AWD #352: Operation Upchuck
Operation Upchuck
Summary: The decay of the Raider continues.
Date: 10 June 2016
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Hanger Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #354

The Raider stinks. It's what comes of having organic material sitting around for days or a week at a time. It smells of rot, and while the canvas draped around the 'secret' project holds some of it back, it doesn't hold all of it back. The marines on guard duty generally have to shower and do laundry directly after. Today, though, there's some work being done on it. The Chief Engineer, after her three-day sleep following the Pilgrim rushjob, is back at work. Wearing her jumpsuite, she's parked under the raider, working on peice of panelling to try and remove it and see if she can work around the organic material to find the power source. The only way to tell it's the ChEng though is by that red hair. Her face is covered from the nose-down with a kerchief, and her eyes have a permanant wrinkle to them to keep back the sting of tears brought on by stank triggered when the organic material is poked or moved out of the way. Is she wear gloves? Oh yeah, you bet your ass she's wearing gloves.

The Flag Intel Officer shows up in the hangar in his usual blues, armed with his clipboard. One thing Elias did not think to bring? Something to cover his nose. This he clearly regrets as soon as he gets within range of the rotting Raider's stench, and after a muttered curse the young Major is quick to cup a hand over his nose and mouth. Not that that helps very much. There's a nod to the MPs on duty, but Elias is obviously cleared for this project, and proceeds past the 'privacy' canvas to have a look. And while he spots the legs of someone working under the dead craft, he seems to have assumed it's an enlisted Deck or Engineering crew-person. "How has this not been removed yet?" Perhaps that was rhetorical, as it is immediately followed by a second question. "What are you working on, crewman?"

Rather than provide an immediate answer, the legs shift just a little, and then the form rolls out from beneath the Raider. Thank goodness for simple things that allow one to roll in and out underneath heavy equipment like this, whatever they may be called. The redhead sits up, looking over the Intel Officer. Her eyes narrow a bit; perhaps she doesn't appreciate the way she's being spoken to. When she pulls down the kerchief, it's clear that no, she's not glaring at him. Her eyes were narrowed by a slight smiling gesture, showing her amusement at his questions. "I thought the Intel folks already knew everything," she says, gently but easily. Perhaps it's meant to be a slight tease, but then Halena isn't one much for overexposure of emotions, even simple ones. So it could be a tease. Could be.

Ah. Not who he expected. At least Elias has the good grace to drop his hand from his face and look a little embarassed when he finally recognizes the Chief Engineer. Then his expression shifts to a strained smile for her joke. "And yet we don't admit to knowing anything? Apologies, Captain. I didn't expect to find you here." As in, under the literally stinking Raider. Then his hand goes back to cover his nose. "Gods. I have to wonder if what's left of the … corpse is worth keeping," he mutters from behind it.

"Genetic material?" Halena suggests. "Though I daresay a full autopsy really ought to be done as soon as possible, if for no other reason than I'm not cut out for working in these conditions." Under a rotting corpse, that is. She digs into one of the cargo pockets in her jumpsuit and removes another kerchief, gesturing it upward toward the man. "It won't match your blues, but it's utilitarian at least," she says, using her other hand to pull her own back up over her face. "If you need someting from the Raider, I'll be out of your hair in short order. I thought I'd take a crack and tracing a power source, while the area was empty."

"Mmmm," Elias is quick to agree that speed is of the essence, casting a pained look at the source of the odor. And then he looks a little taken aback as Halena offers him a kerchief, though he does not mind accepting. "Thank you, Captain." The cloth is swiftly placed over his lower face. "Fortunately, fashion is not one of my weaknesses." Given the odor, it probably wouldn't matter even if it were. Then he shakes his head. "Nothing specific. I was making my rounds and thought I'd see how things were progressing. Any luck with the power source?"

Once her hands are free, Halena lies back down and slides underneath the raider again. "That's good to hear, Major. Fashionability is a curse," the redhead says through the muffling of the kerchief. Once she's underneath, there's a bit of shifting on the parts of her he can see, and then she's still, though he can hear the clank of tools or the occasional little 'mph' as she works on a tight bolt or something similar. "Unfortuantely not," the ChEng responds, setting down one type of tool and picking up another. "And I will speak honestly — the reason I haven't is that there's some of these panels I just downright refuse to open, because I don't want to dig through rotting flesh." Gross. So much gross. "Though I will be interested to see how the nervous system on this creature works. Is it capable of transferring electric pulses or complex inforamtion from one part of the Raider to the other, or is it here for some other purpose? Like some eels, transferring electric currents through their skin." She grunts a little, gritting her teeth as she works on a particular tight bolt.

Elias, on the other hand, keeps very still and tries to breath as little as possible. "No," he agrees that opening panels is preferable to disturbing the remains. "The Cylons have clearly adapted much of their technology to interface with living organisms. It's not something that had been considered — at least in the sources I was privy to." There's a pause to take a few shallow breaths, and a wordless mutter. "The original Raiders were completely technological, with fusion power and a crew of three Centurions. This…" he looks over the hybrid Raider with unease — the smell is certainly not helping there. "…is something else entirely."

"Would it be paritcularly surprising, Major, if I said that after the initial shock of seeing organic material benenath the hull, I haven't been terribly unsettled by it since?" Halena asks, pulling the panel away. She grumbles unhappily, and begins rolling out from beneath the ship toward him. The panel is set aside as she's able to sit upright. She heaves a sigh, ended with a sound of disgust — perhaps at the stronger smell she's just unleashed. "My ah, my husband was a Doctor," she explains. "I'd seen him grow all manner of organisms in his little petri dishes." Halena reaches up to pull the kerchief from her face again, no doubt seeking air not laced with spit. "Always rather fascinated me how he could make them fit into the different shapes in the different dishees. He could make them grow to fit the space. Perhaps that's got nothing to do with this," she says, looking at the Raider back over her shoulder. "But it made me think of that, and think of the electric eel. And conceptually, if such things are possible … I suppose this doesn't seem as odd, then."

"Not particularly," Elias says after some consideration. "No." He's standing inside the screened off area, busy examining what he can see of the interior and trying not to inhale more than necessary. He pauses to offer a hand with the detached panel when Halena rolls out from beneath the craft. And while he listens to the Engineer's story about her husband, Elias' response is a rather short and guarded. "I see." After a pause, he takes up the more technical aspect of the question instead. "What I wonder, is why. Why the conversion to a living organism? I would imagine the technical challenges would be … significant. They must have had a compelling reason."

Halena seems relieved to hand off the panel and let Elias be the one to set it aside. She brushes her gloved hands on the legs of her jumpsuit, dusting either her hands or her pants off, though neither seems to come clean. Wishful thinking on her part. "Perhaps, when we take it apart, we'll find that somehow this is more efficient. Worth the technical challenge. Or perhaps even stranger than that, relative to some sort of ideology or morality. Bringing together the best of technology and the best of biology for something pure." She looks back to Elias and shakes her head, smirking just a little. "As you can see, there's a very good reason my field of speciality isn't anywhere near yours. Without sounding self-deprecating, intelligence clearly isn't my strong suite." She pulls the kerchief back over her face. "Can you hand me that electricity monitor over there in the crate, please?"

While he cunningly managed to foist the raider project onto Dio, before it was discovered just exactly what it was, Toby hasn't actually managed to get himself entirely free of it. Right now he's ducking through the tarp into the screened off area to check on an air quality monitor that's sending back odd readings. Either the sensor is on the blink, or there are some very odd gases coming off that thing. Not that it should worry anyone, but he has a personal monitor on a lanyard around his neck, and an EEBD on a strap over his shoulder. Noting the two offers he gives Elias a grunt that might be a 'sir', and Halena a quick smile in greeting.

"Perhaps," Elias concedes to Halena, though he is eyeing the Raider's remains with a less than optimisitc expression. The idea that it may not be a purely technical issue gives him pause, however. "True. Religious computer programs may have found … other reasons. Though I would think that if they believed the Raiders needed sentience, they would have used their software, rather than creating … these things." He shakes his head, distracted by his thoughts when Halena asks for the monitor. "Sorry?" He turns to look for the device, and picking it up he shows the Engineer for confirmation. "This?" As for odd gasses? Toby can't miss the kerchief Elias is holding over his face, nor the odor coming from the dead Raider that's necessitated this protection. "Crewman," he says in a muffled response to the Deckie's grunt, and the Major steps aside while awaiting the Chief Engineer's anwswer. He's a spectator here and does make some effort to stay out of the way.

"Well it still has computer systems. Life doesn't always mean sentience," Halena says, nodding to him and lifting a slender finger to point toward the item she needs. Yes, he's got it right. She turns her hand and opens her palm, though her eyes flit from Elias toward the movement at the tarp and Shackleton's appearance. She meets his smile with a stare, or perhaps she sticks out her tongue, or anything in between. The kerchief over her face makes it hard to tell. "Ah, here's a man who always seems to have answers for the Intelligence division," the redhead says, accepting the monitor if Elias does indeed hand it to her with a word of appreciation. Then: "Shackleton, have you determined what life support systems were required to keep our friend here alive during spaceflight?" With that, she'll lay back on her back and roll beneath the Raider once more.

Toby pauses only a couple of paces inside the tarp and lifts the monitor round his neck to where he can see it. Giving it time to aclimatise he glances to Halena at the comment about intelligence, then over to Elias, before then answering the specific quesiton posed, "if you mean like in our craft? Nothing, there is none, just the systems like our biological ones." Keeping a resepctful distance from the craft, he flanks round it to one of the nearby bulkheads, the location of the potentially misbehaving sensor, and resets his personal one again so he can compare readings, "you learning anything intersting your end?"

Elias hands over the power monitor to the Chief Engineer once he's certain he has the correct device. "I suppose they might have been looking for unpredictability…" The Intel officer muses aloud, though he sounds less than convinced by his own suggestion. The Captain's suggestion about Toby as a source of information draws Elias' attention back to the Deckie, and he gives Crewman Shackleton a questioning look. "So it does breathe?"

Halena's feet shift a bit to push her a bit further underneath or to come back a bit, or to move left or to the right as necessary. She grumbles, and shifts again. What's that? Is the smell getting just a touch worse? Maybe so, maybe not, but before anyone has much time to think too much on it, there's a gasp and a splattering sound, and Halena's feet are suddenly rolling to the left underneath the Raider. The smell gets distinctly stronger, and the ChEng can be heard gagging.

Tobyhas his eyes on the monitor in his hand rather than the offiers, concentrating on the various numbers and how they're settling, but that doesn't mean he isn't listening to their back and forth. "Fraked if I know," he replies to Elias, still not looking up, "there's some sort of circulatory system, but you'd have to ask medical just what it's pumping round. Didn't see anything that looked particularly like somewhere it could breathe in through, but can't say I took a long look." Turning to compare the readings he's got with that of the sensor he has to pause as he hears the splattering the, then grimaces as the smell worsens, "what the frak?"

The stench is already bad enough, and it doesn't seem Elias notices a slight uptick. "Ah," he responds to Toby's brief bit of information with a nod. "I see." Give the current olfactory issues, it doesn't seem the young Major expects anyone to be spending unnecessary time with the thing. There's a wince at the splattering sound, and Elias' eyes cut sharply toward the source of the noise. The upswell in odor causes a frown behind his makeshift mask, and the Intel officer takes an involuntary step back. "All right, Captain?"

Those legs and feet wiggle, toes now facing down, and soon enough Halena is army-crawling her way out from beneath the raider. "Knocked somethin' loose," she chokes, gently tossing the monitor so it skids across teh floor and comes to a harmless stop. Once she's fully free she manages to get to her feet, groaning as she puts weight on her bad leg just to get up. She manages a few steps away from both Toby and Elias, yanking her kerchief off over her head. Then? She's down on her knees again and wretching. At least she's got her back to them … right?

Toby pulls his neck back just a fraction, getting his nose maybe an entire inch further away from the raider. "Eugh," is his technical opinion, and he holds the air sensor up again, pointed at the raider, just to make sure. Elias' step is noted, as is the cpatain's unfortuante disposition, but he's not about to get any closer, not unless it looks like Halena is going to need medical attention.

Elias takes another step back as Halena comes out from under the Raider, leaving her plenty of room to expell whatever may happen to come up. He keeps the kerchief resolutely over his face, his expression clearly in agreement with Toby. There's a glance behind him, and the draped canvas egress from the Raider holding area, and then a more pained and uncomfortable look for the Chief Engineer. "Do you … need help, Captain?"

Halena finishes her … business .. and eventually sits back on her knees. The kerchief is still in her hand, and she brings it up to her mouth and takes a few deep breaths with the thing pressed against her mouth and nostrils, trying to choke out some of the smell. Not just the Raider smell, either. Finally, she shakes her head. A few more breaths and she lowers the kerchief, glancing over her shoulder to Toby and Elias. "Perhaps we might examine the possibility of moving the Raider to the Pilgrim," she suggests lightly, before clambering to her feet. She leads with her good leg, and keeps as uch weight as possible off the bad one. "If you gentlemen will excuse me….."

Toby leaves the officers to it for a few moments as he moves to complete the work that brought him in here in the first place. As it turns out he ends up replacing the sensor as it's clearly faultly, but it's a job of maybe a minute to do so doesn't keep him disracted for long. "Doubt you'll find anyone here who'd object," he notes to Halena, the deckies having to work in close proximity to it every shift are certainly grumbling. Then, as she stands he just gives her a nod. He's ready to leave too, but will give her priority.

"Yes," Elias too agrees to getting the rotting Raider off the deck of the Orion. Or at least cleaned up. "I'll speak to Medical about removing the … organic components." There's a vaguely sympathetic look to the Engineer, and then he reluctantly returns the kerchief she lent him. "Thank you, Captain." Without even that protection, getting out of the Raider enclosure has also become a priorty for Elias, though he waits for Halena and Toby before making his own exit. Sickbay seems like a likely next stop on his tour.

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