AWD #420: Options Needed
Options Needed
Summary: Lleufer Ynyr runs into cheerful Niamh in the ship's library. She may be clumsy but she picks up on things and isn't fooled about how depressed this Marine is and where he's stuck.
Date: 15/08/2016 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Niamh 
Library, Battlestar Orion, Deck3
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
Thu Mar 02 09:58:25 2006

Lleufer has finally been allowed to return to limited duties. Restricted for the moment to sitting a desk and not being issued a sidearm. So in a nutshell, he's not doing anything MP related unless it's filing reports others submit. Talk about depressing and tedious. Maybe it would have been better if had offed himself because it's becoming clear that he's hurt himself and his record pretty badly by the misinformation /someone/ else gave him. Someone he had foolishly trusted and thought a good friend. No going back now. Just a big mess and he's got to sleep in the bed he's made just like any other Marine. Suck it up, don't complain. But, he's not a happy man to be sure. Depressed and even on meds to keep him from being that.

So Lleufer Ynyr finds himself at the library returning books he'd checked out. The day lays before him, about to go on shift later in the day and sit at a desk. Then counciling with the docs, because he's not allowed to do any of his usual Marine or MP duties that would have him armed. It's almost as bad as being confined in a little room with nothing to do day in and day out.

The book on Colonial Military history is scanned. Ynyr slides it into the deposit slot and goes to quietly wander the library to find something else to read that he hasn't already read. He finds himself in the medical section.

The library. Not somewhere that Niamh frequents much, but today she finds herself being drawn there. In need of creative inspiration maybe. The redheaded Crewman bounces in, her countenance as usual, utterly cheerful. Despite the darkening bruise on her cheek and the healing scrape above her right eye. Completely oblivious to things like chairs and table corners and shelves, she sort of ricoches off of things like a rubber ball. Despite her obvious clumsiness, the Tauran seems quite agile, her stumbles are caught before she hits the floor, and she continues merrily on her way. The reason for her lack of gracefulness, her eyes are focused on the notepad in her hands, pen moving quickly over the page, reading or drawing something, her stumbling progress carrying her toward the medical stacks without much thought.

Well, it's not hard to hear her coming. The already normally quiet Aerilon, who's even more quiet these days, only stands there. Lleu was staring at the books without really seeing them anyway. So it's no effort really to turn his head and watch Niamh's progress through the library with her notepad in hand. He doesn't say anything - his pale grey eyes watch to see if she is about to careen into himself or whether he should probably step out of her way. He has a ready hand though should it look like she's about to bump into anything else. Lleu is not a heartless bastard and he's still of a mind about others that he'd rather save her from injury than watch her hurt herself.

It's only the looming figure of the Marine in her peripheral vision that draws Niamh to an abrupt halt. For a couple of seconds she stares at his chest/upper arm since that's just about at her eye-level, then blinks and looks up. "Oh." Another blink, followed by a cheerful grin, not the slightest bit deterred by the dour countenance of the MP in front of her. "Oh… you're that Marine that Toby likes to fight with. Hi! I don't think we've really met properly, or maybe we have and I've forgotten. I'm not really good with names. I'm Niamh… ah… Niamh Callaghan, Crewman." A glance down at her notebook, then across to the shelves of books. A split second frown, and her pencil is tucked into her messy pony tail and the freed up hand then proceeds to pull all the books to the very edge of the shelf, neatly lining them up.

Lleufer has his hands loosely set on his hips as his attention has gone from staring at books to watching her instead. He takes a step back and unlike his more usual self, he kind of evades eye contact after a moment. Far less sure of himself than he used to be. "You're fine. Don't mean to be in your way." Only, she doesn't seem as intent now to keep on going somewhere. He tries to smile a little. It's a thin tired smile with only the right side of his mouth and he puts a hand out to take hers, if she wants, "Lleufer Ynyr." Lleu leaves his rank off because … well, not sure it really matters anymore. "Used to like Toby. Guess he … has his reasons not to be friendly anymore. Things change." He thins his mouth, "I'll give him space. He's entitled to his opinions." And frankly, Lleu's stopped giving a shit. "You OK?" He probably means her bruises.

Spotting the offered hand, Niamh takes it willingly enough and gives it a firm shake, "Good to meet you." Looking up at his face, she studies the scarring on the side of his head, quite without shame, it would appear, though she doesn't seem at all horrified by it. If anything, she gets a sort of distant look, like she's remembering something. "People change." Releasing his hand after a moment, she goes back to straightening the books on the shelf, her OCD kicking in enough to want all the spines facing the right way and touching the edge of the shelf. "Hmm…?" Green eyes shoot the marine a confused look, then blink. "Oh…." Niamh laughs, cheerful as always, "Oh I had an altercation with a doorway. Nothing dire. Doesn't even hurt really," Her gloved fingers lift to poke at the bruise on her cheek. "Well, I mean, it doesn't hurt in comparason to having it broken, you know? Now that hurts, and makes it kinda hard to eat too. Luckily I don't like to eat much, but it's not broken now. And you're not in my way. You got here first, remember? I mean, at least I think you did." Apparently realising she's babbling, Niamh stumbles into silence and blushes a bit before focusing her eyes on the books. Reading them for the first time.

He thins his mouth and looks at nothing in particular, his baritone real low. "Yeah, we do." Lleufer Ynyr sure isn't the man he used to be either. Diminished, eroded. The war does that to people. Better not to think about himself though - Niamh is better to focus his attention on. Another thin smile, "Yeah, I know about that. Ran into a floor not long ago, and people's fists, and lots of bullets. My luck's turned sour, I guess." He really does try to smile a little faintly, "I hope yours will improve. Maybe you'll keep your mind more on here and now and less burried in your notebook when you are moving around." Pro tip, that. "Looking for anything in particular in here?"

"Pft." Niamh gives Lleufer a sidelong look filled with amusement. "No such thing as luck. It's all about trust, and believing in yourself and what you can do, and can't do. Like, I know I'm clumsy, but I trust my reflexes to keep me from hurting myself too badly. If we're in a luck contest then I'm the unluckiest person alive. But, I have a roof over my head, and no one here beats on me for making a mistake, and I get to do something I love. So I guess that's lucky. I mean, just think… you might think you have it bad, but there's folks that have it a lot worse." Her eyes slide away to study the titles on offer and she lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "But then, it's also about perspective. Like, other folks having it a lot worse, doesn't go making my problems any less than what they are, because they're mine. You know?" Again with the babbling, and again with the blush, "I'm sorry, don't mean to go yammering your ear off. It's a problem, my brain just runs so fast and sometimes my mouth just gets carried away. The books…? Oh… right. Well, just looking for some inspiration. I like drawing."

Yynr listens but his only reply is a soft, tired sigh. Lost belief in himself, that's for sure. That's real bad for a Marine. And lost trust, faith, even in friends who in some ways betrayed him without meaning to. Complicated mess. His own fault, one supposes. Lleu lifts a hand and rubs it slowly over his face and says nothing at all. Just looks at the books. Kind of at the end of his rope he pulls one randomly and opens it, trying hard as fuck not to let his eyes get all watery and cry for no fucking reason at all. Yeah, the docs would just love that, wouldn't they? He turns his back on Niamh and takes a few steps away from her so she can't see his face. Slow breath, "You're fine. I hope you find what you are looking for." Just hang on and get through one day at a time. Shit passes.

A small frown creases Niamh's brow as she watches the book being pulled from the shelf. She chews on her lip for a moment, then her head tilts a little, "You really look like you could use a hug. Do you want a hug? I'm really good at them, though don't get to use them much here. I guess 'cause most folks are pretty happy. Hugs are good for the soul though. Kinda like warm milk in the middle of the night when you can't sleep." Despite her little frown, there's a mischevious but blatantly honest smile touching her mouth, "Promise I won't tell anyone, I'm really good at keeping secrets."

He stops, tension coming into the muscles of his back. Yynr makes himself partly turn and look at her. He blinks because it's such a strange thing to hear anyone say to him. Him! He licks his lips, "No, thank you. I'm a Marine and we are supposed to be tough sons of bitches. I'm fine and I don't even know you. Good intentions and all but that's just weird." It does put a thought into his head. The book gets closed and slid back onto the shelf even if it's not where he got it precisely. "I have a duty shift coming up I should get to soon. You should enjoy your drawing, Niamh. Don't let me put any damper on your day."

"Okay." Niamh doesn't seem even the slightest bit deterred, even going so far as to laugh when he comments on her strange behaviour. "That's because I am weird. It's good to be a little bit weird in this day and age, otherwise I might've gone crazy a long time ago." She pulls out her notebook and scribbles something down, then rips the page out and carefully folds it over, handing it to him. "Well, you hang onto that, just in case. And just remember, it's okay not to be tough all the time. And anyone who tells you different, just kick 'em in the shins, because they're being stupid." A quick grin, one hand lifting to push a few wayward strands of hair away from her face, "You enjoy your shift, and don't even worry about it. It takes a lot to put a damper on my day, and you certainly haven't even made a dent. Though I still stand by you needing a hug, big bad Marine or no." She goes back to looking at the books, gloved fingertip running over the spines, picking one at random and pulling to from the shelf.

The folded up piece of paper is accepted and Lleu opens it up to see what it is that she gave him. He stares at it a minute and his eyes want to betray him again with pent up emotion. Stupid, wasted emotion. No. Not going to do it. Carefully he folds up the paper and slips it into his pants pocket and keeps his face very neutral, "Thanks." He seriously can't afford to loose his shit. People are watching him way too closely. "Have a good day, Crewman." Ynyr draws a slow breath and turns to remove himself from the library.

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