MD #148: P-269-7 Recon
P-269-7 Recon
Summary: Planned recon of P-269-7 - A planet that appears to have once supported human life, but 4 decades ago all signs of life ceased to be apparent. Very little is known about the planet.
Date: 03/09/2017 (OOC Date)
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An apparently uninhabited garden planet.
Wed Mar 21 2029 MD #148

When the Orion got into the general area it took a bit to find the planet. There are no radio signals in space to home in on and anything that was transmitted before the supposed cataclysm would have already been lost to interference. Nailing it down was more a matter of trying to find star systems that could potentially be habitable in a very 'narrow' area. It took a couple days but when the call went out, the recon team was assembled and put to a Raptor. The rules are pretty simple: Do not take off your seat or expose yourself to the atmosphere for any reason and get plenty of soil, air, and water samples.

Jumping distant from the planet in to Raptor reveals nothing. Its clearly a garden world, but nothing there that gives clues. The second jump takes them into a low orbit. With the pilot turning the Raptor so the canopy is looking down on the planet, they're looking at contrasting greens and brows, along with the dark blues of the oceans. The continents are all easy to pick out and there are white clouds whisping across the skies. On Casey's ECO panel the cameras come online and begin scanning. It doesn't take but more than a minute or so to begin picking out grids of cities - but most of them looks green and overgrown. Much like how the Colonials would have built, many of them are ocean-front.

<FS3> Casey rolls ECM: Failure.

Toby appears to be on his best behaviour, he hasn't even glowered at the marine sergeant once. Perhaps he's ill? While no stranger to an EVA suit 20 years ago he's a bit uncoordinated at first, but quickly gets back into the hang of it. The gun though, thats unusual now, and he keeps his hands well clear of it for now, hoping it's going to be merely decorative. As both the technical one, and the lowest ranker, he has the box of sampling equipment at his feet as he peers through to the cockpit to try and get a view out of he canopy.

Feeling vaguely uncomfortable in all this comparatively unfamiliar gear, Lieutenant Rook looks about as ridiculous as she feels, and that does nothing for her mood. The first half of the flight is spent checking over her gear, sidearm, rifle, making sure everything is strapped, zipped, fastened correctly. The second half is spent reviewing what little information is known about the planet they're about to land on. Even once they're in low orbit, Mara doesn't look out the canopy, she's too busy focusing on the recon team, her odd-coloured eyes watching each of them intently.

Ensign Marellen Daran is here to get her "out into the world" according to her superiors, and so she is determined to do just that, paying careful attention to all instructions as the Rapor descends toward the planet, eyes open and taking in every detail she can in case it is needed later. This mission is about observation… so she observes, eyes out the window, taking in all she can.

Casey is leaning back as much as possible in a chair designed to not really do that. It equivocates to a slump. Bright eyes sweep over the sensors and monitor. She straightens up a touch to punch a key with a gloved finger, crooking her hand at the wrist. "Nope. Nothing on sensors. Any," clack, "of them."

Leaning back in his seat on the trip down to the planet, Fischer looks rather relaxed as he checks his gear once more. There's a brief pause as he looks over to glance outside. He keeps silent for now, expression a bit thoughtful as he does.

Finally pulling her attention away from the recon crew, Mara stands and looks to the ECO's screens, studying those intently. Comparing to the notes on her tablet. "That's where we want to land." The Intelligence Officer picks out what appears to be a comparatively large city that seems to have grown up around a large inlet that was possibly a harbor once upon a time. She leaves it up to the Raptor's flight crew to find them a good spot, as she sits herself back down and looks around at the team, "Remember, your gear stays on. Do not expose yourself to the atmosphere for any reason. Fischer will clear the immediate area when we land, Shackleton and I will be focus on collecting samples. We'll be limited to a two mile radius from our landing point. Daran and Quinn will make any necessary observations to be added to the Intel pool. We stay within sight of each other and absolutely do /not/ enter any buildings alone." There. Orders given in her broken voice that pitches between sandpaper whisper and a sort of growl.

Toby glances briefly to Casey as she proclaims to have found nothing, "nothings good. Nothing means no complications. In and out." Simple. Simple is good. Simple means less time in these suits, and simple means a much higher chance of no frak-ups. Craning his neck to try and view the spot selected he lets his attention drift to Mara as she doles out the assignments. "Understood," he replies simple, "just yell if there's anything specific you want, if not I'll try and get a representative spread of what's there."

Marellen rolls her shoulders and checks her sidearm as they head in to land. It's a bit of a shame… first time on-planet in awhile and she's gonna spend the whole time in her flight suit, but still, ground was ground. She gives a quick salute in response to her instructions, then glances out the window again. "What are you hiding down there…" she wonders to herself out loud.

"Loud and clear," Casey reports back when Mara closes her instructions even if the intel officer didn't ask for acknowledgement. She relays the coordinates to the pilot so they can get to where they need to be. Then Casey flips her display back to DRADIS, continuing to monitor her sensors and the area as the pilot figures out where they actually want to land.

Fischer nods as he hears tha, sitting up a bit better now. "Got it," he replies, checking his gear once more, and getting himself ready for what comes. Looking between the others, his gaze stops on Toby for a few moments, before he offers the man a brief nod.

The pilot vocalizes an understanding and begins the descent. It takes a normal amount of time and there's no rush to this. Better to do it slow and smooth than rush it and something gets frakked up. As they descend, though, those larger grids of cities become more obvious along the coastlines. When they come up towards the appointed city, the pilot makes a long, slow turn around it, yawing the nose so that everyone in the back can see it as they drop under three thousand feet.

There are tall skyscrapers that still miraculously have some windows intact but most of them have been stripped bare by natural weathering and a lack of maintenance. One of the taller ones seems to have collapsed down through downtown and splattered three other smaller towers under it. There looks to be some kind of elevated trasportation and train system, as well as vehicles in the streets — but nothing more than shapes. And not a single damned thing is moving down there except the brances off the vines, trees, and grass growing up through the pavement and meshing through the buildings. As the inlet comes into view, they get a nice view of the harbor. There are dozens of piers lined, most of them having a large ship tied up alongside. Those ships look like they have been rusting there for tens of decades and a couple of them have partially sunk in place. Catching the eye, though, is a large surface combatant ship that looks military judging by the faded blue/gray camo and guns mounted across the bow.

There are plenty of places to land, though, and the pilot begins to bring them in at a beach next to the downtown commercial area. At one time this real estate must have been worth twenty thousand cubits per square foot and the Raptor begins to plunk itself down onto the pavement right next to the beach strand. Grass blows under the engines but little else can be seen to move outside.

As the Raptor touches down, Marellen gives her suit one last lookover before walking over to the hatch, ready to head out. Her gun is left holstered for now, her eyes darting around to get a view of what is outside as the hatch opens, and then, when it is her turn, hitting ground with both feet ready. Awkward, in a suit more meant for spaceflight than recon, but rules were rules. Her eyes scanned the horizon first, looking sharp for any kind of trouble.

As the Raptor moves in for the landing, Fischer starts getting to his feet to move for the hatch. Getting out, he looks around very carefully, trying to see any kind of problems, his weapon ready in case somehing should be approaching. "Lovely area…" he mutters, mostly to himself as he coninues making sure the immdediate area is clear.

Toby appears to be in no rush to disembark first, and instead waits until there is more room in the back before starting to manouever the kit to the hatch. Once both it and him are safe down on the pavement he takes a few moments to look around, then turns to Mara, "I don't mind the beach if you'd prefer the houses."

When they touch down, Casey is busy fiddling with something or other and the pilot has to release the hatch herself with mild, unspoken annoyance. Casey seems oblivious to it and unclips herself from the seat. She /does/ take out her sidearm and makes sure the safety is off as she waits for the hatch to finally finish opening and for the all clear from Fischer. She glances over at the new Raptor pilot who is tagging along for the ride but doesn't say anything.

One last check of equipment. Mara slides her tablet into a pocket and secures it. Then she too, stands and exits the Raptor right behind Fischer. Her movement is awkward at best, and possibly clumsy at worst in this bulky suit, but she says nothing as she slowly turns in a circle, getting a full three-sixty of their location, squinting a little against the glare of the sun hitting the water. "Crew, Rook. Two mile radius, stay in sight of each other. Acknowledge." The Lieutnenant's broken voice sounds positively awful over the comms. She turns to look at Toby and gives the Crewman a nod.

Once they get out, they get a much better look. There is a line of hugely expensive oceanfront homes to the north with their own private beaches. To the west is the inlet, water, and more 'public' beach. To the south is getting into the industrial-commercial are of the port system and potential naval base. To the east? The city. The last one looms in front of them. the vehicles to be seen on the streets look to have haphazardly crashed and impacted, being strewn about like discarded children's toys. There are storefronts on the first floor of many of these office buildings, then the upper floors just dozens of stories into the air. Maybe more than 100. But all around them nature seems to have started well on its way to reclaiming the city. The city, for all the miles they can look right down the street, it looks more like an overgrown tropical canyon with steep walls.
They can feel a gentle breeze coming in off the ocean. It tugs at their suits a little, and they can see it in the tree branches. But there's no sign of a battle here. There are no bulletholes in pavement or on walls. No sign of energy or heat blasts. No spent shell casings - if these people even used them. The only thing they can hear from outside their suits are the distant calls of some kind of large bird, squawking and sounding off while others further away answer.

"Rook, this is Ensign Daran, acknowledged." Marellen crouches down for a moment, the fingers of her suit gloves stroking the grass. Then, with a sigh, she pulls out her sample bag and cuts a small square of grass held dirt to place in it. She wasn't really certain what would be important, so naturally, anything could be. The bird call earns a look from her, though. "Odd the birds are making noise. You think they'd be spooked by the Raptor approach, wouldn't you?"

Looking around rather carefully, Fischer nods a bit at the order. "Rook, Fischer. Acknowledged." he offers in return, before he looks up a bit further at the sound of the birds. "Interesting…" he replies, before he nods a bit at Marellen's words, "Unless something has been here recenetly," he offers, a bit quietly. Glancing towards the streets, and the crashed vehicles there. "It looks like they just… died…" he remarks, before he adds, "Doesn't look like there was a firefight, though…" Frowning a little as he looks around.

Casey drops down when it is her turn and makes sure the hatch is closed so nothing weird can hitch a ride. Now, when Casey was tapped for the mission, no one asked her if it was okay to send her anywhere. Not that they would anyways, but she seems a bit relieved that they didn't decide to land anywhere cold. Still, the sound of the bird yapping out in alarm? Making itself known even inside their helmets? "Oh good. We landed right in time for the evening meal. Think that was the dinner bell?" When Toby talks about possibly taking back anything to do with those birds, Casey just blinks.

Toby returns Mara's nod then turns towards the sound of the birds. "SO there is some life still at least. Don't think we have anything big enough to take one back though, no unless we can find a dead on." Or shoot one of course. "Where do you want to start then Lieutenant? We've got sand, detritus, water, and maybe if we're lucky feathers and such on the beach, along with nice clear lines of sight. Or dive into the unknown in those buildings?" Despite the balance of it, it sounds from his tone that he actually fancies the buildings rather than that huge expanse of open water.

Mara takes another look around, then apparently comes to some sort of decision. "We'll head up to the street and head south." Because clearly she's plotted the fact that there's possibly some sort of military facility down there and that could possibly yield all sorts of interesting things. Her head tilts slightly at the sound of the birds, but she doesn't pay them any mind, right now. "Focus on collecting dirt, stone, flora, water samples. I'd rather not be bringing back any birds or other possibly disease ridden animals dead or alive." There's a pause, "Fischer, you're going to watch our backs. I'll take point with Shackleton." Leaving Casey and Marellen to fall in the middle as Rook starts heading up toward the road. Or what's left of it.

Moving into the actual commercial area of the city only means walking an extra block away from the beach. The single block between is mostly restaurants and what looks like were once kitschy bars that had outside tables. Everything has been long over-turned and one of the places looks like it burned a long time ago and collapsed on itself. The only sounds other than the birds are the sounds of rusted metal swinging on the breeze. Moving through here might remind them of what it would be like to walk through a nuclear-heated city except that there's zero blast or heat damage or signs of radiological use. There are plenty of things to collect along the way, though. Most of the bars and restaurants have planters. When they get past that block, though, the towers start right away. Stepping into the first thing they spot on the corner, the windows have been shattered but there's no sign of looting.

Inside the shelves closest to the door seem to have been emptied by winds and weather, plenty of signs of rot and the extent of the sunlight inside can be told simply by how far the vines and grass have gone — only a few feet. But the store seems to be a mixture of a drug store and also selling beach supplies. The labels are all in a foreign language but some things are unmistakable by pictograph sales - sunscreen. Bottles of water. Still-sealed bags of food. Down the other aisles are signs of over-the-counter drugs. In the back is an open pharmacy, looks like. Anyone venturing too far into the bar may find something they may not want to, though.

Toby shoulders the kit and forms up with Mara. Stuff that requires bending down for he leaves the younger and more agile of the group, but he samples what he can from walls and other such surfaces. "No birds, copy that," he replies almost conversationally, "how about feathers?" Assuming the wind hasn't scattered them of course. As they start to take samples from the bars though he quietens a little, remembering some of the deserted cities of the last war. "You want us to bag some of that water?" he asks, pointing to the bottles, "might be an interesting comparison to that we collect from outside." Maybe.

"I suppose this is a recon, rather than a raid, but those med supplies…" Old scavving instincts seem to be strong in Marellen, but she stays in the line as they walk. "Might be worth a look, if we've the time."
You paged Dropkick with 'Anything remotely technological that could salvaged? Stuff that might contain data?'

Casey doesn't ask where she should go. Deduction leads her to the middle of the armed sandwich between Toby-Mara and Fischer. Being as tall as she is, it's easy for her to keep up with the pace of the party. "It's like a neutron bomb without all the radiation or something. Weird. Maybe it was a chemical attack," she thinks aloud as she follows along in the group. The shattered windows seem to be expected, but Casey does stare at them for a moment to see if she can tell if they'd been blown out or just fell or what. She's no expert though. When they get inside, she peruses, but stays close to the group. "Looks like there's a pharmacy. Could be useful to bring back drugs. Maybe the docs could tell if it's something we could use?"

"..probably well past their shelf life." Mara remarks in response to Marellen, giving a long look toward the drug store. Then she shakes her head slightly, "Let's keep pressing forward, we can stop on the way back if there's time." She glances toward Toby and nods once, "Feathers are fine as long as they don't look obviously infected with insect life." Then she's moving forward again, keeping her gaze focused on the street.

Fischer keeps at the back, nodding a little as he looks around rather carefully. "Anyone else curious about what happened here? It would seem that people just disappeared…" he says, moving with the others, and looking around rather carefully. As if trying to find some evidence of what happened.

Heading back out of the pharmacy, they then walk back the same block then down the next, heading towards the port facilities. Its a bit more of a hike. The beach stops to keep a real distance between the actual beach where people would have gone into the water, and then the areas with shipping. However there is the hint of something that had been built further out in the water, as if there was some kind of facility that kept a barrier. Perhaps water filtration? It only shows itself with the bottom of the wave movement and it mostly looks damaged. But the mile down is pretty quiet. There's just nothing new to see. More of the same. Weather damage. The cars they walk past have been rusted and eaten alive by the salt air, leaving little except for the frame and basic husk. Sharp edges are everywhere.
The port facility is easy to spot since there's an apaprent end to a major highway right at the entrance to the fenced area. The traffic here was more intense when.. whatever happened. There's a huge pile-up of vehicles that looks like they've been crashed into each other. One of the trucks looks to have exploded, though, because there is a large hole blasted into the fenceline and the frame of a truck sitting in the middle of it. Surrounding buildings and vehicles look to have burned, also. Once they move through, though, its a lot of offices and warehouses. The pavement is largely cracked and there is mroe grass and some trees growing up through it. A rather official looking sign points to a particular direction using block letters and is a different color than all the other navigation signs. It could be pointing towards the naval annex. They're going to be cutting close on using their oxygen, though. Then again, the pilot did stay in the locked Raptor and /could/ potentially be called for.

Glancing around, Marellen walks over to one of the trees to examine it more closely, pulling her field knife to cut a small branch and carve off some bark from the trunk. She keeps glancing over at the cars. "Whatever happened, happened fast. That looks bad." After grabbing some flora, she heads over to a car to glance in, looking for some sign of remains.

Yup, that looks like a pretty official sign and Mara's going to be heading in the direction it points. She's determined to gather whatever intelligence she can, even if it /is/ in a foreign language. So of course she's not paying attention to her oxygen consumption. While others are gathering numerous samples of indigenous soil and flora and presumably air. Vocalizing about what could've happened, Rook is silent, not feeling any urge to add her cubits-worth to the conversation.

Fischer nods as he hears what's said, looking around at the various sights, as he studies it carefully. "It's as if everyone just disappeared…" he remarks, frowning as he looks at where the truck seem to have exploded, stepping a bit in that direction, before he looks at the signs, "Now what does that point to…?" he asks, mostly to himself.

Toby since he wasn't told not to Toby nabs one of the bottles of water and bags it along with the rest. With general air, water, soil and such samples having already been gleamed from the bars he's now looking for more unusual objects, like the aforementioned feathers. On his way back outside he also grabs a few shards of glass as well, double bagging them just in case. As they get closer to the water he sticks to landward of Mara then eyes the pile up at the gates of the port. "wierd how their tech looks just like ours.." He watches as Marellen gets closer, but doesn't seem particularly inclined to himself. Glancing to Mara he offers, "if you want to take a good look around here then youmight want to call the raptor closer Lieutenant, that hike used air."

Casey hits up one of the planters along the way. Hey if she's here right? She looks back in the direction the bird flew, but doesn't lag behind, making sure Fischer's always between her and the place the bird went off to. Then she looks down at her O2 meter for her suit when Toby mentions the oxygen. She keeps her eyes open, but isn't doing as much sample collecting as Toby is, especially since she keeps her sidearm drawn.

Following the signs, some thing looks official and marked in faded red. Like warning signs. But the vehicles they find hiking closer towards the official-looking place seem to have been in no hurry. There's very little difference between them and anything else they have run into But things become more clear when they turn the corner and are faced with a military gate. There's a large sign in the same coloring and block lettering over the top of the fenced area. There's a truck with some kind of rusted gunmount parked out front. Approaching the gate there's no sign of anything strange or out of the ordinary, except that there's -zero- sign of life here. Some might call that strange. When they pass by the reinforced blockhouse at the gate, they can peer inside and see some old pieces of what look like computers, but everything has been left exposed to elements. One device, about the size of a cellphone, has cracked and fallen apart so badly that its barely recognizable. But everything here is much more organized - at least it was when It happened. Looking forther down the block there are more offices with doors and windows fallen out. Vehicles are parked more orderly in front of said locations. The labels on the buildings are obvious for anyone who could read the language - harder if they don't. It may be time to just pick one. The large rectangular and squat building with a lot of cars out front, or the smaller building with no windows and a pair of doors that fell off the hinges decades ago.

Marellen follows along, gathering as she goes.

Nodding, Mara makes the call for the Raptor to join them at this location. They've arrived and presumably there's sufficient space for the bird to land. Driven by her need to get inside one of those buildings, Mara is, well, less perceptive to the severe lack of anything remotely living. The large building attracts her attention first and she pauses a moment to consider it before finally turning and heading toward the smaller, darker building.

Toby hasn't conciously clocked the lack of wildlife, but the hairs on the back of his neck are starting to stand on end a little. With the prevelance of military insignia around he looks for a particular one, a cirlce with a small dot in the middle, and is just examing one of the cars when Mara makes her way towards the building. It takes a slight jog to catch up and take his place in the marching order, but then he's all eyes and ears as they pass through those fallen doors, reaching for a torch to illuminate the darkness ahead.

Casey leans to look at the machines that look like computers. "Lots of warning signs…I wonder if this facility has any computers that are in sealed labs or anything," she keeps mumbling over comms, not realizing it's going to everyone else, but luckily she doesn't talk too much…right? Even though the cell phone is obliterated, out of professional curiosity for the materials, Casey scoops up the bits of busted phone into a bag and stows it away. Then she follows Mara and the group to the smaller building.

Frowning as he looks around carefully, Fischer looks towards that smaller building as they begins making their way towars it, glancing around a little again. "It'll be interesting to see what's inside," he mutters, looking around rather carefully, then back to the others again.

The Raptor signals that is powering up and heading their direction. It'll just be looking for the described gate system, likely near that military-looking vessel. Its powering up and heading their direction. But the choice of buildings marks their likely final destination on this trip. The double doors at the entrance have fallen off haphazardly and show no outward signs of damage. Toby probably isn't the only one with hairs rising up once they set foot inside thr building, though. Its pitch black in there and then they see something that they may have realized they -had not- seen at any other point. As flashlights come on, there's a set of military fatigues, complete with a pistol belt, laying on the ground and strewn about just a bit. To even nudge them with the boot has some of the fabric begin to come apart in its extremely fragile state. But they're looking at a room that has a circular greeting desk with more camouflage fatigues behind it, all in similar states of fragility. But there isn't even a single bone or be seen or found. Nothing. Not a damned thing. The hallway off to the right, that was guarded, is missing half the wall from an old collapse and that makes it easy to explode down there. More piles of clothing can be seen. Its as if everyone died suddenly and just fell in place.

Now that makes Mara pause. She looks down at the uniform, watching it disintegrate. "Hmm…" Stooping, she gathers a sample of the uniform-powder, carefully securing it before she stands and heads toward the once guarded door. There's a pause to look behind the desk, searching for anything that might yeild some sort of intelligence, before continuing on, stepping as carefully through the rubble as one can, given the ungainly design of these heavy suits.

Toby doesn't have a bag big enough for the whole pistol belt, but does reach down to carefully try and capture a scrap of fabric, and of the leather. A quick check is done for any insignia on what remains of the sleeves and then he pushes himself back to his feet and peers down the half collapsed corridor. Being used to checking his oxygen levels regularly as a firefighter he does so again now, then turns back to Mara, "take a look down here Lieutenant?"

Fischer winces as he sees the scene in front of them. "At least that's…" he begins, before he moves forward to where Toby is peering down the corridor. "This just looks wrong…" he mutters, as he looks as well, stepping back a bit again and looking around. "What could have caused this? Some sort of chemical thing?"

"Well, hopefully we're going to find out…" Mara murmers hoarsely and a nod goes to Toby, yup, down they go. She's already in the hallway and oddly mindful of the uniforms. They might not have bodies in them, anymore, but even the blunt Lieutenant has some sense of decorum.
Mara adds, "From here forward, be /very/ careful where you step and keep a sharp eye for anything that might resemble computer hard drives, disks, anything that could be used for data storage." Apparently the group is done with flora and dirt. It's all about hard information that may or may not tell them what happened.

Further in, they're seeing more signs of the interior walls crumbling. There's a few metal support eams going floor to ceiling, but it would seem there have been rust-through leaks in the ceiling and its begun to erode most of the structural support. But while their lights can pick this out, they sweep through the rooms where not light has been for potentially more than forty years. At one location they look inside and can see a crumbled chair and uniform in it, with a tray and eating utensil. The person died or vanished in the middle of a frakking meal. There wasn't even time to get up and get out of the chair. But as they move on through the building, they start getting to the end of the hall and there's a heavy door partially come off the hinges. Lights shining in, they can see something that could potentially be vital.. Its a server room. There's some water damage but one of the towers looks fairly intact. It just involves moving the door out of the way. That's going to take some prying, if they want to chance it.

"Some sort of 'I'm not frakking taking my suit off' thing," Toby mutters back to Fischer, although with the coms as they are it's to everyone. As Mara sets off he follows her, torch held high to cast it's light above and beyond her. "Got it, looking out for tech. Also," he adds, just to ensure it's vocalised, not because he thinks anyone won't be, "watch out for anything sharp that might puncture or tear the suits." The sight of the remains at their meal is not a welcome one, but then his torchbeam lights on the server room and he points it out to the others, "tech like that Lieutenant?"

"Exactly like that, Crewman," Mara responds and is it possible she actually sounds pleased? "We need to move this door." Her gloved hands run along the surface and then she looks back to the Deckie, "Any ideas?" Since he's the technician on this trip and probably the only one with any practical idea of how to move the door. Although, Rook does cast her glance back over the team, just in case anyone else has some ideas. And then she's leaning forward, trying to see through the gap, see what other treasures the room potentially holds.

Toby eyes Fischer a moment then nods towards the door, "come on Sergeant, lets see if we can let the brainy ones at the complicated things. Assuming the marine will follow he sets his sampling gear down and goes to try and brute force the door open. Wheres Knox when you need him? Brute strength was always his party trick.

There's a brief moment of pause as Fischer sees those doors, before he grins as he hears Toby's words. "Hey, some of us have both brains and strenght, you know…" he remarks as he moves over to help Toby trying to get this door open. "Let's do this!"

<FS3> Casey rolls Body+Body: Failure.
<FS3> Toby rolls Body+body: Good Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Body+Body: Good Success.
<FS3> Mara rolls Body+body: Good Success.

"Uh. Is it such a good idea to be moving anything…structural?" Casey was already getting a bit wary of the rusted through metal beams and everything crumbling around them. Only making her think of what it might be to run out of oxygen after being crushed by thousands of pounds of dust. She looks hesitant and doesn't put her full weight into the effort, as if she doesn't want the door to move but still going through the motions.

The door pulls and groans heavily, not wanting to give way. The heavy metal of the hatch, which it actually is, drags across the metal floor and creates a horrendous sound. But as it does there's a slow sagging of the roof over the door frame. Its visible, but so far everything is holding. Assuming the sound of grinding metal didn't hide other sounds. Once inside, though, this is definitely a small server farm but of an older design than what the Colonials currently use. Some shapes and designs are considered to be optimal, not matter the culture. The laws of physics and thermodynamics apply equally. Most of the server tower builds along the edges of the walls have water damage to them, while another has had the air conditioning and ventilation system crash through the ceiling all around it and toppled a pair of racks to the floor. Almost everything looks to be in pieces or beyond any kind of sensible recovery. Once inside, though, there does appear to be one server tower that doesn't outwardly appear to have any damage, though the rear of the room may have more to see as it doglegs to the rear and left.

"That one." Mara points to the solitary tower that still appears to be intact. "We need to gut it, get whatever data storage might be inside. We /may/ be able to salvage something." With that order delivered, and it was definitely an order, the Lieutenant makes a beeline for that dogsleg. Because who knows what treasures might be hiding around that corner. She moves with less caution now. Given the possibility of a collapse and oxygen supplies running low. But she needs to /know/.

Toby eyes three things. The server tower, the Lieutenant heading off, and his O2 meter. It's a simple decision in the end, a very simple one, and he grabs some sample bags and starts to work on the server. Networking isn't his thing, but he starts grabbing processing units and wires as he can. If the Lieutenant wants to go off breaking her ownorders, that's her problem, not his.

That would be Casey's queue. "I guess that means me." She looks up at the sag at the threshold where the door moved and swallows. "Well, I guess there's no escape," she mumbles to herself for once before stepping through after the others seem to make it. She spots the server that doesn't have any catastrophic damage to it and then moves through the others to get to it. She'll eyeball the racks before trying the great big breath-holding procedure of pulling a whole rack. Then she'll work on ripping drives out if she can. That way they have an interface and storage devices. Pending they don't all crumble under the carefully applied stress.

Fischer pauses as he sees Mara starting to move for the dogleg, frowning as he does. Just a few moments, before he heads in that direction as well, muttering something onder his breath. "What do you think is there…?" he asks, words kept relatively quiet.

The server tower's main structure is easy to get apart. After all these years, the once-secure site is no longer easily going to stop someone from attempting to remove parts. Screws still do their job, but their attachment points have become more brittle. Even though this room hasn't been directly exposed to the elements, there have been leaks and moisture has taken its toll. They wont know how much until they can actually look at the server. But Mara follows the dogleg around a corner and finds herself in a space only wide enough for one person. Fischer ends up behind her and blocking a direct access out since it seems to dead-end. There are however several stacks of hardside plastic containers that look built to protect from the elements. There are heavy combination locks on each one and are clearly marked in the same foreign language. The server and interior drives are just starting to pull free from the tower when the ceiling overhead begins crumbling down. Then more. Then heavier metal plates. They've got only a few seconds to get out of there.

Toby follows Casey's lead on what to put and what to leave but as he spots a few flecks of the dust start to drop past the torchlight he glances up and those flecks become a rapidly increasing stream. "Ensign, time to leave," he notes to Casey as he grabs one last handful of server before ducking out into the corridor and scooping up his previous samples. He needs no apparent encouragement to make for the open skies once more.

Mara is not thinking, just reaching for those containers, her breath catching sharp with excitement. "We need these!" Except then the ceiling is starting to collapse and the first bits of concrete, then larger bits and then she's trying to back up, only there's a Marine in the way so she turns, maybe to try and push him out the way before the whole thing comes crashing down on top of her. If only these bulky suits weren't so frakking hard to move in…

Frowning as he steps back, Fischer looks to Mara. "What are those?" he asks, about the containers, before the ceiling starts to collapse. At the same moment as Mara tries moving back, he reaches out in an attempt to pull her away from there. Time to get out of here as fast as they can now. "Run…" he says while trying to get them both out of there. Faster… faster… Must go faster!

Casey makes sure they get something of a power unit too, but it's mostly data data data they are after. The technology they yank is for reading it, or pointing clues to how to read it since Casey doesn't have high hopes. Casey had gotten a bit absorbed in her salvaging and pilfering, trying to figure out how to carefully get things ready to move that she had all but forgotten about the sagging ceiling and impending doom. "Huh?" She turns to see Toby starting to move and she grabs her loot without a second thought, leaping out from the server room.

Everyone manages to run for the exit but the last one able to get her ass out of the room is Mara. She does-so just as the whole room collapses under the strain. A huge gust of moldy-dirty air belches into the corridor with the dust particles of brick and rusted metal. Its hard navigating, but then the building starts to shake more in general. The other four are just getting to the door when a stress-fracture breaks across the center, lengthwise. The whole thing begins to sag and up above, inside the ceiling, they can hear metal groaning and huge rivets popping. Mara? Just a little too slow. She's just visible at the doorway, in the cloud. when one of the metal girders pops free in the ceiling and swings down. The ceiling tile only slowed it a little bit, but the thin steel beam hits her across the front-right of the helmet and doesn't just smash the glass, it protects her well enough that the helmet is torn right off and gives way, allowing the beam to continue swinging and not taking her whole head with it. Mara ends up knocked to the ground with a nice bloody gash across her forehead and barely conscious, coughing in the cloud of dirty air, and without a helmet while the Raptor circles overhead.

Safe, or relatively so at least, Toby is out in the fresh air and looking for the raptor when the beam comes down. Dumping the samples in clear ground he turns back, eyeing the mess. "Ensign," he says, turning to Casey, "can I suggest you get the bird down here sharpish and get the FTL powering up. We," meaning himself and Fischer, "can grab the Lieutenant. Quicker we get her back to the fleet the better I reckon. You know, just in case…"

To give her credit, Mara does actually try and get out of the room, but she's quite obviously wanting to go back for those boxes. The information they could hold! And that's probably why she manages to get herself whacked in the head. The only sound coming over the comms is a surprised shout. Well, as much of a shout as Mara can manage, which isn't much. It sounds sort of like an abused growl before it cuts off suddenly. Shaking her head and trying to clear the looming lack of consciousness, Rook tries to get herself sort of upright, coughing and wheezing as all that nasty dust clogs her nose and throat, half blinded by blood and dirt and black spots threatening to swallow her vision entirely. She at least tries to keep moving forward, toward the surface.

"Yeah. That's probably a good idea." Casey makes a call over comms to the pilot. "And we'll need to get out of this area asap. This building is in the process of collapsing." Naturally the young Ensign doesn't think that this might not be the best motivator. Though it communicates the sense of urgency perfectly! Casey stands by, waiting for the Raptor.

Coming to a stop when he hears the shout-like sound from the Lieutenant, Fischer looks back. Seeing the officer downed, he grimaces as he glances back to the others. When he sees Mara trying to keep moving, he reaches out in the direction of her hand. "Take my hand," he calls out to her, before adding, "We'll get you back to the Raptor."

The Raptor seems to head their direction as soon as the building starts to come apart. When it does, it is pretty obvious from the air considering its officially the /only thing moving/ down there. The dust cloud wafts into the air, creating a nice big marker. The Raptor beings to mvoe faster, coming in and circling low once before coming to land in the parking lot. The door to the hatch begins to open even as the rest of the building starts to collapse in on itself, a single-story implosion exposing everything else to the elements or crushing anything left inside.

Casey doesn't wait for the others. There doesn't seem to be a lot of boneheaded heroicness in her at this moment, given Toby said they didn't need her. She's not challenging his judgement. She books it as fast as she can towards the Raptor as she spots where it is starting to touch down. Once it's clear, she moves in and lugs her loot up to the Raptor deck before hauling herself up into the seat with two movements. Then she starts spooling up the FTL. "Better get your butts back to this bird," she says over comms as she also dials in coordinates, double checks, and makes other preparations.

"Boxes…" Mara manages to get that out, at least. She does grab the Marine's hand, though, stumbling as she tries to find her feet as the ground starts moving and the building continues its collapse. The Lieutenant does her best to move quickly in the now obsolete gear, given that she's now been exposed to the Gods only know what that killed off this planets inhabitants in the first place. Hopefully everyone else has the foresight to keep their helmets on once they're back on the Raptor. Except for the Raptor's pilot, obviously. Also exposed now! Once aboard the Raptor, Mara keeps on coughing. All that nasty old dust doesn't mix well with damaged throat and she'll likely just keep on coughing and gasping for breath until she loses consciousness or dies, whichever comes first.

Toby starts back to help Fischer with Mara, but as the Intel Officer seems to be ambulatory once more he grabs the remaining samples and makes for the raptor. With Casey safely ensconced he starts piling bags and gear up to try and leave as much room as possible for people. "Do you know if we stillhave the Iron Pilgrim in the fleet?" he ask as he hauls bits of server down the fuselage. "She has a modified hold. We can't flush the air on the way back, so we may need them to pressurise her and use tit for quarentine until we know what state the Lieutenant is in."

"Come on, you'll be back on the Raptor in no time," Fischer offers to Mara, helping as best he can until they're aboard. "This was…" he mutters, trailing off again, before he pauses at Toby's words, but there is no reply yet.

So they're all back on the Orion, the pilot having called ahead to let folks know of their status and a possibly infected crew member. Mara is blissfully unconscious by this stage having coughed herself there. Once the Raptor lands, it's a case of getting Mara repressurized, then depressurizing the landing zone to flush any potential toxins and airborne hazards out into space. From there the medical team that was on standby collect Mara and (presumably) the samples and take the whole lot off to sickbay where Rook is put in quarantine and the samples are secured.

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