AWD #164: Optimal Cardio Achieved
Optimal Cardio Achieved
Summary: Introductions in the fitness Centre
Date: 19/Jun/2012
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Mahasti Toby 
Fitness Center, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #164

Mahasti is working on a treadmill, sort of using the weird hour to her advantage. It is a relatively quiet morning in the med bay so she's technically on call but not actually on duty. Decorating her sweats is a fashionable towel accessory, draped over her neck "uhg" she grumbles at the whole 'excercising' nonsense.

Toby is on the late shift for the moment so he has time to waste before lunch and then work. He'd headed to the fitness centre incase there were a few familiar faces to toss a pyramid ball about with but having found teh place neigh-on deserted he's settled for knocking out a bit of pent up frustration on a punch bag. By the amount of sweat down his back he's been at it a while when he finally takes a break to catch his breath and find a drink.

Mahasti watches the man with the punching bag "Doesn't that hurt?" she asks, peering over the top of the treadmill, her attention on him for now. She daubs her face with the towel, carefully, watching him and not yet grabbing her drink. Her grin shows "What did that bag ever do to you? Did it upset your maman?" she asks, Leonese accent tugging out cheerfully as she continues just casually running in place. She seems to at least be enjoying watching the man work the bag.

Toby uses the wraps around his hands to wipe some sweat off his forehead before resting his hands on his knees and taking a few deep breaths. That done he reaches down for his water bottle then stands straight again and glances over towards the lass on the treadmill. "No," he answers with a faint shrug, before glancing back to the bag, "it didn't do anything, but it leads to less trouble to punch it then other things." Reaching one hand up to still the bag properly he takes another drink, before his Tauran tones conclude, "best available option as it were."

Mahasti laughs a bit "Its nice to meet you." she offers, her fingers daub her towel a bit "They ought to paint the bag silver. I'd beat it senseless if it was silver." she jokes. "Its nice to meet you." she offers, brightly. "But my goodness you are quite tall!" she offers. Of course, she's quite small, so everyone is tall. "Are you angry about something that can actually be worked out, or the happenings in general?" she asks, politely but cheerfully.

Toby raises a questioning eyebrow at the silver comment, tilting his head slightly in silent askance. "I'm sure we have some silver duct tape if you need.. " he starts, then moves onto her questions. "Yes," he answers simply, before adding for more clarity, "both. Only there's some with differing opinions on how such things as canbe sorted should be, and they're the ones with the gold pins so what they say goes."

Mahasti grins a bit "If I'm bothering you too much I can shut up. I'm not very good at punching things. I have these noodle arms." she gestures "I'm still surprised I made it through the physical part of officer training." she offers, with a chuckle "I'd of dropped dead if I'd of ever tried Marine basic training." she admits, "Things may not be repairable, but they are salvageable, I think." she offers, stopping her treadmill to rub her face, pressing two fingers to the side of her neck, paying attention for a moment. "Optimal cardio achieved."

Toby mentally files away that 'officer' bit and replies with a simple nod before just shaking his head at the mention of the marines. "Yeah, they're nuts like that, but then how many of them could remember their own name if it wasn't shouted at them all day every day?" Starting to cool down a little he reaches for his jacket and slips it over his shoulers, although as of yet he makes no move to zip it up. Circling his arms a few times to stretch down his joints and muscles he adds after a moment, "aren't you supposed to keep that for 20 minutes, not just hit it?"

Mahasti laughs a bit "I was jogging before you got here." she poinsts out "Probably. I'm just a doctor." she offers. She cracks her back a little bit "You don't need to leave because I'm chatty." she pauses "No no. They have dog tags, remember." she jingles hers "So when they aren't being yelled at they can still check. It applies to some of the officers too, since no one yells at them." she offers. "I'm Doctor Mahasti Nasreen, it is nice to meet you. I'm a bit sweaty if you want to shake hands, I would feel a bit bad getting my germs all over you though." she offers in a chatterbox fashion.

Tobys hands are mostly covered by cloth wraps but he waves away the suggestion of shaking hands anyway, asking as he does so, "is that obsession with germs somehting they drill into you at fleet doctor school or just something generally colonial that somehow managed to miss Tauron? I swear you lot are obsessed." Taking another drink he then returns the introduction, "Toby Shackleton, I work in the hanger bay trying to make sure everyonehas what they need ot keep them alive."

Mahasti rubs her hair a bit "The smell of flesh rotting has had a permanent and profound effect on my mental health in regards to germs. It does not get in the way of doing my job." she offers, pausing "I take it you've met my boss?" she offers with a chuckle "Well, I'm obsessed because I don't want others to catch what I was just wrist deep in. Infections on Picon are pretty rampant and they can kill and well, to be honest, if you really want I can go stick my fingers in someone's mouth before I shake your hand?" she offers with a joke, watching his face for a reaction "Are all of you men around here so damn tall? If I ever give you an examination I'll have to get a step ladder!" she exclaims.

"I have," Toby replies with a faint grin, "she left me behind on a raiding trip to Picon a week or so back." Okay, so there's more to the story than that, but where's the fun in telling the whole truth. "If you want," he offers with a shrug, "although I seem to recall being told that dirt and germs were good for you when I was a kid, gave you resistances or some such, I dunno, I wans;t really listening at the time." There's another faint smile at the question about his height and he replies, "only the Taurans, the rest are much more average."

Mahasti grins "I'm very short for a Leonese woman, so thats part of it." she pauses, tilting. "Taurans are a hearty folk. Less obnoxious than Picons." she jokes, her weight teetering. She reaches to gently poke his bicep if he'll allow! "The Taurans on Picon I met were very laid back and easy to work with. So, is it the dirt that makes you so big?" she asks, rubbing her chin "Because If rolling in Tauron's mud will make me a little taller and gain weight easier I'd gladly roll in it."

"We work hard and don't put on airs," Toby replies with a slight nod. His expression turns to a faint frown as he's poked and he looks like he's about to say something in reply before the doc's final words make him pause again, even stiffen slightly. "Ain't no mud on Tauron any more," he replies shortly, he's trying to still be polite, but evidently something that's just been said has struck a nerve.

Mahasti makes a face "As long as there's something left to get wet, there will be mud. I'm sorry for upsetting you." she offers. "There isn't much left of my home either." she offers, letting out a small sigh. Her fingers daub her towel to her face again "If you need something in the medbay, do ask. I'll make sure to tell Dr. Nadir you said hello." she mumbles, her neck cracking slightly

"There isn't," Toby replies flatly, although he does manage to shake his head ever so slightly as he does so, "the Toasters saw to that." Zipping up his jacket he reaches down to scoop up his water bottle from the floor before turning towards the exit. "I'm on duty soon," he explains quickly, "I should go shower then eat or I'll be late."

Mahasti closes her eyes "I JUST got off Picon. The Toasters can't kill us thick skulled humans entirely. We have that pig headed tenacity." she offers "I'm sorry I upset you. Be well, okay?" she offers, frowning a little bit, her cheeks are a lil pink. She offers a wave, stretching up a bit, her legs flexing a little as she loooks around.

Toby returns the wave with a faint upnod and grunt before he's off, hands buried deep inside his pockets. If he had more time, he'd be swinging at the bag once more, but sadly, such is not the case and he really does have to be elsewhere. Pity the poor pilot that asks him a stupid question in the next hour or two.

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