MD #140: P-271-8 Recon
MD #140: P-271-8 Recon
Summary: This is a landed recon of a planet designated P-271-8. This planet was initially scouted for potential habitation for our people temporarily, and possibly long term depending on the results of the scouting mission. This location was confirmed to have a human population that had mid-level technology and ground weapons but no space program or computers. However, the locals were not particularly amiable to visitors.
Date: Sat 26/Aug/2017 (OOC Date)
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Elena Randy Samtara 
Dropkickst Stone Henry 
A lovely planet, to look at at least, from above.
Thu 13/Mar/2029 (IC Date)

Finding the planet took a bit of recon on its own. The precision of the locations on record is pretty vague but luckily the planet was part of one of the few start systems in the local area that had planets. Finding one near the goldilocks zone wasn't hard to nail down with some quick stellar measurements. Then it was just a matter of getting close enough and opening up the radios and listening for broadcasts. Orion could accomplish that in pretty short order and then it was just a matter of sending a Raptor. Luckily the planet wasn't hard to find and was rather 'loud' with its radio broadcasts that were powerful enough to kick out into space.

The ECO jumps them into a low orbit and below them they can see a pretty standard looking garden world. For those who had been there, it might remind them of Bominaire with the deep emerald color of the oceans. There are no signs of massive wars or disgusting pollution having destroyed the atmosphere. From up here, its quite pretty. The large continents are covered with forests and vast plains. Deserts and mountain ranges. The clouds have a blue and red tint to them, but the white dominates and is spread across large swaths. It looks like a healthy planet, all told. Where the daylight terminates they can see beyond that there are cities with electricity - some of those cities quite large.

"Phalanx, we're in position," the ECO says over the intercom. She frowns in her helmet, though. The woman reaches forward and adjusts the radio scan on her panel. "Weird, sir. There's a lot less radio traffic. You'd think that after years of development, it would only get louder." Hands move and then she moves over the panel and brings up the sensor package. "PIRCS tells me.. breathable atmosphere. Radiological signatures are minimal from what's scanning so far. High traces of dust and dirt in the atmosphere, which is probably what's making those clouds off-color. Wind speeds don't seem to be the cause. Oceans are saltwater. Freshwater sources on the continents. This looks like a nice place, to be honest."

"Nice places usually have lots of people. Stay sharp, team. Any good grasslands on that southern continent? Where are the settlements?" Phalanx reads her own instruments, absently trying to scratch an itch on her nose, forgetting there's a helmet in the way. Bonk. Should have seen that coming.

One hand braced against the seat, the other curved into the safety harness, Sam's expression is one that is a mingle of cautious curiosity and wariness while eyeing the terrain that the Raptor is passing over. "Lets hope that the locals are as nice as their planet is, then," the doctor replies into the com. "Are you picking up any hails, any challenges, anything that sounds like they've detected our arrival and approach? I'd as soon not get shot down before we have a chance to tell them that we come in peace and ask to be taken to their regional leader," she admits with a wry tone of humor in her voice.

Stone is calm as his eyes study the others as well as doing one last check on all his equipment, including his rifle. Hoping not to have to use it, but ready if he has to. Listening but staying quiet as the others speak.

Henry already had some sort of device out of his backpack and plugged into the Raptor, before plugging *it* into his suit. Tap tap. Tap tap tap. Eyes closed, then he frowns slightly. "Either they have a lot less tramsmitters, or a lot of them are powered down right now. We had a much bigger signal back on Orion. Low quality stuff, too." Henry adds as he listens. "Could just be everyones asleep."

For once Randy isn't in the position of having to bear all the decisions on a mission she's going on, and right now she just seems to be enjoying the scenery. Her large eyes focus out beyond the cockpit glass from the small sliver of viewing space she gets from where she sits. She passively listens to the chatter between the other fleet members and then reaches up to flip her head cam recording on only to find it already on. There's a mild sense of relief and she goes about last checks.

The ECO is scanning. "Weird. There's very few IR hits away from the cities. Like, really not much at all. Its hard to say where the people are until we get lower. But southern continents look good. No major cities I can see." The woman places a heading bug for a trajectory that Elena can fly to enter the atmo and get lower towards where she is thinking. "Sorry Doctor, I've got nothing. The radios are mostly music and what sounds like news. If its news, it sounds pretty serious. But I don't understand the language. It doesn't sound like anything I've heard, sir."

"Doc, are you telling my ECO how to do her job?" Phalanx delivers this in a playfully patronizing tone as she makes her way around to that southern continent. "Hold on to your butts, we're about to enter atmo," she calls out for the benefit of the Marines.

Exhaling a mild breath, then waiting out as the fog of it clears from her faceplate, Sam turns slightly to share a nod with Lamsburg. "Or. There's an awful of options that being with the word 'Or', of which our arrival could be the cause of the sudden decrease of chatter." She turns slightly again, making a sweep of a glance over everyone in the Raptor before facing forward again. "Sorry, Major," she adds with a quick breath of a sheepish laugh. "Commander Petra's ability to get the raptor shot out from beneath him is making me paranoid by association in my old age."

"You wouldn't be able to pick up anything from out of atmo IR wise, anyway. Wait until we're down there before you start scanning." Henry replies, before he twists a dial on the device. "Scanning the radio will only tell us so much. Some cultures on planet might not broadcast at all."

The ECO continues scans through the descent. "Yeah, I'm only picking up two major cities on this half of the planet we can see. But…" She adjusts the ECO panel and brings up cameras. "Recon shows some places where cities used to exist. This seems like Skath but.. not." While they descend she is working through her air defense arrays, jamming systems, everything… "Cities are now over the horizon. We have zero electronic noise below. Nil. But thermals are picking up what look like settlements and neighborhoods. I'm seeing distant city planning. No vehicles. …But no Skath. Maybe its just the one part of the planet that has any kind of tech?" As they descend they can see in the distance were cities lay abandoned and have begun to be overrun and reclaimed by nature. "Sir, I assume we're looking for someplace near fresh water. I've got a place about 60 miles north that looks like it'll work. There's a large lake with a river feeding it and exiting."

"This place is weirding me out," Phalanx mutters through her radio to the ECO. Despite the willies this planet gives her, she maintains her course. The Raptor shakes as they enter atmo, and the pilot calls out, "If you're not strapped in, hug a buddy."

Getting into his seat, Henry secures the wiring and his secure to his suit as he straps in. "Could be a number of things. planetwide EMP or plagues come to mind."

Taking a good solid grip on the safety harness that keeps her nice and safe in the seat, that being the purpose of the safety harness in the first place, and having - mercifully - long since gotten over the motion-sick leanings that once made her threaten to throw up on people, Sam only has to listen intently to the conversation going between the Major Heron, Captain Lamsburg and the ECO to keep pace with what they're seeing. "Fresh water is good," she remarks, inanely, "and fresh flowing water that doesn't necessiate the digging of wells is also a very good thing." She recognizes the 'weirded out' sentiment with a firm nod, inside her helmet, "I hear you, Major," and her tone conveys absolute agreement with the statement, "but as long as we're not currently being shot at, lets find a place to land."

Stone nods a few times to himself and let the others handle the scanning. Safely secure, waiting patiently in case he's needed. "That's a good sign at least." He offers about them not being shot at.

"Maybe they weren't stupid enough to let their tech overwhelm them," Randy mutters and shrugs. "Damned odd though…I already feel weirded out enough having to wear this flight suit. Makes me feel naked."

The ECO shakes her head. "EMP's are unlikely, sir. The detonations would leave charged particles and other traces. There's nothing like that here. This place is pretty bizarre but I'm not seeing any Skath. Like, not even their encrypted sidebands are quiet. There's literally nothing to hear, at all, except us… Now granted that doesn't mean there's nothing listening, but not even EM signatures." She sits back into her seat and just lets the systems record as they will, turning her head to look forward and out the canopy. There's nothing else for her to do.
The Raptor heads towards the spotted LZ. There's a meadow about three hundred yards wide with blue-green plants that look like grass. The breeze blows at it, showing that it may be about waist high for most of them. Maybe a bit higher on The Wee One. Surrounding the meadow are trees with obscenely thick trunks and stand more than four hundred feet high with massive branches, each one as wide as it is tall. Avian creatures the size of geeze flee the trees and take flight, heading away. The meadow run right up to the side of the lake, the body of water being about half a mile wide. The river coming into it seems ot be fed by some distant mountains to the south. The river empties the lake to the north. "Ambient air temperature outside is.. wow. Its about seventy degrees. Radiation levels are within norms."

Phalanx settles the Raptor gently on the field. The ground is soft and gives a little under the weight of the aircraft. "So it's a nice day outside. Will there be any issues with breathing the dust and particles you noted in atmo?" She begins to go through her post-flight procedure.

"Right," Sam says as she watches the approaching planet with carefully not alarmed tone of voice to speak in, "there's a box over here," she pats the box with one gloved hand, "that contains plastic bags that seal with slider tab. I need soil samples, flora and fauna samples, anything that's looks like something any of the herd animals might try to eat? Get me a sample. Just because it looks edible doesnt mean that it's going to be compatible. Sadly, we aren't birds, digestion wise, or cows, or deer," she stops before getting to far off target. "Samples from the water as well, so we know what sort of fun and interesting microbes swim about in their water supply." She then holds up the indelible marker, "Mark the plastic bag with your initials, put it back in the box," she then holds up the indelible marker. "Any questions?"

Randy lifts a hand off her rifle resting in her lap. "I'm just here to make sure nothing big and chompy eats you or if the natives get restless, but I'm only one person. Let's all stay within eyesight distance please. If I can't shoot you with this rifle? I can't protect you." She offers a cheeky, toothy grin. "Communication on where you are as you move positions would be good, so if we don't hear from you and don't see you, we'll know to investigate."

Stone continues to take in the information that is feeded. Being ready for anoything as he sits and wait. Nodding to Sam's words. Making sure to know what will happen, but he will be ready to offer safety. Hearing Randy's words. "Roger that." Is all he offers, seeming quite happy to do as he's told. "I'd suggest, no finger on the trigger. So we don't shoot accidently. We only shoot if we have to." He suggests.

The ECO shakes her head in the helmet. "No, sir. Atmo looks fine and breathable. Its a little short on nitrogen and higher oxygen but that's not an issue. The dust in atmo with those clouds was just weird. There were traces of lead, barium, and antimony in it with the dirt." After the Raptor settles, she presses the button to pop the hatch. She'll wait for others to get out before grabbing a few bags and stepping out. "Just be careful where you go, guys. Those trees are thick and seeing under them was pretty impossible. No idea whats out there."
The hatch opens and the air floods in. For anyone not wearing a helmet, the air here smells sweeter. There's something a little different about it, but not bad. They aren't up at high altitude and the weather fees nice. The local star provides a nice ambient warmth on an otherwise cool afternoon. It feels like mid spring. The grass is about up to their waists, though. Its thick with wide blades that are a little tougher than the grass that grows back on the colonies. Some of them have little floral spores that travel off and float away in the breeze. The grass runs up to the edge of the forest where it seems to die down in favor of a barren dirt and dead-leaf floor. Some ancient, fallen trees can be seen in there, creating massive heavy walls that could easily turn that forest into a dark maze.

"Sergeant Stone. I'm pretty sure I know how to not shoot people, but thanks for the tip." Randy unstraps once they've landed. "I'm out first. Once it's clear, you can follow," she nods to Sam and the others. Sure enough, she doesn't wait for someone to beat her to the punch. She's had to escort even civvies before, so she's in the mode for preventative action. She scans the area with those oversized eyes and hops down, bringing her rifle up at ready. "All clear."

Passing out the plastic bags and indelible markers to everyone, even if not everyone will have time to gather samples on purpose, it still might come in handy, Sam is on her feet and securing the rest of the kit with her gear to get as much done as fast as possible. She bides her time, waiting as Randy steps out first to clear the way forward, waits while Colt moves out then follows both marines out of the Raptor. "Look at those trees," she can't help but say it, and as a woman who's spent the majority of her life in a city OR on a ship at this point, the trees are absolutely worth commenting over. "You know how deep the roots for a tree that big would have to go? How nitrogen and nutrient rich the soil must be, along with the depth and clarity of the water table? Local flora and fauna aside, those trees are biomes all on their own," and there's a healthy tone of reverence if not actual awe in the doctor's tone of voice. One gloved hand brushes against the tall, broad bladed, grass before she carefully tugs a strand of grass up and holds the blade up to the light. "Alright. You heard the Lieutenant," speaking of Flynn, "spread out, stay in line of sight, if she can't see you, she can't shoot at what ever might be chasing you down to taste test you. Grab samples as you can," she asks and moves a few measured steps away from the Raptor and begins doing exactly that. Samples of grass and the soil are first on her list and into the baggie for later examination.

Unbuckling herself, Elena sits for a moment before getting out of the cockpit and takes one of the sample bags. Time to go pick flowers. "Flynn, let us know if you find anything you can smoke," she says over the coms as she steps off of the Raptor wing.

Stone nods to Randy, "Of course." He offers to her. Waiting for Randy's words before moving to follow. Moving to allow the group to walk between the marines. Looking out into the distance to try and make sure that there are no dangers.

"That would make sense for the nitrogen deficiency in the atmosphere, sir. If the planet was formed with more of it in the soil, its going to make bigger planets, which will produce higher levels of oxygen." The ECO seems pretty cool with what she's seeing at the tree line. There's admiration on her face, but nothing fnatical. She continues on with her bag and uses a knife to start digging at soil samples, vanishing when she kneels into the grass.
Those who venture over closer to the lake can see the clarity of the water is quite high. The bottom is a mixture of mud and smooth rock, likely from the wash of water coming from the mountains. Those who linger long enough will see a large fish or two and a couple of four-legged amphibians moving around in the water. About a quarter mile away, where the forest butts up to the edge of the lake, they can see some kind of six-legged animal about the size of a moose, along with 'babies', drinking from the water. With their helmets on, though, its hard to make out any sounds except their own breathing and the discussion on the radio.

Elena crouches by the water to take a small sample, as well as try and get samples of the grasses and algae along the water's edge. She reaches out a gloved hand to one of the small amphibians, hoping it won't startle so she can pick it up and take a look.

"Positive feedback loop at it's best when it works in favor of the ecosystem" Sam muses as she gathers up samples from the tops of the blades of grass, snagging some of the pollen-looking spores that drift around and bagging those as well. She even scuffs one boot through the tall grass, looking for animal droppings to collect. Grasslands, herd animals, clean water source? Animal excrement is a natural end result. Insects that can be gathered are also carefully scooped up and deposited into individual bags. Yes, the poor things will suffocate in there, but it also means that they remain bugs, not features of the lab as unintentional residents. She happens to look up in time to see the large many limbed animal and it's young drinking from the water. "Ooh.. my.. large game animals. I wonder if they travel in herds or individual family type units," is wondered as she makes a slow circuit around the Raptor, doing more science along the way.

Randy spots the large animal and it's babies easily enough. "Let's not let her think we're after her children shall we?" she comes in over comms. She keeps an eye on everyone, but looks back over her shoulder at Elena when the woman starts poking around in habitats she's not native to. "Don't those things have crap on their skin?"

The place is quite peaceful and sample collection goes on for almost half an hour. There's enough time to get plenty of photos and get samples of just about everything in the area. Its not until the ECO gets too close to the forest and is looking to get some samples of the trees that she suddenly turns and starts running for the Raptor. She got within ten feet of the tree before bolting. "Run. Run run run run run run. There's people and they are tall and armed!" She doesn't quite sound panicked but there is a clear rush and she's carryign the baggies while trying to bound over the grass like snow.
Behind her, five human walk out of the forest in some dark covered camourflage that looks to be a more natural dye. They have larger eye sockets and are about a full head taller than the Colonials. They're all wearing some kind of heavy pelt armor that looks surprisingly tough and rigid, the stuff strapped to them like Marines wearing plate carriers. They don't carry rifles, but they -are- carrying compound bows that look old but well-maintained, quivers on their belts full of black arrows. They're walking right towards the Raptor and looking rather pissed when they gaze at the 'aliens' in their midst. when they make eye contact its like knowing how a bug feels - a nuisance pest. The one in the lead is gesturing, shouting something at them. Unfortunately everyone is wearing helmets and its impossible to make out whats being said - even it was even the same language.

"This is Flynn. Everyone stay calm and head back to the Raptor immediately. Company." Randy has been keeping her and Stone equidistant from their charges as much as possible, giving them a good spread, but now she starts to move to put herself between the non-combatants and the people. "Colonel? I believe diplomacy is your area of expertise?…is the air safe to breathe? We're never going to hear them or vice versa if we have our helmets on….I mean, not that I think they want us to stick around."

Unfortunately, Elena does not get to make friends with a lizard today. Instead, she runs as fast as she can. They need her to get off of this weird planet. She's not going as fast as she could, given flight suit plus damp ground plus grass, but she's pushing.

Carefully sealing the last of the sliders, Sam stows the sample bag in a pouch at her side and steps forward even as the ECO is bounding back toward the Raptor at full speed. By the time the very tall humans emerge from the trees, Sam is standing calmly, hands held out to her sides, visibly unarmed while she is speaking in a quiet voice into the com. "Keep the rifles aimed at the ground. Even if they don't recognize a rifle they have weapons of their own. Is that Body armor, Lieutenant?" she wonders in the same quiet, calm, voice, "Major, how long would it take to spool up and lift off, if we need to? and lets hope that those arrows aren't armor piercing composite of some sort," as she moves carefully over to stand beside Randy.

"Right. I'll take my helmet off, everyone else keep sealed up until I give the OK. If I start to die, someone slap my helmet back on, ok? Right, lets do this," Sam says and lifts both hands to carefully unseal the helmet, waits for the latches to release, and lifts the helmet off over her head, taking a careful - small - breath as she does so. "Forgive the intrusion," her voice is carefully pitched, volume wise, "we come in peace."

"Looks like plate carriers. Those bows are lethal. They'll take down big game and at their numbers, we're at their mercy till we're up and away," Randy relays to the Colonel.

"COLONEL N-" Too late. Randy winces, squinching her eyes, briefly wondering how she's going to explain to the Commander how she let their CMO take her helmet off on a strange planet with spores floating everywhere. When Sam doesn't immediately wither up and die or melt or something, Randy remains skeptically alert, eyes open. Eyes open.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Stone does move along with Randy, to offer safety to their own people. Letting the others take lead and just standing parallel with Randy, but a bit away. Ready to leave if they have to. Looking to Sam as she takes off the helmet. Not really giving him any moment to react before it is off. Hearing Randy trying to stop her. Instead Stone does what he can to try and make sure that she is safe, and also that no arrows come flying in her direction. Keeping his rifle down all the while.

The ECO bounds round the Raptor and leaps inside, already starting to begin procedures. She's calling out her checklist on the radio to Elena, whether or not anyone told her its time to go. Meanwhile the natives begins walking towards Samtara, Randy, and Stone. With Sam's helmet off, she can get a much better ear at whats being said or get the gist of it. A long finger is shaken angrily at Samtara, then he points twice at the Raptor, then gestures to the horizon - in the direction of the two cities over the horizon. Then the finger starts stabbing his palm and speaking angrily, then counting off fingers like he's listing things. Obviously this guy is familiar with the size of human being these people are because nothing the Colonials have or wear seems to deter them. He even gestures at their guns and has an 'Are you kidding me?' expression on his face before he goes back to lecturing and then suddenly stops as if waiting for Sam to either say or do something.

Sam listens intently, eyes carefully following each gesture, her head tipped ever so slightly to the side. How she wishes they had a resident entomologist or adaptive linguist on their team. Holding the helmet tucked into the crook of her arm, the doctor waits out the one who is speaking; vast experience both lecturing AND being lectured to has trained this response all the way down to the sticking point. And she waits a good ten count after the last words are spoken before she gives it a try. This also gives time for the ECO to do the useful stuff and everyone else to move into a position. "We do not come from the cities, we come from another world that circles another star. We do not offer violence." She turns carefully, gesturing in the direction of the cities in the distance, and makes a single question, "Erfriki?" as she points toward the horizon.

Randy lets her rifle point downwards, but looks upwards pointedly when Sam mentions they come from another world and another star. It's meant to be some kind of illustration to bring home Sam's point, but she can't just take her hands off her rifle. That would be baaaad for a Marine. Given how subtle the gesture is, it might get lost. She doesn't add anything to what Sam says, just staying calm and making sure she looks utterly confused and harmless (don't mind the gun) in response to the man's lecturing.

Elena stays near the Raptor, but doesn't board. She draws her sidearm, listening and waiting.

Stone continues to listen, to both parties. Rifle aimed down. The man himself seeming quite calm. Letting Sam try and convince them. He does look at all those gathered, as well as looking around in case more are approaching. A brief glance to determine fastest way to get back to the raptor as well. Mainly just preparing for worst scenario.

The local man stares at Sam, then looks to Randy as she glances up, then he looks back to Sam. When there is not the response he is expecting, he glowers. He followers her gesture and the knuckles of his first turn white. "Nya'Erfriki! NYA'ERFRIKI!" He nearly shouts the last one, clearly angered. No, it doesn't seem there's any Erfriki here. Or at least not anymore. He steps closer and reaches out to shove Sam backwards, trying to urge her onward, like he wants them to go. He starts spitting words rapid fire again, gesturing at the Raptor as if it were some sort of abomination or disease that might bring pestilence upon them. He seems ot have the same sort of opinions of the people with Samtara. As pretty as this place is, it seems this group of locals A) is not impressed with seeing a spaceship, B) is not impressed with the Erfriki, and C) is not interested in the Colonials staying.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Body+presence: Success.

Samtara angles her upper body away from the reaching-shoving hand, taking a measured pair of steps that move her back and away from the angry-voiced speaker. She's not anywhere near as tall as these people, but she moves with enough agility to stay that half step out of reach. "OK. Everyone, back on the Raptor. No sudden moves. Don't leave anything behind. Weapons still lowered, if you would. Their planet, their rules. We aren't the Skath," she doesn't -quite- manage to keep that word from being said in a rather edged tone of voice, "and we don't invade just because we need a safe haven." She lifts her free hand, palm facing toward the gathered group, "We're going," she says this, somewhat unnecessarily as she has no way of knowing if any of her words are anything other than babbling gibberish.

Randy is just a super tiny person with a gun. Thankfully her pointy ears and giant eyes are disguised. She might be mistaken for some folklorish creature, but people from space must be enough. The word Erfriki certainly seems to be. "Aye. I was just going to suggest that." Randy backs up towards the Raptor and ends up stepping in front of Sam after the attempted shove, but it's clear she's still backing away towards the Raptor. "Let's get out of range of those bows as fast as possible. Sir, you think maybe they thought we came from the city?" she asks curiously as she waits for everyone to load up. She'll hop in last with Stone, staggering them hopping up so they can cover each other.

"Randy, if you think it's safe to do so, pull off your helmet. Show them your Arpay mods. See if that means something to them." Elena speaks softly into her helmet mic. She keeps her weapon drawn, but finger off the trigger and the weapon is pointed down.

Sam halts just outside the Raptor and exhales a thoughtful breath, "Lets try it," she agrees after barely a few seconds of consideration. She reaches out and rests one hand on Randy's arm, juuuuust in case she has to drag the marine back into the Raptor with her. "Take it slow."

As the group of Colonials starts moving back towards the Raptors, the guy continues gesturing like 'Go! Go on! Git!' like he was trying to shoo them away like unwanted stray dogs or something. Colonials have fleas or cooties. Potentially both.

Randy nods and decides to take off her rifle first. "Sergeant, you got my back," as if to keep him alert of what she's doing, making herself vulnerable for the sake of clarity to the natives. She then reaches up to take off her helmet, angling herself away from the natives a little so they can't see her popping out the contacts or taking off the ear coverings. She doesn't want them to see their purposeful ruse. Then she looks back to the natives. "Arpay," she says, and does the double-tapped fist gesture to her chest. "I see you," she says to the man.

As she watches Randy pull off her helmet and take out her contacts, Elena realizes she's holding her breath. She watches, still and silent.

The five locals start to get angry when the group stops moving to get into the Raptor. These people clearly understand that the Raptor is a vehicle they must enter to travel in. These aren't backwards natives who don't understand technology. They're now close enough that anyone getting a good look at those arrows can tell the shafts are made of some kind of metal. If there's enough power in those bows and these people are using steel arrows, it could punch right through bodyarmor. So when Randy suddenly exposes herself like that, there is clear surprise on their faces and they step back in shock. They all inhale as one and one of them reaches for a knife. The other quickly knocks an arrow and pulls it, but doesn't aim it. They clearly recognize the tap to the heart but do not return it. There is a string o words spoken by the man in charge, and he points at Sam, then Randy, and Stone, each time saying 'Erfriki' and gestures for them to get in the Raptor. The last words sound very much like a rather personal threat being made against their lives.

Sam, who has a very good grip on Randy's arm, has seen all she's need to see of the unwelcome mat and the not-welcoming committee. "Alright. Into the Raptor, Lieutenant, lets not try their … patience any longer," and she steps carefully up into the Raptor but doesn't let go of the hold she has on Randy's arm.

"Frak…that's not good." Thankfully Sam is already pulling Randy into the Raptor. The little EOD complies, staggering backwards till she's stashed away. "Let's get out of here quick?" She says out of instinct, not realizing her coms won't pick it up. She starts pulling her helmet back on, locking it in place. "Let's go. Let's go!"

Elena is already back in the cockpit, strapping herself in and getting ready for takeoff. She looks out of the canopy impatiently, hoping that Randy has the good sense to run. Please have good sense. Please.

While the group piles into the Raptor and the door closes, the engines begin to spin up and its creating its own roar and wind. These people looks centuries from spaceflight but the man shows no fear of the Raptor. He stands right in front of the nose, staring at the people inside through the canopy glass. Even getting impatient he bangs a fist on the nose twice before backing away, making room for them to lift off. No objection to them taking samples, he just seems to want them gone.

Elena wishes she had a horn to honk at them.

The hatch closes, and the Raptor takes off. "Looks like they know what we are and don't want anything to do with us. I… I can't say I blame them," Phalanx says over the coms.

Samtara fits her helmet back in place and seals it up proper, then fastens the safety harness and gets that secured. "Try not to run any of them over, I don't want to risk taking arrow damage that I'll have to explain to Petra," she says into the com after letting out a calming breath.

Once off and flying, its probably a relief to be away from those five guys. None of them looked at all accommodating to the Colonials. The Raptor lifts off and at the request to fly towards the two cities, the Raptor wheels and the ECO plugs in a heading to fly. A quick jump to space then a descent to approach low towards the cities. They are just barely on the night side so its likely people down there are still awake. They're still a good distance out and at 1000', they are doing Mach 2 and will be over the city in about five minutes. The ECO comes back over the comms and is staring at the panel. "Sirs, the cities are the only sources of electronic signal or EM signature on the planet, sirs. They are broadcasting and putting out plenty of signal up ahead, but there is nothing on any other bearing. I've got every instrument slaved and attempting to pick something up. Nada." She's panning the camera around and then the IR flips on and zooms in towards the city. "What the fff…" As she zooms, the IR camera shows flaming things on fire, hurling through the air like they were being hurled by a trebuchet. Smaller ones are flying as well. It looks like thousands of fireflies from this range, still too far to see with the naked eye. "Sirs.. you sure you want to overfly that area? I have NO idea what we are flying towards."

Leaning forward and trusting the safety harness to do it's job, Sam eyes the screen image that the ECO is looking at and frowns. Then manages to actually make the frown even more intense. "Ah, those wouldn't happen to be flaming arrows would they? Just.. considering the armament of the other locals were carrying, could they be?" Sam asks this, because it sounds like a dumb if not outright crazy idea. "Are we out of range of what ever it is that.. it is?"

"I'm going to pull up, out of flaming catapult range." Elena hopes. She climbs, but tries to catch as much as she can on the Raptor's cameras. "They seem to not like technology much."

"Flaming arrows?" The ECO lofts a brow. "Yanno, I wouldn't rule that out, actually. Except those big.. whoa-" one of the flaming balls suddenly explodes against something, sending flames everywhere. They are quickly getting closer, though. The climb gives them more perspective, though. As the Raptor climbs, they get an idea of what is going on. It looks like someone laying seige to a castle wall. Except the wall is huge and looks similar to the one around the city on Libran. Its maybe 200' high and made of wood and stone and there are tens of thousands of people on the top of the walls firing guns at the hundreds of thousands of people attacking with flaming arrows and cannons. As the Raptor passes over, its unknown if anyone on the ground would even hear the sonic booms of the Raptor passing. The gunfire is intense and the factories within the city must be making nothing but ammunition… or have only been making ammunition for years — if they saw this coming. There's no way the city will be able to hold out, though. Not for long. Maybe a couple of weeks or months, depending on ammo, food, water, and how sturdy that wall is. The recon team is witnessing the death throes of a civilization, fighting desperately to hold onto itself. Science and technology are about to fall under foot and be crushed by darkness. It isn't even the Skath doing it. These people are doing it to themselves.

"That.. is not going to end well for the people inside the walls," Sam says after a stunned moment of silence. "For the love of logic, we need some sort of iron clad first contact protocol. And what ever it sounds like it is going to absolutely include not meddling in civil wars of the native inhabitants of the planets upon which we are only visitors. Get as many pictures as you can and lets get out of here," she says this last with a sigh and leans back, lifting one hand to scrub over her face and smacking the glove against the helmet a half second later.

"How about. Don't be a frakking arse. Does that sound about right Colonel?" Randy grunts from her jumpseat.

Startled, Sam laughs, nodding inside the helmet. "That's a much shorter version. But I'm sure someone in PR will add about a hundred words to it."

"PR? Here's P," Randy pats her sidearm, "And here's R," she pats her rifle. "I'm sure they'll have a lot to say." The Lieutenant grins broadly, but there's no light in those eyes.

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