ALT #321: OP Aerilon
Holy Crap it's Aerilon!
Summary: The Orion Marines were all set to go to Picon when a change of orders and they found themselves manning an Observation Post on Aerilon deep in Canner Country.
Date: 23 Nov 2013 - 24 Nov 2013
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OP Xray on Aerilon
Desc's are in the log.
23 Nov 2005 - 24 Nov 2005

The Raptors from the Orion have deposited the Marines outside of one the hangers at CFAB Crandall on Picon. Marines and all their gear where left before they took back off returning to the Orion. There are no ATMUV's in sight to take the Marines anywhere. Actually there is no one around at all. Off to the side are a couple of beat up and battered Raptors, the crew sits relaxed on the ramp smoking and joking, just waiting it would seem, and the uniforms are more of a mix of what they could get their hands on than actual flight gear.

It is not long before a lone ATMUV comes out from between a couple of hangers, turns and heads to the assembled group. It slows with a squeal of breaks and a lone CMC Lieutenant steps out, carrying a rather large Manila envelope and makes his way over "Ensign Kostas?" he calls out as he looks at the platoon. The driver gets out and goes to the back of the vehicle, pulling out two cases that would appear to be Trident FGM-681s.

Kostas has been her usual self on the way to Crandall, joking with some, but content in silence as well, fully kitted out. Years of hurry up and wait has her relaxed at the momentary delay once they get there, but when the the ATMUV pulls up she pushes off from the hangar wall she was holding up, and makes her way forward. "Aye, sir," she replies to the inquiring LT. Her brow raises slightly. "Orders?"

Hurry up and wait. Private Mallas knows the drill. As soon as it's clear that their ride is not ready and waiting, his priorities shift: Find a comfortable spot, drop the pack, and take a snooze. His pack does look heavy, as Mallas seems to have brought every bit of extra rations, water, and ammo he could convince the quartermaster to let him have, checklists be damned. Stuffed with all that, it at least makes a decent pillow. The sound of the vehicle driving up forces him to crack one eye, but there is no order to move yet, so that's as ready as he is going to get.

Leightner hits boots on Picon in uniform, with weapon slung along the underside of his back, medical brassard apparent as he hits, and moves. He's ready and mobile, looking about with the others, settling in.

Waiting and being quiet is something that the Heavy Weapons Lance Corporal was use to and this time is no different. Their ride wasn't here yet, that was obvious after they had disembarked from the Raptor so Erik just took the time to look over the gear he had brought for the mission. Then he settles down with his back against his own pack, also looking like he's taking a nap. Once the sound of the ATMUV approaching can be heard though, his eyes reopen but he makes no move to get up just yet.

Shouldering her gear, Kapali eyes the arriving vehicle with the same measure of weathered curiosity that has her eyeing the vehicle and . . because she just wants to, eyes the ATMUV's wheels with curiosity. Lots of details can be learned from the soles of peoples boots, tires are just like that. Nice wheels.

Carmine has contented himself with sitting on a crate of Ammo and double checking the Belt feeds of Ammo for the big guns. moving quietly and efficiently, pausing only briefly on occaision to spit a brown stream of tobacco juice at a rock or a scorpion.

"I'm Lieutenant Carlson," he says as he hands over the envelope to Kostas "Your orders, Ensign." He looks to the group "I am sorry for the subterfuge but you will not be staying here on Picon. Do to operational security we wanted everyone to believe this was your destination but it is not. Ensign Kostas has your real orders and she will read them to you. I can say that you will be taken from here on," he points to the battered Raptors "those. The pilots are very familiar with the area you are heading to and they have made this run a number of times. There is little time, so I suggest that after Ensign Kostas reads you your orders you load up and get moving." He lets his words sink in a moment "All I can say is that I wish you all the best. What you are being tasked to do is of the upmost importance." He pauses a moment, nods his head, "I wish I could have gotten you more but that is the best we could do at such short notice," he explains as he indicates the two cases. Then with out any further word he turns and goes back to his ATMUV which returns the way it had come.

No smiles, no talking. Fischer has double-checked his weapon and gear on the way over here, but keeping quiet for the moment. Expression quite neutral as the ATMUV comes over, and what's being said, just shrugging for now.

Leightner listens to the Lieutenant, and his brows go up as the false mission brief is explained, and he closes his eyes with a light smile on his face now. Well. Frak. His head lowers, and he remains silent, looking back up after a moment, okay ready.

Reed listens to the Lieutenant before he looks to Kostas, slightly puzzled. As he does he begins to take up his gear, pack slung over one shoulder, his weapon hanging on it's tac sling. Helmet on, straps undone. He gives a glance to both Fischer and Carmine, a knowing smile before he turns back to the Dog Platoon's command.

Mallas receives the news from the strange Lieutenant with a fatalistic grimace. And of course that officer isn't going with them. "Frak me," the Private mutters to himself. Reluctantly he gets up and starts gathering his gear, preparing to move out while he waits to hear the details from Kostas.

Kapali shoulders her gear, again, scoops up everything else she's carted this far, and while the LT is talking she is eyeing the battered Raptors. Packing tape, heat resistant packing tape, that's all the Raptors are missing to edge them from battered straight on into death-rides. Volunteer for the marine corps, new and inventive (tried and true) ways to get us killed, and do so with a serious lacking of style.

Kostas offers a salute to their briefer before he turns to head out. Efficiently she breaks the seal on the envelope and reads it over, frowning - not really do to upset, but more in the way of thinking. "All right, Dogs. We headin' to Aerilon. Our mission is t' meet up with the local resistance at their base, after which we'll be headin' up into a valley that's suspected ta be a major route for Cylon movement. We're ordered t' remain and hold for 24 hours an' *observe* an' report any an' all enemy mocement in th' Valley. Base was set up a few months ago, but then left alone t' trick th' cyclons inta thinkin' it's been abandoned." She folds the orders, and sticks them back into the envelope. "But, we all know how that c'n go, so we preppin' for anythin'. We'll be meetin' up with an Ensign Lenudze or another rep. All right, Dogs. Any questions, before we move out?" She flashes a feral grin. "Not that I prolly c'n answer, but. It's what you ask, neh?"

Looking up as the LT speaks, Carmine looks around at the gathered marines. Catching Reed's eye, He grins at the man, touching the tip of his nose with the index finger of one hand, he points at Reed with the other hand before looking at Kostas as he reads the orders. And that would appear to be that. Standing, he grabs gear and begins loading the Raptor.

When the subterfuge was revealed and their real mission was shared, Erik's expression turns into a frown but only for a moment. He was from Picon and he has a vested interested in fighting here, but orders are orders and one thing that the Lance Corporal learned is to not question them. He also have no questions when the details or their orders are given, instead he slowly rises to his feet and begins grapping his kit.

Mallas pipes up when Kostas asked for questions. "Can I get that transfer now, sir?" Smart ass, of course. He's got his pack back on and rifle ready to go, for all that.

Leightner lifts a hand, "We're gatherin intelligence sir?" He's nodding, just wanting to clarify.

"I'll be happy t' write it up for ya while we're kickin' back relaxin'," Kostas replies without missing a beat. She nods to Leightner. "That's th' objective as written. So no itchy trigger fingers unless we need t' do so." She looks around at all the gear. "But, we prepped t' do what needs t' be done. Sounds like it remote as hell, so we draw attention t' ourselves, we better be prepared t' hold."

A simple shrug of his shoulders, Reed waits, holding all his gear, till time to head to the Raptors. He does look at them and his brows narrow "I sure hope they can make the trip, look at those things." And yes, they have seen a lot of action by the appearance, not to mention a few patched over places that seems to have taken a hit or two. The crewmen of the Raptors have already started getting the birds ready, Pilot and ECO on both are taking their seats, the door gunners checking over their weapons.

Fischer just shrugs at this revelation. It doesn't matter too much to him where they are going. Climbing back onto the Raptor, he shakes his head to himself, looking at the others very briefly.

"I have the utmost confidence in the safety checks and regulations of the air wing based on picon, I'm sure they have our health and safety and the success of the mission in mind hen they allocated these beautiful raptors for our use," Kapali says, en sotto voice, carrying her gear toward Raptor 1 (nick named, mentally, DeathTrap1) without even pausing. Yep. Total confidence.

Leightner lowers his hand, with a grin, nodding, and looks ready to roll with that. It's how he is, "Wanted ta see Aerilon." He grins, love it. And then it's getting prepared to go with whatever else has been left he would be assigned to. He gets squared away on Raptor 1.

Looking at the Raptors as he gets closer, Carmine Grins. "You know…we might all die in these things. But what a Frakkin' way to go!" Watching for which Raptor Kostas takes, Carmine hops onto the other, following Op guidelines and all, He looks at the ECO and grins. "If your name is Scrappy, I'm going to kiss you son."

Mallas grumbles under his breath as Kostas passes off his question, then eyes the battle-worn Ratpors doubtfully. "Man, this just keeps getting better and better…" In the absence of any direction to the contrary, Private Mallas clambers into Raptor 1 and gets himself strapped in.

"The sooner we get on, the better, I guess," though Reed doesn't seem to sincere about it. He looks over the two busses and heads to the least battered one, Raptor 2. He cuts his eyes at Leighter, chuckles "I hear it's a garden spot this time of year. Nice beaches, fruity drinks with those little umbrellas and women with little on. How much better can it get?"

The ECO of Raptor 2 turns back "Welcome to Aerilon Airways. We hope you have a pleasant flight. Take your seat and fasten your seat belts. This /is/ a smoking flight. Make sure that all seats are in their upright positions and all tray tables are up and locked. The current conditions at Aerilon are hostile. In case of a water landing there are flotation devices under your seats. Thank you for choosing Aerilon Airways and enjoy the ride." And with that the engines spool up, the pilot and ECO going through the final checks. Once complete the Pilot, who appears to have not shaved in days "Oh, tighten up those belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

(R2) Once the gear is stored, Carmine stretches out on a likely looking patch of Cargo and relaxes. Looking at Reed he says "If I fall aslep, and we're about to crash, don't you dare Frakkin' wake me. I picked a bad day to leave my Superman cape on my bunk." as the ECO mentions that it's a smoking flight, Carmine grins and removes a cigarette from his pocket. "Thank Frak for that."

Leightner is strapped in tight. He's used to working the straps in a Raptor by now, weapon secured, and he's set. settled in the back he leans his head back, and closes his eyes, waiting, calmly. There is a slight smile on his face, bring it on.

The PIlot of Raptor 1 gives a speech that is not at all similar to that being heard in Raptor 2. "Everyone buckle in, settle down and lets get this show on the road before the Powers that Be decide to send you boys and girls somewhere else." The pilot checks all the dials and display, the ECO doing his half of the work while the Pilot gives the 'welcome aboard' speech. "In the event of a water landing, the weight of your gear will probably down you anyway," a brief turn to grin over her shoulder at the marines on board, "so good luck."

Reed works the straps, tightening them and eyes the cigs that Carmine has. Might be a good time to start smoking, if only he could reach the pack. He gives up the thought, straps in, pulling the ends tight. "Who's going to wake me, Staff?" He says with a wink. The rifle held between his knees, he fixes the straps on his helmet, tightens it and then keys his com unit.
The com system has several radio channels. Most are Military use, but there is also one for IC news broadcasts and one for the civilian emergency band. You join and leave IC radio channels much like you do OOC chat channels, but with different commands. With the exception of the news channel you should only be on a channel when you actually have access to a radio ICly.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 4 testing coms."

[Into the Wireless] Leightner says, "Medic online."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Loud and clear"

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Dog 5, reading loud and clear."

Raptor 2 jerks into the air and screams over CFAB Crandall, till it angles up and heads for the darkness of space. Reed almost looses his rifle in the sudden movement, "Frak," he mumbles mostly to himself. The insides of the Raptor is not much better than the outside. Reed looks at some of the parts shaking and rattling. He takes a deep breath "Just hope we get there in one piece."

Leightner listens to the sound of this raptor, and mutters something under his breath about Tobys worst nightmare. He looks about at the Raptor as they take off, strapped in tight enough to just relax into the straps and hold on. he's jarred about but holding on tight.

(R2) Looking at Reed, Carmine shrugs. "Maybe the ECO will be kind enough to scream in your ear." As they take off, Carmine grins, keeping a hand on his SAW unti the ride gets relatively smoother, He lays the weapons next to him on the pallet, lights his cigarette and closes his eyes.

SCENE SET: Two beat up Raptors have taken off from CFAB Crandall, it would seem that there is a change in plans. After landing in Picon, new orders were given. The Platoon will be going to Aerilon for recon. It is an uneventful flight from Picon to Aerilon, if not long. The two Raptors, despite their condition proves air and space worthy. As they near the airspace of Aerilon the Raptor 2 pilot turns to the troops in the rear "A bit of warning, there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of AA down on Aerilon. We will be taking evasive flight maneuvers, flying low till we get to a small camp of the resistance. Hold on and enjoy the ride."
Erik has disconnected.

Leightner breathes out briefly on word of incoming chop and AA guns. Yay. He focuses, holding his expression as a study in concentration. He does not answer, just lets them worry about flying the bird. He's cargo till they tell him to get out.

Raptor 1 follows the same flight patch of Raptor 2, flying with almost casual disregard for anything resembling flight safety. Like wind speed, for one, or safety passing distance, for another. No one ever said that a raptor driver was a particularly safe or friendly occupation done by people who are safe and friendly. By the time the Raptor breaks orbit the passengers in the Raptor have been rattled, wrapped, jostled and off and away they went. Sure, the Raptor is air and space worthy but they're bloody cold on the inside, maybe the pilot forgot to turn on the heat. "Air sickness bags are located under your seats, use them," the Pilot warns as the approaching planet gets closer and closer. "There's a lot of AA on Aerilon and we will be taking evasive manuvers accordingly." Another glance over her shoulder, "air sickness bags," a pointed reminder before she and the ECO begin the final approach.

(R2) At the menion of AA Carmine sighs, Rolling over on his pallet, the Staff sergeant grabs a spare Load securement strap and wraps it over huimself and the cargo like a seatbelt. fastening it in place, he lights another cigarette, a Smile slowly turning into a grin as the ship begins to bump and sway. "I didn't want to say anything beore now Corporal, but I could have sworn I fel a Breeze when we were taking off. that would have been awkward when we left Atmo, hey?"

Reed, in Raptor 2 presses his back into the seat as the view outside the portholes begin to lighten up with the glow of the plasma flames lick the sides. When it's low enough the pilot noses the craft over and dives, in a gut loosing fall, down to the ground. Reed leans his head so he can look out side "Frak me, that tree! We were below the top!" A deep breath, he stops looking outside. Just in time it would seem. For then ECO calls out "AA ahead, come right a few degrees….NOW." The Raptor lurches to the right just as tracers arc up missing them. From then on it's nothing but climbs, rolercoster falls, and more fire up from the ground. All the while the ECO is calling out directions to the Pilot.

Leightner does not need an air sickness bag, he's fine. As the Raptors enter the hotzone, he remains still and strapped in, just focused. He's holding on carefully.

Kapali takes the air sickness bag, sees there are in fact SEVERAL clipped beneath the seat and decides one ought to be Enough. Or maybe not.

Raptor 1 angles abruptly accordingly, the Raptor clearly guided by a expert as the tracer rounds arc up and miss, the back wash of air spraying over the tracers that are aimed at both Raptors. The angle to the right, the bird twisting to the side to a steep tilt, another that has the Raptor sliding to the left next time, diving below the tree line and skirting the canopy at others. The contents, that is the passengers, of the Raptor are treated to the most hair raising (un)thrill ride of the day. Not speaking to any other rides they've ever been on, but for the day, this one is the ticket.

Carmine is neither sick, nor is he calm and reserved. as the AA fire starts and the ride turns into the rollercoaster from Hell, he sits up, Laughing and cheering the whole way. Damned adrenaline Junkies anyways they never know when to be properly scared.

The ride goes on for nearly a half hour, the AA gets less the further they go. "Entering friendly airspace," the ECO of Raptor 2 says. Though the three crewman do get a chuckle out of it. "Three minutes till we land. We are taking a round about way so as the canner's don't know where we are going." Reed looks at Carmine and just laughs and mutters "Nuts," as the nervous laughter continues.

Leightner bows his head as the Raptor bounces and bounds, shooting through moves inside the combat zone and Leightner remains still through it. Yes this does take energy, he's holding on firmly, but he's calm, and smiling slightly as his hands tighten on the straps he's secured by.

While the Raptor is diving, angling, careening left and right, Kapali has put the paper of the air sickness bag to good use. Origami swan with wings that move if the tail is pulled.

Entering friendly airspace has the raptor leveling out, somewhat, though it's no smooth level ride all the same, the bird keeping close to the tree tops.

Relaxing some as the ride smooths out a bit, Carmine settles down and bgins going through pre-drop checks. Securing his weapon, he grins at Reed and Leightner. "Now if the rest of the mission can be as fun as that ride, I can go home a happy happy man."

SCENE SET: It is not to long that the Raptors land in a small clearing. Warriors in all shapes, ages, and dress mill about. Most of the 'structures' are dug down into the ground with camo coverings over sandbags for roofs. There is a small group, the command group possibly, waiting near one that has antennas rising out of it. Obviously the command post. When Kostas leaves the Raptor she is ushered into the command post by a fighter that wears part civilian clothes and part military uniform. Another moves up, obviously a Sargent "Who's the platoon Sargent?" Off in the distance AA fire goes up, booms echo over the land.

Mallas is happy to get the hell out of the shaking, creaking Raptor. Thanks the Gods it managed to land, rather than crash. He shoulders his pack and readies his rifle, piling out as soon as the hatch is cracked. He keeps with the unit, looking around at the fortified landing site and taking in the distant sounds of battle. "Nice place they got here." The question from the Aerlion NCO is met with a shrug from Mallas. He actually isn't sure himself, though he looks questioningly at Carmine, who has the most stripes.

Kapali hands the origami swan to the pilot of Raptor one, "Thanks for the lift, Sir, it was really nice of you to bring us in like this," serious or possibly sarcastic but entirely neutral tone of voice. Grabbing her gear, Kapali hops down out of the raptor and moves away from the bird to lend a hand moving or toting anything that needs doing. The sound of booms ricocheting off of the land, booming in odd little echo's would normally make her smile, and some do, though for those with the ear for it she only smiles when it's booms made by colonial made weapons. NOT the distinct sound of cylon made weapons.

Carrying his LMG over a shoulder, and his kit on his other one, carmine steps off Raptor 2 and nods to the Sergeant. "That'd be me Sergeant."

"Home sweet home," Reed says as he also has gotten off the Raptor. He looks around, taking in the place. Clearly this is not on the front lines, but not far from it. Not if the sounds of the battle are reaching him. He helps bring off the rest of the gear, food, the two Tridents, all the odds and ends that the Marine's are not carrying directly. He looks over to Kapali and shakes his head "Your kind of sounds, eh Boomboom?"

Leightner hits boots on Aerilon, and looks about, taking a breath, smiling as he follows along with the unit. He looks over to Kapali, reaching down to pick up a rock before, nodding to her "Oi, Kap." and tossing it her way with a casual smirk as he moves, with his gear slung across his back.

Stepings out a bit slowly, Fischer looks around rather quietly, shaking his head a little. Was that a headshake at the local NCO's question, or at the sights, who knows? A brief pause, before he moves to help Reed with the movvement of those things that should be gotten off the Raptor now, expression a bit thoughtful.

"Is it still murder if I kill you preemptively, Cassidy? Before I find the nickname annoying enough that I want to murder you later?" Kapali wonders in a speculative tone of voice even as she catches the rock that Leightner tosses to her and checks it over before tucking it into one of a hundred little pockets.

Reed beams as he throws a mock kiss in Kapali's way. "You know I love ya, Boomboom." He gathers with the rest and as he does jerks a thumb in the direction of Carmine "He's the one you want," to the Aerilon Sargent. He continues to look around "Far cry from even Picon, isn't it?" Asked to the other Marines from the Orion.

Leightner keeps looking around, shrugging his shoulders, stretching a bit. Planet to planet to ship, getting used to the specific climate and gravity, rolling his head on his shoulders, he looks from Reed to Carmine, to the sergeant, tugging the medical brassard on his shoulder.

Mallas chuckles at the banter between the other Marines and Corpsman, and then eyeing Kapali with a smirk. "At least we won't freeze to death," he says in answer to Reed, then heaves off a heavy sigh and looks around for a place to park it. If there's one sure fire way to receive orders to move out, it's to get comfortable.

"Det cord burns at about 4 miles per second," Kapali says as she eyes Reed. "How fast does he run," she wonders in a not quiet aside at Leightner as she heads over to check on the safe shipping of the claymore's that have been allocated to this mission.

The sounds of fighting ebb and flow all around them. This is clearly an area that has seen constant fighting, it shows in the eyes of those that are the main resistance fighters. Even kids as young as 13 and 14 have the look, many of them have what they could get as far as weapons and armor. The Aerilon Sargent heads over to where Carmine is, "Sargent Seth Powers. Though we are kind of informal here. Just call me Seth. He kneels and lays out a map, turns it slightly and points to a spot "We are here, now what we need," his finger traces out from the location "is for your Marines to go out to here. A valley that we think the Canners are using to bring in more AA, armor and Centurions." He looks up to see if the other Marines of the Orion are listening in before he continues "About 4 months a go we had some of our guys go out and make an OP over on this side of the Valley. We haven't been back since, trying to lead the canner's on that we have left it alone. Over flights still show it as ready."

Nodding to the Sergeant, Carmine grunts. "Staff Sergeant Beckwith. Call me Carmine." Kneling next to the man as they go over the map, Carmine nods quietly. "Mind if I keep this map Seth? we were told we were going on vacation to sunny Picon." Considering the map he finally nods and looks around at the rest of the group. "Alright Dog. looks like we're going to go wading neck deep in shit. I need volunteers to be on the Advanced scouting party with me, Thank you Cassidy, Fischer and Kapali and Mallas. You're a credit to your uniform."

Leightner lifts a hand to carmine, "Staff." He waves the hand, yep another one for the party. No one parties without the Corpsman.

"And Leightner, Staff," Kapali helps volunteer Leightner as well, since it's only fair. "He has the bandaids, Staff, he's ready to travel."

Mallas takes a seat a bit away from the briefing, not bothering to pay close attention, or look much at the map. When the Staff Sergeant calls for volunteers, Mallas keeps his head down. At least until his name is called as one of them. "Frakkin' A …" he grouses, sharing that thought with his fellow 'volunteers' as he gets back to his feet and gets ready to move out.

Seth hands the map to Carmine and stands "Look, we have a small powered burst radio that is preset to our freqs. All we want, all we need, is for you all to give us a count of what you see. Armor, AA units, Canners. I would send our own people but then I don't have them to fight. That's why you all got the call. I have those two trucks," they are just as beat up as most things around here, "that will take you close to the OP where you can then scout it out to make sure it's clear. Sadly I need the trucks back here once you are set. If things go south, just give a shout. Though don't count on Air support, they are getting shot down as fast as they take off." He takes a breath, looks at the Marines that that Carmine has called out "It's not a far ride, but it's not going to be comfortable one. We will be taking over land, the roads around here are not so safe." The last is said with a laughs.

Fischer just shrugs as he hears his name, nodding a little bit now. Not saying anything as he moves forward in the direction of the others that were voluntarily forced. Eyes narrowed a bit as he sees the trucks, shaking his head a little bit now.

Looking at Leightner, Carmine grunts. "Alright, you're in." Looking to Kapali, he adds. "And thanks for volunteering to be the Corpsman's meat shield Corporal Boomboom." Yeah he hard the nickname. "Mount up Dog. Mallas, get the radio from Sergeant Seth."

Leightner grins, reaching up to loosen the strap at his shoulder, bringing around his P90, looking about briefly before, pulling out the camera he got from his boss so recently, and yep, putting it back, tilting his head as he turms to head to the trucks, man says load, Leightners loading.

Lleufer has been pretty quiet, this being is home world and completely unexpected to suddenly find his boots hitting Aerilon dirt. Athena's tits man, he hasn't been home in years. Very strange feeling. So Ynyr's been kind of quiet, watchful and listening and otherwise doing what he's been told while he's thinking. There is likely a quiet excitment that lights up his eyes nonetheless. He takes a seat next to Leightner.

Kapali lifts the rest of her gear and shadows Leightner on the way to the truck, "You do have bandaids, right?" in a lower voice. "I mean, I just told the Staff that you have bandaids," she prompts the corpsman and . . doesn't rise to the bait of the nickname. Newp.

As the Staff Sergeant ordered, Private Mallas retrieves the radio from the Aerilon Marine briefing them. He looks inside the satchel holding the directional radio and folding dish, making sure he can figure out how to work it. "See you around," he tells the local Sergeant, tucking the radio under one arm and heading for the trucks.

Leightner sits and nods to Kapali, "Adhesive bandages, Aye I have those too." He looks at Lleufer, and elbows him, grinning with a maniac intensity, as he leans in, "Areilon…." He hisses, excitement creeping in in a low, intense hiss., nodding, "…happy fer ye.. Oh, cylons are frakked now. Dogs here."

Reed nods to Carmine "Well lets get the stuff in the trucks, get on the move. The sooner we get there the sooner we get out." Not only his gear but the other stuff, one of the Tridents, and heads to a truck. As he passes it, there are holes all down it, though it has been fairly well washed out there are still bits of human and dried blood still in it. "Nice," is all he says as he slings one of the cases up and in. The canvas that covers the bed is nearly as hole'd as the rest of the vehicle. It gives him pause, for a moment before he starts to climb in "Hurry your ass up, Boomboom, we aint waiting," he looks to Mallas and gives a wink "I think that name is her's now, he doth protest to much about it."

Kapali makes sure that the other Trident is loaded right over another brownish stain that would be none other than old and dried blood. She takes a seat, leaning her back against the side guards that will, hah, help deflect some bullets if they drive through fire. Hah. Not likely.

Going through the load up, Carmine hops into the truck and blinks. "Smells like a god damned Sausage factory in here." Settling in for the ride, he lights a cigarette and pulls his helmet down low.

Fischer gets into the truck as well, leaning back a bit as he sits down. Pulling out those two photos he always bring with him, to lift them to his lips one at the time, then sits in quiet watching them both for a few moments before they're placed back in their hiding place.

Ynyr's not sharing Leightner's excitement the same way, probably thinking about his family out there. If any of them are still alive. He tries to smile to the Corpsman anyway, "Yeah. Been want'n to get back here since it all started." And under his breath he adds, "Not going to want to leave." Lleu thins his mouth and tries not to think about that yet. They have a mission to do so he glances to the others loading and then looks over the truck grimly.

Mallas slides the radio, and then his own back, into the rear of the truck before he climbs in behind Reed. The Corporal's remark causes Mallas to look back over his shoulder at Kapali, and he smirks. "Looks like." The back f of the shot up truck doesn't seem to bother Mallas, as he just plunks down near the cab. Carmine's comment gets an odd look from the Private, but whatever he was thinking, his question is (for once) actually related to the mission. "So we're just gonna hike up to that OP and sit around for a couple days, Sarge?" There's a clear tone of 'it's never that easy' in the young grunt's question.

Leightner leans to Ynyr, "Ye do more good on tha Orion, Wit Dog. Ye know tha already." He's confident speaking in a low tone, quietly. "Won't be tha hardest thing ta do. Jealous, me." He smirks and leans back. His story's known, his world.

Opening one eye to Look at Mallas, Carmine throws on a bright smile. "That would be the plan. we're going to hike up to a bas that was built a year ago then abandoned and left alone so the Enemy had the chance to get nice and cozy in it. WE;re going to wander in the front door, hope we don't get shot to shit. then we;re going to spend a few days taking turns counting how many of the enemy wander by us. W'll have some tea, we'll roast fome frakkin marshmellows and have a singsong, then come home." Looking around the truck, Carmine adds. "And my standing orders still stand. No one dies on this mission or I'll kick your ass."

The trucks rumble to life and soon are heading out. The trip is easy and smooth for the first half then they both turn and begin heading over land. Bumpy, yes, not nearly as wild as the Raptor ride in to Aerilon though. But the springs on the truck has seen better days and it does jostle the passengers a good bit.

Fischer's eyes narrow for a few moments as he listens, before he simply shakes his head a bit. Staying silent as he looks straight ahead for now, once more checking his weapon yet another time. Never hurts to be extra sure, right?

Kapali is careful not to let her teeth clack together to often, as that gets annoying after a while, taking a stick of chewing gum out of one of those 101 pockets and makes use of it while the truck finds a way to hit every crater, pot hole, rocky wash, crevasse and everything else on it's way to their sunny vacation spot in warm beautiful Aerilon.

What Leightner says is true, at least about his own home world. Lleufer gives him a look and grimaces, "I am sorry about that, man." He quiets to listen to what Carmine's saying to Mallas. Ynyr frowns a little and keeps silent otherwise.

Leightner shakes his head, "Nah, mate. Nevermind Virgon now, watch what happens ta yerself when ye see Canners here." He looks at Lleufer, "When ye blastin em off Aerilon here." He nods, "Saw it on Picon."

Reed is fairly silent as they ride along. He smirks as he hears Carmine's description of the mission "Just hope there is hot water. If we are going there, I want frak'n hot water. Can't wake up till I have a hot shower and a good cup of coffee." He looks over to Kapali "One sugar, cream." He tells her his order "Bacon extra crispy too."

Mallas nods at Carmine's explanation, though he's not looking too excited about it. He bounces along in the back of the truck, keeping the radio in his lap once the ride gets bumpy. More boredom as they cross the miles between the LZ and the start of their hike, but Mallas spends most of it staring at the Aerlion scenery, and listening to the others' conversation. Eventually his attention shifts to Fischer, and his expression goes quizzical as he watches the other Marine checking his weapon.

"Want a side of hash browns with that?" Kapali wonders with a baring of her teeth in a look that isn't a smile. "Before or after I forget to not shoot you?" said calmly before she snaps a bubble and flexes both hands before tucking her hands into pockets of her vest and waiting out the ride.

Fischer raises an eyebrow as he sees MNallas looking to him, shrugging a bit to the man before he looks down again to his weapon, and then just leans back. Letting out a bit of a breath now.

Reed just laughs at Kapali and shakes his head. "I'd prefer before. Kind of hard to enjoy it after." It is not that much longer before the trucks come to a halt. The landscape is much different here. Dry, dirty. Good size hills lay before them. One of the drivers speaks "The Op is over those hills, we don't want to drive in any closer. No need to announcing you folks are here, eh?"

Nodding to the driver, Carmine steps out of the back of the truck. Shouldering his LMG again, Carmine moves quickly away from the trucks speaking in his radio as he goes.

Humping over country is something Ynyr's used to and does as much as he can down on Piraeus, and used to do back home. He double checks he's got everything and when it's his turn, he hops on out of the truck with the others, "Thanks for the ride." A slow, deep breath of the air out here. Not like his mountains but his gaze moves towards those hills. "We know if we are going to have water out there?" They all have canteens but those won't last long.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Reed, Mallas, Kapali, on me. Sergeant Lleufer take charge of the rest, follow us in 15 minutes and bring the gear.""

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer's voice comes over the radio, "Copy that."

Mallas gives Fischer a smirk when the other Marine meets his gaze, but doesn't say anything. He rides out the rest of the trip, then piles out when the truck comes to a final stop. Hearing Carmine's instructions over the radio, Mallas shrugs into his own pack, slings the radio across his chest, and heads to join the Staff Sergeant, rifle in hand.

After all the Marines have disembarked the trucks and they drive off, leaving the Orion Marines on their own he removes the Trident from the case and slings it over his shoulder, adding even more weight to his load. Standing he hears the com and just turns to move to where Carmine is. His rifle is checked, the safety off and held in both hands "What's up Staff?"

Kapali hops down out of the truck, bends her knees on impact and adjusts the weight of the backpack then tightens the chin strap of her helmet even more before she reaches for as much gear as she can balance and prepares to haul it up the hill. It's always a hill. At least this one it's covered in rain slick mud that's knee deep to make the slog all that much more fun.

Leightner shifts out of the truck in sequence, and holding his P90. He shrugs, and listens, moving to fall in at Ynyrs flank, taking a classic zone coverage, ready to move with him, "Got water purifier in me medkit." He looks about. and checks the camera in his pocket, taking a picture of scenery, and nodding, yep. Battery power, conserve. He clicks it off.

Ynyr goes about making sure all the gear they are to carry is dispersed among them so that those who are most fit can carry a bit more and those who might not be able to carry as much aren't over burdened. Lleu also double checks they all have at least one water canteen and says low to each person, "Be sparing with that water. Don't know if we'll have any where we're going." His grey eyes flick to Leightner, "If there's water to purify, unless you want us to all piss in bottles to run it back through." He grins and waits around, checking his watch to let the first team get a 15 minute head start as ordered.

Gear balanced, Kapali brings the SMI 80 around to bear on the terrain they'll be hiking over and eyes Leightner, "The tour will be commencing, Sir," in a chipper tone of voice, "there are designated picture points along the way and opportunities to purchase post cards of those sights at the end of the tour. Tea, refreshments and other souvenirs will be available for purchase at the end of the road," she angles a look at Leightner then grins. "Lets move it, mister."

Fischer shrugs a little as he gets off the truck, listening to what's being said at the moment. Nodding a bit at the mention of the water, he shrugs a little now. Glancing around at the distance, a bit quietly for the moment.

"Keep laughing, Boomboom, I hid the beer in your pack," Reed says over his shoulder before turning back to Carmine, waiting orders. All the while he scans the terrain, looking but on this side of the hills anything moving would be easily spotted.

Leightner grins to Lleufer, "Not yet, thanks," then to Kapali, he smirks. "Any minute now." Then he looks to Lleufer, for the call.

Looking at his gathered group, Carmine looks at Leightner. "Leaving you back with Follow team Corpsman…not in my nature to have our medical professional walk into an ambush with us." Folding out the map. he nods to those gathered with him. "We're here. Base is here. We're going to follow this ridge staying in the shadow for cover. Watch as we go, clear a path to the base. We get there clear, Kapali, I want you to do your explosives magic. set up a killing field outside the base. Reed, you'll be watching her a…" Pausing as he considers his audience, he corrects himself. "You'll be on overwatch for her. Mallas…keep eyes open for water sources because that's going to be our job if the base doesn't have any. Oorah marines?"

"Try not to get lost," Kapali suggests to Leightner, seeing as how she's the corpsman's meat shield on this little excursion leaving behind her protectee makes her shake her head before moving forward to take her place with the rest of the advance team. "Laugh it up, Chuckles, when everyone gets a cold one except for you," in a quieter voice before she falls silent to listen to Carmine, a quick glimpse of a cheeky grin is seen on her face but she, also, doesn't say it. Nope. "Aye, staff, will do," she replies and eyes the terrain again, only squinting this time against the light bouncing off the rock, scuffing the edge of one boot against the dirt and watching the way the dust is carried by the wind.

Mallas pays some attention as Carmine sets things up, crowding in to get a look at the map, and then looking around to try and match that up to the terrain. Look for water. Right. He acknowledges the Staff Sergeant's orders without a great deal of enthusiasm. "Aye aye."

"Oorah, Staff." Reed looks over to Kapali and smirks "Looks like it's the two of us, Boomboom." He doesn't want for the threat of getting shot, again, but begins to move out. Up and up, he climbs, at times the dry rock and soil slides from underfoot, but up wards and onwards. As he nears the crest he holds up a clinched fist, drops down and crawls the last few feet to peer over. From there he can get a birds eye view of the valley and just over a bit is the OP. He scans the area before looking back "Clear so far," he says in a hushed voice.

The valley spreads out below, steep walls on either side, a river runs down it and there the land is lush and tree covered. Well beyond firing range but well with in any optics they have a ribbon of road winds through, crossing a bridge and continuing on down the valley.

The Op sits on a small ridge that juts out from a large and steep mountain. The valley stretches out South, with the valley walls on the west and east. The camp is roughly triangular in shape with a flattened point looking in the Southern direction. At the widest (the base) is about 28 meters. The slopes of the two sides, East and west are fairly gentle and the floor is about 49 feet below. At the point it falls a bit more steeply but still can be walked up. There is one entrance to the Op, on the eastern back side. Sandbags are atop earth and stone walls and then covered with local dirt to help conceal them. Just about mid-chest in height. A command post has been set up near the back (North) side and is dug half way into the ground with sandbags and earth over top. The command post is large enough to have 6 troops and gear sleeping with room yet to get around. There is one entrance into the CP on the west side.

Leightner nods listening to the briefing, taking it in. He's hanging back with the B team 15 minutes behind, at Lleufers side, waiting to move. Looking around the area, he nods a bit, seeming to like it on some level.

Lleufer waits for the others to hike on out ahead before his group gets going. Ynyr glances to Leightner since Fischer doesn't say much, "We won't get lost." He's the survival nut and tracker. When it's time they move out, sticking to what cover there might be just in case, and keeping an eye out for more should they run into any trouble along the way. "Don't skylight yourselves, stay below the ridgeline." The Aerilon Sergeant leads the way, rifle hanging off the front of his vest to allow him to keep his hands free when the ground gets rough. Ynyr moves quietly and pauses often to listen and look around, keeping the other team in sight as much as possible and following them.

When the river opens up below them in the valley, Lleufer smiles, "Good, water won't be an issue, even if I gotta sneak down and bring it back up myself." He takes a good look, then gets moving again so they don't fall behind.

Mallas hikes along in the first group, working up a sweat as they ascend the slope to the ridge and then traverse along it. The sight of the river in the valley floor gives Mallas a chance to check in with Carmine. "Hey Sarge," he says, hooking a thumb towards the glaringly obvious terrain feature. "Found some water."

And the climb. Now it's the climb. Every step of the way Kapali is checking out the terrain, watching the way the soil shifts, the way the rocks slide, listening to the weather and the air as it moves. A look over the valley has her pausing for only the barest of seconds but it's worth a look all the same. "Fresh water, all we have to do is control the access to it, should we need it. It'd be best to make sure that there's nothing up stream that would contaminate our water supply or see about hauling as much water up with us as we'll need for the next twenty four," she remarks, going silent and crouching when Chuckles does and only moving forward when he signals that it's clear to do so. Her first look at the command post has her studying it, again, then the terrain while considering where best to plant the mines.

Leightner moves with Lleufer, nodding. "Looks good." He says quietly, moving in a steady, even pace, keeping quiet, listening, focised on the external sounds as he covers his zone of the group. Keeping alert.

Fischer moves out with the rest of the second group, looking around rather carefully at their surroundings. Once in a while pausing to look more closely at a few things, but then moving again, with the rest of the group. The climb up the hill seems to be something not bothering him at all, as he moves, nodding a little to himself as he does.

Moving with his team, Carmine nods to Mallas. "Thank you Corporal Obvious." Still though the Corporal gets a wink. "Stay below the skyline marines and rotate Point on 100 meter intervals." Basically move up 100 meters and vocer while th rest of the squad moves up, next man in line moves up another 100 meters….repeat as needed. Carmine for his part moves with surprising stealth considering he's an old man for a marine, and that he's carrying the SAW.

Reed looks back at Carmine and nods "The ridge is about 100 meters there, we can take that down then make our way to the OP. Still don't see anything moving down there, but I only have eyes on about half the OP."

Mallas says, "Aye aye," Mallas quips back to Carmine when the Sergeant 'thanks' him. The Private moves up to take his turn on point, and while he's cautious about it, he doesn't seem overly worried about getting shot at. The sight of the OP causes him to halt for a moment to look it over, then he shrugs and trudges forward again. Hey, there's a roof. It could be worse."

"Aye aye," Mallas quips back to Carmine when the Sergeant 'thanks' him. The Private moves up to take his turn on point, and while he's cautious about it, he doesn't seem overly worried about getting shot at. The sight of the OP causes him to halt for a moment to look it over, then he shrugs and trudges forward again. Hey, there's a roof. It could be worse. (Fixes)

Reed follows Mallas, his rifle sweeping to either side as he keeps combat interval between him and the Point. Steady slow foot steps, careful to not dislodge anything that might give them away. He strains trying to see the camp when ever the twists allow it to come into view. Each time a bit more is seen. Nothing so far. He gives a glance back to Boomboom Kapali before looking forward once again.

Nodding to Reed, Carmine makes a circling motion. "We're going around the OP. I want Eyes on all angles before we stick our privates in it." as he mentions privates, Carmine jerks thumb towards Mallas with a wink. moving up behind Mallas getting ready to take his turn on point, Carmine adds. "Yeah…there's a roof Mallas…which means we can't see what's under it. when we say think positive in the field, we mean think positively that something is going to frak up your day, then learn to smile about it." placing a hand on Mallas' shoulder he slips ahead of the man to take his turn on point

Kapali simply turns slightly back toward Carmine as he speaks, listening intently both on the com and to the surrounding area before they're ready to move out again. She does so with the same caution while making good time, watching the surround and following in Mallas's wake as he leads forward.

Lleufer uses every bit of cover he can, finding points along the way to keep their distances without concealment as brief as possible. Like the team ahead of them, Ynyr is careful to give hand signals to motion people along at careful intervals, keeping a sharp eye on the valley for any signs of Cylon patrols. With the steep valley there is absolutely no talking for the sound may bounce and carry a good distance in the dry air. Lower down it won't be such a concern or if the wind whips up.

Leightner moves along quietly, looking at Lleufer, and back to covering his zone, stepping carefully, looking about witha serious attention to detail and ready to duck at a moments notice. He creeps along, listening for gunfire, evil squirrels, or marauding robots.

Mallas trades off the point with Carmine, nodding and peering at the small CP bunker within the outpost. Finally he shrugs. "You want me to go clear that now, Sarge?" A remarkably blas offer considering the structure is big enough to hide half a dozen Centurions. Maybe he just wants to get it over with a minimum of hiking, since it seems to be his fate to be sent in there first anyway.

Looking back to Mallas, Carmine grunts before he speaks softly. "No Mallas, I prefer not having to bring you home in a bodybag…I've got enough kit to carry. We;re going to circle around forst so we can see the rest of it and check for signs of tinman before we go in."

Freeing as he sees the Canner coming out of the Op Center, Carmine gives the drop command, Hugging the ground himself as he keys his radio "Activity in the OP. Second team, proceed with caution. Do not enter COP First team is going circle around and get eyes on full force."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Activity in the OP. Second team, proceed with caution. Do not enter COP First team is going circle around and get eyes on full force."

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Team 1, Team 2 copies that."

Mallas shrugs as the Staff Sergeant turns down his offer, and then falls back to take his turn at the rear of the first group. He's hiking along, wiping sweat out of his eyes, when Carmine halts and signals. It takes the Private a moment to clue in, and then the quickly takes a knee and raises his rifle. "Frak."

The Centurion that has been left at the OP comes out of the command post and makes it's way to the 'point' of the triangle. He stands there, the failing light of the valley forming a perfect silhouette. Where the light strikes the metal it shines dully.

Reed sees the hand signal from Carmine and gets to one knee, his rifle up as he does. Only when the canner moves further out in the OP does he spot it. His rifle comes up, aiming at the Centurion.

Lleufer gives the signal for his team members to take cover and sit tight while they wait and watch from their vantage point a bit further back from the first team. The Aerilon Sergeant crouches by a large boulder with brush around it. Lleu tries to see what he might but as he can't see the OP very well, he goes to keeping tabs on the river valley below and covering the first team's backside.

Kapali's response to spotting the canner is to switch from single to burst and goes to one knee, steadying her aim as she goes then lays flat out, snugging the rifle with calm hands and resting the side of the metal, which is sun warmed as well at this point, against her cheek. She waits, patiently, using a grenade would wreck the OP and gun fire will be only slightly less noisy.

Fischer comes to a stop with the rest of team two, ducking between something as well. Turning to look back in the direction they came, just in case something might sneak up on them. Once in a while glancing at the other team below too, before he looks back at their rear.

Leightner settles down as the com call comes in, within sight of Ynyr, next to a fallen log, taking a line of sight on the general direction of the Op, and waiting. He looks at the log and a bug crawling on it, that fails to be interesting enough to prevent him from looking back to his zone.

Looking back to his team, Carmine communicates solely in hand signals now. ~Reed, Kapali~ pointing at both of them ~Overwatch. Mallas~ Pointing at the private ~On me.~ With that Carmine begins moving as quietly as possible trying to get to a flanking position.

Oh, /there/ it is. Mallas spots the Centurion as it moves to the front wall of the outpost. He steals a quick look around, checking the rear of team 1. Carmine's hand signal beckons him forward, and the Private rises to scuttle ahead, moving up behind the Staff Sergeant and keeping low.

Reed nods and remains whee he is. He gives a glance to Boomboom before he rests his cheek on his GMR and steadies the sight dot on the center mass of the Centurion. His breathing is controlled and if he spots the canner moving in any way that seems threatening he will open fire.

Kapali is ready, quiet, keeping her rifle aimed at the opening of the OP and the Canner emerging. She trades a sidelong glance with Reed to whom she aims only the briefest of nods, yes she's set, she's ready.

Getting around to position, Carmine sets up and gets comfortable. watching the base for a good 5 minutes before he keys the mic on his radio, speaking quietly.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Light it up."

Mallas slides down on his belly a few meters away from Carmine, poking his rifle slowly out from behind some low brush. He sights in on the Centurion, waiting for the word before he carefully squeezes the trigger.

<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lleufer passes.
<COMBAT> Carmine fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen3 with LMG AP - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen3 with LMG AP - Moderate wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen3 with LMG AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Leightner passes.
<COMBAT> Kostas passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Opcen3 passes.
<COMBAT> Mallas fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kalum has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1.
<COMBAT> Erik passes.
<COMBAT> Kapali fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Opcen3 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Opcen3 has been KO'd!

The Centurion is riddled from the fire of the Marines and never has a chance. He topples over the sandbags and lands at the base of the Op in a heap. Once all the firing has stopped and the dust has settled the valley falls silent. Nothing else moves in the OP nor down in the Valley.

Seeing the thing Go down, Carmine heads straight for the base at a run. Stealth entry wasn't an option anymore, time for Dynamic. And why oh why hadn't he gone the Sniper's route?

Kapali watches the centurion topple over, riddled with bullets, then shifts her attention to the surrounding terrain again, watching the dust clear. "Wonder if it was in sleep mode until we got near. Wonder if there was some sort of DEW in place. Wonder if we tripped something to wake it up," all in that same low voice aimed at Chuckles. "Wonder if a thermite grenade would turn it into a slag heap of gooey metal."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "enter and clear the OP. we need this nest quick. Team 2 Move up, come careful."

Mallas sees the Centurion go down, and he turns to say something to Carmine, but the Staff Sergeant is already rising. Yeah, he knew this was the next step, but sometimes you can hope. "Frak…" The Private mutters to himself as he clambers to his feet and trots after the NCO, headed for the gap in the outer wall at the rear of the outpost.

Lleufer draws a slow breath, so much for going in quiet and now they just hope the valley is empty otherwise. It might be. Either way they are committing. Ynyr nods, speaks low into the com and then motions for his team to start moving forward. The Aerilon Sergeant sticks to the going from cover to cover but does so more quickly, careful and alert. A pause frequently to check to see that each member of Team 2 is accounted for and coming along quickly.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Team 2 copies, moving in."

Reed shrugs to Kapali before he stands and begins to make his way on down the ridge line towards the Op. He still stays the right distance behind Mallas and Carmine. Ever nearing the Op and the entrance.

Leightner moves on Ynyrs flank, moving when called, moving with the unit, time to go and go quiet, careful and quick. Mentally he's alert, and preparing to dig in. He approaches on the quickstyle.

Fischer takes a few deep breaths as he hears the instructions, moving with the rest of team two. Keeping quiet as he does, every now and then looking behind them still.

Somewhere far far above where the Marines are fighting, a Raptor flashes into existance into a low orbit above the Picon, and begins its descent — dropping like a stone. Petty Officer Kalum is strapped into the back of the Raptor, fully kitted out for a HALO jump, which means the Pararescue Jumper is carrying a lot of gear. His helmet is already on, unlike usual, because it is hard to get it back on with all this gear. Dangling from his helmet is his oxygen mask, which he has left open for the moment. "Ensign Kostas…" The PJ says quietly. "How often have you jumped out of a perfectly good Raptor at night?"

Kapali moves in sync with Reed, rising to move toward the OP, rifle held ready and listening as much for the tell tale sound of mechanical limbs moving or twitching, the distinctive sound of something dropping through atmosphere has her wanting to glance upward but she doesn't. She does, however, use the toe of one boot to kick the canner, hard enough to see it's metal get scuffed up by the boot. That earns a smile, tensing to do it again only now isn't the time to kick the can.

Well, it's one way to preserve secrecy, not travelling overland as much by air or road. The briefing concluded, Kostas is equipped as well, her face a bit on the grim side, as she eyes that door. "Well, Kalum," is her pithy reply. "I guess there a first time for everything." She checks to make sure everything's secure. "So, am I gonna feel like I'm gonna puke or what?" Though the drop doesn't bug her yet, she's used to going in fast and hard. THough generally jumping out from maybe like 4 or 5 feet or roping.

SAW to his shoulder, Carmine moves in to sweep the buildings. clearing with his team quickly, he nods as he relaxes only slightly. "Ok…Base clear. Corporal Kapali. Build me a kill zone out there. mallas. you're on guard duty while I build a gunners nest."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "OP is clear."

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Roger that. One kill zone coming up."

Mallas double times it across the open ground to plant his shoulder against the sandbag and earth wall, opposite the entrance from Carmine. Breathing hard from the run with full pack, the Private looks to Carmine for the nod, ready to move in. And he wordlessly follows the Staff Sergeant inside the outpost, clearing the structure quickly and quietly. He may be a Nineteen year old Private, but clearing a building is obviously not a new experience after Picon. He even seems vaguely disappointed when there's no more Centurions inside. Carmine's orders get a quick nod and Mallas heads for the front of the OP, keeping watch from a spot near where the now-dead Centurion was just standing.

Leightner looks upward as he moves, the Atmospheric disturbance, making him look up, well knowing what could come raining down on them, but he's moving in with B to claim the base.

As Kapali moves out to set her kill zones Reed goes along to provide her security. He watches her but constantly is scanning the area around them. "Lets not linger out here to long, Kapali. Night is falling and I don't really want to be stuck out here."

The Op sits on a small ridge that juts out from a large and steep mountain. The valley stretches out South, with the valley walls on the west and east. The camp is roughly triangular in shape with a flattened point looking in the Southern direction. At the widest (the base) is about 28 meters. The slopes of the two sides, East and west are fairly gentle and the floor is about 49 feet below. At the point it falls a bit more steeply but still can be walked up. There is one entrance to the Op, on the eastern back side. Sandbags are atop earth and stone walls and then covered with local dirt to help conceal them. Just about mid-chest in height. A command post has been set up near the back (North) side and is dug half way into the ground with sandbags and earth over top. The command post is large enough to have 6 troops and gear sleeping with room yet to get around. There is one entrance into the CP on the west side.'

Kapali straightens, indulges in another kick to the deactivated canner and takes the time to do a slow recon around the OP itself, studying the terrain yet again while doing so. The rifle is held ready every step of the way, but she's not looking chiefly for things to shoot at but looking for the best angles to shoot AT them from. She taps the fingertips of her right hand against her rifle as she moves, kicking lose another rock or two as she does so and watching how the soil shifts, studying erosion as well around the OP before she speaks into the com again.

"There is indeed, Sir." The Petty Officer states calmly, his lips pressed into a grim line here. His countenance is worried. A HALO jump isn't easy buisness. "From where we're jumping there will be very little atmosphere, and we'll have the Raptor hover so we can jump at the same time." He says in a deep voice. "I'm going to hold onto your shoulder strap, and make sure we stay together on the fall. When I open my chute? You open yours, and do your best to follow me in. Bend your knees when you land you'll break your leg. Don't stick your tongue between your teeth or you'll bite it off. Don't vomit in your oxygen mask, or you'll choke to death before we hit the ground. Long story short? Stay calm, stay relaxed, and drop like a stone. I'll get you there." Meanwhile, the Raptor continues to plummet like a stone, but soon the RCS thrusters begin firing to slow the craft so that it can hover.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Staff, ideally hat I'd do is rig the mines to trigger a rock slide as well. No sense putting a perfectly good explosion to waste. The projectiles will fan out and impact the targets and trigger a rock slide that'll make the footing even more dangerous to the canners still trying to get up to us. IT'll make the side of this little vacation villa unstable, however."

Lleufer looks up at the thunder of FTL and the descending air craft. He lifts a brow because they humped it in precisely to avoid that, but OK. Roll with the ever changing plan, got it. Adaptable. He waits for his team mates to pass him by, then leaves the position of his cover and takes his own turn to move up. Once he sees that Team 1 is in, Lleu pauses to wave his own team to come on in, "Hoof it! Come on in!"

Leightner jumps up at Lleufers call and rund, legging it to the Op site, oorah! He's running toward the base to take it, approaching the battlesite, running to where the gunfire came from, yay. P90 ready, but down.

Lleufer waits for his team mates to pass him by, then leaves the position of his cover and takes his own turn to move up. Once he sees that Team 1 is in, Lleu pauses to wave his own team to come on in, "Hoof it! Come on in!" Only not many are going to fit in there so Ynyr finds a good position to take up as a sniper and keep watch behind cover while the others sort things out. (repose)

Going about steeing up his LMG on the high side of the base, Carmine pauses listening to his radio before he keys his mic. that done, he goes back to digging in and concealing.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "You're the explosives expert Corporal. do what you think is best, but bringing the base down on our heads would be…bad I'm thinking…any way to stabilize the walls? or shape the blast downwards?"

Kostas listens carefully, and then gives the thumbs up. "Had a little training on a normal jump," she assures him. "And I've…well, let's just say I ain't a stranger to droppin' from high places while needing to run like hell afterwards. But yeah. No puking, no biting shit off you might need later." She flashes a grin. "Time t' test our theory 'bout crosstrainin', eh?" SHe follows his lead. There's nervousness in her eyes, but she's breathing deep, and trying hard to relax.

Leightner takes in, moving to look around, and going to the canner, and kneeling, looking it over, which looks odd, given he's a medic, is he going to first aid it? He turns it over, and smiles, "Head. Completely missed.' He pushes it over to its back, and takes a picture of it. "Like ta get tha head off, be a nice Intel piece."

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Yes and yes," is confirmed, though Staff can't see her nodding she does it anyway. "And no, i won't be destabilizing the base fo the structure, just the forward slope."

Pausing for a few moments as he hears Lleufer's instructions, Fischer moves forward as well, not quite running, but still moving rather fast now. Still glancing back once in a while, as he shakes his head before he reaches the location. Not even bothering to look at the Cylon, he finds himself a place a little off to the side where he can watch from now.

The Raptor continues to slow, and soon all of the momentum has stopped. "We're right over the drop site," the Raptor Pilot states calmly, and the ECO moves to open the hatch. Slowly, the hatch yawns open revealing a pitch black world on the otherside. The ECO moves then to help Kalum and Kostas to their feet, and the Petty Officer steps out onto the stubby wing — leaving a hand holding onto the hatch. "Damn crosstraining right now Ensign. Last chance to turn back…" He says quietly to the Ensign, before reaching up to fasten his air-mask on, fully expecting her not to turn back.

With that discussed, and as Team 2 now has all the gear on it's way up the hill, Kapali flips to safety and slings the rifle around to move it out of her way she pulls a pair of gloves out of one of her many pockets and tosses a chem light at Reed in the process. "So you don't get lost in the dark." She has one clipped to her vest already, as the light is fading, and moves even further away from the Op, kicking at the rock as she goes, pausing to use both hands to dig at the rock and soil in different places. She paces about half way down the hill at the furthest point to get the best look AT the side fo the slope before she finally decides where to place the charges. Then, well, then she sets to work, extracting a folding shovel from her kit she moves enough soil and rock out of the way to clear the first spot for the first mine then paces away a specific amount, marking the path between the mines to be the most strewn with boulders AND the steepest possible incline and therefore the most difficult point of attack - uphill, both ways, in the dark, right? - prepping to set the second mine slightly further up but still aiming the blast radius at the approach vector.

"Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?" Kostas tells Kalum, bravado helping with the nerves. She attaches her air-mask as he attaches his, giving him a hand signal for "ready".

Reed catches the chem light and snaps it so it glows green and fixes it on his combat vest. He waits patiently as she goes about her work, careful to not get on the side of the claymores that read 'This side to enemy'. "So, you putting one on one side and one on the other?" He asks as he looks back and up at where the OP juts out.

having set up His SAW along one side if the triangular Base, Carmine looks down at Lleufer and grins. "Welcome to it Sergeant! We need an observation post down at he pointy end and see to positioning some of the rifles along the far wall would you? I want firing positions set up ASAP."

Kalum smiles. A gesture unseen now with his air-mask on, and then reaches up to pull down his visor. The night vision goggles are lowered a moment later, and the PO motions for the Ensign to do so as well. Once that's done, he steps over, and has one last look at her equipment. Seeing nothing obviously wrong, he grabs her shoulder straps, and step by step pulls her to the edge with him. At the edge, he holds up his hand and three fingers. Three. Two. One. No turning back. The PJ grabs her shoulder straps, and pulls.

…And the pair drop off into inky darkness, falling into the nothing below.

<FS3> Reed rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Leightner rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Don't actually give a Rat's ass about the slope Corporal…if you turn that thing into a cliff I'll put in for your promotion myself."

<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kalum rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Kostas has had many oh shit moments in her life up until this point, though nothing is going to compare to this. Somehow, she managed to not hurl or crap her pants as they hurtle towards their target of where the trucks had been left by the team, the hope being that this way, with no raptor coming in low to track, and smaller targets some distance away from the outpost in already disturbed area the secrecy is preserved. As tempting as it is to close her eyes at that point, she doesn't, her eyes keen on the PJ that's guiding her.

"All right, get right on that." Ynyr says to Carmine. He gestures to Fischer and looks around to see who else is a good shot who's not already busy with tasks. Hmmm… looks like most of them are already tasked with jobs so he cants his head at Leightner, "Until you are needed, come along with us. They can swap you out when another rifleman like Mallas is free of his current job." Whatever it is Mallas is doing. Ynyr goes on up to the point Carmine indicated and stays low behind the sandbags.

Leightner blinks, as he pulls his camera and focuses the telescopic lens "Contact. Got two APCs, three trucks of Centurions Bout thirty total amongst three trucks, Mobile SAM launcher, On tha road, headin fer tha frint lines o resistance." whirwhir goes the camera. He leans up a bit from a sandbag.

"Yep," Kapali confirms as she works, pacing both mines now and first clearing the area around the circumference then concealing the mines with the next step. "I'm all in favor of using the terrain to our advantage," she explains,t though this is paired with a grin. " Rule 23 - Make use of the terrain when at all possible - everything is a weapon, even the weather." She narrows her eyes as she looks down the valley slopes and notes the movement in the darkness. Then, well, then she moves faster.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "If I'd known that, Staff, I'd have rigged these to take down the side of the hill and buried this edge of the valley in a fresh avalanche."

Hearing Leightner, Carmine calls out. "Mallas! you hear that? Get on the radio and relay that to the front!" Moving to set up one fo the tridents near his Machine gunner's post, Carmine instructs Erik (Who will hopefully be here tomorrow) to do the same and keep them covered so they won't shine.

Kalum falls on his back at first, his body pressed against Kostas as they drop, but then slowly reaches up to grab another point on her shoulder strap so that he can roll off of her. They free-fall in the open air for a long time, and the PJ uses his hand and his body to guide the pairs descent — pushing them left or right to try and make sure they're going to hit their drop zone. They fall and fall and fall, and the wind grows louder and louder with each passing moment. Soon, the ground rushes up to meet them, and Kalum starts squeezing Kostas shoulder. A signal the pull the chord on her chute, and just in time because they seem dangerously close to the ground.

Reed drops and looks at Kapali "Down," he hisses "Doubt they are looking our way but who knows," he tells her as he rests on one knee, his rifle up "APCs, trucks and a mobile Sam."

Leightner lowers the camera, turning as one hand dips into a pocket and he says, "Carmine!" Then he tosses the man a small set of field glasses, smaller binoculars. "233 heading." He says quietly, and goes back to using the camera to clarify the Cylons on the road.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Let's not go overboard Corporal. And does anyone know when Kostas is coming up?""

Lleufer stays low against the sand bags. Too far away to do anything about it but he digs out his field glasses to watch what he can, keeping the black nylon lens covers in place against throwing reflected light from their position.

At the signal, Kostas pulls her cute, ignoring the lurch in her stomach at yet another shift in motion occurs. Though her landing isn't the prettiest of ones - she rolls onto her feet but then needs to take a fall on her ass - it does get the job done. THen it's a race to get the chutes and other equipment needed for the jump but not for the rest of the mission peeled off and into the trucks. Even before that's done, with guidance from Kalum, she activates her com device to signal the team.

Fischer looks out as he sees movement, but as the others have reported what's out there far more accurately, he decides to remain where he is. Muttering something to himself, he looks between the others, as they keep on watching the road now.

[Into the Wireless] Kostas says, "Dog Actual to Overwatch. En route to your location, two in number, just reached vehicle site. Anything to advise? Over."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Advise getting to frakking cover Dog actual. Half battallion moving towards your location. APC's SAM's and troops. Over."

Kapali is wise enough to drop to the rocks behind the mine she's just placed, behind and therefore NOT IN FRONT of the 'point toward enemy' nifty push here stupid instructions. She brings her rifle up, though this time it's more along the lines of sighting toward the enemy, not that a shot from this rifle will make the shot down into the valley and do any good.

Petty Officer Kalum is quickly pulling off his gear, and stuffing his chute haphazardly pack into his pack. Once that is done, it is thrown into the back of a truck. His rifle is slung off his back, he checks his medical bag is held high and tight to his body, and he checks that he didn't lose his pistol on the way down. The last thing to go onto his head is helmet, and he straps that on tight. "Did I hear that right? We've got a half a battallion moving this way?" The Petty Officer asks, closing a truck door, and moving back over towards Kostas.

Getting a proper count with Leightner's glasses, h tosses them back to the Corpsman with a nod. digging into his own kit for a monocular range finder he tucks it into a pocket. then moves towards Lleufer. "Sergeant. Pick 2 men. have them in mind. if I give the order, I want you to take those men and go retrieve our CO and the PJ…Carry on as ordered for now."

"Aye. Let's get a move on," is Kostas' response as she too gets her gear prepped. She pauses at the rumble of vehicles can be heard in the distance, though luckily for them they don't seem to be headed for where the vehicles have been stashed, perhaps heading towards the Resistance lines proper. "Let's find cover, and then head out as cautiously as we can. We'll radio again when we closer, but we can't give away th' location."

Leightner catches the returning glasses, putting the camera away smoothly and looking down at the Cylons, listening to the Comms, settling in on a position on the wall, waiting calmly to see how this plays. The glasses are used to search for anything else that might be out there. never know.

The Petty Officer nods his head, and then reaches down to pick up his compass. He gets his bearings, and begins to move off towards where the Marines are hidden — staying a constant crouch as he moves. He doesn't need any further goading to get moving. He tries to stay hidden behind scrub brushes and rock, and slips along quietly towards the battle.

As soon as Reed sees the vehicles heading onwards he breaths a sigh of relief. "Clear, Kapali. Go ahead and do you thing," he says standing.

There is a reply back on the short burst radio thanking for the quick observation and the forces will be taken care of by the resistance. It isn't to long and down at the far end of the valley there are a series of explosions that flash in the darkening skies. To far off to really see what is happening, one side or the other caught hell.

Ynyr turns his head to look back to the Staff Sergeant and with a quick glance around, Lleu says without hesitation, "Cassidy and Leightner." If Carmine's going to let him choose, Ynyr picks two he knows are worth their salt. He waits, turning his attention back to the others. Kapali's still down there setting up the explosives so he keeps an eye on the valley. Not just the Centurions moving out into the distance with the SAMS but skimming carefully for other details closer to their location.

Mallas has been on watch at the apex of the outpost, but without glasses or a telescopic sight he can only squint towards the road as others are discussing what's moving there. Carmine's orders reach Mallas and he pauses, then grumbles to himself and starts to unpack the directional wireless he's been carrying and set up the dish. "Who am I and who'm calling, Sarge?" he asks the Staff Sergeant. Apparently he was not paying much attention during the comms briefing. Once that is sorted he makes the report, then shuts off the radio again, leaving it set up and ready now.

"Both mines are in place," Kapali says as she picks herself up off of the ground, shakes some of the dirt off of herself but finishes concealing the mines. "Alright, what other traps can we set," she scans the terrain again, eyeing the OP from here and the sides of approach.

Kostas continues to move, with Kalum, cautiously towards the location of the base—on the lookout for spare canners, and they're making the journey as quickly as they can while being extremely cautious to not be spotted, steadily making their way to reunite with the rest of the team.

Reed just nods to Kapali "Lets get back to the OP and see what Staff suggests and wait for the Ensign to show up, shall we?"

Kapali dusts her hands together, nods, and starts to hike uphill again, around the mines this time and ever upward.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Staff, the mines are in place."

The green chem light that is attached to Reed swings as he makes his way up the slope to the Op. When he and Kapali near he calls out "Friendlies," and swings the green light a bit "entering the OP."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Gold star Corporal. Dog Actual, Extraction team is set, radio if you require assistance."

Slowly, but surely, the PJ weaves his way through the night, and traverses the hill — working to stay out of site of any canners that might be poking around. Ever so often he pauses, takes a knee, and listen to the world around him. Sometimes, he even puts hand on the ground to feel for vibrations. Then he's back on his feet, and moving again towards the hill base.

Pausing for a few moments as he looks around, before Fischer takes another deep breath, and glances out again. A brief pause as he hears Reed calling out, and he shakes his head, nodding a bit before he goes back to looking around again now.

Kostas and Kalum seem to make their way to near the base without incident, finding a trail after topping the hill and slowly making their way along the other side of the hill and then around a corner. Once they can see the OP, her voice comes in over the radio.

[Into the Wireless] Kostas says, "Overwatch, Dog Actual. We are to the east of your location, can see the entrance. Ready for approach?"

Kapali takes her first look around the walls of this OP and ducks her head in a nod at Carmine, "Thanks," before adding: "There has to be more ways to rig surprises for them to trip over."

Mallas is on watch as Reed and Kapali come in, grinning in the fading light as he helps them over the wall. "That canner good and dead?" he asks the pair. "Wonder how long before his buddies miss him."

Reed turns when he hears the coms from Kostas and pauses at the entrance. He brings his rifle up, just to use the scope and does spot the shape of two figures. He chuckles to Mallas and nods "Just how we like them, full of holes." he jerks his head to indicate behind him The Ensign and someone else is heading in too. To Kapali he nods "Might be best to wait to early morning so we can see what it is we are doing." He then keys his coms unit.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Come on in, Sir. All clear."

The word comes over the radio for them to come in, and the Petty Officer is up and moving. He's still in a tactical crouch as he runs over the last distance towards the OP. Soon, the PJ is up close and personal with the rest of the Marines as he comes into the base with Kostas, and then moves to take cover while assessing the situation.

Kostas's gaze sweeps the area as she and Kalum move across the road and dart towards the OP. She's close on Kalum's heels, and likewise, even after getting into the base doesn't relax, but instead takes careful stock. "Status?" she'll rasp quietly, when given the chance, though her dark eyes do reflect no little pride in how things have been set up that she can see.

Leightner keeps his watch out behind a sandbag, field glasses to hand, looking here and there. yeah they're back, sure, there's night to watch.

Slipping back from his gunner's nest as the pair enter, Carmine approaches, Refraining from salute in the field, he speaks softly. "Defenses are in progress Sir. Everyone accounted for. one enemy casualty. Orders?" Pausing to roll a quid of tobacco in his jaw, he waits for commands from on high.

"Observation, Staff Sergeant," Kostas replies, "No order change as of yet. No firing unless 't a direct threat to our location, though if one's been killed, possible they gonna guess where we are. For now, observe an' hold, just as you been."

Nodding quietly, Carmine speaks. "You want the riflemen left on alert? or stand them down for now Sir? We don't have a long enough compliment for full alert for the next 24 hours."

Reed turns, stands back just a bit as Kostas and Kalum enter the Op. He dips his head to both but says nothing at first as Carmine and Kostas speak. At last he says "Glad you have you," then he pauses "Un, there were two trucks at the Resistance camp, how did you get here," recalling that the same two trucks are still where they were dropped off.

Leightner smirks slightly, knowing exactly how they got here, but keeps lookout in the deepening gloom. Centurions at night. That's creepy. That single red eye sliding back and forth, shining out as they approach. Cure for constipation in the night.

Kalum rolls around onto his back to look at Reed, and a shit-eating smile passes over the PJ's lips. "Magic, Corporal… Magic…" He says quietly, and then holds his hand up high. "Like Icarus we made wings of wax, and fell from on high to join you down here… Mostly because the Orion is just too damn boring…"

"Sir, I've placed mines along the steepest part of the approach. It would help if we were to make the other avenues even more challenging," Kapali chimes in from where she's standing in their OP Villa on the hill. Wine and bread to be served later.

There is enough light to see and Reed does see the dirt all over Kostas' rear "And a rough landing I see too," he says to Kalum and grins. In the mean time "Sir, Sargent," where you want me and Boomboom here to be?"

Fischer shakes his head as he listens, while still looking out there. "Boring is good," he remarks to Kalum, shrugging a little bit now. Wait, did he actually speak?

Kostas shakes her head slightly. "Couldn't risk an overland flight," she explains gruffly. "So uh…we went up - an' then down." There's a hint of a smile. "And hell, I managed t' not need my spare pair of underwear after all." She nods to the Engineer's report. "We got any explosives left, t' do improvised? Or you got a proposal, Corporal?" She looks thoughtful. "If th' nest is set up, and we got the corners covered, then be flexible for now. I'd like everyone on their guard, in shifts. Leightner, Kalum, y'all should have folks ready t' take your firing positions at a moment's notice if we need t' free ya for med."

Lleufer crouches against the sand bag wall and as he hears the others dimly speaking behind the point, he ever so softly sings a few lines of an old song to himself with a name and a few words changed around to better suit their situation. Ynyr keeps his baritone very low though so not to carry.

And come tell me Private Mallas tell me why you hurry so
'I come in haste and listen' and his cheeks were all a glow
I bare orders from the captain get you ready quick and soon
For the rifles must be together by the rising of the moon.."

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Singing: Success.

Turning to look at Kapali, Carmine smiles an evil smile. shucking his pack, he opens it up and begins digging inside Coming out with a 1 pound brisk of C-4 and a tin case of 5 remote pencil detonators. Handing them to Kapali, he grunts. "Use this Sparingly Corporal…I had to do terrible…TERRIBLE things that will haunt me for the rest of my days to get it. Now remember who your favorite Staff Sergeant is and go make me something deadly for Christmas." With that he waits for Kostas' order on the riflemen. Hearing it, he nods. "Kalum Take a rotating shift with Leightner, I'll relieve the sergeant, Reed, you are stood down for now. as are you Kapali once you get the toys built. This work for you Sir?"

<FS3> Leightner rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Mallas is just sitting around, peering over the barricade and looking out into the darkness. It's what the grunts are doing while everyone else talks tactics and stuff. His head titls when he hears someone signging quietly, and when his own name is included in the lyrics, the Private rounds on Lluefer with a smirk. "Damn Sarge, I'm not dead yet." Apparently that would be the only cause for your name to be in a song, for Mallas.

"What I want to do is blow up the other avenues of approach," Kapali admits. "Not that I want to destroy our way out of here. But going down over rock is easier than coming up over it. IF we destroy all but one avenue of approach then the cylons will have no other way to get to us. Now. I've mined the steepest avenue of approach, if we leave that one intact and destroy the other possible avenues then they'll have to come up that way. Funnel them in our direction means we can concentrate our fire without having to split up to cover every possible avenue of approach." She taps one hand against the rifle she's carrying and says, "Yeah. We have about twenty feet of det cord. But the placement of is going to really make all the difference in the world."

Leightner scoops up his glasses, clicking on Com.

[Into the Wireless] Leightner says, "Contact two bulletheads, bearing 288"

Kapali turns then and catches what Carmine is saying and then accepts the 1 pound brick and the tin case, a sudden grin forming on her face. "Det cord along with this, yeah. Now we're talking."

The faint singing stops and Ynyr looks carefully into the night, lifting his field glasses to get a better view. Whatever it is, he and Leightner are not looking the same direction. The Aerilon Sergeant doesn't continue his faint song, he studies something off to the west, then hears Leightner's voice over the coms. Ynyr flips his on as well.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Two canners approaching from the west. Coming directly on, (distance estimate follows)."

When Kalum is ordered to replace Leightner, he nods his head, and quickly figures out where the other man is. Soon, the PJ is back on his feet again, and moving down to where the other Corpman is. He slips through the rocks and the scrub, and stays low — having heard there are Centurions approaching the OP. No reason to get your ass shot off on accident.

As the canners he and Leightner both see coming are already within rifle range, Lleufer shifts his and starts lining up his shot but isn't firing yet - there was an order to hold fire so he waits.

Nodding "Works for me, Sarg," his words are stopped as he hears the call. He moves to the west wall, sighting through his scope "Where, I don't see them," he says softly.

[Into the Wireless] Kostas goes on alert at the call-ins by Leightner and Ynyr. "Hold fire unless by your discretion it looks like they are unavoidably approaching the OP," Kostas says quietly. "If they draw too close to your position, permission granted."

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Oh, they are definitely coming our way. Gett'n close, Ensign. We free to fire?"

Turning to move towards the wall, Carmine drops and bear crawls across the compound headed for his gunner's nest.

[Into the Wireless] Kostas says, "Aye."

Leightner is not going to clutter the line with chitchat, Lleufer's got the picture and so does Kostas now. It's not Aphrodities Witnesses out there coming to talk about their cult.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Fischer shakes his head as he listens, ducking down a little behind his cover now. Waiting to take a shot for now, it would seem.

When Kalum closes in on Lleufer and Leightner, the Petty Officer drops onto his belly, and crawls over towards them. "Coming in," the PJ whispers, and then slides in next to Leightner. He doesn't have time to get into position to fire, and stays down for the moment.

Mallas turns to look at Leightner and Lleufer as the two report sighting Centurions, checking the direction they're looking to figure out where the are coming from. His rifle comes up to poke over the wall and Mallas settles over it, trying to get sights on the target. The crackle of orders over his headset has the Rifleman fidgeting impatiently on the trigger. And as soon as he hears it, Mallas flicks the trigger and cuts loose on full automatic.

<COMBAT> Reed passes.
<COMBAT> Lleufer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap - COVER stops the attack.
<COMBAT> Kalum passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Opcen1 attacks Fischer with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Leightner fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kostas passes.
<COMBAT> Carmine passes.
<COMBAT> Mallas fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Erik passes.
<COMBAT> Opcen2 attacks Mallas with LMG Tripod and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Opcen2 has been KO'd!

Diving for his LMG, Carmine grin as he racks the bolt, swings the weapon into line with the remaining Centurion and fires a controled burst at the thing.

Ynyr needs no more encouragement than that. He doesn't spare a glance for Kalum though he knows the man's voice and would otherwise offer a nod or word for greeting the PJ. No, Lleufer's eyes are intent not to loose track of the two canners moving through the trees in the darkness. They can be heard faintly, so there's decided no stealth to be invited with canners trying to sneak up unless everyone was sleeping. He fires his rifle in a burst and seeing the one he was aiming for going down under their hail of bullets, adjusts his aim for the other, "Keep watch incase there are more - these could be a diversion!"

Now in position and comfortable, Kalum rolls up into position, and looks down his scope at the advancing Centurions. He sees that the Centurion has taken a lot of damage, and shifts his aim to the robots head — attempting to blow its CPU out the backside. He breaths out slowly, takes aim, and when the time comes pulls the trigger once.

Having a good idea where the canner is but not in his sights, Reed chooses to suppress the Centurion but firing a burst in the direction that everyone is firing at. He has his rifle set on the dirt covered sandbags "Now some one kill that toaster, please."

Mallas rakes the area where the two Centurions have taken cover, apparently clueless about the incoming fire that starts hitting the outpost wall nearby him. He sees one Centurion drop out of sight, so he shifts his aim to the remaining one, thumbing the selector switch on his rifle back to burst before he shoots again.

As the first shots ring out, Silvia is moving to find a vantage point from which to fire within the base. Once she's got it, she too will bring her rifle to bear and unleash a short burst of bullets at the canner remaining.

Blinking a it as there's shots coming his way, Fischer ducks down a bit more, before readying his rifle and popping up again to shoot now. Grimacing a little now.

<COMBAT> Lleufer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reed suppresses Opcen1 with Rifle Ap. <unsuccessful>
<COMBAT> Mallas fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Leightner fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Leightner attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kostas fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen1 with LMG Tripod - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen1 with LMG Tripod - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Opcen1 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kapali passes.
<COMBAT> Kalum attacks Opcen1 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Opcen1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Erik passes.
<COMBAT> Opcen1 attacks Kalum with LMG Tripod and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Opcen1 has been KO'd!

The canner goes down in a heap of spurting fluids and metal hide that is now full of holes. There can't be much left at all from the hits it took.

Leightner fires sending the centurion to its doom in a blaze of gunfire from everywhere, and looks for anything else, falling silent, looking into the night, breathing silently, no wounded, so he's just listening.

Grunting in satisfaction as the canner dies a horrible death, Carmine calls out softly. "Anyone bring a flare gun? we need early warning in those trees."

Lleufer fires again, his rifle ripping out a burst from his location behind the sandbags and boulders. The Sergeant spares a glance to the man next to him, "Kalum." after he sees the second canner has gone down. Then Lleu's shifting position to look around for any more trying to move in on them. Let somebody else report that those two are down.

Kalum sits back down, and glances over to Carmine. "Flare gun would only give us away even worse then all the gun fire. At least some of the muzzle flashes will be hidden by the rocks and trees nearby. No help for the noise." The Petty Officer says with a shrug, and then slides down behind the rock wall again. "Lleufer…" He says quietly to the MP, and waits for whatever comes next. "Either route, those Centurions will be missed soon. I am sure there is a computer with a light blinking that said Canner#1 and Canner#2 are missing."

Mallas joins in on the riddling of the second Centurion, keeping his weapon pointed towards the location for a moment after the firing stop. He waits, but apparently the first Canner is down too, as it never re-appears. Mallas snorts dismissively and mutters under his breath. "May Ares eat your metal souls and shit them out in the morning." Now that the excitement is over, Mallas settles back down and checks his clip, swapping it out for a fully loaded one.

Reed looks up, nods as the canner lies in a pile of shot to hell metal. When Carmine asks his question he nods "I got one, with 5 flares, Sargent. I am betting that Kapali might be able to rig something up with it." He listens to Kalum and nods "There is that too, kind of warn all in the valley we are here. But then they probably already know somthing is up.

Nodding slightly, Carmine replies quietly. "Was thinking more area denial. Set a flare gun on a trip wire. they come that way again and we burn the woods down around them. Pretty sure they know we're here now."

Kostas glances at Carmine. "Get th' watches worked out, Sergeant," she tells him. "Corporal, if you'd like, I can help a bit with th' improv. Learned a little with EOD, more back at home sweet home." She flashes a grin.

Kapali grins at Kostas and nods, "Glad for the help," she says and offers back the explosive supplies she has. "Plus I have twenty feet of det cord, a spool of wire, and of course a tin of strike anywhere matches. Never know."

As the action has died down, and he was told to stand down, Reed reloads his weapon and moves towards the Bunker to sleep.

Night falls and the camp settles in.

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