MD #160: Operation Buccaneer Part 2.5
Operation Buccaneer Part 2.5
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 15/09/2017
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Position Tiger - Pless CAFS - Aerlion
Old Manor House

Position Tiger goes under observation immediately. Scopes are sitting on the manor house the minute the group leaves the market and radios in. Two more are following Rufus and Jocelyn Lampton. As darkness falls the Lamptons head back to their own home with their wares and sit tight. A husband and wife ride their horses to Tiger and go in for the night. The Marines with marksmen rifles and NVD's radio in that there are multiple people moving to Position Tiger, converging. Eight total. None of them appear armed, none of them in robes, none of them militia members. Two are the Lamptons. The latter are still holed up at the tavern. All eight people move into position Tiger and the lights in the windows go out - or the windows are shuttered. It's hard to tell. The ground team moves out just about then.

Running the approach is difficult across open fields. Its unnerving, but there's no cover to get there. Luckily there is no moon so they aren't it up, which Rance explains as to why they had to rush the op or wait another month. Once they are two hundred meters from the manor house, they have a pretty good view of it. There are a couple outlying houses further out and the barn next to the manor house looks pre-invasion construction, as does the manor. There's one person standing outside, looking to the west and the lake. They keep a scan up, but does not appear armed - but this person is clearly a trained sentry. But without NVG's, they probably can't see further than one hundred meters. Drago reports no other contacts moving outside the township.

Lleufer uses what cover they can, but there's not a lot of it. They come up from the direction of the barn to use it as cover as best they can, though a sentry may also be posted on watch up there. When they reach the barn and can see the sentry outside of the house, Ynyr looks to the others with him and keeps his voice down. "How about I go forward by myself and let him look me over, then the rest of you come up? We've got some overwatch, but I still feel a little better if we don't all show up at once." He looks to see what his small team thinks and if any suggestions are forth coming. Ynyr himself is in his full combat kit with body armor, ground combat fatigues, but he's still wearing his contact lenses and has his helmet on covering his ears. Up to date modern rifle in his own gloved hands, he's also carrying additional Second War riffles and ammo, among other things. "You can stay outside and be our close backup, Rance. Sound good?" Lleu keeps his baritone very low so not to carry.

For this midnight rendezvous, Miri kitted up fully, complete with rifle and greasepaint. Always with the greasepaint. She has her med kit with her, because she feels naked without it when she's in her combat gear. Her contacts are starting to get itchy and dry, but they're doing their job. She sticks close to Lleufer, keeping her head on a swivel.

Randy's dressed in her gear, but she's eschewed the full body armor for a heavier load. She's lugging along two cases and a heavy pack on her back. While she's wearing a sidearm, her rifle slung to the side of her pack on her back and she's pretty much positioning herself to be covered by those that made it on this mission. "We made it," she breathes, a little winded from carrying all that extra crap. She lines herself up to follow in Lleufer's wake.

Following in Miri and Randy's wake, Palermo is checking the terrain as they move, eyeing the surround, wary as always. Some things just never change. Though she's changed back into normal gear instead of the 'wear what the people thing women ought to wear' attire. She's absolutely donating that stuff to the cause, when they get back.

Rance just nods. He's in a facemask and all of his normal gear, which does not constitute much of a uniform. Hoodie, plate carrier, camo pants, and all his gear plus the pack with the 155 in the trunk. But when Lleufer steps forward, the Sentry doesn't see him until Lleu is about 75 meters out. The head and body turn quickly towards him, then checks over their own shoulders to look for an ambush. Yep, this person is trained. They approach Lleu and then he can see its a young man, about eighteen, that greets him. There's very little he can say when he see's how Lleufer is dressed. There's a lot of whispered stammering before he gestures to follow. The kid heads towards the door and knocks three times heavy, three times light, three times heavy. Morse for SOS. Nice. "You can go in, sir," he whispers, stepping back and away, trying to take him in, and the others who might follow.
When they step inside, its quickly warmer. The light inside is all hearth and candle. There's a small entry foyer and voices from down the hall, past the stairs facing them. Their boots creak the wooden floors and warn those in the back of multiple people approaching, which ceases their hushed conversation. When they move into the back room, there are large, plush couches that have been refurbished as best they can. Three large couches surrounding a table with a large, overbuilt fireplace at the head of the table. There's ten people standing there, all of them no older looking than their mid-thirties. The oldest couple among them, and they are all couples, is in their fifties. There's the Lamptons and Randy would recognize the man from the market who whispered to them before cursing them. All of them have some level of shock to seeing them all standing there. Finally one of the women breathes out heavily, "Oh my Gods. Its the Corps."

"Frak yeah, it's the Corps," Miri confirms, beaming. She tries to step lightly on the old wooden floorboards, as if somehow that makes a difference in their safety. "I'm Lieutenant Zahav. Do any of you require any medical attention?" She scans the room. Even if everyone is fit as a fiddle, they certainly could use some calories, and she'd brought along high-calorie meal bars with this in mind.

Rifle still in his hands but not lifted, Ynyr looks around and counts how many people have gathered to greet them. Some of the faces he saw before in the market, no ugly surprises, yet. So he lets /his/ rifle down to hang from his harness to free up his hands. Then Ynyr removes his helmet so they can /see/ his face and his Arpay ears. "Yes, ma'am. I'm from Aerilon originally. Arol mountains to the north-west of here." He draws a breath as he studies them, "We have come bearing gifts, but we also want something in return. I need intel about the town and it's defenses. We saw two Clerics, and … what? Militia?" Lleu glances to Miri when she names herself and he looks back to their hosts. "I'm Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr."

It becomes apparent to the men and women gathered that Randy's bruising wasn't for show, but it might be a little more explanable, once they notice it that is, if they do. The Corps brought goodies and Randy is eager to set her score down. She brought as much G4 and hand grenades she could carry physically. She sets down each case and then looks to the others gathered inside, all done up in her usual mission disguise. As Lleu and Miri do their thing, she carefully shifts her pack down from her back and then spots the guy she met in the market. He's given a silent nod.
<OOC> Lleufer says, "Hmmm. Interesting."

Miri's words get a sudden laugh from them and most of them move to hug or shake hands. Suddenly this is a very, very warm house. The question isn't even answered quickly. People wipe a few tears as they laugh it out. "Oh my GODS! ARPAY!" Rufus hoots, laughing with the helmet removal. the guy Randy spoke to steps forward, hand extended. "Nah, we're all fine. I'm Bud Graves. This is my place. Sorry about that show in the market earlier." Once the hands are shaken, he looks back and gestures to the group, "This is my wife Willie. You've met the Lamptons. That's the Potters, then the Dugans, and the Kellers." He glances to what Randy is placing out and his eyes go wide, then his wife moving over closer and going to her knees at the table while she starts counting bricks and checking dates on the packaging, as well as sourcing. Grenades, too!! Randy ha a new best friend. Bud then chuckles and looks back, "Sure, whatever you need, Gunny." One of the couples moves off towards the kitchen, "Want something hot to drink? A little whiskey and tea?" But Bud gestures them to bring it out and he looks to Lleufer. "Yeah. There's ten militia members in the town. They've been mind-wiped by the Clerics. We only ever have one or two Clerics here, though. There were a lot more just after the invasion, but we've been quiet and laying low. Where the hell did you come from?"

Speaking for herself and Randy, "I'm Sergeant Renee Palermo, and this is Private Flynn, EOD," Palermo offers up as introductions are being made. "I'm from Caprica, myself," and her accent is still distinctive, as though she's only been away from Caprica for months, not decades, that's how strong and clear her accent is.

Miri happily hugs and shakes hands, passing out the high-cal bars. "About twenty-three years ago, we got caught up in some… stuff with the speed of time and distance from the center of the galaxy and it's physics that I can't really explain," she says by way of some sort of explanation as to where they came from. "Long story short, the past two decades have been just a few months for us." The PA, for her part, is unmistakeably Canceran. Not the desert lilt, but the coastal, urban roll.

"Aquarian, then life on Virgon mostly." By that statement alone, those gathered should know she's a veteran of the second cylon war. Given Virgon is still slowly turning into an asteroid belt and Aquaria was abandoned for civilian settlement during that war till the Skath resettled it. She sports a half smile as they don't seem unfriendly, and espcially towards Arpay. "It's good to meet all of you. Willie, they were pretty much organized by expiration. With what I pulled it should be the oldest on top," which sure makes Willie's job a lot easier. She moves off from Bud and Lleu to help the woman and run over the equipment, the amount of explosive supplies, etc with her.

Now Randy starts off Saturnalia early and proper by unpacking bricks of G4 and grenades, Lleu slips off his own heavy pack with a bunch more rifles wrapped and tied to it. He opens up the rifles first and lays them on the table. "Where we came from is a long story, but in a nutshell, we were gone in towards the core. Had an issue of sabotage, and by the time we got back to the Colonies…" The others are babbling and explaining and it makes Lleu smile a little at the enthusiasm to pass on news. Ynyr frowns and makes eye contact with Bud, "The Skath were here. We got as many off of Piraeus as we could but there are just too many of the Skath. Sent here to scavenge for supplies. Not going to lie to you. But supplies we have found and I keenly want your people to get hold of everything we aren't going to haul out. There's a lot of it, so we have only brought a few samples." And he adds, "I left a man outside. I don't want anybody trying to harm him. He's brought a sample as well that he can leave by the door." That 155mm shell, baby. Meanwhile, Ynyr unpacks box after box of rifle ammo and grenades, and whatever medical supplies Miri would have told him to carry. "Tea would be fine, but I know you don't have much food so we don't want to impose on your hospitality."

Palermo antes up with more boxes of ammo, but also the compact gun/rifle cleaning kits that are always handy to have, because weapons maintenance is actually a thing, along with containers of tablets that purify water and (of all things) one each of the vehicle maintenance and operating manual for the vehicles that are left back in the Cavern of Wonders.

The high cal bars are taken by one of the guys and stacked neatly on the table. He counts them three times and starts doing some mental math, probably wondering how best to distribute them. But the rest of them are listening to Miri. People look at each other. There's a few shared Looks and people look back.
Willie, once recovered from that little set of details goes back, to looking at the explosives. "These are good. Very good. Do you have detonators? How many frags do you have?" Clearly a fighting woman as well. "Jocelyn and I were Marines, NCO's. I retired before the third war," she asides.
Meanwhile the other two return with a big kettle of something liquid and steaming from the spout. There are cups all brought around and poured into. Bud takes a cup first, "I imagine you want to see me drink first," he offers as cheers, sipping some down and licking his lips. "Don't think of imposing. Its the best we can do. Its chilly out there." Palermo is offloading water purification and cleaning kits and Jocelyn looks giddy, moving to hug Palermo, "Thank you, darling. Thank you so much." But Bud looks to the additional rifles, then to Rufus. Rufus nods and then looks back. "More rifles. More ammo. And you're handing this out like you want to offload it. You ain't shittin, are you? …Rufus, wanna take Sergeant Palermo outside and see what else they brought?" The guy nods in reply and stands, first leaning to shake Palermo's hand before gesturing to the door.
Bud continues, settling down into the couch, "Please, sit. Tea is everygreen and honey, touch of whiskey." Nice and sweet. He glances to the manuals on the table and doesn't miss the one for the AFV's. The others are all drinking while Bud replies, "So you're from Orion, unless I miss my guess. And you're looking to offload gear to us. What you can't take, I'm guessing. You got any gas and spare tubrofan engine parts?" Vipers.

Palermo shares a smile as she hugs Jocelyn in return, recognizing the giddy for what it is, "Glad that it'll all come in handy," she replies and turns to accept Rufus's hand with her own. "Nice to meet you," she adds, the offered handshake is devoid of the tree-peeing that often occurs between soldiers meeting for the first time, she also doesn't display the urge to kick tires or anything else before she angles a glance toward Lleu, one eyebrow arched ever so subtly, well aware that Rance is waiting outside.

"Aye. You'll find those stowed in the separate cell section here." Randy lifts a bit of cell padding from on top on the side of the open case to show Willie where they are neatly packed. "Frak. I don't even know how many frags. A lot? I mean I'm not the only one carrying them. The Gunny brought more than I did." She unzips the pack she was toting around and it's just full of them. Yeah. She was moving around in the field with all this kablooey. "If the Gunny says I can have some, I'll have a cup." Randy's in her element. "Oh yeah. I was a Sergeant in the seond war till they decided to mustang me. Big mistake," she teases on account of her rank now. "Retired a bit after the armistice. Oorah. We need things for the refugees we rescued from Piraeus. I'll be honest," she says softly, though she knows Lleu can hear. "There's a lot more, we just had to bring what we could. But we're looking for things for settlers, like I said before."

Yeah, you drink first Buddy. That's right, then Lleu accepts a cup. Only after a smell of it and a very light taste, he finds it too sweet for his liking and sets it down. He takes a seat, "Yes, we are from the Orion." He's still careful to make sure nobody gets behind him and keeps his rifle close to hand, "We have far, far more gear than we can take with us, yes. Including a great many /entire/ vipers and lots of fuel. Truth is, there are a shit ton of old bunkers all over Aerilon that were from the Second War. They were supposed to be handed over and taken apart, but .." Here Lleu grins, "I'm so proud of my fellow Aerilons for being hard headed and paranoid. Problem is, we don't know where those bunkers are, except one. There's stuff there we have got to have, but there's well more than 100,000 rifles alone this local place and they are all yours, if you have a use for them. And a lot bigger, heavier stuff. 155mm shells and gun tubes, vehicles, more. Question is, can we pull the clerics and militia down before they can use radios to tip off the Skath and bring holy hell down on us?" Ynyr looks at them, "Also, a lot of you look mighty hungry and I know damned well food is… or was, the primary export here. What happened to the Arpay who were mixed in among the Colonies?"

Rufus does wait, looking to Lleu. He's apparently got all night and Rance isn't blathering on the radio, which means alls quiet or he's dead. Probably safe.
Willie and Jocelyn are working at the new toys, muttering about it being good to see hardware again. Then the backpack is produced and more tumble out. Its Saturnalia. But Jocelyn and Willie listen to Randy's career moves and laugh. "that was your first mistake. Officers suck. Ask our husbands. Shoulda stayed where you were meant to. Enlisted is where its at." Willie winks happily. "Settlers?"
Bud nods with the confirmation and the others sorta low-key celebrate on their own. Big, wolfy smiles. Every sits more forward with the discussion, though. "You have Vipers, here, on this planet?" Mister Dugan sounds skeptical. "Not that I wouldn't mind, but.. c'mon." Bud waves him off and continues listening. "Ayep, I remember those bunkers. Second War. We kept finding them all over the place. Small ones. A couple bigger ones. …One hundred thousand rifles?" He sits back into the couch with his tea and sips it again. "You got all this shit parked in a bunker, what, somewhere in these mountains?" One of the others pipes up, a husband, and he eyes Lleufer, "Yeah, we can take them all at once. That ain't hard, especially if you got guns to hand off. These rifles will help. But the problem is that once you kill the Clerics, those little shits just download somewhere. Then they come back. Nobody's killed one in a long time but.." Bud then picks it up to discuss the Arpay, "The Skath landed and took most of them. Clerics hunted them down but good. Nasty business. We hid a few here and moved them south. We heard they were killed. We ain't seen a live Arpay in… twenty years? They just kill 'em and anyone who has seen them. Hell, the only people in the town who will talk about them are in this room."

Now that she isn't pretending to be Ms Happy homemaker, Palermo has settled the rifle she's wearing on the tactical sling that snugs it across her body, both hands steadying the rifle in place. She's gained the nod from Lleu but as there's time, she listens with a quiet intensity to the intel that is being freely offered up. "Where is their rez facility?" she wonders, sweeping a curious look from face to face. "You're spot on, with the fact that they download and come back, pick up where they left off and carry on. The only way we know to handicap that is to either destroy or cripple the facility and prevent them from just popping back up out of the snow like daisies."

"They won't be here. They won't cause you any extra trouble or hassle," Randy explains to Willie. "That's kind of you to say, but I like to think my da was not such a horrible stuck up officer when he mustanged." She squints playfully at the woman and then her lips break into a smile. Randy hears the talk about downloading and she looks back to Lleu and says, "I have an idea about that. It's possible they could be intercepted, but I can't make any promises. None of us could obviously. I think we might be able to use those new ships for this purpose, but we'd have to ask the experts."

Lleufer glances at Miri when mentioned the Clerics will just download and spill the beans anyway. He looks back, "Well, could be we'll need to take them down non-lethally and at aleast keep them out of the fight until we are gone. I just want to be real careful about how it's done so the flashback won't hurt you people, if we can help it. Make it look like it's all on us without help, maybe." Ynyr stops and looks at Randy, then nods, "Right." Then he just smiles at the viper skeptic, "You'll see some vipers in action, real soon. Question's more … do /you/ have pilots, and mechanics?" He's not answering how close this bunker is, not yet. "I can tell you precisely where the bunker is and let you have at it, as soon as we are leaving."

"No idea, Sergeant," Bud tells Palermo. "We haven't left this valley but a few times since the invasion. We can't leave CFAS Pless. It may be no more, but its our station. I'm Lieutenant Colonel Buddy Graves. I was the CAG here. Nothing big, three squadrons. You've got five Viper sticks in this room, three Marines, and two who can run a rifle and got guts." He holds her gaze, "Don't you ever trust someone under thirty in this town, either."
Willie smirks to Randy, "Darlin, they're all stuck up. You just don't think so cuz you were. And I say that with pure love," she imparts with good humor. "Don't worry. Salvation awaits across the Styx." Golden smile from someone who has lived out several wars.
"Don't worry about blowback. They think I'm pretty well in their support. I'm a firebrand. Hell, half the locals think I'm their most staunch supporter. We hide in plain sight. We keep an eye out for people who might be friendly. We pretend to hunt them." Bud smirks before sipping his tea. "Each of us owns a barn. We've got Vipers in haystacks in the barns. But there's no gas, no ammo, and we need engine parts. You want support, we can do that. But its going to be a lot of silent staring at the sky without that stuff. No mechanics, either. If you give us a week and a manual, plus what we need, we could probably get them spun up. You going to be in town for awhile?"

By the time Bud is done speaking, there's a distinctive gleam in Palermo's eyes: respect. She doesn't break protocol by saluting now, but she makes the respect clear with the solemn nod that she angles in his direction. "Aye sir, copy that," is said in a quiet voice before she nods at Rufus. "Lets take a walk, see what else we have that you guys might have use of. Anyone over the age of thirty, sir, who knows how to drive a stick?" she wonders, genuine curiosity in her tone of voice. "I can give a crash course in basic operation and how-to for practically everything I brought the operating manuals for. Not that I can open a driving school, but basics, that I can impart."

Lleufer may not give a Colonial salute but he lays his fist over his heart in the Arpay double tap lightly. Who's going to see that can't already see his ears and his uniform in here? "Fuel and ammo are not a problem, though not sure how much fuel we'll be taking with us. I think there's plenty to share. Mechanics though, somebody up above my pay grade would have to make that call, Sir. I have specific orders for this ground op and we don't plan to stick around long. Few days only. But I can pass on anything you like, including a list of what you need most, should we be in any position to get it to you, Sir." He glances at Palermo, "Yeah, go get what Rance carried for us and bring it in."

Bud chuckles. "I'm willing to take a walk, sure. And yeah, those boys you saw sizing up those young fellas in the Market today? That's about a squadron of Viper sticks. There's fourteen of us. We ain't touched a flight in twenty-some odd years, but some things you can't burn down — like the fight in the dog." He holds the Sergeant's gaze, a real smile there. "If you got the gear, we got the beer. Nobody lives forever. If its helping the Orion whoop some ass and it causes a stink with the Skath? Well some things are worth it. Better than watchin' our wives and partners become second class in old age." There's a nod from each man in the room, the wives holding proud smiles. "We can get some people together for a crash course in tank driving, if you're asking about driving a manual. Might be a busy night for us in that case."
Bud and the others return the doubletap salute, laughing. "That's the secret password, Gunny. Well if you can't get our Vipers up and working, I'm afraid all we can do is shoot poorly. Unless you got Vipers. Cuz, son, if you got fuel and parts it sounds a helluva lot like you got something close by. We've got our flightsuits and helmets. I think we're all itching for a fight." Bud looks to the others and the pilots in the room nod heavily. Three men, two women. "You got something to show us, let's see it tomorrow. I'll bring the people we trust."

"We have things to show you, aye. I can try to get you mechanics to get your birds up and running, and parts, if you get me a list. But I don't have a lot of people on the ground to spare giving them to you so I'm going to need to talk to them first before I commit. See what are our highest priorities and put'm in order. I hope you understand, Sir." A nod then and Ynyr moves to stand. Lleu picks up his helmet and snugs it back on, covering his ears and preparing to head back out, "If you have a map, we can mark it where your people can meet up with us." The Gunny makes a motion for the others of his team to get ready to move out.

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