MD #162: Operation Buccaneer - Ground



FR: GSGT Lleufer Ynyr
CC: CMDR Petra
RE: After Action Report: Aerilon Ground Action at Pless for Operation Buccaneer


Day One: On Sunday April 1st, 2049 at 01:00 local time a small unit of Marines, one civilian, and members of the Orion's Deck commenced a HALO drop over Aerilon from an altitude of 120,000 feet to LZ 'Rickshaw' at the north west end of the old runway at former CFAS Pless. With Rance Hood to act as our Civilian Scout, the group proceeded south and then east to arrive at the bunker without incident before dawn. Marines secured the bunker and Deck techs brought the generators online. We split into teams to take stock of material on location.

Day Two: April 2nd, 2049, roughly 12:00 noon local time, a group of 7 Marines and Deck with a Corpsman hiked into the market at Pless from the east with packs carrying trade goods. Marines snipers and spotters were positioned for overwatch. Our objective was to obtain needed items for the Piraeus refugees. Priorities were low tech quality metal farming and building tools, children's needs, seeds for medicinal herbs and bags of agricultural seed to expand genetic stock, and other items. My goal was to feel out the locals for a local Resistance movement. Contact was made and we arranged to meet with them later that night. Local militia were distracted by those locals who were friendly to our cause and two clerics were noted in the town before we departed.

That night we met with local Resistance at position 'Tiger' (see map detail). There we learned of former Airwing (viper pilots) and former Marines who were much encouraged to see us and learn our goals. One of them the former CAG of CFAS Pless, Bud Graves. They were eager to give us whatever aid possible. We gifted them with what ordinance we could carry in to the meeting. It was then decided to bring a number of pilots to the bunker the morning of our exfil and give them access to the vipers and other material we were leaving behind.

Day Three: April 3rd, 2049 the Orion Airwing moved in to take out Skath defenses while we laboured in the bunker to complete our lists and prepare material for removal from Aerilon.

Day Four: April 4th, 2049 at roughly 05:00 the local pilots were brought up to the bunker and introduced to the prepped vipers they would be flying. Drago-Lead informed us of a Skath transport landing at LX Rickshaw at first light which proceeded to offload Walkers and armoured vehicles. I ordered 155mm howitzers and SAMs to be set up and deployed personnel accordingly. Sgt Palermo was sent forth to lead a group of tanks to assault the Skath Walkers and armored vehicles. We assaulted the ground Skath units before they could reach the town. The Skath transport took off and was taken down with shoulder launched SAM's. Cover fire was thus provided as our own pilots were dropped, and to get our transports and other aircraft clear of the mountain. By mid afternoon we cleared the bunker and the last of our personnel were removed.

See attached lists for casualties, including the former CFAS Pless CAG, Bud Graves, who was lost in action while flying a viper to provide air cover assistance. See also the attached lists of material and ships recovered from the bunker including four of six amphibious landing ships. One of these was destroyed trying to clear the bunker. All personnel on board were lost.



See attached lists by department.


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