MD #140: P-271-8


Tue 13/Mar/2029

FR: Col. Stone, M.D., CMO
TO: Adm. Io
CC: XO/Commander Petra
RE: Summary report/AAR of P-271-8 recon.


  • Raptor Recon of P-271-8 did not yield any presence (visible or traces) of Skath activity either in the vicinity of their local system or on planet. The radio traffic is noted to be confined or merely not widespread beyond the city centers. Notably there are two (2) major cities on the half of the planet observed and indications of sites where cities used to exist; abandonment of the city locations is not consistent with known/observable Skath level destruction efforts but the cities, which appear abandoned, equally appear to be in the process of being reclaimed by the surrounding terrain and local flora/fauna. Low tech is observed but no vehicles, no widespread interconnecting paved road networks. Evidence of city planning is noted. What was picked up had the tone of what could have been news and also music stations. Without a common language, however, we are unable to discern the pattern of the dialog or import of the discussion. See part III. Evidence of electricity is noted but, as with radio traffic, contained to the city center and not wide-spread across the surface in multiple locations.
  • PIRCS results: Breathable atmosphere, minimal radiological signatures, high traces of dust & dirt in atmosphere (most probable reason, therefore, that the clouds are a different/non-standard-colonial-conditions meteorological variants), salt water oceans, fresh water sources on continent. Samples of the local flora and fauna were collected, along with soil samples, pollen, some insect life and water to be examined. See follow up report. Please note: extremely large trees with massive trunk and branch formations. Speculation: Nitrogen deficiency in atmosphere correlating the density of nitrogen in the soil yields larger plants with larger leaf formation etc. Also noted were amphibian, water foul, fish, avian creatures resembling geese, multi-limbed herd animals approximately the size of a moose but with six limbs not four.
  • Attempted dialog with indigenous population was not successful. (See attached cam footage of exchange) No common/shared language. The use of the words 'Erfriki' 'Tol'Erfriki' 'Erfriki'nei' and further variants would suggest that they have encountered either the Erfriki or Arpay prior to our arrival. At my discretion I removed my helmet to attempt to open a channel of communication, to remove the barrier presented by the helmet and demonstrate shared commonalities among humanoid lineage; Lt Flynn also made the attempt and allowed the envoys/scouts/guards/representatives of the indigenous population to see her eyes and ears in their modified form. The formal, respectful, Arpay greeting was offered to locals and the response is observed to have been initially surprise followed by shock. This surprise/shock was followed immediately with the drawing of bladed weapons and the strong encouragement that we leave their presence immediately, the tone shifting from one of general displeasure at our arrival to a more-personal offer of violence if the suggestion that we withdraw was not met. The locals did not attempt to hinder our departure or harm any team members of the raptor itself, though it should be noted that they carry compound bow, arrows, bladed weapon and some sort of plate body armor (again, see cam footage/stills attached).
  • At my request, and operating from the theory that there may be either Erfriki or Arpay inhabitants that could be communicated with, the Raptor approached one of the two major cities on the continent. However, while the cities are the only source of electronic signal or EM sig on planet, the city that we approached is under siege. Best estimate of the armed forces assaulting the city puts the defenders of the city (armed with projectile weapons) in the tens of thousands facing an advancing number of some hundreds of thousands attacking with flaming arrows and cannons.
  • In Summary: A planet that is currently at war amongst itself, whether it's civil war or some other version, is not a viable candidate for a safe haven for our civilian and dependent population. The lack of a common language, first and foremost, makes the attempt at negotiations extremely complex and equally liable to end badly. And while I cannot speak to the tactical or military aspects of this survey, it should be noted that the Arpay did not establish formal relations with this planet for a reason and perhaps we should respect those reasons.



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