MD #159: Operation Buccaneer Part 1
MD #159: Operation Buccaneer Part 1
Summary: Marines and Deck HALO jump onto Aerlion. What could possibly go wrong?
Date: Thu 14/Sep/2017 (OOC Date)
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Sub-Ordbit, then the vacinity of CAFS Pless
Sun 01/Apr/2049 (IC Date)

Before the Marines and Deck load, back at the Orion, Lleufer Ynyr has a few words. "All right, listen up! We are jumping into the air field at the Ricksaw LZ. Refer to your maps. It's a night drop, but there should be clear weather and some ambient light. As we'll be there for some days, we need to keep a low profile. Stealthy as we reasonably can. Keep talking minimal and low voiced until we reach the bunker. Marines out front and on drag, Deck more to the middle. Do /not/ bunch up. Lumps of people make easy targets. Use cover or concealment if it's available." The Master-at-Arms looks them over, "Once we reach the Bunker, EOD will check out the doors and try to get us in quietly. Marines check /everything/ out first and the rest only go in once we say it's clear. Do not use the radios unless people get separated and you don't have better options. Even if we have encrypted channels, I'm not betting lives on whether Skath can hone in on our signals. Everybody load up!"

Miri is stoked to get to do another HALO jump. There's nothing like jumping into frakking SPACE and being a human projectile towards a planet. Even if that planet is Aerilon. She's up at Lleufer's say-so, grabbing her med kit and ready to go.

Toby has done missions before, but never a HALO jump, and his expression indicates that he knows exactly how serious an ask that is. He sticks close to Terrence, knuckledraggers together and all that, and when Lleu finishes his briefing he quietly and unceremoniously taps his right fist twice across his chest. «See you in Hypatia»he mutters to no one in particular then checks his rifle and moves to follow the marines into their lift for the evening. A quick glance to Terrence and he offers a solemn, "don't get dead kid, Chief is pissed off with me enough as it is."

Terrence is standing along with the rest, staying near enough to Toby so that he is supporting the idea of Deck crew solidarity as they go out into the night to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. He listens to what Lleufer has to say, offering the man a nod of his head to show his understanding of the given plan. His eyes then shift sideways toward Toby and he smirks before saying quietly back, "Yeah, you too. It'd be a shame to see you kick ass light that a few days ago only for you to die out there today." He stills for a moment before bumping Toby with his elbow and tilting his head toward Lleufer and whispering, "I think I could have kicked his ass, don't you?"

The Jump at Aerilon isn't using Raptors. There's enough Raptors but its easier to shove everyone into eight Rhinos than around twenty Raptors. Too much can go wrong with more craft jumping this many people all at the same time. Not before Piraeus had all eight Rhinos been used in a single operation and once again they are all put out, full loaded out with gunners in the turrets and fully loaded down with missiles and rockets in case something goes wrong. But those beasts are bigger so that means jumping from a higher altitude. Sub-orbit.
Then again, 120,000 feet is almost in orbit.
The Rhinos all jump into Aerilon and the crew chiefs on each bird speak briefly into the intercoms with the ECOs. A few seconds later there are thumbs-up raised above their heads and the whole cabin becomes bathed in red light. Raised thumbs hold up five fingers. Four. Three. Two. One. The red lights dim once again and the ramps begin lowering.
The ramps drop and those closest can look out and see a beautiful starscape and below them? Nothing but black across the planet. There isn't a single electrical light to be seen anywhere. They're to trust the ECO's that this is the proper location and velocity to deliver them in a parabolic arc towards the zone. Manual-bombing from 120,000 with people as the bombs.
Green light. Bombs away. The first in line begin walking and then just stepping off the ramp, floating behind them and slowly sinking below line of sight.

Randy is, well, definitely not jumping first. She's got a special kit that means she doesn't get to wear full body armour and if anything goes wrong on the jump down, well even though she packed it well and packed particular supplies that she would not want leaking or anything or impacted too horribly. When Lleu mentions EOD, Randy raises her hand so she can give everyone a visual on who she is in case they are new. Once they are loaded in, she's already checking her gear again, flipping on her headcam and making sure it is recording, the works. She mentions to Lleu briefly that she needs to be last in the HALO order in case of shenanigans. When the ramp drops, Randy's already got herself tethered to a tie line and holding onto something, she looks out before moving out of the way to get into jump order. "Gods, hope no one gets off target." Gusts of wind, etc, etc. It's easy for things to go wrong.

It really, really can't be overestimated how cool Miri thinks this is, but she is disciplined and triple checks her gear before letting herself get worked up. When it's go-time, she flips on her helmet cam and nearly springs out of the Raptor as she enters the exhilarating, almost spiritual state of free-fall.

"Well," Toby mutters back to Terrence, "I've kicked his arse a few times, so if you don't? Well, you'd be letting the department down wouldn't you. Save it for next week though, that’s my tip." And then they're loading up into a rhino. He wonders idly if it's one of the two he first rescued but spends most of the trip silent and keeping to himself. There's times he looks distracted, like he's having trouble keeping his head in the game, but as those ramps open it's enough to focus anyone's attention. Clipping himself into the line about midway through the look on his face when it comes to his turn is not exactly one of joy, but after muttering a few words under his breath in his native tongue, he steps out.

Wearing a flight suit over her body armour and combat kit, Palermo checks over her gear one more time, fits the face shield in place to protect her face, and secures all of her gear into place so absolutely nothing moves in a way that it shouldn't. A sweeping glance is skimmed around the assembled team, she shares a grin with Miri, glad that she's not the only one absolutely hyped up at getting to do another HALO jump. She's on her feet, flexing her knees slightly, limbering up as she elbows Randy and mutters, "And remember, distribution of mass upon final impact on a surface with a generalized elasticity is science for 'fell and bounced'. We have the falling part down, but lets stick the landing and not bounce." This said she lets the heady rush of adrenaline carry her to the door and the single step out into eternity while managing to hold back the gleeful sound as she does so.

Moroko offers absently to whoever is unfortunate enough to be near him, "Usually when I plan to drop things from orbit it's not myself." He takes his time inspecting his gear making sure it's sealed away and protected from the drop and off since if anyone's radio is going to get targeted it's probably the higher powered comm designed for breaking through jamming and calling in support fire. The rest of Mor's kit is obviously lighter as the JTAC begins going over the various seals for his jump gear next. As those thumbs are flashed and the countdown begin he gets up shifting his gear and taking his spot in the drop line. He inhales a sharp breath as the doors are opened to 'near' orbit and he step out into the nothingness.

Ynyr eyes Flynn at her comment but Lleu decides not to argue it. He gives her a look, "Don't lag." He puts a gloved hand on her shoulder, then moves on forward to be among the first to jump. It's a little scary, the blackness below them. His home world, this. But the helmets with Arpay HUD's will help to guide them. The Gunnery Sergeant has all his kit secured and ready, waiting for the green to go. As soon as they have it, Lleu heads on out and leaps clear of the ramp - and is engulfed into the darkness.

Terrence nods his head toward Toby and almost opens his mouth to snap off some kind of reply toward his letting the Deck crew down, but he bites it off as they all begin loading into the Rhino. He snaps on his helmet and face shield, taking a moment to toggle the night vision on to check that he hasn't gotten a dud, and then waiting alongside the rest. Despite all of his considerable bravado, it is clear that the whole HALO jump thing has Terrence a little freaked out. He wrings his gloved hands together after checking over his weapons, and then his heel is bouncing rapidly against the deck of the Rhino. As everyone stands up, however, Terrence is right behind Toby to clip himself in and follow the line out, after all… he can't be shown up.

Randy leaps last hurrayyyyy!

Stepping off is probably something of a bit of panic for some people. It’s something they were told to never, ever do. Ever. Do Not Step Off A Platform Untethered. It goes against everything. And when they do and look back, it’s a sight to see. Eight Rhinos in echelon formation with dozens and dozens of people stepping off the ramps and floating through space, gravity gently pulling them down. After a few minutes, the Rhinos have enough separation from the jumpers and they close ramps and jump away. It leaves them all with their own thoughts s they drift for more than five minutes, the arc becoming steeper while they drift high above the planet. Daylight can barely be seen creeping over the horizon, which means they will probably be landing in the dead middle of the night.
It’s the longest five minutes. But as people look to and watch their jump leads, they can see the individual descending further and further below them. A few more minutes pass and the dive begins to steepen. At first there are just little tugs at the suits, but they rapidly become more intense as atmosphere becomes thicker at about 100,000. By the time the altimeters read 70,000, they are all in high-speed descents, the vertical fall nose-diving jumpers into the inky blackness below them. The night vision allows them to start picking up vague shapes on the surface, but it’s hard to see while vapor cones approach them, the thin air providing them the ability to fall faster than Mach 1 at that altitude and air pressure. The cones vanish and they begin slowing as the group drops past 50,000.
About 40,000 they begin to really pick out just what they are jumping into. It’s a nightmare nest of mountains with snow-covered peaks. Very few valleys look more than a hairs-width. But the jump leads begin to pick out the target, a half-decent wide, long and straight valley with a lake at the end of it. At 20,000 they are all aiming for the same area. Less than one minute. The altimeters unwind like clocks gone insane. 10,000. 8,000. 6,000. Pucker up. Everyone can see what looks like it used to be an airbase, a very flat section that’s very straight, but looks grassy. As briefed, the place is overgrown.
At 2,000 feet the jump leads wave their arms as a warming. Two-count, yank the cord.

<FS3> Palermo rolls Body+Body: Failure.
<FS3> Toby rolls Body+body: Failure.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+Body: Good Success.
<FS3> Moroko rolls Body+body: Good Success.
<FS3> Terrence rolls Body+body: Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Body+Body: Failure.

While he has to admit that there is a certain beauty to this, a repeat performance is not particularly high on Toby to-do list. He struggles a couple of times to stay on the jump-leaders tail, but keeps it together enough that he doesn't fall out of formation and end up in another valley entirely. By about 10,00 ft he's more than ready to pull his cord, at 6K he's wondering if he's only here because Niamh is so pissed with him, and at 3K he's fairly sure that this is how he's going to die. Once he sees that arm signal though he does not need telling twice, that cord is yanked, and yanked hard as mental prayers are said in the hope that it opens as planned. His landing is rough, and there's likely going to be some bruises, but it's one he can walk away from, so that makes it okay in his book.

Awwwwww, yes! Here comes the ground! Pull the cord, whoosh! Miri floats gently, selfishly glad the people below don't have electric lights right now, and she hits the ground at a jog, managing to land easily. She unhooks and gathers up her 'chute, trying to look and see where her teammates are landing.

<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Moroko rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Have you ever felt like a God himself grabbed you by the scrotum and flicked you hard? When the chute cord is pulled, there is a crackle of sound as it rips out and opens up in the darkness above Lleufer. Almost instantly he feels that jarring SNAP as the thin fabric catches the air suddenly and yanks him HARD in his harness, his feet and legs kicked out below with his shoulders up. Damn, it's a good feeling though to know that chute opened up and saved your ass from obliteration! Ynyr watches the landscape rising up beneath him and works his lines to bring him in towards the runway at the north-west end where their LZ is designated Rickshaw. The Gunnery Sergeant has done these jumps a number of times before and demonstrates it when he comes down smoothly on his boots and runs a few steps before he slows and unclips. At once he begins to gather up his lines to get his chute so it can be hidden, glancing up at the Aerilon night sky to see how the others are doing. Then his sharp Arpay eyes and the night vision are directed at the landscape around them, wary of their not being alone out here.

Terrence is falling…. and he is falling incredibly fast. The pucker likely happened as soon as he stepped free of the ramp for the young deck crewman, and the silent scream of terror was shortly after and continuing the entire fall from Rhino to the ground. He fights the urge to close his eyes, and forces himself to inhale and exhale rapidly. He arches his body, allowing the air to steer him along after the rest of the soldiers and deck crew plummeting toward certain death. Almost to the point of wetting his flight suit and armour, he lets out a soft, "Oh thank you," when he sees the signal and pulls his cord, yelping as the parachute yanks him upright. He concentrates wholly on the landing, and when his feet touch the ground, he tumbles into a roll that actually doesn't look half bad. Eat your heart out, Toby.

Enjoying the hell out of free fall, Palermo is laughing just a little to herself and staying off com while she does so. 'You have now achieved terminal velocity' keeps running around and around and -around- in the marine sergeant's head. She yanks the cord when the signal is given, remembering again to bend her knees to keep from landing like a stiff legged stork, only to have just the right amount of wrong conditions to screw the landing and she does, indeed, bounce and then roll to let the momentum carry her forward. She manages to not get tangled up in the chute in the process, which is some sort of new personal feat, but the wind is knocked out of her for just long enough that she makes a rasp of noise finally getting air back into her lungs and struggles to her feet and begins reeling in the chute to stuff it back into her gear.

It's just a LITTLE screaming is what Moroko tells himself as they begin their slow first quiet and calm meditative descent which becomes more and more adrenaline pumping the closer they get. In general it appears he stays with his jump lead. At the indicated time he pulls his parachute letting it flick out and slow him down for a heart jerking moment and then opening completely and halting his momentum. He guides it down Moroko's eyes casing the area he touches lightly to the ground walking forward letting it pull his momentum and beginning to quickly secure his chute. His hands moving first to his rifle unsecuring it and lifting it up. Moroko's eyes are casing the area even as he corrals his chute moving a bit away from the clearing. He moves towards Lleufer murmuring quietly, "Thought I saw something while coming down. Expecting a welcome?" He indicates a rough semicircle watching grimly.

Miri overhears Moroko, walking over softly. "I could have sworn I saw people down here, too," she tells Lleufer, extra softly. Arpay ears are handy like that. She already has greasepaint on her face, but she crouches down to grab a handful of dirt, too. Can't even blend /too/ much.

As people begin stripping off their helmets, they suck in lung-fulls of fresh air. The smell of familiar pines. The light chill to the air gives it all a lightly sharp tinge to the senses. Its like they never left the Colonies. The night sky looks so familiar, a very refreshing feeling to be sure. Crickets can be heard in the night air, in between the sound of boots impacting and chutes ruffling. Looking around, there's nothing to the west but the lake and a few dim, flickering fires at the lakeside about two miles away. To the east, at the other end of the former runway, there is the township of Pless. The buildings can be made out, just about a mile away, with windows lit by candles and there seems to be a bonfire burning in the middle of town.
Rance strips off his gear and begins repacking his chute into the bag, stuffing it in. He's also pulling off the flightsuit to pack it as well, leaving him in his cammies. The guy counts off his jump team and taps each shoulder, whispering a count off. Once done, he moves to Lleu as he is pulling on his ballcap. "Gunny," he whispers. "All jumpers accounted for." A compass is taken from his chest rig and he shoots a bearing, slicing a gloved hand towards the mountainside, right past a dark manor house and large barn. "Those buildings? That's Position 'Tiger'. We can go around it, but that's our bearing, walking right past it."

-Something- caught the Gunnery Sergeant's eye on his way down, but looking now he can't see whatever it was that pricked his attention. Lleufer takes another good, long look and smiles to himself before he finishes gathering up his chute into as tight a wad as he can and packs it. When he's done, rifle in hand, he starts moving but stops when Moroko comes up. Lleu grins at the question and keeps his voice really low, "Old friends of ours watching our backs. I didn't expect to see them here though." He smacks Moro's shoulder with a gloved hand, then a nod to Miri. Ynyr starts counting people (double checking Rance) and gives a thumbs up. Ynyr looks where Rance points and he thins his mouth, "Or we can take the way south, then south-east. It's less direct, narrow track that goes along the tree line towards the Bunker. You've been here before. Which way you think is better?" He keeps his baritone very low so not to carry. (repose)

Miri breathes a sigh of relief. "I hoped that's who they were, but an ounce of paranoia is worth a pound of getting shot in the face," she says, shutting up so the people in charge can figure out what they're doing.

After the slow descent, the ground starts coming up fast, but it's hard to tell in the dark honestly even though the target is within view. Randy angles her chute towards the LZ, but fraks the landing hard and doesn't even have time to thank the gods that don't exist (in her mind) that this is grass. She angles her body so that she doesn't fall on the pack, but that means that she can't take the landing on her rear or any other more naturally padded or armoured areas. She's dragged quite a ways before she unhooks and gets up to her feet gingerly. There is no kablooey or anything, but Randy doesn't have time to sit there and check her wares. She just hustles back to where the group is gathering after stashing her chute somewhere that doesn't seem obvious, if there's a place to do that.

Grumbling quietly to himself about being too old for this shit Toby rubs out a few aches from the landing and starts stuffing his chute away as the others have done. Noting them starting to huddle, and look in a particular direction he's not immediately sure if there's a problem, or if they're just confirming which way to go. Either way, he finishes with his chute, checks his rife, and moves over to Terrence, muttering as he does so, "if all goes well, we now have about a mile hike over flat ground to the supply dump. We're basically observers til we get there and EoD clear it though. Sounds basic I know, but what were you're putting your feet so you don't trip, and basically just keep up with the marines as they move." Being that little distance behind he misses the comment about old friends, probably a good thing, or he'd have to be upset at not having seen them himself. In general though, for now, he's happy to stay just that short distance behind and wait for the lead to move out.

Rance nods a little, taking a knee and looking that direction. He flips down his NVD's and peers through them. "Gimme a sec, get my bearings." He then looks back towards Pless, then once more south. "That's an elevated road, if I recall. Like a causeway. If we walk on it, we're exposed. But walking along the bottom of it and keeping low? Should be okay. If something heads out way we've got a good sightline to the east and we can move to the other side for a firing position. Let's do it. Total hike should be just under two miles. Call it an hour to the doors? We can do that. Plenty of darkness left, Gunny."

Moroko raises a brow at Lleu's grin. He hesitates and then shrugs, "Well better they're on our side than not." He breaks away from the Gunny then and nods finishing policing his gear and goes through his equipment check. He glances to Miri then who looks relieved. It appears while he may not be the newest Moroko is still resigned to being too new for such expectations. He does some basic tests of his gear and then adjusts his rifle and sheds whatever flight gear can be safely stowed away or hidden.

Stripping out of the flight suit and stacking it on top of the chute that's secured in a pack over her shoulders, Palermo checks her rifle once more, adjust the angle of the pistol worn at her side, and falls in with the rest of the marines that are gathering near Lleu and Rance. Once she's packed away that which she doesn't need, the cammo paint on her face makes it more difficult to spot her in the dim light. Not that her expression is all that visible, but the marine is slowly staring around and back, frowning at the terrain in general.

Terrence is standing there, fairly proud of sticking that landing, when he spots everyone else stripping out of their flight suit and packing their chutes. He curses under his breath and begins doing the same, stowing his chute and suit into his bag before easing into a ready crouch, pulling his rifle free and trying his best to seem like he knows what he is doing while he waits for the group to move out. He looks toward Toby as the Deck comes to give him the low down and nods his head, "Sounds like a plan. I'm just trying to keep up and get to the point where I get to do my job…" stalling for a moment, he then whispers, "What is Chief mad at you about?"

Lleufer gives Rance a nod, "Good. Seems it'll keep us away from most of the structures and put us along tree cover faster. If we stay off the raised road, it'll give us cover if we need it." Ynyr motions Palermo to pair up with Randy for the drag position behind the Deckies, while Rance takes the lead with Lleu close by. The gestures indicate they should get moving towards the south, rather than directly to the south-east. It'll be a bit longer hike.

"Long story, I'll tell you later," Toby replies to Terrence, giving the younger Deckie a look that suggests he'd do well not to bring it up again tonight at the very least. Then, once it's clear they're forming up to move out he hauls himself upwards and settles himself into position in the not-column. "Stick close, but not too close, and if you get into trouble and I don't notice, hoot twice like a barn owl, and once like a screech owl."

Moving off, the group walks like ghosts across the floodplain. They give the few houses a wide berth and move across the fields, hopping fences as they go. It’s going to be hard to hide all the footprints in the grass and crops, but hopefully nobody will notice them before the team is already gone. Splitting the difference between two houses means crouching as they move, only four hundred meters apart. Those with Arpay ears can hear snoring from one.
The causeway road is easy to spot, though. They move along the east side of it, the gravel and dirt road about thirty feet above them on a steep, grassy slope. The ditch at the bottom allows them a lot of concealment and it isn't hard to feel a lot safer in the tall grass. An hour later, though, the road begins skirting the side of the mountain before it becomes invisible due to a landslide. The trees and forest provide enough cover to skirt along the base of the mountain, south of the former airfield.
At just over two hours, they arrive at the area the Primary Bunker Entrances area. The area is a mixture of saplings and knee-high grass. But below their boots they can feel the crunch of concrete. This is some kind of old pad. No wonder the trees are so small and sparse here. At this point, Rance walks out front and begins walking into the forest. The climb is steep, but they only move up about thirty feet before he stops. Walking back and forth, he looks like a redneck's hound looking for a scent, eyes and goggles towards the ground with his backwards cap. He then stops and holds up his rifle. "Here," he whispers hoarsely.
When people move to his position, he's standing over what looks like a small nigh-vertical shaft that drops about six feet. At the bottom is a concrete walkway and covered entrance. They can barely read the faded metal plate on the wall, 'NO TRESPASSING. Violators will be shot. Have ID Ready And Visible At All Times.' The door isn't visible due to the thick concrete overhang, the angle just too steep.

Terrence gives Toby a hard look right back, his brow furrowed as he examines the other deck crewman before offering a one armed shrug and nodding his head. "You're right. Not the time," he whispers toward Toby right before the group starts moving. "This is it. Don't get yourself killed or step on a land mine or something," he cautions as he crouches and creeps along. He moves as quickly as he can while maintaining the stealthy manoeuvring the mission requires. When they reach that shaft, Terrence waits, fingers drumming silently on his rifle as he waits for the command to do something.

Soon as Rance stops and looks around, Lleufer is looking around carefully too. He's been watching out for signs of tracks, or others who have moved around this area recently. Then he comes over to see what Rance directs them too. The Gunnery Sergeant looks for Randy and motions her forward, keeping his voice low. "Check it out. If it looks clear, and you need assistance, Deck may be able to help breach. Quietly." Followed by a gesture for Moroko and Palermo to stay alert.

The hike might have doubled in length, but it doesn't seem to overly bother Toby, or at least once they're past that tight collection of houses. Hiking he's fine with, sneaking he's had far less practice at. Having lived under ground, and then onboard for the best part of the last twenty years the starscape is still a little odd, but not so distracting as the forest when the get there. Man, it's been a long time since he's seen one of those. Resisting the urge to sit down and chill for a bit when they reach the entrance he instead turns to keep his eyes on the route they just walked, just in case they picked up any followers on the way.

Miri sticks to the middle, walking softly and keeping her eyes peeled. Frak yeah, she's trespassing. Frak no, she doesn't have proper ID. Eat it, sign.

Moroko stays in line with the rest of the group letting the other Marines take point. He doesn't seem overly tense. As they come upon the area he nods glancing to see which way Palermo goes he goes the opposite a little scanning the area his rifle aimed low continuing to survey the area and keep an eye out while people loiter around the large shaft. Moroko seems a little out of breath not terribly so but perhaps less than a Marine should.

Palermo enjoys long walks, in the dark, with her fellow marines. While wearing body armour, and standard kit, more than one sidearm, and at least one knife. There was even a lake to factor in, for the walking along in the dark portion of the program. Fresh air. Gotta love it. Once they reach the point where Randy has to move forward to check things out, Palermo hangs back enough to be part of the marines that set up the perimeter, her back to the entrance shaft as she scans the surrounding darkness.

Randy moves forward once the rear is secure and she's motioned forward. She shifts her pack off of her back and digs around for a bottle of something. There isn't just one bottle. She pulls on some gloves from the pack and motions for people to give a radius, ensuring no one is in splashing distance while she pulls down her eyewear for the occasion. She uses a funnel to reduce splashing after locating the hinges, and directs the liquid (acid) down the funnel to the hinges.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

The acid can be seen dripping down and eating away at the rust on the hinges, then at the metal. It takes several minutes, but the liquid coating even gets the paint off and the steel is visible as the liquid eats at it. Giving the door a try, it takes a few hard tugs and it scrapes the concrete base and the mud and grime. One more tug and the door seems to burp as it opens. The place must have been over-pressurized because a heavy gust of wind rockets out and blusters through the branches. Augh, it stinks. It smells like stale air and rotting vegetation. Spider webs blow out with it, too, decorating the tree branches (and personnel) like tinsel.
Rance grunts, webbing hanging from his goggles like a bridal veil. "Oh yeah, forgot about that. The door burps. Just a heads up." Ahem. He then slides down into the hole behind Randy, getting just a smidge dirty in the process. The door open, all they can see in front of them is a dark hallway that terminates at a guard post. There's still a .50 HMG aimed down the corridor, the iron plate shield angled to deflect the rounds down rather than up into the arched ceiling.

Randy motions Lleu in to talk to him as she's securing her materials. She speaks low and hoarsely, not just because she's been instructed to, but because she can't do much more than that right now. With her foot, she uses it to scrape off grime on the concrete and squints to look down at it. She also does a more thorough inspection of the door. "No visible traps or anything. Someone's been in, but not for a long, long time. Doubt this has traps, but you know the drill. Weird things, speak up."

Miri backs away, covering her mouth and nose with her arm reflexively. "Careful breathing that stagnant air," she warns those around her.

Toby almost startles at the burping sound, turning around quickly to see just what's going on before he allows himself to semi-relax again. Glancing to Terrence he offers a quick, "well that’s a good start at least," then he copies Miri and brings one elbow up to provide cover for his mouth and nose.

Lleufer gives Randy a nod, then quietly passes her warning about keeping eyes open for weird things that might be traps. Like Miri, Ynyr is content to let the opening air out a bit before he's eager to slide on down and follow Rance. Those line models are tougher than regular humans, after all. Rifle in hand, Lleu glances back up and motions for Randy to go up front, they'll clear for Deck with Pal and Moro still watching their backs. Ynyr says low, "Soon as we are sure it's clear, we'll let Deck do their thing."

Terrence nods his head toward Toby and Miri, lifting his arm up to cover his nose and trying to keep from breathing in the nastiness as he watches and listens, waiting to see when he'll be needed.

Ducking instinctively at the belch of sound and the outward gust of air that follows, Palermo drops to one knee while listening intently. She sorts through the background noise of crickets and the whine of other insects, the sound of the breeze that makes the tree canopy creek ever so subtly. FOr a city girl, she can at least identify the noises that make sense and strains to catch noises that sound like alarms or worse, like they've opened the den of some sort of animal that might think humans are tasty.

Moving down the hallway, they bypass the guard station and the hallway doglegs right and there was a door there, but it has been yanked off its hinges. Rance raises his hand, "I did that. Move along." Through the door, there's a reception area and a bunch of offices. Rance has his rifle up as he moves and leads them left, further into the mountain. It’s cold in here, and very dry. Not quite freezing, but cold. But all of the office supplies are stacked neatly. The rooms are all open and have desks with chairs still sitting at them. It’s a place frozen in time, almost literally with the temperatures in here. Rance only glances in with his rifle to clear a few before coming to a desk with another door ripped from its hinges. On the wall is a steel mailbox filled with papers. "Everyone take one of these. They are maps. Each section on the maps is color-coded," he says, passing them out. "The colours on the maps match stripes on the walls and ceiling so you know where you are at all times. Gunny, if you want to head to Engineering, I can take us there?" The map can't be right. This place looks to have as much storage space as a whole battlestar. An entire level dedicated to Air Wing? Another to Arms and Armor. Supply. …Amphibious.
Beyond him there is a massive cavern. All they can see before entering it are pallets stacked three high and conex containers painted OD Green, the Aeriloian flag stencilled in black on the sides. There isn't a sound to be heard coming from deeper within. Rance does move them out, though, and leads them into the cavern. Those who were on Calumet, this may look similar. But the ceilings are lower and the supplies are far thicker and taller stacked. The Seven leads them down the long hall and its bays, turning right with the map and then the scope begins to dawn on them in the darkness. Tanks. Hundreds of them. Armoured fighting vehicles. Trucks, already loaded with supplies. Humvees. The scale is absolutely staggering. There's enough hallways and massive storage areas for at least two armoured divisions down here. All the equipment is older, but it would cause a real serious problem for stability on the planet if they all suddenly rolled out of here.
The stairs down take them down to Engineering and they move through a few more hallways before coming to 'POWER GENERATION'. Stepping inside, there are lines of about a dozen generators sitting on springs, still plugged into the walls. The control room to the side seems to have everything needed, including spare batteries to hook up the panels to.

<FS3> Toby rolls Repair: Great Success.
<FS3> Terrence rolls Repair: Failure.

Toby walks slowly through the vast caverns, gazing left, right, up, around. He takes a map and studies it carefully for a few moments, and when Rance mentions engineering he takes the time to find that and glace at possible routes before he folds it away again. Armoured trucks and tanks don't excite him overmuch, but the promise of spares and new raptor airframes, plus other much needed damage control and firefighting kit has him itching to explore more freely. Not that he's breaking with the group now though, and as he steps into the genny room and looks around he turns to Lleufer, "you want those tuning on Ynyr?"

Miri's eye go wide. "Holy frak," she murmurs to herself. "This is too good to be true." What do your elf eyes see, Miri? Lots of stuff. So much stuff.

Moroko crouches a bit to find a good spot with perhaps some cover he's clearly content to keep an eye out getting used to the terrain and surrounding studying it letting the others investigate. He glances over as Miri says to be careful around the air but continues to delay a bit falling in with Palermo bringing up the rear. As they get in closer he does peer up ahead curious to see what everyone is so worked up about and he blinks in surprise at the sight. He glances to Palermo curious to see the reaction go the vehicles.

Lleufer takes a map when they are passed back as Rance explains. He glances over it, then looks to Rance, "Yep. Let's check it out and then we can order what we want from these handy menus, and pick out desert, too." His map is pocketed and rifle up and in hand, Ynyr moves out with the others, watchful and listening. "There's enough to fuel an Aerilon Resistance in here." Lleu might sound hopeful, but are his former people willing? Soon as they get to and check out Engineering, then Deck can have a field day. The Gunnery Sergeant glances back to Toby, "We are going to need lights down here. My only concern is heat sigs but we may be deep enough, and it's cold down here. What do you think?"

Taking a map as she passes the steel mailbox, Palermo consults it briefly to ascertain her 'You are Here' location on the map and continues moving forward with the rest of the team, giving a single shiver at the temperature as she moves. And.. well, then it's birthday and holiday and someone-did-something-really-good-in-their-last-life day when she sets eyes on the tanks. Hundreds of them. And the armoured fighting vehicles. And the trucks, loaded with Supplies. And the humvees. "Sweet and blessed little gods," she breathes, staring around with a look of awe. Then.. the awe is replaced by a distinctive gleam that suggests the marine is already trying to calculate how many of them could possibly fit inside the Orion's Deck Storage. Linear and cubic measurements, for the win.

Terrence follows along with the rest as they go down into the bunker, and it is the dark and cold that seem to press in on the young Deck crewman more uncomfortably than anything. He blows out a slow sigh as he peers around at all of the discovered goodies through his face shield. He looks from Toby to Lleufer and back again as they discuss the generators, waiting for the word go.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Mind+Mind: Success.

"I think," Toby replies in his best 'I know about underground things' voice, "that if we don't get heat in here at least then we're going to have issues with hypothermia before very long. So either we find their artic gear store and waddle around for days in cumbersome layers, or we turn those frackers on." Not that he's making that sound like it's a serious choice mind, a point likely emphasised by the fact that he doesn’t wait for an answer before he starts moving towards the panels and batteries. After a few minutes’ worth of effort he gets the panels flickering into life and reports, "okay, not great, but enough. Probably. We've got three functional, four with blown fuses that we could get working relatively quickly if we can find the right parts, and the rest will take more time to figure out exactly what is wrong. For light and heat though, three should be enough. Much else, well, then we'd need to find those fuses."

They are a fair distance in the deep underground now. And it's cold, dark and echoing. In the smaller space with the generators in Engineering, Lleu glances around and then twitches. He rolls his shoulders and tries not to tense up. Stay focused on consulting Shackelton for his technical input. Ynyr gives Toby a nod, "Yeah, the cold isn't good. Crank'm up then." Lights … will also make the darkness a little less pressing to those who really don't like the idea of being confined under the earth.

<FS3> Terrence rolls Alertness: Success.

Terrence drifts away from the others as Toby and Lleufer debate on turning the generators on, stepping away from the immediate situation to peer around at their surroundings. He is back in the hallway when he finds a door and pulls it open, taking just a few moments to peer at the contents inside the makeshift shed and then turns his head to whisper toward Lleufer and Toby, "Hey, I got fuses right in here. Tools… spare parts… manuals… It's the mother lode." And then he turns back to step inside of the shed and begin pulling out useful tools and parts, along with manuals that look like they belong to the generators.

Randy takes a map and asks Lleu, "I need to check for EOD gear. Can I do it first or should I wait till we're done? It won't be big and easy to spot," she expects, which means she's saying that so he knows if they leave it till last second, there will be less of a chance she can find anything. "They just don't make this stuff anymore," she says as she checks out the map. Again, she's speaking softly because it's all she can do.

Miri examines the map, trying to see if there's anywhere that might have medical supplies. "What kind of a priority is medical equipment, Gunny?"

When Toby starts pressing start-up buttons, nothing happens for a few seconds. But there is a sound they can start hearing from the three generators. It sounds like a pump. And electrical motor is whirring, doing something inside them. Then there's a loud -bang- from each one as the engines backfire, blowing out all the distilled fuel that's been sitting and only just now stirred. They chug heavily, rocking a little on the springs before #2 finds purchase first and begins firing normally. Then #3. And #1 goes last. The generators hum in the darkness and then the overhead lights begin glowing dim, then rapidly begin growing brighter. The LEDs provide a flood of light while the exhaust fans begin blowing through the vents. Cleaned by scrubbers, its recirculated as heat that begins blowing through vents and begins warming them up. Looking back down the halls, lights begin coming up as the charges are generated and alternators come up to speed.

Behind them, back up the stairs, lights come on across all the floors of the bunker. Emergency lighting first, then a few LED floodlamps. Its easily enough to navigate by until the other gennies are up and running.

Toby is largely concentrating on powering up the three functional gennys, but that doesn't mean that Terrence doesn't get a look and a flash of a smile when he reports his find. "Nicely done. I'll finish up with these if you want to start cracking on with the four that should be simple." He indicates which those are, then turns back to his three panels. «Come on,» he mutters as they slowly start to chug, «come on, you can do it.» As all three slowly come online he steps back a little and turns to Lleu, "give me a list of any other systems you want on, in priority order, and we'll see what we can do. From the looks of things, we won't have to worry about fuel consumption at least, but if you want anything that going to put a lot of load on the system then we might need time to start taking apart the ones that don't just need their fuses checked, so budget desirability with time carefully."

Rance grins as the gennies bang and suddenly kick over. He hoots a laugh and claps his gloved hands. "Hell yeah!" he laughs through. "That's a thing of beauty, right there." The NVD's are turned off and flipped up, the skullfitting below his ballcap holding them in place. The guy begins looking at the map, scratching the side of his face.

Emerging with an armful of parts and manuals, Terrence gives Toby a nod before he begins moving toward the indicated generators. He crouches at the first and begins to pull open the fuse panel, checking each fuse individually to see which is blown before replacing them and then moving down the line. He attempts to repair and power on each one at a time, trying to get one powered on before moving on to the next one. If he is successful with powering on the generators, his armful of parts will be growing smaller as he moves between the roaring and humming power sources.

Lleufer watches Terrence, then steps aside to listen to Randy and Miri. "Medical's going to be higher priority than EOD. But, I also don't want people splitting up willy nilly every which way. Place is too big to do a full sweep to make certain we are the only ones down here. So I want people to at least go in pairs, ideally nobody goes anywhere without a Marine near by. Stay armed. If you have to, we can probably use our radios down here as signals aren't likely to leek far, but don't use'm unless you need to. Keep the maps on you. We don't need anyone getting lost." Ynyr pulls his own map back out, "See if you can plot checking out things in the same areas together to combine foraging." Damn! The backfires make Lleu jump! Arpay ears don't like loud noises in confined spaces, you bet! But hey, the lights start coming up so that's something and the air will soon freshen. Ynyr looks back to Toby, "I haven't the faintest what we need besides light, fresh air, and a little warmer. Let's see what kind of systems we have, figure out what we need as we go, and prioritize them. You and your people are my consult for Tech side of things, so you advise me." He too can remove his NV.

<FS3> Terrence rolls Repair: Good Success.

Rance lifts a hand, "I can go with Flynn, Gunny. EOD might be behind some heavy hatches that might require a little grunt work."

Moroko seems content to find a spot for over watch he gives the equipment a bit of a curiosity for anything that might be able to fire ordnance but otherwise seems content to let others investigate the area. The JTAC lets others figure out what's what and get where they want it content to just be an extra rifle at the moment. It's clear though that he's amused at the various excitement. There’s a brief tensing as generators get going and he squints at the light watching thoughtfully. "Well that makes things a bit easier."

"Well, someone partner up with me fast, because I'm going on the hunt. I'll steal Moroko, if you don't mind, Gunny," Miri says. She's sharp and alert, eager to get going.

Terrence has a bit of success with the generators, managing to find that the first three generators he comes to are suffering from tripped breakers alone. He cycles the breakers on each before priming the engine and cranking each into life. The last generator he comes to, however, is a bit more of a job. He places his tools down on the floor before picking up a manual and flipping through the pages. He turns the book so that he can peer at the diagrams inside, referencing the generator in front of him before he gets to work changing fuses and checking the unit over.

Randy nods to Lleufer as if that's what she was looking for, priority. EOD never expects the be first on the list so she doesn't seem disappointed when Lleu mentions Medical takes priority. She's like a starving bomb baby. She'll take what she can get when she can get it. At the backfire, Randy cringes and reaches up to rub her ears with her free hand. In the meantime she uses those super enhanced eyes to do a bit of recon work from her positions. Medical supplies? EOD stuff? The sooner they find the former and take care of that, the sooner she can get to the latter and finding either is good in her book. "I need a partner," she volunteers softly into comms to amplify her voice a little.

"All right. Go with her, Rance. Moroko with Zahav to go look for medical supplies." Lleufer turns his head back, "I'll stay here to watch out way in and lend our Techs a hand with anything they need." Ynyr checks his chrono, "People need to give me /brief/ radio checks every 60 minutes so I know where you are and your progress." The Gunny starts making his way through to set up other teams and give them their assignments. Ynyr takes notes so he can keep track as he moves off.

Taking off his own NV Toby watches Terrance for a bit, then turns back to Lleu. "We'll get these seven going for now then, and worry about the others if needs be later. We should probably sort shifts, so there's always someone who knows how to operate them awake at any given time, but that shouldn't be too hard to sort. Other than that? I'm looking for fire suits, hoses, nozzles, BA bottles, and extinguisher powder. Then we've got a whole list of things from the Chief to start working through. Where do you want us to start piling the stuff we want though, or should we just mark it on the maps and stockpile at the major junctions for now?" He looks eager to be off hunting, but then spots that the seventh genny seems to be giving Terrence some trouble, so flashes Lleu a 'two secs' look before turning to go help the younger tech.

Ynyr pauses and as soon as Toby is free, they can sort out a few details - but Lleu is not a micromanager. He sets Toby up to manage his own people without having to check every tiny detail with Ynyr. The Gunny will swing back through regularly for progress reports.

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