AWD #544: Overwhelmingly Underwhelmed
Overwhelmingly Underwhelmed
Summary: Amos has newsfor Gray and Angelis, their reactions are not as expected.
Date: 14/12/2016
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Shuttle Raptor
AWD #544

It's relatively early in the day. Those who have been enjoying the revels since they began are no doubt still full of energy, as are most of the passengers in the raptor taking a group of Orion's marines down to the surface. It's only a week since they were making the same trip under heavy fire, but this time there's a buzz about the passengers and crew. One such passenger is Amos, who has apparently managed to wrangle a few hours or more off to enjoy himself. With him he has a backpack, but since he's currently fully dressed it's likely that that's for when he changes, and a long thin box about five foot long.

Angelis is sitting there, but doesn't look particularly festive. She's dressed in a combat uniform, sans body armour and weapons. Her one nod to the festival is the urban-camo warpaint that streaks her face and hair. The young marine is currently staring straight ahead, at nothing in particular, a small frown creasing her brow, blue eyes focused inward as she goes over something in her head. She's pretty still, too. In fact, this could be the same Tabi that's on mission. Focused, serious and still. Except for her busy hands, the tips of her gloved fingers idly worrying at the seams of her pants.

Gray is also in the Raptor; he has a pack with him, containing a change of clothes or two along with some notes, some cubits, and other items. If nothing else, it is clear that he's hoping to take /full/ advantage of the day of leave. Otherwise, though, for the moment he's in a combat uniform like Angelis.

Amos hasn't painted up yet, so the young marines will just have to wait and see if he has any garish patterns planned. After the raptor has left the safety of the hangers, but before it hits the turbulence of atmospheric flight he unstraps himself from his seat and moves a few feet forward so he's within range of both Lance Corporals. "Angelis, Anderson, since you're both here, I need a word."

Angelis blinks herself back to the present as the Major makes his way over. Her fingers still for a moment, and one hand lifts away, to tug on the end of her ponytail. "Sir?" She asks, her voice low and respectful, though perhaps just a little distracted as her eyes drift back to the point they were focused on previously.

Gray blinks as well, looking a bit…confused. "Sir?" he says, echoing slightly after Tabi…but long enough after that he's also not about to claim a jinx on her.

"Staff Sergeant Knox and I have been keep tabs on your progress," Amos notes, to the pair, rather than either one of them individually, "and we're both in agreement." Lifting his left arm up to brace himself against the cabin roof, his right goes diving into his leg pocket, from which he produces two identical boxes, passing one to each. When opened, each contains a set of full corporal’s pins. "Well done both of you, but it only gets harder from now on. Now you're junior leaders, and the Staff Sergeant will be working with you on that in the future. For now though, enjoy yourselves today, you've both earnt it."

It takes Tabi a couple of moments to bring her attention back to the Major, and another moment to understand what he's saying. She stares at the box in his hand like it might be some sort of explosive, or something. "Ah…" In fact, there's a moment she might even refuse, but in the end, she takes the box from him and closes it. "Thank you, Sir." She says quietly, before tucking the box into one of her pockets and going back to her thoughts.

Gray wishes he could manage a smile on this…it's a promotion (and the first one not broadly dictated by time-in-grade). However, with the way the last week or so has gone, his feelings are far more complicated. Form ultimately wins out over emotion, but it's a close fight between them. "Thank you, sir." His response is uncharacteristically flat, but he goes through the ritual of opening the box to look at the pins before pocketing it with a forced, awkward smile of appreciation.

Amos is a touch surprised as the two marines’ reactions are somewhat underwhelming and gives both of them a considered look for a few moments. "Enjoy yourselves today," he repeats, to make sure they understand, "then, tomorrow, if either of you wants to talk to me about anything, you know where my office is." Taking a stab in the dark about what it is that might be wrong he notes, "I know it's hard, but you are allowed to grieve, and you are allowed to celebrate what Lieutenant Petropoulos achieved in life. Just take advantage of what this break offers." Then, unless either of them have anything else to say to him, he returns to his seat.

Angelis nods to the Major. "Yes sir." She replies quietly, "You enjoy the break, too." She actually manages to work up one of her cheerful grins for him too. Not wanting to seem so horribly ungrateful and stuff. The expression doesn't last very long though, before she goes back to her thoughts, fingers still worrying at the seams of her pants, occasionally straying to the pocket where she stashed her new pins.

That's actually a swing-and-a-miss, not that Gray will admit to it. So he takes a deep breath. "Yeah, thanks, sir. If…I'll remember that. Thanks." And he forces a grin. "Hope you can enjoy a bit of time off yourself."

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