P-269-7 Recon Servers


8th April 2049

FR: Lt Gloria Oates
TO: Cmdr Marcus Petra
CC: Lt Mara Rook, Lt Adeliza Wynn
RE: Analysis of servers recovered from P-269-7

Limitations of Data Recovered

A word of caution to start with, this information comes from a little over half of the server racks recovered, the rest being irretrievably corrupted. As such, there are many gaps, but I’ve tried to highlight any I came across so as not to confuse data and inference. There are also potential language issues as I had to run the data through a large intelligence mainframe for decryption and translation.

Data Recovered

The servers themselves were a backup system storing naval orders (surface, not space) originating from the command post we encountered.

The data of interest covers a period of around 75 days, and seems to relate to the time immediately before everyone died, hereafter referred to a ‘The Incident’. There are also automatic recordings for a little over two weeks after this period, but all that can be gleamed from that is frequency of defrag, and life-span of emergency generators and batteries.

In the two and a half months prior to the incident there seems to be a general awareness of an unnamed and unspecified threat. This lack of detail suggests that it widely known about so the orders didn’t need to be specific, but that’s conjecture on my part. It did seem however to be causing great instability across the planet.

Two months in the fleet was ordered to sea and there were following reports of combat and losses. From what I can gleam, this fighting appeared to be limited to conventional weapons. There then seems to have been a sudden ceasefire, and recall of vessels in a manner that indicates a victory for the military we have data from. This does not however seem to have stopped the perceived threat level from rising.

Nine hours and twelve minutes before The Incident the ships were ordered out again, but given a strict Weapons Hold order. Then, after that nine and a quarter hours, all server traffic stops. Abruptly. There’s automatic defrags every six hours from that point, until sixteen days alter when the server switches itself off at around 2% power.


There's not much to go on, but the following possibilities stand out;

  • the other party in the surface war had an unexpected weapon of mass distruction which they deployed after their initial loss - Fails to explain the Hold Weapons order. Fails to explain why the other party isn't now running the planet, unless WMD was so powerful it killed them too, or it's knock-on effects did.
  • a third, unexpected party launched the final attack - No evidence for outside interference. May explain where the 'other side' are if they were hit with it as well. Threat seemed to be known before hand.
  • this was a case of mutual destruction such as hypothesised in early nuclear-capable civilisations - No evidence of orders to attack, but large amounts of data unrecoverable.
  • Skath - Bares no sign of mechnical intervention. Continuation of server defrag routine suggests no EMP bombardment. Highly unlikely.

As such, I suspect that most likely the inhabitants of this planet killed each other off, although how, why, and if the methods used pose a threat to any modern population is yet to be determined.

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