Orion's Dance Card (Current Projects)

Below are listed all of the IC projects or initiatives that TACCO is aware of (IC or OOC) as well as all of the proposed or approved military operations. If you are interested in getting yourself involved in one, contact the Project POC (Point of Contact) OOCly to ask about finding a way into things. These may or may not be IC common knowledge, so check with the POC first before starting ANY RP concerning it

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Current Projects

These should be projects and initiatives started since the Leap period began (OOC April 7, 2017)
Project Name Summary Project POC Status Waiting on
Contingency Planning TBA Mara Active In Progress
Fate of the Seagull Investigating what happened to the Cruiser Seagull Adeliza Mara Henry Active In Progress
Orbital Bombardment Beacon Developing a beacon to use to improve targeting of Orion's orbital bombardment strikes Latif Active In Progress
Homing Missiles Developing old anti-sabre missiles to seek out the jamming ships Gloria Active In Progress
Golf 51 Strike Plan Blow up Hater prison facility on planet Golf-51 and not die. Niko Active In Progress

Pre-Leap Projects

Do not consider these active
Project Name Summary Project POC Status Waiting on
EA-4489 Counteragent Developing a counter to the Cylon chemical weapon Currently Unassigned Suspended Suspended - lack of active chemical scientists
Centurion Reverse Engineering Attempting to reverse engineer destroyed Centurions to understand the technology used to make them Jaxon Restarted Gathering parts and team, need robotics and computer engineers
Welcome to Piraeus Developing New Resident Orientation for Refugees Iphigenia Ongoing Project kicked off, developing plan and welcome packet
Piraeus Excavations Explore and examine the ancient ruins on the planet, learn more about the people who lived there. Thanos Ongoing Assistance has been assigned, investigation still ongoing.
Raider Dissection Systematically disassemble a captured Cylon raider to understand how it works, and how to take them down easier. Diomedes Ongoing Assistance has been assigned, work still ongoing.
Aerilon Propoganda Locate and capture or destroy the source of APF propaganda on Aerilon. Currently Unassigned Pending Pending
Galactica Retrieval Decide what can be retireved and what can be gained. Pearson Ongoing Planning Stages

Military Operations

Op Name Dept POC Status Summary
Aerilon Air Support Air Wing Bennett Approved, Ongoing, Sustained Raptor/Predator/Viper strike missions on ground and air targets
Military Asset Scouting Air Wing Bennett Approved, Ongoing, Sustained Sending Raptor/ECO crews to various locations identified by Intel as possible locations for Fleet refugees and materiel
Mapping Cylon Space Tactical Elias Ongoing Approximately 20% of suspected Cylon space charted. Navigational maps in production.
Cylon Space Recon Tactical Elias Ongoing Searching for reported third Cylon world and fourth 'garden' planet.

Target Assessment

Target Assessment Last Checked Comments
Supply Lines
Aerilon Counter-offensive lead by Allied Planetary Forces, believed to be Cylon captured Humans. Current APF is using Cylon guardians, has own infrastructure. Must treat as hostiles.
Ragnar Anchorage
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