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This page contains the master list of news files related to Battlestar Orion's policies and skill system.

Policies and Staff

Guides and FAQs

General Interest

Title Description
Frequently Asked Questions Your first stop for any MUSH-related inquiries, IC or OOC. If you'd like a question to be included, please +mail us in game!
Character Generation FAQ A detailed step-by-step guide to character creation.
A Guide to Events A quick and dirty guide to participating in our MUSH's events. Covers RSVPing, etiquette, and +combat code.
Military Jargon "Fun meter pegged, Bob?" "Yeah. Some FNG didn't hear the RTB order. SAR was a complete Charlie Foxtrot." "Just go easy on him. He's the CAG's darling." "Frakking nuggets." — Need a translation? This page is for you.
BSG Lingo A fairly comprehensive list of terms in the BSG universe, compiled by the folks at Battlestar Wiki.
Proper Formats For those who want to go deep with properly formatting briefings and radio communications, this page is for you (and not required).


Title Description
Air Wing FAQ A list of guides for Viper jocks and Raptor folk.
Colonial Marine Corps FAQ A guide for those who speak softly but carry big guns.
Deck Crew FAQ A list of guides for the knuckledraggers in the orange uniforms.

The FS3 System

Our MUSH implements the FS3 system of skills and combat developed by Linda Naughton (a.k.a. Faraday).

The Basics

The Mechanics

Standard Bonuses

There are occasional bonuses offered to players in +combat that will add extra dice to each turn. This is done via the '+combat/mod' command. Players should always check with staff to ensure these bonuses apply before applying them in combat, though this command can only be used by the +combat organizer. Some staffers may not be focused on these areas, though, and may not add them.

  • Air Combat Tactics: Players who have spent time developing Viper combat tactics and attempt to use them in +combat (perhaps creatively through stances and attack patterns!) through a variety of ways will receive bonuses in +combat. Players correctly using Section Tactics (with wingmen only) will receive a +1 to the following combat round. If players develop functional air combat tactics not listed on the page (original ideas) and get them approved by +req, these maneuvers (again, requiring wingmen support) will add a +2 if used correctly in combat. Dropkick Only
  • JTACs: Joint Terminal Attack Controllers are specially designated Marine WIRELO operators who have had extensive training in working with both artillery and aircraft when it comes to directing them in support of ground operations. These individuals are identifiable on their wikipages as members of ANGLICO or SALT teams. Any pilot or ECO who is working with a JTAC over the radio will receive a +2 to all Gunnery and Piloting rolls when supporting ground operations.

A Player's Miscellany

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