AWD #569: One Way Ticket
One Way Ticket
Summary: A few days after that dreadful 'Leap of Faith' but /before/ they discovered the Arpay a few weeks later, things on board the Erol were starting to look bad. The crew is stranded in the middle of no where with no way home and slim hope of finding the Rally Point. But, they must try. Two Marines find they have way too much time on their hands in between Raptor searches.
Date: 11/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Angelis 
Erol, Hangerbay
Use your imagination, mate. There are some Raptors there, too.
Sat Jul 29 16:39:42 2006 (Time dilation is a thing)

A few days after the shocking jump through space and things are still getting settled. The knowledge that their fuel supplies are so low, and there's absolutely no way of returning to the Orion at this point is still sinking in. At least, for the Lance Corporal. She hasn't exactly been in high spirits, but then, no one has, really. Tabi's currently found herself a comparatively quiet spot in the hold, around where the Raptors are stabled and is working through a series of push ups, sit ups and squats. Nothing crazy intensive, but she's obviously been at it for long enough that a faint sheen of sweat has broken out over her skin.

It's been alittle crazy and this soon after that ludicrist and legendary jump attempt that did in fact not make them a smear between the stars, Lleufer has been pretty busy. There have been wounded to see to and relocate, hall breeches and other damage to assist the crew with dealing with. Sometimes helping to muscle heavy objects out of the way, or relocating supplies or personnel. Like everyone else, Ynyr's not stinted in working long, hard hours to help out anywhere he can. But after nearly a week, things are starting to slow down a little. Searching runs in the Raptors on rotation, or stints of waiting.

So it is that Lleu is on the waiting rotation today. He wanders into the hangar to see if anyone knows when the Raptor that's out is due back in. Be at least four more hours. So he nods and thanks the deckie and seeing Angelis working out (big surprise there) he comes over to watch her. "You are a DI's wet dream, Lance. At least when it comes to the PT aspect, if not the whole sucking up while people yell in your face and tell what to do parts." The MP Sergeant squats down on his hams with his hands loosely hanging over the inside of his knees as Lleu watches her. He keeps his baritone low, "You doing all right?"

Finishing her current set of hundred sit ups, Tabi flops back, breathing hard. She stares up at the ceiling for a few moments as she catches her breath. Lleufer's approach is spotted out the corner of her eyes and once he's close enough and talking, she turns her head to look at him. The Lance huffs out a breathless laugh, "My DI's hated me for that exact reason. But whatever." One shoulder moves against the floor in an approximation of a shrug. After another few moments she pushes to her feet and heads over to grab her towel and water. Then resumes her position on the floor, slowly stretching her legs - one hooked behind her, the other stretched out in front of her as the towel is used to wipe at the dampness on her face and around her neck. "I bet you were like, poster child for the MPs?" Her head tilts, blue eyes watching the older Marine intently.

Lleufer rolls his eyes, "No, I wanted to apply for Special Forces. Sniper school, actually." He gets up and finds a place to sit down while she works through her stretches, "They wouldn't take me. Too many applicants, so I had to do something else. I could always re-apply later but I guess I got used to the idea of being an MP. Somebody has to do it. I kept thinking about sniper school though, because I never did like getting long rotations on ships or stations. I wanted blue sky and boots on the ground as much as I could. So, I was thinking about putting in for it after my stint on the Orion. Special assignment, good pay, secrecy … but then the war happened."

A hand reaches up to scratch at the back of his head, "I guess, aside from sometimes getting into fights, I did all right. All idealisticly full of honor, loyalty, the whole gambit of CMC values." His mouth thins, "After the war broke out, I actually did 5 weeks of OSC to become an officer. It wasn't official, -real- OCS mind you, but a crash course cobbled together because they needed more officers badly. But the invasion of Picon saw to it that I didn't finish, and then .." Lleu lifts a finger to tap the gunshot wound scar in his head, "Santos Ridge happened. I was knocked flat and had a long haul after that to get back on even restricted duty. Everything went out the airlock for me after Santos, I guess."

Angelis listens to the story as she takes a sip of water, carefully continuing to stretch her worked muscles into cool down. "Huh…" She says eventually, a small frown creasing her brow for a moment. "Well, for me it was marraige and babies, or the marines." A sharp grin is shot in his direction, "Guess it's easy to figure out which one I chose." One shoulder lifts in another of those half-assed shrugs, "Same decision given to all the girls in the family for as long as forever. Not many choose the Marines. But I like it. I get to kill stuff. I get to eat as much as I like…" There's a pause there as she thinks a moment, "Well, did… I don't know what's going to happen here, with food. Probably not as much." As if hearing the possibility of there not being endless supplies of food, Tabi's stomach grumbles loudly, voicing its complaint.

She gets a sympathetic smile out of him a little bit, "Marriage and babies isn't bad at all, but … better if it's on your own terms. When and if you want it." A shrug, "They say there's plenty of chow and water. Problem is we'll run out of fuel and power to sustain life support before we'll run out of food. Lucky you." Sarcasm, but only a little in good humor. Ynyr leans back and folds his hands up behind his head, "I want to get married and have kids. If I survive the war. But I doubt I will. Almost everybody I ever knew or served with is dead now. Not many of the Orion's original crew left either."

"Nah… kids are alright. I'll probably adopt a bunch." Angelis shifts position and works to stretch the muscles in her back and shoulders. "I think that's the case for most folks," She murmers quietly, a thoughtful expression on her face, not exactly sad, but not making light of the issue either. "Well, I guess dying like that is kind of anticlimatic, but…" She doesn't /say/ the 'whatever' but it's sort of implied. "I've got two brothers still down on Aerilon." Tabi volunteers the information after a few moments of quiet contemplation. "Well, I'm guessing they're still alive, since I didn't see them… on that jump." Maybe not to many speak of what they saw or didn't see, and this is offered with just the slightest bit of hesitancy.

"Why would they be on Aerilon? You aren't from my home. Military loves to shift people around." Ynyr thinks about it, "When we … did the recent jump. It seemed like I saw almost every member of my family. My father, my mother, my brothers, sister, and their children. And then I thought they were all dead." Lleu frowns, "I don't think that's right though. Some of them are still back on Aerlion, and surely …. not /all/ of them could be dead. No way. The ranch, it's set wall back in the mountains, away from everything." A slow, deep breath and Lleu lets it out slowly, "Maybe I'll find out, someday."

After a moment he asks low, "Did you get a chance to get down to Piraeus before we jumped?"

Angelis finishes her cooling down and reaches for her towel, hooking it around her neck as she pulls her legs into a cross-legged position. Forearms resting lightly over her knees. "All three of us were stationed on Aerilon. They were with different units though. And stayed behind when I transferred up to Orion. Not like there's anywhere else for them to go." Considering she's from Gemenon, which was obliterated. She latches onto the last question with a quick nod and a small frown, "Yeah, not for long enough to get some sun though. By the time I… anyways, got down there for a little bit and it felt weird to be back there. Not bad… just… and then got the note, so…" Tabi lets her words trail off. Strange to think that was a week ago, almost.

"Sure there is. We -mostly- hold Picon now, and there are ops working on Scorpia, and we are trying to get footholds on Libran, Leonis and Caprica now, of course." So they could get sent to any of those places for missions, but likely to bounce back to Aerlion, Picon, or Piraeus even in between. A slow nod from Lleu, "I got down briefly myself for an evening and overnight. I'm really glad. There's rumors we may have to evacuate and pull out of Piraeus." The Aerilon MP frowns, "It would be bad to loose Piraeus."

Lleufer adds low, "But you can't trust Scuttlebutt so if we get back at all, we'll wait and see."

A fierce scowl tightens her face, "I have no time for gossips." She mutters darkly. Then takes a deep breath, slowly released, heart beat back to normal after her work out, she leans back on one hand and tilts her head back, staring at the ceiling again as she rolls her water bottle against her thigh. "Yeah, it would be sad. I like it there. I like the Captain and her people." There's definitely a sold note of admiration in the Lance Corporal's voice for the maybe-maybe-not ghost Five.

Lleufer fingers a small tear in his fatigues pant leg right above his boot where it's bloused and he shrugs, "Scuttlebutt is often all we have to go on, until it's already happened. We aren't officers. Nobody tells us shit until we need to know." A faint nod, "I like Piraeus too. Some of …. my best memories are from there." He's real quiet for a long moment. Lleu adds low, "I was on that first mission when we first discovered the Captain and her people." His pale grey eyes flick up to look over at Angelis, "You you she was a skinjob model, right?"

Eying the tear that the MP fingers, Tabi tilts her head, "I can fix that for you, if you want? I'm pretty handy with a needle and thread." Now that's quite a house-wifey skill to have. "I can also do adjustments and alterations, beyond just the…" She trails off and shakes her head slightly, "I'd rather just wait and find out, than listen to half truths and uncertainties." Tabi shifts, sitting a bit more upright to uncap the bottle and take a sip of the water. "Yeah, she's a Five. She's fierce. I can only /dream/ as being as badass as her." Definitely admiration.

An loose shrug, "I can mend it, or replace buttons. Easy stuff I can do. No need to bother you over it unless you really want to do it. I don't have any booze to trade." Lleu smirks and stretches his legs out where he sits on the floor. A faint nod to half truthes and uncertainties. They get plenty of those, it's certain. Angelis gets a lifted brow, "You can be as bad ass as you want to be, as long as you stay level headed and … keep your shit together. But, I think you and I already had that discussion." Ynyr drops his gaze back to his legs, "Or try to be, anyway. We all have our shit to haul around and deal with." He tips his head back and sighs, "You don't freak out over the skinjobs? Hate them for being or working with the Cylons?"

Angelis gives Lleu a tight smile, but doesn't say anything further on the matter of keeping ones shit together. She shakes her head at his next question. "I mean, I think some of them are bad. Like the Ones. And I guess there's a few others. But… well.. I guess I don't think they're all bad. The Captain isn't bad. Sarn't Knox isn't bad." Reaching back, one hand tugs on the end of her ponytail. "I like Specialist Mercier, too. Even if she is a bit weird. She's good people, and so are her sisters, from what I've seen. I guess… it's like asking if all humans are bad because we have people who murder and rape and steal." There's a pause, "And there's humans working for the Cylons too. Maybe they're brainwashed, maybe they're not… I don't know. But it doesn't make all humans bad, just because some are. Same with the Lines."

"That is perceptive of you. Lot of folk … don't see it that .. well balanced." Lleufer grimacse, "I was sleeping with an Eleven for a while. I really liked her, but it also worried me that I was maybe doing something really stupid. But I was also trying to do some good. Sergeant Knox is my best friend. Lot of people have given me a lot of shit over it, name me a traitor. Things got bad there for a while. Even my other best friend I thought I could trust, a medical doctor, said I'd probably been read and given information to the Cylons without my knowing it, just becuase I'd been with that Eleven. Her name was Naomi. She's a doctor too, a scientist." Still not real easy to talk about. But here they are way out here lost with maybe no way to get back home. Ynyr shrugs, "So that's why I tried to kill myself. Because I thought I'd berayed the CMC, maybe contributed to a lot of deathes. That I'd been used." He huffs a breath at his own stupidity, "Turns out they aren't even Cylons after all. I think, in the end, Naomi wasn't anything more than she presented herself to me. And when I … shot her in the head, so she could download, to infect her line. She was taking the memory of what we'd shared back to her sisters. So give them humanity of their own."

Angelis listens quietly, her expression mostly nuetral, though there's a little bit of sympathy for the hard time that the Sergeant's been through. "Well, all things considered… you've come out the other side of that." Tabi says eventually, after spending a few quiet minutes sipping on her water and mulling over his words. "There's no shame in what you did." In any of it. "People…" She starts, then stops and takes another sip of water. "People are frightened with things they don't understand. I mean, if you think really hard about what the Lines can do, then yeah… I guess it's kind of… strange. Foreign. But looking past that, they're just people, like us. Only, they carry so much more burden. They have thousands of years of memories in their head. Can you imagine having that kind of weight hanging around in your head?" Tabi shakes hers, "I wouldn't want it."

Lleufer shakes his head slowly, "They aren't human, Angelis. They are … I dunno. They are machines, and yet are not /quite/ machines, either." So hard to wrap his head around it even after all this time. He licks his lips, "Anyway, my point is that we all frak up. Have our shit to haul around and deal with. Fall on our faces. We just have to keep getting up, and sometimes put out a hand to haul our buddies up too, and hope some of us live through this nightmare." Ynyr gets himself back up to his feet, "So, keep your shit together. But if you can't, we -are- here for you. If you fall, I'll pick you up. And if I faceplant, maybe you won't kick me in the nuts when I'm down. Cause sure as shit, I'm not perfect either. We'll get out of this yet, if we can."

Angelis nods, but frowns a little, "I wouldn't kick you in the balls if you were already down." She says after a minute, "That's not good sparring etiquette." Pause, "Now… if you were a One… I wouldn't hesitate. But you're not, so your balls are safe." A glint of that cheeky grin touches her mouth and lights up her eyes as she takes another sip of water. Then she pushes to her feet. "Guess I better go get out of these stinky sweats, hanging them somewhere to air for a bit."

He huffs a breath in good humor, almost a chuckle, "That would be rude between friends and fellow Marines, yeah. But always kick the shit out of a One if you can, before he blows your head off." Lleu smiles, "Showers in the head and laundry facilities are still online. May as well use'm while we still can." While she collects her things to head off in one direction, Ynyr turns and heads off in another. He may as well walk every deck of the Erol again, memorizing the passages that are still usable and getting to know the crew.

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