitchen, a slightly puzzled look on his face.

"Didn't know we were having a godsdamned party." Wake says before he is looking back towards Shepherd and there's a faint smirk that shows. "Mornin' Major." the Lieutnenant is not at all put off by the informalty. Still there is an arch of a brow in Shepherd's direction before he is looking back towards the said staked out oven. "Seems, like Pie was just just a joke on your name." A half grin there finally quirked before it drops down. A reach to ladle up some hard boiled eggs. "Never knew a CAG to bake." observation there.

The Lieutenant does turn and jerk his head in Holtz's direction before a wave follows the usual bro nod that a team mate is worthy of recieving. "Did you know your CAG was a cook, kid?" this tossed along Holtz's way. He likely should have stayed for introductions to catch Kurt's name.

Jason nods a little bit as he hears Zachary's words. "Ah, I see," he replies, to the part about the major's dad. Nodding a little to the introduction. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Springthrope, or Stand-up," he introduces himself. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir. Looking between the others for a few moments, looking to both Wake and Holtz now, offering them a polite nod and a smile. "Morning."

"It's Condition Three and it's been a hell of a few days on the units, Wake. I believe a little relaxation and celebration of good things is good for morale." Wake's ribbing of Zachary's ability to bake is partially shelved. "Before I was a Raptor driver, I went to college for Culinary Arts." A smirk at that as he mixes the truffle oil in with the chocolate batter and chocolate chips. Death by chocolate cake, anyone? He continues to mix the items together. "Not every DCAG is a hard-nosed, grind it out, eat steel and spit nails type. Though I can be that if I need to." he points out.

Once he has the batter mixed to a consistency that he's pleased with, he starts to pour it into the pre-greased pans. Again, the pouring of the batter starts to send that wonderful smell of chocolate, dark chocolate and truffle into the air. It just does not fit with the smell of eggs and bacon and biscuits. "Nice to meet you, Stand-Up. You're one of my Raptor Pilots, right?" And then he pauses in his mixing for a moment, brows furrowing in thought.

"Not the same Jason Springthorpe that's Edgar Ambercrombie?" he asks. "If you are, my wife has all of your videoes. She made me watch them all with her again just a couple of weeks ago." he admits as he starts to load the pans into the oven.

"Sir," Jess greets Zachary as she files into line behind Holtz and Wake, sliding a tray along, "Cakes today?" She eyes the pans filling with chocolatey batter and lifts a brow. "If you have a minute once those are in the oven, major," she says, "There's a project I wanted to run by you. Hey Holtz, CIC Guy."

Holtz yawns again. "Mornin', Standup," he says to Jason, and shoots a dirty look at Wake. "It's Holtz, for frak's sake," His voice is a low, tired-sounding croak, and his brow twitches in irritation. "Storm, if you like. But I haven't been 'kid' in twenty godsdamn years." Looks like someone's not a morning person. He idly scratches at the stubble on his jaw as he picks up a plate. But then the mention of the CAG cooking registers, and the puzzled look comes back. "You moonlightin' as a baker, sir?" he calls out to Zachary as he spoons a healthy helping of eggs onto his plate. "Hey, Nags," he greets his fellow Viper stick.

"I am well aware of what the past few days have been." Wake replies with a snort. A reach past the female Ensign, as he's going for the potatoes next. A half glance is pushed to Jason for a moment. A nod "Morning." apparently he's not wowed by the celebrity next to him. Instead he is making sure to get his breakfast. "And I am not saying that they need to be, sir. I just find it a damned interesting hobby that you are saddled with." The Lieutenant replies with an aloof grin. His brow finally drops as he watches over towards the mixing and all before he turns his head back towards Holtz. A smirk showing right there. "I think.." Wake starts. "I like Kid for you." However no snickering follows his delivery to the older man.

A reach for a biscuit and a nod is leveled Jess' way. "Aquaria chick." Apparently someone remembers details.

"We all have our habits and quirks, Wake. What's yours?" Zachary asks as he greets the incoming pilots, "Storm, Nags. Morning. No, no cake for breakfast, even if it has all the breakfast food groups." a grin at that. "These are for tomorrow's promotion celebration for the new Major and Captain." he points out. Taking out the beaters, he puts them in the nearly empty bowl and sets them aside. "I have a few before I start on Janitor's lemon cake." he comments, "Come on over and chat with me. If you want, wash up and you can help me prepare the next cake, as well."

Jason nods a little as he hears Zachary's words. "Well, that would be me, yes sir." A brief pause as he hears the part about his wife making him watch those films with her, before he offers a brief grin. "I hope they didn't bore you too much, sir," he offers, a bit lightly. Looking between the other pilots and offering a bit of a grin now.

"Stand-up," Jess adds a greeting for the Raptor pilot, looking at him curiously for a moment before turning back to loading up breakfast as Holtz and Wake move down the line. Breakfast is yogurt, apparently. She might snrrk at Wake calling Holtz 'kid', and glances down to watch the older pilot's reaction before turning back to chuckle at Zachary, "I don't know, sir, I've never been much good at baking…" she trails off, and says, "Actually, what am I saying? Happy to help!"

"Feh." That's all the reply Wake is going to get, at least for the moment. Well, that and a mumbled comment a heartbeat later, something about dumb sheepfrakkers. An equally large helping of hash browns is scooped onto Holtz's plate to go along with his eggs. "That's all right, sir, never liked sweets in the morning anyway." He grabs a pair of salt packets and dumps the contents over his eggs. A look goes to Jess, and then back to Zachary. "Speaking of which, sir, had somethin' I wanted to run by you when you had a chance." Another glance at Jess. "It'll hold 'til I get off CAP, though." She did call dibs, after all. He moves down the line, picking up a mug of hot water and a tea bag, and then squints as he looks around the serving area. "Where's the damn cream and sugar?"

When Jess comes over, Zachary hands her a pair of pans. "Go ahead and start greasing these up." he comments, as he hears Holtz. "I can multitask." he promises. "Jess first, then you. Unless you'd rather talk in private." Offered to both of them, the flight officer seems to be trying to accomodate the needs to the team as he brushes his hands off on his 'Another Broken Egg Cafe' apron.

A snort leaves Wake to the older man's grousings, before he's looking back to Zachary. "In answer to your question sir. I like to play chess. Go hunting-and I am a fan of poetry and pyramid." A look given to the CAG before he is waving a hand in Jess' direction. "Have fun baking, Aquaria Chick." And he is peeling from the line. His tray sufficently filled, though he does pause long enough to look back to Holtz and offer a cocked grin. "Someone musta drunk it all, while you were taking your vitamins, and complaining about teenagers on your lawn, Kid." A half wink is given before he is headed off to one of the various officer tables. "Have a good day, pilots." called out over his shoulder.

Nodding a little bit at the moment, listening to the others while Jason gets his food for the moment. Moving to find himself a place to sit, not too far from where the others are at the moment, he starts eating his meal, a bit thoughtfully.

Jess gives a wave to Wake before chuckling at Holtz, "Stick around, Stormkid," she says, "I think we may want to talk about similar things. Or related ones, anyway." She ditches her tray, and takes yogurt and herself around to join Zachary, sucking on the spoon as picks up pans and butter. She puts it down again to talk. (The spoon, that is.) "Stormkid and I were talking about how the cylon ships, - the raiders, I guess - don't fly the way they used to," she explains as she butters one pan, "Our simulations are totally inaccurate and kind of worthless for training now. So I was talking to Buttons, one of your ECOs, about coding up some new ones, and he thinks he can do it if we can get our hands on enough footage. I was hoping you could authorize that, and maybe give us a hand in getting some footage from Weps and CIC also so we can get a look at the full spread of the engagement and look at cylon group tactics, too."

As Jess speaks, Zachary hands over ingredients. "I need five cups of flour. Fill it to the line and use that knife over there to scrape off the excess." the DCAG offers as he listens to her story. If Jess is paying attention, the CSAR driver's hand grips the lemon he was about to start zesting a little tighter. "Yes, I observed some of their unit tactics at Avery Hall." he comments. "I am going to see if we can gather all the combat film from the engagements and work with CIC to see if we can integrate them into the current system. I was told we had a programming wiz in the unit. I'd like to get him on it if at all possible."

Holtz shakes his head ruefully and mutters again at the departing Wake, another crack about sheepfrakkers to go along with something about pounding sand, mixed in with a line of particularly pungent Tauron curses. It sounds more like annoyance, though, than actual anger. There's a baleful look directed at Jess before he looks back at Zachary. "Yeah, she read my mind, sir." Several strips of bacon are dropped onto his plate, but he's still looking around for that cream and sugar. "I've still got a bunch of my old training films I used to show my students, but they're worth exactly frak-all now. They're playin' a whole new ball game these days." Another sidelong look at Jess. "I'd like to work with Nags and whoever else ends up getting roped in. I've already taken a few notes from the films we do have."

"Boom! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! BOOM!"

Ladies and Gentlemen? Zander Sava. He probably should be looking where he's going as he's backing his way into the Mess Hall. Except, his eyes are down on the Scion Delta (as per the usual) and he just kind of is paying more attention to whatever it is that he's playing (it must have explosions) than anything else. While victory music plays from the speakers of his portable gaming device, he's got one hand in the air like he's some sort of epic champion of champions… or gamemaster. Whatever. And within four steps he's already doing some weird victory dance that probably only makes sense to gamers. He's actually too busy playing to even remember why he's in the Mess Hall in the first place.

Jess finds the sack of flour and begins measuring, nodding at Zachary as she says, "Yeah, that's Buttons, sir. The programming wiz. He and I started working on it last night just with my own footage from the other day, taking some prelim notes and calculations and things. He was saying—" She looks at the exclamation across the hall and snorts, "Well, he can tell you himself. Buttons!" she calls, hopefully loud enough to get head out of game, and waves him over. She counts out cups of flour as she nods to Holtz, "Yeah, that'd be good. Get more eyes on it and shit written out and he can figure out how to code it up for the sims. Is this going to be a round cake or a rectangle or what, sir?"

"Rectangle." Zachary says, and considers for a moment as he takes up the grater to start to zest down the lemon into a bowl. "Once you're done with the flour, add in five teaspoons of baking powder, that's the white box over there, and the teaspoon is the smaller spoon." he offers as he considers the project. "Alright, granted. Holtz, you are the lead on this project, only because you have experience with working with training. Jess, you're going to be the alpha and the beta tester. Find.. Buttons?" he asks, brows furrowing at the name, "And get him aboard. Find out an ETA on how long it will take to have a first draft done on the computers, and then we'll talk about updating the simulators. Fair?"

Holtz nods smartly. Or at least, as smartly as he can at this hour, given he's not had his morning tea just yet. And, speaking of which… there's that elusive cream and sugar. He adds a healthy helping of each to his mug. "Fair enough, sir." A look goes over to Zander, still absorbed in his game. Holtz looks measuringly at the young man. "Shouldn't take too long, if that kid's as good at programming 'em if he is at playing 'em."

Pause. Stop. Look. "… What I do?" That would be the deer in headlights moment that Zander's going through at this exact moment in time. His eyes are traveling from the Jess to the Zachary to the Jason to the Holtz and then back to his game… which his thumb magically finds a way to get to the Start button and get the pausing on, just in case he's about to get interrogated into oblivion or something. "I uh, just game to grab some Goodies. If that's a party foul, I can totally wait until you guys are done…" Within moments, Zander's over where the others are and extends some air guitar fingers towards Jason for some Excellent Silent Greetings. One more pause. "Wait. What're we talkin' about? The massive Simulator update of most needed ever?" Gamer Snark. Go Figure.

Busy as hell on ordnance mostly, and a couple of Raptors, Kelsey wanders into the Mess with an unhealthy pallor. Some say they saw her have a nervous breakdown on the Deck overnight after Warday. She's been working and sleeping on the deck pretty consistently since a few days before Caprica. Only her bunk and the rec room have seen less of her than the mess. While she'd been working with Duke, her boots had been shined, she looked fresh, everything was in the right place, and her uniform was spot-cleaned. Zero of that holds true anymore. Just another knuckledragger with a smudged face and tired eyes heading towards the food line.

Zachary is currently working on a lemon cake for Cole with the assistance of Jess as they talk with Holtz nearby. Zander just arrived. Sitting on a table nearby is a scrapped out bowl of chocolate cake batter and the coated beaters. The smell of chocolate and dark chocolate and truffles is in the air as the DCAG finishes zesting the lemon and starts cracking eggs. He's in his off-duty gear with the addition of a large apron that reads: Another Broken Egg Cafe - CFA Leonis. He seperates the eggs, dumping the whites into one bowl and dropping the yolks in with the lemon shavings.

"Morning, Buttons, I assume?" Zachary greets Zander as he continues to work. He catches that subtle locking of the jaw, but only gives a slight frown in response as he starts to mix up the ingredients with some sugar and vanilla.

"You've been volunteered, is what we're talkin' about, Buttons," Holtz says as a grin cracks his features. With his plate full, he steps out of the line, and into the kitchen proper, as to remain close to the conversation. Taking a sip from his tea, he leans against a nearby empty shelf and places down the mug. Bite by bite, he starts shoveling his breakfast away. "I'll break out my notes for both of ya, such as they are."

Jason is unable to hold back a bit of a grin at Zander's entrance, offering something similar in return, before he goes back to eating his food now, expression a bit thoughtful for the moment. Just listening a bit absently to what's being said for now.

"Couple weeks? Maybe if I was a total Embryo." Zander is chuckling to himself at this point, as if it were a major diss to his talents for this to take a couple of weeks. "I mean, ideally, I could knock this out in a couple days. Maximum. I would need special snack deliveries, some sweet BGM and maybe a handful of cheerleaders but I could get it done." Zander offers with a shrug, flipping the Scion Delta closed and attempting to pay more attention to things. "I've already worked out the numbers in my head. I've got a pretty good idea on how to recalibrate the functionality of the old chizz with the new chizz, without doing a complete rewrite of the entire program. Now that would take forever and a day, not to mention being a total Snoozefest. But I'm pretty sure with the right motivation, like I dunno wanting to kill every Cylon ever, I can have the Sims updated by party time next week. Cakes." … Does anybody need a translation?

Kelsey wanders up to the line and stands there without a tray. She looks over the pile of prepackaged sandwiches and takes a random one before moving on towards something to drink. A box milk andthe tired girl turns to walk over towards an empty seat and settle heavily.

Jess nods to Holtz, saying, "Cool, we can get on that later today if you've got some time." Zander's confidence doesn't seem entirely shared, and she tilts her head, stirring dry ingredients in the bowl as she replies, "I mean, sure, maybe you can code it up that fast, but we've got to get the data pulled together first, break down the physics of how they fly, and find the patterns and tendencies and stuff. I think that's going to be the time-consuming part, probably." She shrugs, and says, "We'll see how it goes, I guess? Maybe it'll be fast than I think."

Zachary carefully gauges the girl as she walks through the line. His eyes turn thoughtful as he gestures to Jess. "Need a couple of teaspoons of baking soda next. And a pinch of salt. If you spill any, make sure you toss it over your right shoulder." he comments as he considers. Waving over one of the attendants, he gestures and has a short conversation.

That attendant comes over to where Kelsey is sitting and sets down a small bowl with a chocolate covered beater in it. "The DCAG says this is to cheer you up." As that's going on, Zachary continues to work on his part of the project, adding sugar to his mixture.

"I want a good project, Buttons. Something that adapts and is real. This isn't a one and done thing, I need something that will grow and change as we observe any other changes to Cylon tactics. One month at least." he offers. "Take a month to work on the computer simulation and we'll see where we stand." It bears no quarter as he gestures. "After those last two ingredients, unless you need to talk to me about anything else, you three can go sit and plan, if you want."

Holtz blinks, but after digesting Zander's words, he seems to get the gist of what the ECO is saying. He nods in agreement with Jess. "Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Ensign," he adds, a warning note in his voice. "Better this get done right than done fast." The older Viper stick nods to Zachary and gathers up his breakfast, heading out of the kitchen. "Got the midday CAP today, Nags, but I'm free afterwards," he calls out as he heads towards one of the tables. There's a look at Kelsey, and the despondent expression on her face. He might not know her by name, but he's more than likely seen her working on the deck with the rest of the knuckledraggers. "Mornin', PO," he offers the young woman as he goes back to wolfing down his breakfast.

"Wow. Way to boost my confidence there." Buttons is already rolling his eyes. "As you wish, Sirs." Annnd he's officially done being bummed the frak out at this exact moment. The sure fire sign that he's checking out of the conversation is the reopening of his game and the half-salute that's given to the group in general. "So, since we're not going to learn how to kill these things for at least another month, is it cool if I go ahead and grab bag and roll out? Kinda' need to charge my Delta." And the game is held up for all those that don't know what the heck he's talking about. Granted, he's just trying to find an excuse to get the frak out of here now. Bummers.

Jason has finished his eating now, and moves to get out of the mess hall for now. Time to face the rest of the day, right?

Kelsey unwraps the plastic off of her sandwich and takes a bite. Eyes close as if this were the best meal she'd had in years and her shoulders slump forward. Isn't this lady normal Polly Sunshine? When they open she nods to Holtz. "Sir," she says quietly only to realize someone is standing over her with a beater. WTF? She takes it tentatively and looks around as if unsure who to thank.

"Pretty sure he's a JiG," Jess asides to Holtz, "And— I mean, I hope it won't take a month. We could at least get a first draft together quicker than that, and do rolling updates. Anything's better than what we're working with now." She finishes up with the cake not-yet-batter and nods to Zachary, brushing hands off and gathering up her breakfast. "I'm off today," she tells Holtz, "So whenever."

Zachary actually stops his mixing for the moment. "Pardon me." he says, and walks over to where Zander is. He stands there for a moment, and then plucks the Delta out of Zander's hands. "I need you to pay attention to me, now." it's said plainly and in a tone that invites no reproach. "I don't need to tell you that the Cyclons.." he thinks for a moment, and ahas, "Zerg rushed us. I don't need to tell you that they cheated the system and hacked the flag. What I need you to do for me. For this crew. Is to put aside your game for a bit. I need a bigger game. I need the best game that you have ever done. Because your Cylons? They need to be better than the real Cylons. That way when we face them again, and we will, we can take them on and have a chance to win. I'm not looking to save the Princess, son. I'm looking to save the entire Kingdom. If you can program me that in two days, great, you get the 'faster than I thought' acheivement. But I'm giving you a set mission time to make this work and make it right. You wil listen to what Storm and Nags ask for, and you will make them happy with the final product. And if you blow me off again? The next time you see your ECO chair will be after you scrub every last one of them out with your own toothbrush. Do I make myself clear, Buttons?"

Holtz pauses mid-bite as he watches Zachary speak to Zander. He doesn't chime in, leaving the matter to his new CO, but anyone looking at him at that moment will see him give a slight nod, an expression of complete agreement on his face. "First thing after CAP, then," he says aloud to her.

The world doesn't slow down until the Delta is ripped from his hands. In fact, everything seems to slow down at that exact moment. His eyes are narrowed and he starts to puff up, more so out of protection for his property than anything else. But then he's smacked in the face by words that make sense. Followed by words that make more sense. Followed by words that hurt. Followed by words that slap him all upside the head. Followed by promises, not threats. Zander doesn't even realize that he's taken a step back and the puffing of masculinity has deflated into something that looks more like a puppy that has just been completely destroyed with an RKO in the middle of a minefield while the death of a thousand kittens rains down upon him. There is silence from Zander Sava. For the longest moment of his life he just stands there, unable to really figure out what the hell he's supposed to or will ever say after that. He honestly feels like he's never going to speak again and considering how he just got school'd in front of an entire Mess Hall of People, he probably won't.

"Yes Sir." finally manages to work its way out, Zander's voice both broken and slightly shaky. He's been able to coast here, for the most part. But since Warday, chizz has gotten real. And real is not a place where Zander Sava likes to reside. Finally, Zander blinks, but doesn't make a move beyond that. He's not moving again until he gets dismissed… or his game back.

-2 Willpower.

Kelsey watches the whole exchange with dispassionate interest. Its like watching a mind-numbing TV show. She's frozen there with her hand gripping the handle of the beater like a dumstick. Huh. When the discussion seems over she taps the batter to her tongue and tests it. Milk is opened and more sandwich eaten while she waits to see if any poison takes effect.

Having missed the apparent schalacking that a junior officer recieved, Another form enters the mess hall. The tall and big marine is easily identifiable-not only by his height, but by the Black brassard stationed on his right arm. Of course, he is also walking, armed and the rest. Still there's not much of a look passed to where the officers are standing. Instead he is making a b-line for the 'quick service' likely to grab a cellophaned sandwhich and a small cartin of either milk or juice to drink down before he heads back to his duty. Getting a chance for a quick spot in the mess? Usually a bright spot for the day. If he's got time? Cruz might snag an apple.

Jess winces sympathetically at Zander's (rather mild, but fairly public) talking-to, slipping past behind Zachary to lean on a table and eat her yogurt and pretend she is not paying any attention.

"Good." Zachary offers a thin smile. "I'm glad we had this discussion and we're back to five by five. For now, what I want you to do is work with Lieutenant Holtz and Lieutenant Karlsson, and do exactly what they want you to do. As it stands, you have at least two days worth of combat footage to watch. A lot of people paid a high toll for you to have this information." Reaching out, the DCAG presses his hand down on Zander's shoulder in a mild expression of reassurance. "Do them proud."

With that, he hands the game system over to Jess. "He can have it back when you and Storm are satisfied with the results." A simple order, and he washes his hands before returning to checking and pulling out the chocolate truffle cake he made to set it to cool. And that's exactly what Kelsey is tasting. Chocolate, dark chocolate chips and a hint of truffle and truffle oil.

Despite the many years since his experience in basic training, Holtz still eats much like an enlisted trainee — as if a DI is going to come out of nowhere and rip his tray out of his hands at any moment. As such, it doesn't take long for him to finish his breakfast, and soon enough he's back up and heading for the door. While he seemed to agree with Zachary's sentiment, a part of him can't help but sympathize with Zander; after all, he's been called on the carpet like that more than a few times over the course of his own career. As he passes the seemingly shell-shocked ECO, Storm gives him a brusque pat on the shoulder that's meant to be sympathetic. "I'll get you what I have this afternoon," he tells Zander quietly, and then he's off for the hatch, drinking from his still-steaming cup of tea, unless someone stops him.

Gamers are a different sort. Especially, well, when things happen publically it just screws with their heads. It's bad enough his damn callsign is Buttons. And now he's managed to lose his game and also… oh just frak it. It's over now. He's got nothing at all to say about anything at all. What's the point? He's only got one thing left to play and he's not about to let that out so people know what else that can confiscate from him. Nope. "Sir." is just offered with another nod to Zachary and he's not even going to react to being touched by people. No, he hates everyone that touches him now. No reaction. Save it. Vengeance will be so much sweeter that way.

Quickly, Zander just kind of half-turns to Jess, one leg shaking because he's definitely needing to get the heck out of the Mess Hall before he flips the flip out. "Sir. Going to start over. Will report back to you, ASAP." And gone is the fun of the project and Zander's gamer gab.

And if it's okay, he is going to make with the speedy exiting on the pronto tip.

Cruz looks up ever so slightly, as he comes to the end of the line. Clearly the body language is enough to tell the MP something is up, even before the Major in charge seems to be handling. Still the Marine hangs about, as he snags up his sandwich. A reach for an apple, and his dark eyes flick amongst those gathered before he is looking back down. Food. Rightk, that's why he came here. Food. Nothing more-and it seems like everything is under control for now anyway.

As Kelsey is not currently dying or melting or being hit with a chemical agent, she takes up the beater once more and runs a finger over the chocolate and sighs as she tastes it. Nom. She doesn't really seem contented, but Kels isn't bothered by being alone. Milk, sammich, cake batter? "Remember the little things," she whispers to herself in reminder.

Jess eyes the game system as it's put into her hand, and nods at Zander. "Alright," she agrees, "I'll be around." She drums the SD (DS? whichever) against her palm as the LTJG exits and nods at Zachary. "Major, sir," she nods, a farewell before she is heading for the door herself. "I'll probably be in the gym or ready room when you get out, Storm, let me know when you're ready we'll go over notes so far." She raps knuckles on the tabletop near his elbow, and exits.

As people start to file out and head off to their duties, the Major returns to making the cakes he had started on earlier. The chocolate truffle cake continues to cool, and after mixing, he pops in the lemon cake to start on it. Zachary considers the situation to be handled, and there is a nod of acknowledgement to MP, but he doesn't call him over.

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