AWD #254: Only A Training Exercise
Only A Training Exercise
Summary: A group of Orion's marines are put through their paces in a training exercise. All does not go entirely according to plan.
Date: 17/Sep/2013
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Amos Brina Lleufer Fischer 
Killhouse - Piraeus
The Killhouse is a training facility located adjacent to the firing range that only allows the use of specific paint, rubber, or frangible rounds. The four exterior walls of the tall single-story structure are made from cinderblock and concrete, but the interior is a combination of sand-filled wallboard mounted on rollers with sandbags to hold them in place. The interior is entirely customizable for whatever the instructors or Marines need. Overhead is a series of catwalks for instructors and others to observe and critique what is happening down below.
AWD #254

It's afternoon on the surface; long enough after lunch that it should have settled, but still leaving plenty of time for some fun and games before dinner. Outside the so called 'killhouse' in the marine encampment is a weapons rack, and on it, a small selection of firearms of the paintball variety. There's also associated facemasks and gloves, along with suitable ammo clips and pouches. Stood nearby and chatting with what appears to be a marine from the 1st Batallion is Captain Ommanney, although as word comes through that the fire team from Orion has arrived they finish their converation quickly and the other marine heads into the building.

Brie comes in on time, dressed in the proper attire. Or at least she thinks she is in the proper uniform. Her hair is still damp from the shower she took earlier as it had been drawn up into a loose bun while it was still wet. "Hey, sir! Gang!" Leave it to the lance to be chipper even while facing training.

Lleufer arrives walking from the shuttle drop with a couple of other male Marines. They seem to be giving him a hard time about his ass whupp'n he took from a Crewman in a spar the day before, "Yeah, laugh it up. He's a Tauran, don't forget. Probably was a professional prize pit fighter or someth'n. Anyway, he jacked my arm. You just try me in a few weeks on the mats yourself and see who's laughing." Not entirely sure what's going on he's come directly from his duty shift in his Marine fatigues and MP accessories. Lleu seems to be in a good mood, pale eyes going to check out who else is gathered already and giving them a nod.

Amos eyes the assembled marines for a moment, then clasps his hands together behind his back. "Right then. First off, any leathal firearm you have on you, please now swop it for it's none-lethal equivalent. If you didn't bring your sidearm with you, please assume you did and take one anyway." To Fischer, "Corporal, kindly assume that you've been guarding one of the ship's strategic locations and equip yourself appropriately." Gesturing towards the rack he steps back a pace to indicate that they should go ahead, adding as he does so, "masks and gloves are compulsory I'm afraid, although they should have been treated with de-misting spray so it shouldn't be too bad. One you go inside though you will not be allowed to take them off, so do make sure they fit now, while adjustments can still be made."

Stepping in with the others, Fischer is keeping quiet for now. No smiles or anything from him, before he nods as he hears the instructions, moving to get hold of the equipment. "Will do, sir," he offers, as he works on making sure the mask is fitting perfectly. Looking between the others for the moment.

Most of the gear has to be adjusted for Brina but after finding a set that is the smallest and then tugging on the varous straps till they fit. The mask thankfully seals once it's on which means Brina will be happy no matter what the outcome might be. Lleufer's right shoulder is tapped and he's given a thumb's up by her, that then given to Amos in lieu of a 'yes, sir', that being what she forgot to say. A weapon is obtained and holstered, kept close to hand.

OK, down to business right off. Ynyr stands at his ease but pays attention, hands clasped lightly behind his back. As he just came off duty himself he is armed. He looks where indicated and then Lleu goes on over with some of the others to swap out his sidearm, removing the loaded clip first and triple checking the chamber is cleared before he sets it down, firing pin released and the slide locked open. He then selects a suitable replacement sidearm in the form of a paintball pistol, mask with goggles, and gloves as instructed. As his little finger on his left hand doesn't work too well he has a little trouble getting his gloves on, but manages. He steps aside to give others room while Lleu settles his gear and checks the fit. His gaze might follow Brina as she does the same.
Lleufer gives Brina a nod, checks her gear over for her and then looks to Fischer to see how he's doing.

Once it looks like everyone is kitted up, Amos goes down the line, checking each's gloves and mask himself to be sure. Last thing he wants is someone being blinded becuase of a fault a ten second check would have picked up on. Apparently satisfied he steps back and addresses them all again. "Lets keep this short and sweet shall we? You two," he indicates the MPs, "you're on a standard patrol. It's a dull, boring day and boy do you wish it was five o'clock becuase then you can go off shift and watch the screening of last years classic match between the Bulls and the Stallions. Tough, it's 2 o'clock and everything has just gone to hell. You're proceeding lazily along Deck 1 when suddenly you're hearing explosions from the decks below. You manage to get through to the Hub and are told that there's no sign of hostiles and engineering are responding with damage control teams. Orders are to continue patrol and you'll be called if that changed 'Oh good' you say, 'we get to watch the match anyway' when there's the distinct sound of gunfire uphead abd upon investigation you find the your coleges guarding the nuclear tubes have been attacked. One is dead, but the good Corporal here is coming too and reports that he thinks he cause sight of a Six before he blacked out. 'Oh Frak' you say 'this could get messy', but then there's another explosion, only with this one the lights start to flicker, the corridor fills with smoke and you struggle to raise the hub over comms." Pulling a radio from his belt he passes it to Lleufer, given he's the senior marine, and states, "this is your contact with the Hub, or, as they're also known, me. Also, in the unlikely event of an actual emergency while you are in there your safe word is 'Tauron'." Yes, it would appear he's heard too. "Any questions?"

Lleufer's face screws up a little as he's listening to their instructions. At several points he looks like he would disagree and interrupt, but no, he manages to hold his tongue and hear the Captain out. Apparently he thinks he would have reacted and done differently than told but he nods, "All right." It comes through a bit strange with his face masked. He accepts the radio and glances back to Amos sharply at the 'safe' word given should things go foul for real on the drill. "So no picking up combat gear, rifles, armour … just ordered back out and find two men down at the nuke tubes and more sounds of chaos. Got it." Yeah, he's not liking that scenerio already.

Fischer listens carefully to what's being said, nodding a little bit. No questions from him, as he looks to the others for a few moments now. "Hey, at least you weren't knocked out…" he remarks a bit absently to Lleufer, before he looks between the others again now.

"No questions from me, sir." Lleufer's 'order' the other night must've been followed as Brie is all 'yes, sir' and 'no, sir' and everything in between, all manners and protocol out the wazoo. See? She can be taught! With nothing for her to ask she merely stays put, waiting for the green to go.

Amos offers a slight nod to Lleufer and states calmly and matter-of-factly, "If you want to head back down to the armoury and swop out gear then feel free to pick up whatever equipment you feel appropriate. I'll just work out how much time to deduct from the situation timer to allow for that. How you proceed from this point is entirely up to you and I will simply adapt things appropritely."

Ynyr twists his mouth, "I don't mean now, I mean when we would have gone back to the Hub the first time, Captain. We'll roll with what we have on the assumption it is very time sensitive, sir, and initially thought to be a malfunction." Lleu has a look at the others, "I think we're ready?" If they are, it's time to head in.

Fischer nods a bit as he hears that, offering a quiet thumbs up. He's ready for whatever happens inside now.

Do the lenses of the mask conceal how she rolls her eyes? Hope so otherwise Captain Ommanney might make Brina do some pushups later if he catches her. "I'm ready, Sarge," she calls out, voice still muffled. She gives a thumbs up, too just in case she can't be heard or understood.
Lleufer pages: Proceed with my pose into the building or wait for your pose?

"Apologises if I wasn't clear," Amos replies, before expanding, "the time between the inital disturbance and the shots is only the matter of a couple of minutes at the most, and a large part of that time was taken up getting through to and conversing with the Hub. No significant amount of time has passed." As all seem to be ready he gestures them towards the hatchway, apparently intent on following in after them.

Once through the hatch, vision is obscured briefly by smoke, but it clears quickly with the air flow and a mock-up of the nuclear launch area of the Orion. The lights are dim, and in places flickering, leaving the illumination level perhaps half that of the usual ship's level, or a third of the usual level in this area. A hallway runs down the center of the area with three 'silos' stored horizontally on each side, less than the real thing, but then there are space limitations. A few crumpled forms can be seen along the hallway and then there's the sound of a small pop in the gloom towards the far end.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Brina rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Lleufer looks to Brina and draws his sidearm, checking the paintball loads, "Arm yourselves." It's roll play pretendy time! And who knows, sometimes these exercises can be a bit rough with actual explosions, gas, smoke, sharp debris as well as paintball or rubber rounds being fired. So he'll go in and at once proceed cautiously, watchful and hugging the wall. Lleu tries the com, keeping his baritone low, "Hub, Patrol Charlie on Deck 1, two men down at the nuke tubes. I repeat, two men down at the nuke tubes. Explosions. Backup requested. Do you copy? Over."
He's not waiting for a reply. Lleu motions for the other two to take cover and then to start moving down the hall, Fischer on the opposite side as the Sergeant knows the rifleman is a good shot. O'Connell he motions to stick with himself, right behind him. Ynyr will begin to move down the hallway, along the wall with his side forward presented and as quietly as he might, very watchful. The pistol is in his hands, pointed down range but cautious that anyone who pops out of the smoke may be one of theirs or a Six.

There's the faint sound of footfall on stairs behind them as Amos makes his way up to the observation catwalks above. Sounds like the sound has been dulled on them though for by the time he's reached the top and grabbed his low-light goggles the soundof his movement no longer reaches the team below.

Brina has her weapon drawn and the stafety thumbed off once the Sergent gives the order to get ready, her gaze shifting from side to side while the barrel of her gun is held straight ahead, finger held against the trigger guard instead of the tigger itself. Lleufer is followed easily, her pace keeping her five steps behind him and two to the right, no more and no less.

Nodding a little as he gets into position, Fischer keeps his own weapon ready as he moves to take up cover and start sneaking forward pararel with Lleufer at the moment. Steps slow, keeping quiet, it looks from the rest of his body language, that he's more relaxed now than he's been in a long time, even while his attention is all business.

The reply over the radio is half static, and only gets worse as Lleufer and the team move forwards. "..rol Ch.. … ..o not co.. Repea.. do… … y. Repo… ix. …eat, report ….. Termina………….. ….. judice. Over.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Brina rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Success.

It's a shame there's no time for prep, no low light goggles, nothing but their uniforms and light sidearms. Things happen like that, sometimes. As they come to the first pair of silos, Lleufer motions for Fischer to check it on his side, a followup motion to indicate watching for explosives. The Sergeant then motions for Brina to cover the hallway while he slips around to check the silo on his side. What comes over his coms is mostly jumbled crap so he's not going to spend too much of his attention to it.
That's when the Sergeant freezes, watching one of the bodies on the floor trying to move. He watches carefully, his gaze going to where it looked like it was trying to indicate. Without saying a word, Lleufer points to indicate the middle silo on the left, but then motions for Fischer to go ahead and lightly, quickly check the one on his side before passing it. Just incase. Brina's eyes he motions towards the second silo but not for her to move to it, only watch it while he does a quick check of the silo nearer on their side. No nasty surprises leaping out behind them after they pass, thank you very much.

Frowning under his mask as he sees the body on the floor, Fischer then turns to check the silo. No words spoken as he does so, all his attention on the silo now.

Body? What body? Oh! That body? The one that Brina missed? She isn't in the position to see it now as she's turned away, looking down the hallway. She's trying to be attentive but this situation unnerves her something awful and she finds herself getting a little distracted as a result. Someone miiiiiight need some of that scotch once this is all done and frakking over with.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Brina rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Lleufer decidedly does see something. He stopped and stands very still for a breath or two studying something. Decision time. Go in and check it out, or deal with the intruder. Which is more pressing? There have already been shipboard explosions. Lleu must make a snap decision so he goes further in quickly but quietly to check it out. Wiring… and the hatch. Is there something he can diffuse or does it look set up with a remote switch, or …

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Demolitions: Success.

Something catches the blonde's attention and she signals, trying to get the others' attention. Must be something still obscured by the smoke as it isn't easily seen unless one really focuses, up ahead of her.

Fischer shakes his hea as he looks around the silo he was checking. Doesn't seem to be anything there, at least that he can see. Looking back towards the others now.

He could try the coms to speak with Brina and Fischer even if the Hub didn't copy on his report. Ynyr comes back out quietly and glances to see what O'Connell is motioning to draw their attention to. That first.

Brina goes down the hallway, making sure to keep the figure in her line of sight as much as she can. Her steps are slow and hopefully as near-silent as they can be. And here is for hoping that the others hurry the frak up and get into position to cover her six.

Since he didn't find anything in the silo he was looking around, Fischer moves to follow Brina, keeping her covered at the moment. Glancing around briefly, then back to the front again.

What the frak is O'Connell doing? Lleu didn't order her to go forward, he indicated that she was to stay put and watch while they checked the silos! Has she totally forgotten her training?! And there goes Fischer too! Son of a bitch, are they going to get their asses chewed inside out. A very not pleased Sergeant breaks silence to speak over his com to them, Hub be damned whether or not they copy, "O'Connell, Fischer, stand your ground, damn it." Lleufer glances quickly to that second silo on the left they haven't checked yet that the other two are what, passing even now without paying it any attention? Athena's tits! Frak, frak. He starts moving towards the second silo on the left as quickly and as quietly as he may, ready to fire if someone's in there. Obviously they must see something.

Brina shakes her head and whispers back, "I know, Sarge, but there is something down there and I'll be fraked if that doesn't get taken care of." Not going to do shit to win Lleufer's understanding but, as she sees it, this is her way of covering their asses.

<FS3> Brina rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Brina rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Stealth: Great Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.

As the two marines advance down the hallway they pass the body on the floor, and the middle two silos, heading towards the far end. All Lleufer can spot at his distance is a flicking in a patch of shadow down on the far left, but Brina and FIscher are closer and can make out what appears to be another body, up against the far left hand silo, slumped by the hatch. Unless your name is Fisher of course, in which case you can see that the figure is actually kneeling against the wall and apparently attaching something to the hatch.

"What the frak…" Fischer begins, readying his weapon as he moves forward a bit further. "Stop whatever you're doing!" he calls out towards that figure, aiming for it now. A deep breath is taken. "Seems like someone's trying to attach something to the hatch there, Sarge," he mutters into the com.

"Shit!" Reacting quickly when Fischer yells, Brina moves, covering the figure with her weapon once she is moved into a clearer line of sight! "Put your hands up," she shouts, her finger now brushing against the trigger. "Sarge, we got a man here… what are your orders, over!"

His intention had been quick checks of the silos before passing by them, already aware that something was going on down the hallway by the first pop they heard. Lleufer spares careful but quick glances as he moves past those silos now but as Fischer calls out, Ynyr expects all hell to break loose. He moves quickly but keeps to what little cover he might. He hears them but there isn't time to fuss about orders while Lleu expects shooting if a Six is involved.

The figure by the hatch to silo 5 had apparently been oblivious to the approach of the fire team, but Fischer's yell soon changes that and their head snaps round towards the pair furthest forward. They do stop what they're doing, but not to surrender, instead choosing to push open the hatch they had been working at and try to dive behind it for cover.

"Oh no you don't…" Fischer mutters, firing off a quick shot as the figure tries to get into cover. Safer to do so, right? That done, he starts looking for cover, with a few quick glances around.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Figure with Pistol - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Figure with Rifle - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Figure with Pistol - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Figure passes.
<COMBAT> Figure has been KO'd!

The shady figure is quick, but it would appear that the marines are quicker. All three balls of paint impact on the diving form as they fail to make it behind the hatch, ending up lying prone on the floor infront of it instead.

Letting out a bit of a breath as the figure goes down, Fischer steps over in that direction, weapon still held ready in case the figure isn't quite as down as they were thinking. He keeps quiet for now.

Nothing has gone as he invisioned it but at least the figure who tries to escape through the hatch doesn't get through and out to close it. Lleufer managed to fire off a shot though he's further back than the other two. He's still worried about those silos they barely checked, so he goes to whatever cover he can find so he can take a look back and cover his team's asses. The Sergeant hisses into his coms, "We've explosives and other possible hostiles. Check him for a detonator and fall back to cover. Then we check these other silos fast. I saw a boobytrapped hatch with a trip wire." Ynyr is not pleased, "FOLLOW your orders!"

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Mystery Guest rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<COMBAT> Lleufer passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Pretty Close To Lleufer - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Lleufer - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Lleufer - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Lleufer has been KO'd!

Lleufer might have been watching, but his eyes aren't good enough to spot the faint movement that betrays (or doesn't) the presense of another in the area. With Brina and Fischer checking the downed body, which appears distinctly female, there's no one to spot just where the grenade is thrown from, but the Sergeant likely hears the clunk of hit hitting the floor besides him before his entire flank is covered in bright green paint. One down. On the plus side though, little mis saboueur doesn't seem to be boobytrapped herself.

Ynyr's heart skips a beat at the familiar clank and movement his eye catches. It's only a training exercise but even so, Lleu tries to throw himself away from it and hit the deck to roll away as fast as his ass can move - but it's already too late. It splatters him with paintball goo and he's done enough of these to know he's out. Thank the Gods it wasn't a real grenade or he'd be in pretty sorry shape and a world of incredable pain. All the same the Sergeant lays where he fell and plays his part as a dead or seriously injured man. It's up to you kids now.

Brina would not have made the mistake she did normally. She knows better as Lluefer can attest to thanks to how well they worked together as a team during the SABER mission. But she got lulled into sloppiness by the fact that this is 'only a training exercise' and it costs them a man. "Frakers. Sarge…" Choking back a growl, she looks at Fischer while pinning the woman they cought, using her knee between the other woman's shoulder blades after rolling her onto her stomach as needed. The patdown happens quickly and anything like detonators and whatnot that might be found are removed from the woman's person. It's up to Fischer to take the lead now since he outranks her.

Fischer winces as he hears the sound of the grenade, but keeps most of his attention on making sure miss saboteur isn't boobytrapped or anything. A brief pause, as he looks around rather carefully. "Did you see where the frak that came from?" he asks in Brina's direction, although he probably knows she didn't, since they were both focused on the one they've caught. "Must have come from one of the silo tubes. We should check those a bit more carefully."

<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Pretty Close To Brina - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Brina - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Brina - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Close To Fischer - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Fischer - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Fischer - Light wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Fischer - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Fischer - Moderate wound to Head.

As the remaining pair search the body, they find various tools for planting boobytraps. Wires, sensors, a couple of paintball grenades rigged to go like explosives and, perhaps more tellingly, a small metal jack taped to the inside of the woman's bicep. It's about the time that that charming little feature is discovered that the second grenade lands. It's definitely coming from down the hallway they've come from, and lands next to Fischer before detonating in a cloud of paint.

Brina makes sure to count how many rounds she has and then tries to turn around. She's slow thow which might help her see which direction the faux-nade is thrown from. There's nothing to hide behind but it doesn't matter as she seems to be fairly unsplatted. Fischer's checked out quickly to make sure he's still on his feet before she points, heading towards it.

Hearing the grenade before he spots it, Fischer tries getting out of the way, but isn't too successful, so when the grenade goes off, he ends up getting painted quite a bit. "Frak…" he mutters, along with a bit of a cough. He seems to be still standing, though. "Where's that enemy?" Looking around, he starts following after Brina down the hall.

As for Lleufer? Sergeant Ynyr continues to lay on the floor where he threw himself. As the others get grenaded, he grimaces but says nothing. He's supposed to be playing dead, not distracting.

<FS3> Brina rolls Alertness: Great Success
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

The light still isn't great, but that doesn't seem to stop Brina and Fischer from tracking the likely flightpath of the grenade. There's a particularly deep shadow behind the hatchway into that middle silo, the one they'd been pointed at initially, only now there's a faint hint of movement in that shadow, and the slight reflection of light from something metalic.

Brina gives Lleu one look before she moves on, doing so in a manner that is a lot more cautious than before while still out in the open. The shadowy figure is seen and she stops, taking fire while aiming for what should approximately be their head.

<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Mystery Guest with Rifle - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Mystery Guest with Pistol - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!

It being obvious that they've been spotted, the figure in the shadows has no quarms in openning up with a fullauto burst towards the pair of marines. Of course, they might have had more success if they'd moved out a little from behind the hatch, but then it wouldn't have provided so much cover for them in return.

Getting hit in the head, Fischer coughs a little more, but remains standing. Moving one hand to clear his vision a bit, he moves to the side now, firing a burst at the figure, while trying to find some better cover now.

Brie would love to yell or give a war cry or something but they don't know how many are left, meaning she has to be quiet. The enemy's attack misses while hers hit true although she can't tell that just yet. So, assuming the unknown figure is still on their feet, she makes with one more shot, her posture growing more aggressive.

<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Mystery Guest with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Mystery Guest with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Mystery Guest with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Mystery Guest with Pistol - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer has been KO'd!

Getting hit by another shot, Fischer falls to his knees and down to his stomach now. Looks like it's all up to you now, Brina.

Noting Fischer trying to get into cover, the figure int he darkness turns to track him, letting off a short, controlled burst that does the trick in bringing the man down there's no sound of triumph, no joyful 'Ooorah!'. Just dead silence as the rifle barrel tracks back towards Brina.

Oh damn. This is not good. But she's not backing down. It might just be her but she's not about to let them see her kowtow, not when she needs to get this taken care of. Yet another shot, this one sent with a mouthed 'frak you, muther faker'.

<COMBAT> Brina attacks Mystery Guest with Pistol - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!

There's still no sound from the shadows, no satisfied grunt as two balls of paint hit home on the MP, no taunting call, noiffer of surrender, just stone cold silence. A silence that is broken only by the rustle of movement and another short, controlled burst.

Brina holsters her pistol and goes to get the rifle from the 'dead' Fischer. "Okay. I get that I fraked up," she grunt under her breath although what she grouses to herself might not be kept secret. Did she turn her coms off? "And I get that I fraking deserve whatever fraking disclipine they give me. But I'll be fraked if they…" Her voice drops into a disgruntled set of words that don't even make sense to her, this all while hoping she can get the weapon picked up, trained and fired before she's a goner as well.

<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Mystery Guest attacks Brina with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina has been KO'd!

Lleufer lays where he fell but he rolls over on his side when Brina goes down. He's splattered with paintball goo, "Yep, you frakked up and got our entire team killed. Good job." A bit sobering after she'd earned a medal, isn't it? The Sergeant stays where he threw himself down as Lleu waits for the Captain's word for the exercise to be finished and to get up.

Or at least she should go down but Brina stubbornly stays on her feet despite her being 'killed'. "Frak you!" Whooops. That comes right on the heels of getting the first of what'll probably be at least twenty guilt trips from her CO and she turns, blinking when she realizes just how lousy that timing was. "Not you, Sarge. The…" A hand flaps, her expression shifting from angry to sheepish to distraught in record time.

Fischer keeps quiet at the moment, remaing where he is, as he mutters something to himself. Waiting for the words about the exercise being over as well.

<FS3> Mystery Guest rolls Firearms +2: Good Success.

With Brina not going down, and the end of exercise not yet having been called, the shooter by the silo takes a moment to aim carefully, then fires the last paintball in his clip straight at Brina's head, grinning a little to himself as it impacts clean in the middle of the faceplate.

It's only a fraction of a second later that the lights go up and the bodies can get up again. The guys from 1st Batallion take a moment or two to pick themselves up, grab the gear they had with them, mutter a few words, of varying flavours to their 3rd colleagues and then file out of the block for their own debriefing session.

As for the 3rds? Well, for now Amos is just stood up on one of the catwalks above, looking down on his squad with an expression that is very carefully neutral.

As if screwing up after geting her award isn't humiliating enough. As if knowing she's in for an asschewing from perhaps two people - one for sure but hell, Amos might decide to gnaw on it some himself - isn't bad enough. Getting shot in the face after being pretend-offed? That's the last straw. A loud, feral scream tears from the angry, embarrassed MP. This time her coms is off as she was preparing to exit the kill house once permission to is given and her mask is still on, meaning people are not going to have ringing ears to go along with their wounded pride.

Lleufer gets to his feet, "LANCE CORPORAL O'CONNELL!" His com removed, his baritone calls out loudly in drill Sergeant mode when the Captain doesn't leap in to do anything right off, "FRONT AND CENTER, NOW!" Yeah, he's very much not pleased. There's a look to Fischer but the rifleman is otherwise not the focus of his ire. Ynyr keeps his place and waits to see if Brina will obey or add injury on top of her other screw ups.

While Lleufer is yelling at Brina, Amos takes the time to descend down to ground level and make his way across to where the other three are gathered. Standing slightly to the side he has a clipboard full of notes in one hand and the other behind his back, waiting for the Sergeant to finish his immediate business, just in case there's anything in it that requires the making of any more notes.

The mask is removed from her face as she comes to and then crisply turns to face the Sergeant. She literally marches toward him, coming to a stop about four paces in front of him. Her eyes are held straight ahead. "Sargeant, yes Sargeant!" She has a stony, cold mask on her face but inside her stomach's sunk to her ankles and she feels like she just might get teary.

Lleufer already has his mask pulled off. He couldn't yell like that with the thing still over his face. He's got his eyes locked on Brina's but once she comes back and stands at attention, Lleu simply looks to the Captain as ranking officer presant.

"Masks on, the pair of you," Amos barks, expression clouding visibly, "if you want to yell without encumberance take it outside once you're dismissed." There's a brief pause as he glances at Fischer too, just incase the rifleman thought he'd been forgotten. "I am sure you're all aware of just how that little exercise went, so I shall say simply this, I want a report of your individual thoughts on where it went wrong, on my desk, by 0600 tomorrow. Then, at 0800 we'll debrief in HQ and then at 1400 we'll meet here again, and try something else, see if we can do any better." He looks over them all once more then eyes Lleufer a moment, "carry on Sergeant," and then turns to leave. He does not look, like that they say, like a happy bunny.

Ugh, his arm aches. Sergeant Ynyr ignores the discomfort, his throwing himself down on the floor jarred it smartly. "Yes, sir!" He puts his mask back on as ordered and stands at attention to listen to the Captain. Only once they are formally dismissed does he draw a deep breath and motion to the others, "Out. You heard the Captain. Turn in your gear. I will speak with each of you toorrow as well." Lleu especially pins Brina with a look but his temper is cool, aloof. He heads on out with the others to stow his gear quietly and recover his sidearm.

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