MD #020: Operation Smokejumper


15 November 2028

FR: MAJ John Penta
TO: ADM Robin Io
CC: Orion Department Heads
RE: After Action Report: Operation Smokejumper


On 14 November 2028, elements of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, and elements of attached battalion artillery were deployed to the surface of Bominaire on a mission to capture the provincial King and either neutralize him, or turn him over to the people of his province for justice. While inbound to the castle, local inhabitants were encountered - the encounter initially went well, but then turned difficult in part due to a lack of training for first contact scenarios on the part of deployed personnel; to put it simply, everyone had a different idea of our message and it showed. At the castle, 10 rounds of 155mm HE from the attached M777 howitzer were required to penetrate the Castle's gate, significantly delaying what was supposed to have been a lightning attack, and also limiting the ammunition available to the howitzer crew when Skath armored units arrived, resulting in the destruction of the howitzer and the deaths of its crew. Within the castle, militia efforts at delaying the assault force were successful for a time as mission personnel attempted to find a less-lethal way of breaking through barricades; however, the rudimentary barricades were eventually breached, and the residence of the King was assaulted by dismounted infantry for no friendly KIAs, but many of the personnel wounded to varying degrees. The King was captured and delivered to the people for what quickly became a scene of mob justice on the part of the local inhabitants, following which personnel exfiltrated the planet along with our casaulties.

Lessons learned:

  1. Unity of command, particularly with regards to external messaging and communication with local inhabitants, is essential. There can only be one spokesperson for the unit, and that spokesperson (whomever it is) must stick to the messaging decided upon beforehand.
  2. A united front must be presented to local inhabitants if our message is to be heard and received.
  3. Synthetic human personnel, due to their use by the Skath as "clerics", must be deployed with discretion. Their mistaken identification as clerics could have fatal impacts upon the prospects for cooperation by local inhabitants and forces, and therefore upon mission success.
  4. First contact guidelines and TTP (tactics, techniques, and procedures) must be devised, both in general and for each particular landing.
  5. Unconventional Warfare training is of great desirability.




Please see attached and attached for a full record of the events referred to in this report.

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