MD #041: Operation Cold Forge



FR: CMDR Marcus Petra
TO: ADM Robin Io
CC: MAJ John Penta, LTC Niko Janik
RE: Operation Cold Forge - Initial Assault


On May 17th, the Orion began the first stage of the Cold Forge Operation, by HALO dropping a small team of Marines onto the surface of Calumet, to confirm our aged intel and send back acknowledgement that the meat of the assault could be carried out as planned. The drop was carried off without casualties, setting a record for the highest combat drop the Orion has ever completed. An initial CMC team lead by GSGT Knox made successful contact with forces of the Calumet resistance, and provided initial confirmation that the operation could proceed as planned.

The AirWing and Fleet, with orbital forces of the Arpay and ADM Fencer, engaged the Skath orbital forces and succeeded in preventing escape of any craft to warn Skath Command that an assault had begun. Air Wing then continued their support for ground targets, and proceeded with the ground landing of the CMC, despite heavy AA resistance. They were able to successfully destroy a known priority target: A Line resurrection building that was in the process of being completed by enemy forces, to support the 'Clerics'

The Marine landing linked up with the forward team and joined the Resistance in supporting a large scale unit action over one of Calumet's ravaged and abandoned sprawling cityscapes. Fighting multiple heavy armor units, the Marines took heavy casualties but were able to succeeed in devastating the Skath ground forces' ability to fight and the weapons they had to fight with.

The situation has been returned to the hands of the Calumet Resistance for now, as the Orion returns to the Colonies to resupply and retask our logistics, and heal our wounded.




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