AAR: Ongoing Picon Coordination Efforts

Report from the humanitarian mission sent to Site ANVIL, Picon.



21 February 2005

FR: CPT Moira Rozzen
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MJR Zachary Sheperd, LT Iphigenia Arden
RE: Ongoing Picon Coordination Efforts


On February 21, 2005 we made a return mission to Site ANVIL, Picon following up on contact made with Regional Commander LCOL Carolyn Spree on January 22, 2005. The primary aim of the team, spearheaded by LT Arden and PO2 St. James, was the establishment of the evacuation of children and the wounded from Picon to our location.

To this aim, we took on board three wounded personnel in immediate need of surgery. LCOL Spree has asked for these personnel to be returned to site ANVIL upon recovery, and has also stipulated her conditions for cooperating in further evacuations. I will defer further report of these matters to LT Arden and the medical team.

While at site ANVIL we additionally sought to check in with LCOL Marcus Petra's mission to Commander Wesley Bancroft's Command Center. We found that not only was LCOL Spree unaware of this meeting, but that her personnel had picked up radio traffic indicating that our Raptor had been shot down by SAM fire. Furthermore, when ANVIL radioed the Command Post they claimed that the Orion Commanders had perished and asserted command jurisdiction over Orion officers. (Refer to copy of recordings.)

In light of this mutinous act by Commander Bancroft, LCOL Spree has declared that she will no longer be following his chain of command. She has pledged to work with Orion personnel, as her resources allow, in order to bring aid and support to the people of Picon.

In regard to the last known location of our Raptor according to LCOL Spree, the coordinates it was sent to are approximately one hundred miles from the actual Command Post. Also in the vicinity, approximately sixty miles south, is a Cylon construction facility. Despite this, LCOL Spree reports relatively low Centurian ground activity. However, forces under Commander Bancroft's command have been warning away air traffic citing enemy agents.

All mission personnel returned safely. Further recommendations regarding the situation to follow.



Shot Down over Picon: 19 February 2005; Status Unknown


Please see attached.

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